North End Broadcasting: a new project from the peninsula of Portland, OR

  • Posted on: 26 May 2016
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Nestled between the Willamette and Columbia rivers is a peninsula just a stone's throw away from Portland Oregon. Friends and neighbors collaborating in the Beautiful Idea call it the North End and today the first of a number of projects emerges.

Portland is host to a thriving music scene both above and underground. The North End in particular has a reputation for its unique character and fostering amazing hip-hop. ( Some of this can be attributed to Roosevelt High School which produced spontaneous student protests this past week which included a march of 50 students who temporarily shut down bridges and roads and spurred student walk-outs in solidarity at several local schools. Additionally, the music teacher has installed a mini-recording studio in the closet of their classroom, encouraging students to lay down tracks.

Marrow PDX, located next-door to Anarres infoshop, resides on the boundary of North End close to Roosevelt, with a mission to create a safe space and social center for teens with its programming decided upon by its community. There is a real desire for music programming and access to infrastructure beyond the closet-recording-studio of their high school.

North End anarchists are collaborating with Proper Knocks to begin music education programs with a special focus on hip-hop and music production. We are now offering access to professional grade music production infrastructure within a private studio space as well as video production and editing services.

We hope our first video, Live From the Island by Donovan Trip (, will encourage other North End artists to step forward and grab the mic.