North Texas to Host First Anarchist Book Fair

DENTON, TX -- Anarchists from the Trinity River Lookout Media Collective will be hosting a book fair July 27, 2019 from noon to 1:30 at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios in Denton, TX.
The anarchist book fair, a first organized in North Texas, will feature Vermin Supreme as well as anarchist political prisoner Barrett Brown, and anarchist founder of the Black Women's Defense League, Niecee X.
Collectives from other Texas cities are planning on tabling. Other anarchist groups are planning on coming to the event from around the country.
Organizers of the event hope that this event will help educate folx about anarchism, as well as build stronger bonds between anarchist groups in Texas and around the country.

Lineup as of 7/9/2019 3 p.m. CST

Vermin Supreme, Presidential Candidate

Barrett Brown, journalist and former political prisoner
“Why Adrian Chen Went Silent”

Eric Niederkruger, Solidarity Not Charity - Grand Junction, CO
"Non-Violence? In fact, it's a Crime."

Niecee X, Black Women's Defense League
"Blackness is Not Blankness : Building solidarity Beyond the Erasure of the intersections of Race and Sex in State Violence"

Sandra Price, Delegate for the CNI CIG and EZLN
"Update on EZLN resistance to Tren Maya"

Occupied Southwest Zine Distro
"Anarchist printing and the proliferation of infrastructure"

Archer of Eden

Red Scare Infoshop - Tulsa, OK

Revolution Cafe and Bookstore

Toasty Poet


Bayou Action Steet Health / In Another Vien - Houston

Cactus Collective - Riverside, California

Central Arkansas AFA

Cyphera Transhumanist Info

DFW Antifascist League

Ediciones Inéditas ALV - Los Angeles, CA

Emma Goldman Book Club

Filler PGH Zine Distro - Pittsburgh, PA

Lucha Dallas

Occupied Southwest Zine Distro - Phoenix, Arizona

OD Aid

Texas Abolitionists

Vermin Supreme 2020 Campaign

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When is someone gonna tell them anarchists have been doing this for decades now?

I'd expect to see more anarchists at an anarchist bookfair. Maybe it speaks to the success (?) of the bookfair model that progressives have taken it on. Looks like a nice time. I'd definitely go if I were in the area.

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