Not Just In the Streets: Anarchists in the Media

  • Posted on: 13 February 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From Anarchist Agency

The president is tweeting about us. We’re on the front page of the New York Times. Journalists are clamoring to report on us. Right now there is an elevated interest in anarchism thanks to the spectacular resistance to Trump and the alt-right. Our collective is doing the most we can to take advantage of this opportunity to spread anarchist voices, but we need your help. This is not a plea for donations—we want your views and your voices.

We’re Agency, an anarchist media relations project since 2013. During Occupy anarchist ideas also enjoyed greater coverage, but we noticed that most stories focused on the same few anarchist voices over and over. As anarchism is garnering more and more interest now, we want to broaden the voices and ideas that show up in the news.

This is where you come in: if we can add more possible interviewees (even anonymous ones) to our roster, we hope to produce more favorable coverage about anarchists. As it is, our collective is having a hard time keeping up with all the interview requests coming our way.

Part of our project is an ongoing archive of mainstream coverage of anarchists, which you can find in the Anarchists in the News section on our website. Through this archive, we keep track of ongoing narratives about anarchists and sympathetic journalists so that we can be strategic about what kinds of stories are favorable for us to engage with.

If you’re interested,
send us an email at: agent(at)anarchistagency(dot)com
Please include your…

  • Name and preference of named vs. anonymous interviews
  • Organization or affiliation (if any)
  • Any personal information you want to add (background information, job, activism, region of the country, authorship)
  • The types of stories you would like to be contacted about (tactics, anti-fascism, community projects, counterculture, spirituality, etc.)

If you contact us we…

  • Give your name to any journalist (or anyone else) before contacting you about if you’re interested in a story


  • Add you to our list of potential media contacts
  • Follow up with you to make sure you’re not a fascist, alt-right creep

For raising anarchist voices wherever we can, not just in the streets.



"The president is tweeting about us. We’re on the front page of the New York Times. Journalists are clamoring to report on us. Right now there is an elevated interest in anarchism thanks to the spectacular resistance to Trump and the alt-right."

All for the wrong reasons. The media is looking for anarchism=terrorism stories.

"All for the wrong reasons. The media is looking for anarchism=terrorism stories."

Of course. Who in their right mind expects the system to get the narrative right ? I seriously don't care if they get it right or wrong. I stopped caring about it long time ago. You get numb to it after a while. Last thing I want is for CNN to give me a platform anyway. I wouldn't accept it because I know what it means for me; being co-opted by them and I don't care to answer to them just so I can have a platform. I have no interest in returning the favor by compromising by beliefs. So long as msm is state and corporate run...they are my enemy.

Speaking of the word AGENCY!

I can't wait for Trump and his lunatic sympathisers to fuck things up so bad that everyone on the left will feel the same urgency I do to want to overturn everything in a fit of rage. I would love to see an official militant labour anarchist movement/organization not just intended on staging a few small riots but a really big one.... big enough to collapse the capitalist state and big enough to replace the the old system of exchange with a new. Big enough to make everyday business as usual completely impossible until the old system is dead and gone. I would would actually like to see an anarco syndicalist society put into practice as soon as the smoke clears and the ruling class have surrendered the means of production.

Please Trump. Make things worse!

The left will never reach that point of wanting to overturn everything. And even if they did, the left would simply turn their rage into another state Riots will never collapse the capitalist state. An anarcho syndicalist society would just be the same techno-industrial work-filled society as now, only under different management.

"The left will never reach that point of wanting to overturn everything" The left is under attack and the President does something outrageous every week if not just about everyday to piss everyone off. It's pretty consistent,. Wouldn't you say? Trump hasn't even been president for a month and so much shit has happened. 210 people are facing 10 years in prison. And Milo is planning to come back to Berkeley. And guess who Milo is bringing with him? ALEX JONES! The man who got TRUMP elected. Then you have gavin Mc innis anus what ever coming on alex jones show regularly. These alt right fascists are forming an asshole parade to the likes which we have never seen and if we dont get it together....WE'RE IN BIG TROUBLE!

Quit with trying to shut down their speeches and continuing to make them look like a respectable counter culture. If you quit being antifatards and simply take them on rationally WITHOUT the identity politics you will beat them. I don't expect this happen though. IP liberals and leftists gonna keep being stupid. Continue these fail antics and you will get 8 years of agent orange.

Allowing fascists to have a platform is an invitation for another holocaust. And the rest of your paragraph is just deplorable. Unacceptable.

is another word for revolution, another word for war. Tell me, anon, in the world you wish for, do your enemies still exist, just at an imperceptible distance? Or did they magically disappear? The millions of them.

The holocaust did not happen because of speeches, it happened because of built up prejudices combined with modern modes of confinement and murder on a mostly functionalist level. Also, Milo is not a fascist. He's a homosexual conservative. Don't go full antifatard and define people as fascist who are not fascist.

supposed to make heads or tails of this crazy world if I can't paint my enemies with a broad brush? You fascist.

For one thing you already have a flawed world view due to your binary way of conceiving enemies in a non immediate corporeal fashion. Painting enemies with a broad brush goes against all of the great age old analysis from the likes of Sun Tzu and Machiavelli. I shouldn't have to remind you of this but actually KNOW YOUR FUCKING ENEMY. If you do this properly you do not broad brush things and if your really good you avoid binary conceptions of warfare. Calling me a fascist shows that intellectually you're off your meds.

I don't see any problem with fucking up campuses of ultra-corrupt universities that give these fascist ideologues a tribune, in the name of free speech. Even if syncophant Milo comes back with an army of riot cops, it'll only cause a bigger mess, and universities are going to be forced to make a choice... either stay head-strong about giving him a tribune, or have their campuses become war zones.

Furthermore... will you be there to use your superior wits to take on him rationally, and expose his incoherence in public?

I thought your jack-of-all-trade solution just about staying home, and take ayahuesca to go to a higher plane of existence within your mind bubble... So you got a practical value as a subversive in this world? I'd like to see that. Honestly.

"or NOT have their campuses..."

I'm detached for the most part, what I can tell you is that from a propaganda point of view you will not come out of this well. You are already dealing with an emboldened counter culture that is mostly not fascistic and you are only going to make it more attractable to the coming of age Z geners. In the end the 60s counter culture eventually won(though recuperated of course) because it faced adversity from, among other things, people in academic power who did not like them. If you want to be part of a dying non counter cultural leftist response of IP foot soldiers for humanity then be my guest. Go scream like that silly 'I'm a' professor.

They are becoming unwitting stars in a vast reality tv show enabled by the internet. The best unscripted, free to view, recurring train wreck the spectacle has ever known. "On the next episode of '2017'..."

Now, ask: what background did the seated president come from? Hmmm... It's almost like he had several years of prior experience manipulating the press & gathering audiences, before running for prez... Nah, better just blame it on the latent, almost sinful, fascist tendencies of the American multiculture who voted for him.

Those that oppose neofascists are the only fascists!

Where did I heard that from again.... ah yeah, the alt-rightards.

Make no mistake, the maoist identity politicians are a big issue as well, but identity politics is what also feeds the Rightard crowd. Just a different kind of IP.

"Might we be getting played?" "Might we be playing patsies?" Hmmm... "Nah, I'm already a ward of the state via welfare, food assistance, health care, education funds, and who knows what else. Might as well go ahead and have the state put a roof over my head too and get arrested for the rev. To the lampposts, comrades!"

Really, though, A Jones, Milo & that scottish dude are more anarchistic than these closet Marxists. They at the least fulfill the punk tropes of old better than the ivory-tower trickle-down plastic-partisans do.

No. More fascistic than. And I can see your anti-marxist paranoia spill through these warts on your ass face, Hugh Mongus.

Why do people non-ironically reference the hugh mungus meme? Or however you spell it.

The leader of BAMN explains what's happening to us without beating around the bush and what to do about it and they are successful at actualizing resistance. At least some of us have them to depend on.

Nobody explains it better than Yvette Felarca:

Her explanation is terrible starting with her first off. Milo is not a fascist or a white supremacist, he likes the BBC for fuck's sake. He's a pro western conservative plain and simple. Felarca is simply engaging in circular failure and the fail is strong with her and her friends. Fuck her and her leftism.

Gavin Mc Anus =))

Why are you anus shaming? Is this sidelong homophobia? Or are you just a prudish phallostine?

@SirEinzige Milo is funded by britefart and Steve Bannon and is an outright supporter of Donald Trump who is a rightwing nationalist militant which is fascism in a nutshell by dictionary definition and Trump didn't even win the popular vote so anybody coming out in support of him is totally wrong and illegitimate. How can you be so fuckin lame not to see that? J. Edgar Hoover was gay but look what he did in the days of the anti-war movement. Being gay and listening to BBC doesn't excuse you. Hitler was a jew. Obama was black and he killed lots of people with drones. People don't start out powerful. They rise to power within a proper amount of time in the spotlight. Just because some people engaging in fascist behavior just so happen to be a minority or gay doesn't mean you should excuse their behavior. What kind of an anarchist are you by the way? You sound like a total douchebag. Milo is rallying fascists and hate groups. They all support him and want to go see him speak. Rightwing nationalism is a cancer that needs to stopped. Ending the return of death camps before they happen. The fuckin guy is inviting Alex Jones for crying out loud. Can't you see that the alt right is pulling all their resources together. What black bloc action have you ever supported by the way. What rebellions have you supported in the past. ""Know your fuckin enemy." You seem like you don't know or care about anything outside of anarchist philosophy. You've been listening to too much Young Turks.

They may attract it in the same way that some left liberal discourse attracts commies and anarchos but it is not the same thing. Rightwing nationalism is not synonymous with fascism for the same reason leftwing progressivism is not synonymous with left anarchism and communism though there is a continuum in both cases.

Trump is basically a more reactionary form of Berlusconi as opposed to Mussolini. Milo represents the broader pro western spooks that are all the rage today within the contemporary counter culture. Nothing substantially fascist about him. Sure some fasc go to see him but again a continuum in values does not mean identical discourse.

an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.
synonyms: authoritarianism, totalitarianism, dictatorship, despotism, autocracy; More
(in general use) extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practice. <-----DONALD TRUMP AND HIS SYMPATHIZERS!

Seems at odds with being a president in a republic, check and balances. Witness recent resistance from courts. It's not like the Constitution was rewritten at the inauguration ceremony.

That's the key word in the above limited definition.

Hitler was also a rightwing nationalist like Trump. But one big difference is that Hitler actually won the popular vote and so was democratically elected. It wasn't until the burning down of parliament that martial law was declared making Hitler Führer of Germany. There are parallels in America today with 1930's and 40's. So much that it's scary. More terrifying than George W. Bush. How do you think Trump and all his minions are going to react if there is another terror attack like Sept. 11th? Foxnews, Milo, A. Jones, Gavin Mcinnes and all the make american great again idiots will be beating the drums of war and would welcome internment for anybody public opposing them from then on. These people are fascists and proud of it. And many of them are mussolini fascists. Look at the people in Trumps cabinet. What ever happened to "draining the swamp?" Bunch of fuckin billionaire crooks and slave drivers. Trump Cabinet: Former Goldman Sachs executive Steven Mnuchin sworn in as US Treasury Secretary <----FUCKIN DISGUSTING!

yawn...underneath the alarmism, it's the same showbiz since 1776.

anarchists don't believe in this system, or any of its elections. what's with this talk about legit/illegit teleprompter readers?

i don't understand why hitler is pointed at for being 'he who must not be named' level of the worst evil (tm) to ever exist. fuck being afraid of any dictactors. and hitlers or not, we don't want any hierarchy!

i can think of far more leftists/leftist dictators that have betrayed anarchists...

Stalin & Mao were bigger killers. But Bernie supporters would never mention this.

Hitler replaced the Devil in secularized Christian, but-still-Christian-in-practice, society.

But who are the THIGHS?

Best conspiracy theory I've heard yet is that Hillary Clinton has a nuke.

lots could happen to make america more fascist, to move it from right wing populism to full on totalitarianism, and martial law would be on the way to these trajectories. As it stands, the executive order carries the temporary reality of constitutive law; but checks and balances are still in place to make whatever trump wants to happen, limited in scope. The rule of law displaces the executive order; only the suspension of the rule of law in legally decreed martial law could make authoritarian or fascist or totalitarian possibilities come into play. Thin, I know, but its a check we gave ourselves.

Pholong was a Dirk Diggler.
Prudish phallostine had his shit pushed in.
Blew big O rings with his anus back in 1957.
Bigger than Stalin and Mao.
Lost 100 IQ points from being smacked in the head with a bag of giraffe dicks.
Pholong was ashamed.
Republican homosexual cops for freedom and democracy

Hey folks who aren't trolling

I recommend you don't bother trying to debate the long-time residents of this site like ziggy, they'll split hairs over definitions until the stars burnout. It's a simple enough trick for anyone who's experienced with rhetoric and among other techniques, ziggy will "Gish Gallop" you over and over until you realize, like so many others already, that he's not actually talking to you at all.

Anything that looks like direct action, he critiques. Anything that can be strawmanned as "leftist", there's no talking to him. I honestly don't care what his agenda is or what he has to say about this post because he's irrelevant online noise. You definitely don't want to try and convince him that antifascist work is worth doing, just ignore the noise from the armchair and do it.

Of course Milo is effecting various political currents that could easily be defined as fascist, with respect to some problematic, hazy definitions that result naturally from thousands and thousands of people all trying to address the same set of problems. Some of the people doing antifascist work could talk for hours about semantics and historical uses of the term, some of them are dumb as rocks but have good hearts and know racist bullshit when they see it. It barely matters … just row your own boat, find some friends that agree with you enough to work together.

SirE, why are you posting as Anonymous trying to make your posts seem like forbidden fruit?

Are you kidding? That's the logic of reverse psychology for children, hopefully at least some of the discussion here is slightly more sophisticated than that ... I'm just some random who's been here for years and already wasted hours on ziggy's nonsense.

"please don't question/undermine sacred cows, because it's only pointless bad people that do this because their whole life is via an armchair, whereas the only thing that counts about humans is politics."

going off to fight fascism, without being able to understand others outside of abstractions/stereotypes/caricatures.

since when is anarchy a single issue campaign?

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