Notes on Post-Collapse Anarchism

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Notes on Post-Collapse Anarchism

- Rather than speculate on the future, its worth a look at our recent
history to see how anarchists might respond to climate disaster.

- Two Cambridge University analysts (among many others) are convinced
that society will not be able to change quickly enough to avoid collapse due to
climate change. Thus, both of them are saying we should prepare
for a Post-Collapse humanity, opening the door for Post-Collapse Anarchism.

- Most of the scenarios should be familiar to anarchists
who've attended EF roundups and say, Rhizome Collective lectures &
the RUST book, etc. In many ways, anarchists are more prepared
than most people for life without infrastructure, finance, consumerism,
etc. So it would seem there are possibilities for liberation to be explored.

- One would expect the most suffering to be distributed downward,
to the already struggling, already without infrastructure, medicine, food,
clean water, etc. How many more Puerto Rico's and Haiti's, favelas and
barrios? The affinity group returns as an essential practice. Praise to
the anarchists who helped there!

- It would be no surprise to see the rad-right fascists become more violent and predatory.
But there will be more of us now. How will we up our game?

- The self-exiled anarchists who went to the PNW to crop farm can become
relevant again in their willingness to teach food production when there's a lot
of human labor power and no gasoline. Climate change there however has
been an increase in heat and a drop in rainfall, also sea-level rise. Still liveable?

- One thing seems pretty obvious, the police and first responders will be weakened
and so blockades and squats may last longer and become viable alternatives again.
The street medic trainings given occasionally usually have workshops on plant medicine,
first aid and mental health care. It seems we'll need all our knowledge of how to take
care of ourselves and each other.

- Church property appropriation becomes reparations for two thousand years of
murderous gloom or else houses of real love without the corpse-like pontiff, bishops
and priests! Perhaps the nuns will take over and run things. Day-ites without fear.

- The little rays of joy provided by art and music seem especially important then.
An unplugged crust punk? I can't wait. Flute and drum making? Bring it! Plant-
based pigment and seed-oil paint? I'm breathless. Living Theatre written large!
Art without the commodity-world seems life-giving again!!!

- We may get another chance to ruin the state, or at least to
diffuse it in its infancy. In this we seem allied with the earth,
water and animals versus the psychopathic state of Dick Cheney, Halliburton
and Hillary Clinton. How to guarantee we've removed them from our own heads?

- Another likelihood is the refusal of a servant class (caste) to serve, and so it seems
some more liberation is possible. Will the wealthy have their paid lackeys?
Yes and their professors, only without tenure! But its impossible to see how they'll last.

- What will happen to indigenous authority when the borders can no longer be
policed? Another Iroquois Confederacy? Can there not be an Anarchist Confederacy
to meet them? Positive human relationships become revolutionary then!

- The virility of life and death issues appear minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day.
What is called the Extinction Rebellion, whose 2nd letter was signed by Noam Chomsky
seems like a non-violent response to collapse. Ward Churchill wasn't asked to sign.

- Where will you be, comrade? Will i recognize you in your wild smile? You're not
banging at the door of the state, begging to be let in? Firebearer!

Links to the Cambridge academics:


Extinction Rebellion:

Radical Urban Sustainability Training (RUST):

anon (not verified)
I read the word "collapse"

...then I furiously fell asleep and went snoring softly.

I mean keep up the fantasy fiction as you push it always further away from (TRIGGER WARNING: PRAGMATISM) your shitty alienated daily reality. Fun's fun, I knows.... but where does it lead you-us? I'll have to endure another session of hyper-civilized hipster stupidity, so please PM me went the eschatological Climate Change kicks in.

No, wait... Just knock on my grave.

anon (not verified)
You know ... listening to

You know ... listening to older folks be smug about their plans for a comfortable, peaceful death right before the collapse is pretty annoying! Some mighty fine trolling!

Fuck you too! ;)

anon (not verified)
some of these things sound

some of these things sound fun to do even if no collapse, so do them regardless if you’d like! no need to wait or corroborate the impending doom to allow yourself some fun!

anon (not verified)


anon (not verified)
i’d embrace you and give you

i’d embrace you and give you some amor fati

anon (not verified)
Its gotta be Nietzschean,

Its gotta be Nietzschean, philistine plebe resignation is not acceptable, mmkay

anon (not verified)
i was talking about hugs. now

i was talking about hugs. now u get none cuz ur weird.

anon (not verified)
Reminds me of when Endgame

Reminds me of when Endgame was big in 2007 & I decided to try & gain skills that would come in handy when collapse was right around the corner because peak oil was happening.

Now it’s 2019, Avengers Endgame is coming out & I’m unemployable because I decided school was for chumps since Civilization was about to collapse. But maybe you’re right & it’s still right around the corner. Maybe then this plant identification shit I’ve been doing will actually come in handy.

Have you ever read Desert by that guy who wrote for that Earth First! publication Do or Die? It might help you..

Post-collapse Anarchy, ha. If only you were right.

anon (not verified)
The Collapse was just a risk

The Collapse was just a risk investment like any other. Just lucrative only if the financial system actually collapses, but I know many people got fooled by the banking "collapse" of 2007-08, where we just learned later on it was just some fantastically huge and sophisticated consolidation of banking capital. And yeah, since Disney with the new Fox acquisition must now be controlling at least half of Hollywood productions, that's not unrelated to talk about that other Endgame production, which has one or two other franchises as false competition this year. Soviet capitalism at its best!

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