Notice to Grand Prix Visitors

  • Posted on: 29 May 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>When you enter Montreal, you enter a city besieged. You are drawn here by the prospect of mesmerizing spectacle. You are informed that all measures will be taken to ensure your comfort. You await the bars and parties and restaurants and the multitude of spaces in which you will display your wealth. That your own safety should concern you does not even cross your mind.

Reconsider. Montreal is an epicenter of escalating social war. The spark of the student strike set a fire, and tens of thousands are now resisting. Under the Special Law, hundreds of thousands are now criminalized. Even those most hesitant to take action have been stirred to anger.</td><td><img title="I like cars that go fast. They are a totally fine substitute for life." src="

Do not fool yourself into thinking that you can avoid or contain us, or that the police will protect you from our makeshift weapons. There is nowhere to hide. We know every street, every alley, every park. We know where you will sleep, where you will shop and where you will drink. We have been planning to crash your party for some time now.

If you intend to use a car, know that your road may be barricaded. If you want to stay in a hotel, know that we may enter it. If you seek to withdraw money from a bank, know that the shattering glass may sting. If you plan on watching a race, know that your view may be obscured, not by exhaust fumes but by the smoke of the fires we set. Know that the evacuation order may not come fast enough.

Take notice, Grand Prix visitors.

Comité autonome de la grève éternelle
Autonomous Committee for the Eternal Strike


it's going to be like a combination of tokyo Drift and that new Jay-Z/Kanye video....

Or Mad Max!

Montreal next month?

dont clac link ti virus!!

Just like that. But in French.

Where do we meet?

Crescent street, corner De Maisonneuve or Ste-Cath. Then on Ile-Notre-Dame... and to get there you/they need 3 bridges (the big one, and then two smaller ones) and one metro line.

This is gonna hurt. For them.

Is there an event page with other deets like the date, locations, events/times?

My advice is to be careful with the CLAC people... going to their actions with a mask should be okay, but there've got a history of snitches and long-term infiltrators/pacifiers in that organization. And their core clique is not very anarchistic, more like marxist-trotskyists. Just a warning.

la CLAC is a coalition of different groups and tendencies that come together to apply collective force against common enemies. My experience is that CLAC is very decentralized and involves lots of different kidns of people. There are security concerns in any broad group and CLAC is no different, so this warning seems odd and unnecessary.

But there is an inner clique that's been around for quite some time, haven't they? And these very same people have been involved in slander politics several times too.

You don't know much what you're talking about, or if you do, you're not articulating it very well or you're deliberately causing some shit.

CLAC is way too big for it not to be infiltrated. Duh. But the core clique is pretty damn anarchist, albeit not entirely, and CLAC meeting aren't the sort of place where intense shit gets talked about, obviously.

Yes, proceed with caution. No, there are no Trotskyists.

Perhaps they aren't... I just had the strong impression to be dealing with some leftist cult.

But it's up to everyone to make their own ideas about them, and furthermore its the actions that matter the most.

>No, there are no Trotskyists.

Sounds like what a Trot would say.

Official public CLASSE events/actions page is at:

There might be some more interesting calls posted there, but if you've got a band of buddies already you can also DIY, and post the announcement to be published there. Why not? As long as you're not a pig...

So what's the deal? Have the students not looted the gun shops and liquor stores yet or what? What is it going to take for this situation to explode?

Huh... that's not Athens, Greece. That's Montreal, CANADA. You got as many chances to see that happening than in Phoenix, Chicago, Portand or any other pacified urban shithole of the sorts.

Not many gun shops in Canada.

Not many is vastly better than not any!! Google tells me there are plenty of gunshots in Montreal. Smashy smash can turn to looty looty.

gun registry, ftw.

americans *rolls eyes*

Guns can be DIY, bought on the black market, stolen from cops. No big issue here.

In the US they just give a false sense of power, while you've got the biggest Police State on the entire fucking planet and the stupid militias are still waiting for the "NWO takeover" that already happened years ago.

any way to get to montreal from NY without passport? Lol

I recall the Canadian/US border being incredibly lax, like I think there's hiking trails that go across it in NY. Just find some way through the border and back and take a bus.

This is becoming less and less true. A $10 border station was just built outside of Seattle and the staff swelled from something like 6 to something near 50.

Errr $10 million that is.

Drones are also patrolling the border now in a surveillance capacity.

Was it ever any other way? Oh, you mean the UAVs.

I highly doubt there are drones and UAV's patrolling hiking trails

Maybe not always, and maybe not yet, but that day is coming. Fucking Google has autonomous cars now. There is video of some DARPA project having swarming autonomous drones playing the guitar (seriously).

Remember when the Indians (or whatever PC term they want to be called by this week) finally decided to stop capitulating and decided to fight back? Ya, it was too late then. It will soon be too late for us.

That's my fucking point I keep saying to the gun-happy crowd... the civil war is not going to come at some Great Night in the future. It's happening N-O-W!

Nevermind Montreal, there's enough people to fight here. What is needed us that Americans move their ass and fight where they are, now!

Now that they've most probably read those *enlightened* comments, they might send their fleet of drones pretty soon. Next time please STFU.

But space blankets are still handy for those aerial nightvision scenarios.

So anonymous stole the Grand Prix ticket database and now somebody is mailing this communique to all (some?) attendees:

brb, making popcorn

Oh shit, look! Reptiles all over the place:

Location: Sagard manor, Qc

(and yes, that truly is old reptile G.H.W. Bush with Charest)

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