On the novel STATE-20 virus

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anon (not verified)
On the novel STATE-20 virus

Came across this interesting quote from anon, in reference to the whole Covid-19 scare...

9/11 was different. it was a "terrorist attack," not a virus. a harder enemy to rally around or be patriotic about it while doing it. thus, after 9/11 anarchists couldn't really have much sway. anyone who tried could be label a terrorist, and some of us were.

For having been through that, I'd say, yeah, Covid-19 is much, much worse than terrorism as bogeyman, as you now got an antagonist that can be a part of everyone and no one, that doesn't carry any political position, and therefore its State response is more at war against "everyone" than the War on Terror. After all this is the elephant's mice... the thing that's so small and toxic that it is feared by us mammals down on a deep and universal scope.

Oddly, tho, this virus is just as threatening as Al Qaeda was (not much, actually), and shares the same level of spookiness to feed years of conspiracy theories. Tho this time around I won't care too much about conspiracy theories, even tho there's some problems, yet again, in the official discourse about Covid-19 (its danger, for the most part, as well as the doublethink concerning what caused it). For instance, there's idea -that its detractors failed to properly deny- that Corvid-19 was cause by 5G. One may also assert this is a covert Chinese takeover or something. I'll leave that stuff aside for a late-night campfire discussion at some point we get in a more comfortable context, as the current one ain't very comforting, even if there's much less traffic outside...

My biggest concern is how the State is answering to it. The virus... its causes... yawn. Biggest virus at the moment is the STATE. This is what is directly causing harm to the many, especially those in a social position of weakness, who're already isolated from supportive peers and family, who don't have much people to go talk to and "play in the time of corona", and migrants in detention camps, and prisoners, and people who're homeless and exposed to an even more cruel social desert as we speak.

I'm writing this in a context where nearly ALL the progressive groups and nonprofits I know and more or less respect fell into rank with the government discourse. Not that I ever expected much autonomy on their part; they're after part of the State- but I am still surprised at the apparent sheer lack of critical distancing or questioning about whatever's going on, and being said.

There's a few punk gangs who reveal themselves to be real punks (lol) and not giving a fuck about it, which I found to be very.... "soul-saving". Also a university food bank managed to get their food distribution safely going and that's great even if very liberal. But beyond that... all this acquiescence only further asserts what La Boétie told us, so long ago, that any regime -no matter how authoritarian- is only a conspiracy of the obedient, not of its "masters". You choose to cooperate with Order, with authorities, then you literally contract the virus... and become this virus. It makes it spread, then it become pandemic (from Greek "pan"-"demos"... "all people"). A totalitarian regime is a pandemic.

Not the most important matter at the moment, tho I can't wait to see which side Montreal's ABF will take in this brutal, gigantic rift, if things don't go back to normal in 1-2 weeks (sadly looks like they clearly won't).

Once again, a line in the sand was drawn, during the Ides of March.

Of course "our lives will change". Our lives always change anyways. As during the World Wars, during the War on Terror, during the Facebook age... our lives were forced to change, to enter within a sudden, brutal paradigm shift. I'm fine with deep change, as I also want deep change... just not when it comes from a bunch of shitty vile bureaucrats with dubious intents and goals.

Concluding with a quote by that other anon:

So this virus is clearly fucking up my life right now, and yet I can see its helping to do what all the green anarchy in the world couldn’t — stop the global economy; save the planet, etc. You can think all these things about yourself that you're on the side of the trees and bumblebees n stuff but it sucks to have these situations cast into sharper relief just how deeply embedded, complicit and dependent you are on a system you hate that's destroying the natural world and producing meaningless lives.


anon (not verified)
Somehow the quote marks didn

Somehow the quote marks didn't work, but the first and last paragraphs are quotes.

anon (not verified)
yea, one of the things

(this may open a can of worms, but OMG it shouldn't) that ITS could've been used for was as a provocation to talk about how dramatic-social-change is UNPLEASANT, uncomfortable, inconvenient, when it's not lethal and soul-destroying. but so many of hte people who want to talk about action and doing things and getting shit done and stuff going down, etc etc, don't want to consider (at least not publicly) how things get hard and messy and don't fit into tidy "revolutionary" and "counter-revolutionary" boxes.
maybe my rant is too orthogonal to your point, in which case sorry. but they seem connected to me.

anon (not verified)
It's not much about how it is

It's not much about how it is " UNPLEASANT, uncomfortable, inconvenient, when it's not lethal and soul-destroying", than it is about who's stirring the shit in the first place. In this case, it's the usual suspects... not ITS, but the authoritarians within official authorities, using the biopower's pretense of the State to push a new level of totalitarianism unseen in a very long time.

Even ITS, afaik, were for a Collapse; not a techno-feudal Coup d'État. The latter is what is straight up happening at the moment.

anon (not verified)
i guess my point was trying to be

that because (some) people dont know how to be uncomfortable, that makes acquiescence in these situations by far the most common response.
but i'm not articulate these days, so who knows what i'm saying.

anon (not verified)
Well that's the thing with "techno-feudalism",

i.e. as your usual silent majority of normies suddenly are getting scared about their security, they're wholesaling their liberties away, isolating themselves within the "safe" palissades of capital.

KafkianNihilist (not verified)
im scared of the change as well

yeah this whole social change doesn't seem to be a very good one, i was hoping that people we're going to use this as an opportunity to make things a little better, but i'm slowly seeing that's entirely my responsibility as it was before.

I'm having an unpleasant awakening in terms of the way i was thinking before: yes, it is better to work on producing our own resources (sorry if you can't, that really sucks) for both our egoist sake and the planet we live on, the less plastic garbage we have and the less reliance on an immiserating system for resource distribution the better.

And fuck yeah that punks and spring breakers don't seem to give a shit at all, but at the same time we need to help out the sick and immuno-deficient, at least in making their deaths more pleasant. The fact that we all rely on hospitals and doctors is an enormous weakness, there's a huge panic over not having enough hospital beds...and only time will tell if this is gonna be a problem.

KafkianNihilist (not verified)
I forgot to add

that the biggest problem with this for me is realizing how huge of a problem being isolated is in general, living in your head a lot of the time is boring and not so great...even though you get pretty good at conjuring masturbation fantasies.

anon (not verified)
"you get pretty good at conjuring masturbation fantasies"

usually only makes a bigger source of suffering, in the form of either rapey sexist behavior with real living objects of sexual interest, or to a lesser extent just not being able to properly connect those fantasies to reality.

anon (not verified)
please anon, tell everyone

please anon, tell everyone how to masturbate and fantasize in the proper way without it being sexist.

also "real living objects" ...wtf, now who is objectifying?

anon (not verified)
Been enjoying isolation lately?

After all... it's a safe space!

('til the cops storm your place due to neighbors snitching on you for receiving a friend, but we're not supposed to discuss that)

anon (not verified)
I think he meant as a

I think he meant as a voyeuristic pursuit, with binoculars in one hand and,,,,,I think you get the idea.

anon (not verified)
nice rant, much appreciated,

nice rant, much appreciated, i coincide in your feelings and observations

Fauvenoir (not verified)
ur welcome

And I as an update.. things won't go back to normal on April Fool's (pun intended), as yesterday the gubment declared they further expand the quarantine (it's a boiling frog game) and extend it to at least... May Day.

anon (not verified)
Anarchists, enroll in the volunteer medic army ASAP!

There's a reported outburst of 400,000 NHS volunteers atm. This is the best way to get protection gear, be able to stay outside, meet people, potentially do stealth agit-prop, and also get a level of latitude from authorities.

anon (not verified)
This is a good idea

This is a good idea

brainfart (not verified)
after 911, all the liberals

after 911, all the liberals and progressives were blathering (paraphrasing from memory) "anyone who gives up freedom for security will have neither", while the conservatives were all "fuck freedom right now, gotta have security".

with covid911, all the liberals and progressives are all like "fuck freedom for now, we need security" and the cons are like "fuck security, we need freedom:".

there's a fucking board game in there somewhere...

VirusoNihilist (not verified)
True, and WWII should have

True, and WWII should have been called monopoly.

anon (not verified)
This production/experiment

This production/experiment happened in late 2019....


I can't even tell whether the officials cast in here were faking it, or not.

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