Now is the Time to Attack: Matt Duran imprisoned; Leah Plante released and re-subpoenaed

  • Posted on: 13 September 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td><strong>"Updates as of 4:40 PM" from <a href=" Against Political Repression</a>:</strong>

Around 3:00 PM today, Matt was taken to a contempt of court hearing. The judge decided to make the hearing private instead of public. It is our understanding that this action is unprecedented since the McCarthy Era of political witch hunts. The entire 2nd floor of the Federal Court House in Seattle where the grand jury itself was taking place was closed off to the public as well as the 13th floor where the contempt hearings were taking place. As of this writing, Leah has not been taken to her contempt hearing yet.

As of 4:00 PM, Matt is now in federal custody. He has another hearing scheduled on Wednesday, September 26th. We do not know where is being taken yet, but supporters are still at the court house to support him.

As of 4:30 PM, Leah was released and re-subpoenaed. She does not know the date of her next subpoena.</td><td><img title="Attack. The. Phones! (do it for the terrified cat)" src=""></t...

We are asking for supporters to call Judge Richard Jones in his chambers at 206-370-8870 and demand that Matt not be charged with contempt and be released.

<strong><code>***** *****</code></strong>

<strong>"Matt Duran imprisoned; Leah Plante released and re-subpoenaed." from <a href="

Matt refused to testify today at the Grand Jury. In response, the prosecutor threw him into a cage at <a href="">Seatac</a>. Leah refused to testify and was released with a new subpoena.

Show your solidarity!

<strong><code>***** *****</code></strong>

<strong>Matt Duran's "Statement in opposition to state, grand juries, and in support of its resisters" from <a href=" Against Political Repression</a>:</strong>

Friends and comrades,

My name is Matt Duran and I will do everything I can to resist this Grand Jury. I’m releasing this as it’s come to my attention that the strategy my lawyer and I have been working under will more than likely not work; the prosecution wants to grant me immunity before I even have a chance to testify. I want to make it clear that I am in no way ever cooperating with the state now or ever. Anyone who knows me well enough to be a close friend knows that I will fight with my political allies and for them with every fiber of my being. If I ever did cooperate, it would bring an immeasurable amount of shame upon myself, my community, and my family as they have risked more in resistance than I have in my life so far.

This is not the first time that the State has attempted to kidnap me, extort money from me, and take me away from my family, loved ones, and comrades. The last time, the State even went so far as to create lies in order to put me away. Bearing this in mind as well as the institutional racism I face every day, I have long ago accepted that I am going to go to prison at some point in my lifetime. This compounded with the fact that I have such an amazing amount of support, to the degree that I don’t even know what to do with it, allows me to know that I am going to make it no matter what is thrown at me.

People should know that this is more than likely not the end of this, the State will continue this Grand Jury well after my comrades and I locked up. Whatever happens, I want you to know that you are not alone and are more than capable of handling whatever is thrown at you. They would not be doing this if we were not successful in any respect; if we kept to our ivory towers debating what is more revolutionary and not actively creating conflict, we would not be facing this repression. Do not stop the struggle, keep organizing and fighting or they will have won. When the Haymarket massacre took place all those years ago and the martyrs were hung for their desire for a better life, the State attempted to crush all radicals. Clearly, this did not work then and it won’t work now. If this was their desire, they have failed in every aspect of it as I have not seen anything other than flagrant disregard for them across the globe. Keep the struggle in your hearts and minds and do not bend to their will. They will never be able to destroy us no matter how hard they try.

In solidarity,

Matt Duran

<strong><code>***** *****</code></strong>

<strong>Leah-Lynn Plante’s "Statement and Demonstrations in Support of Grand Jury Resisters" from <a href=" Against Political Repression</a></strong>

My name is Leah-Lynn Plante, and I am one of the people who has been subpoenaed to a secret grand jury, meeting in Seattle on September 13th, 2012.

This will be the second time I have appeared before the grand jury, and the second time I have refused to testify. The first time was on August 2nd. I appeared as ordered and identified myself. I was asked if I would be willing to answer any questions. I said, “No,” and was dismissed after being served a second subpoena.

Over a month later, my answer is still the same. No, I will not answer their questions. I believe that these hearings are politically motivated. The government wants to use them to collect information that it can use in a campaign of repression. I refuse to have any part of it, I will never answer their questions, I will never speak.

It is likely that the government will put me in jail for that refusal.

While I hate the very idea of prison, I am ready to face it in order to stay true to my personal beliefs. I know that they want to kidnap me and isolate me from my friends and my loved ones in an effort to coerce me to speak. It will not work. I know that if I am taken away, I will not be alone. We have friends and comrades all around the world standing behind us, and even though this has been one of the most traumatizing experiences of my life, I have never felt so supported or loved. I can only speak for myself, but I have every faith that the others subpoenaed to these hearings will likewise refuse. And I know that hundreds of people have called the US Attorney demanding that they end this tribunal. Hundreds of organizations, representing thousands of people, signed onto a statement expressing solidarity with those of us under attack and demanding an end to this sort of repression.

I know that those people will continue to support me, the others subpoenaed, and the targets of the investigation. That spirit of solidarity is exactly what the state fears. It is the source of our strength, yours and mine. And that strength shows itself in every act of resistance.

Forever in silence,
Leah-Lynn Plante

<strong><code>***** *****</code></strong>

<strong>TL;DR NOW IS THE TIME TO ATTACK</strong>


I know these two and they are hard as fuck. Not one word is going to pass their lips. This is a good thing for our insurgent conspiracy.

The flipside to this good thing is that these hardcases will remain imprisoned for the life of this grand jury. This grand jury could last 18 months. It could be renewed up to three times bringing the total length to 36 months.

One minute away from loved ones is one minute too long.

With seven years on the run evading the FBI and 2 years in a federal penitentiary behind him Peter Young did some math. He calculated that he spent 12 hours in jail for every released mink that went uncaptured.

He thought that was worth it. Make it worth it for Matt and Leah.


Indeed, especially considering the events of the past two days...

Got the signal!

I know this is a non-point, but isn't the name "Committee Against Political Repression" the same group the character Luisa joined in Fredy Perlmans' epic "Letters of Insurgents"?

What transpired here is bigger than any of us. Let that inspire our response.

What is it they are being accused of? Been out of the loop and too lazy to UTFSE.

God, really? Fuck you. They are not accused of anything. Fucking look it up you lazy piece of shit!

some help you were, asshole.

Here's a quick run-down because I feel like it:

Grand juries are used to extract information from people, not to charge them with any crime. They're used to gather information in hopes of it leading to a solid-enough case for a criminal trial. Since grand juries are not criminal trials, they technically aren't subject to the 5th Amendment protection against self-incrimination, so if you refuse to cooperate, you can be imprisoned for up to the length of the grand jury (which can be up to three fucking years).

So basically they're being accused of not-snitching.

Snitching about what? In regards to MayDay? Broken windows? Something more serious? Is there any information about what the Grand Jury is investigating? Is what the feds are doing being coordinated with the SPD raids or are they separate?

Try clicking on a link. Or fucking Google it. Do you need someone to hold your hand while you do it?

No, he's a cop who wants people to tip him infos on stuff these comrades would have done, but probably haven't.

In other words, this commenter tried to make you talk.

Yes, anyone who asks questions is a cop. There's cops everywhere! If it weren't for them, we'd have no way to feel self-important.

get out psyops

Me Cyclops. You fool.

That's good, I heard that anti-cyclops is a snitch and sleeps with his mother, therefore you are kool, happy now, go to sleep?

There is definitively something wrong with you.

you have defined a good anarchist

Thankyou :)

If it wasn't for us theyd have no way to feel self-important, and no job.

There are indeed cops everywhere on the net. Perhaps your brain is stuck in 1996, but things have changed a lot since then. Ever heard of the DHS, the threat fusion centers, and Trapwire/Abraxas?

I guess not, that's why ur posting such asinine comment.

Yes, I believe *everything* I read and I derive my sense of self-importance from the cops' propaganda. Just like you.

How to fuck net spyng:

Suppose one was to set up a big network of emails whose sole purpose was to harvest commercial spam, append to it the names of famous religious enemies of the regime, and forward it to the rest of the network. Suppose there were ten million computer-generated emails in this list. The net spies would get quite a headache opening billions of emails that looked real juicy on their obsolete keyword-based search software but turned out to be copies of ads for "herbal viagra" and Linkedin spam.

Just make sure not to use SSL encryption aka https: even if they can get into it (your ISP and local cops CAN'T), it would be so time consuming to do so that they would probably ignore the entire network, neutralizing the attack. Quite likely https would blind their keyword search and thus prevent them from even trying.

A related concept would be shitloads of pgp-encrypteds messages containing random numbers between all real email accounts. When a real message was sent, it would take the place of one of these random number messages. As a result, the same number of messages flow between any pair of accounts or on any list at all times. Now nothing can be inferred from the volume of messages. This technique has been used for decades in encrypted radio traffic sent by mot nation-state's intelligence services.

Actually, I've not heard of any of those, unless DHS is Department of Health Services. As far as using a search engine - well, an efficient paranoid (of which I'd rather not be, but the times we live in ... well...) would take into consideration that search terms are probably monitered and how do you know which search engines report to various authorities? So, a FB link is followed (again, probably not all that safe) and one gets here, but still doesn't understand the gist of the problem. So maybe the guy IS a cop, or maybe not ... we do live in paranoid times. For what it's worth, and as sad as it seems, we probably live in better, safer and 'free'er' times than in the past - somehow that idea, which seems to have some merit - makes me seethe. As for anarchy - I'm no longer in my teens, twenties or thirties - so it really doesn't hold any romance for me any longer. That said, I do believe in human rights, actual liberty, and justice (not revenge). Do I believe these ideals have ever been attained? Hmmm, it's kind of like perfection or beauty - ideals which are aspired toward. Perhaps every voice being allowed and heard is the best, to that end, to be attained. BTW, I still don't quite understand what these two impassioned people are being harassed for!

Actually, I have similar problems.

Everything I try Googling leads me to the same information: charged with contempt of court, wrongly imprisoned, etc. I have been attempting to find out what the investigation/trial was for in the first place, but I can't get any information in the first place.

If the terror is that every curious kid online is a cop, then I understand the difficulty in finding any results, but surely saying what the Grand Jury was investigating doesn't say anything about what Matt/Leah have actually done?

Or are you guys using your paranoia to turn into "If you don't already know, you don't deserve to" elitists? That seems to go against the obvious solution of getting the word out to as many people as possible.

I fucking googled it. And after sifting through several links I still only know that he's locked up and refusing to talk. I would love to know what the full story is, or at least why he's being investigated. Because it seems like a cause worthy of sharing. But if I don't know what the fuck this is about, and I'm sure many other people feel the same way, I don't care. I would like to care, though. So if you know and are just being a snob about it, you're only hurting him.

He's refusing to testify at the grand jury. No one knows what the grand jury "is about." Other than that it's about anarchists in the PNW. I don't think you're a cop, but I do think you're kinda dumb.

I googled it and got this page.

What is snitching about? Is MayDay really one word? Do windows break the same way every time? Why are anarchists? How do I read a sentence? Is there any information on anything or is everything new and undocumented? Like for example what was my lunch for?

lol. awesome.


You guys really don't know anything, do you? It's ok, you can say it; "I don't know" doesn't mean you're less of a person, or a cop, or an idiot, or not cool. Try it, first step of acquiring knowledge, admit you don't know something. good luck assholes.

This is the first I've heard of any of this.
It's easy for some of the other users to say "Google it", and then rag on those of us that are actually trying to educate ourselves on this.
However, if people here keep insulting anyone that inquires (not you anon, you seem to understand this point) YOU ARE GOING TO PISS OFF AND DETER POTENTIAL ALLIES.
That, in fact, is quite idiotic and moronic...which is ironic when coupled with insults pertaining to the lack of intelligence being referenced in the hateful replies.
People aren't asking what the deal is because they're lazy, they're asking (pay attention, people and let the wisdom here sink in) because they believe that they've found individuals here that know something and can educate them.
But, no, call them snitches, cops, and idiots.
There can be no revolution without co-conspirators.
Do you think that Jefferson, Washington, and Franklin called people lazy assholes when asked "Hey, what's up with crazy old King George?"
Or do you think that they took these people aside, explained what was going on, and rallied support.
They had traitors, and they took care of it.
The leaders of the Revolutionary movement never gave away all of their plans.
That's why Benedict Arnold failed.
They were smart, and adapted.
They knew that if they pushed away anyone that had the potential to be a traitor their movement would never get off of the ground.
They conquered their fears and reigned victorious.
So, in closing, conquer your fears, enlighten and educate those ignorant of the problem, or the only underground you will ever be a true part of is the basement you occupy.

I have nothing but sheer admiration for the strength you both have shown. Much love! <3

We don't actually know yet where Matt is being imprisoned. He hasn't showed up on either the Bureau of Prisons booking website or the King County Jail booking website. We'll update y'all when we know.

Matthew Kyle Duran #42565-086 - FDC SeaTac - P.O. Box 13900 - Seattle, WA 98191

Tis matters, thanks but is it the right ZIP, BOP web says
P.O. BOX 13900
arg, lost the link to your msg in the Support forum, anyhow, beat me to the P.O. Post Office that is :) Friends?

Use the BOP zip! I just had some mail returned for using the wrong one.

Leah & Matt are mad cute. I'm totes writign them BOTH steamy prison letters. Shame, smash the state lern 2 sk8.,.,8ball

WTF!! donmt fuckin hijackj mny fuckin nasme an donmt fucvkin maske lighty ofd fduckinm doin ti,me you fucvkimn impostya im fuckjinj dfownm to he;lp tjheser folkl anb noyt mockl theiur sitiuatiopn fuycvkj uyou!!.,.,8ball

Learn how to type you loser.

i think you meant:
lern 2 tipe lozer

Fascists can't relate to emotion.

same with autistic people.

autistic peeps up against the wall!!!

firing squad. GO!

dang- i forgot to cast magic on the grand jury this time.

Matt Duran #42565-086 - FDC SeaTac - P.O. Box 13900 - Seattle, WA 98191

Does anyone have any idea how long he's likely to be there for? If someone overseas sends him post, is it likely that he'll still be there when it arrives?

Well let's just say that a message in a bottle thrown into the sea would be inconsiderate and selfish of the sender.

No one knows how long he will be in. It could be as long as 36 months. I think the longest someone has been held in a similar situation was something like 14 months. But why does it matter? Just send it.

Cos in other cases people have been moved from one facility to another very quickly, so the address that they're at when they're first jailed isn't necessarily where they'll be a week or so later. I think. But yeah, you're right, probably best to just write to him at this address now, if he does get moved the worst that can happen is the first letter won't get through so you have to send him another one, which wouldn't be the end of the world.

He's still here, but the zip code is incorrect. It's actually 98198 see

We can't know for sure how long he'll be here, but until they release him he sure could use letters of support! He may be imprisoned for the term of the grand jury.

Zip code is 98198, not 98191.

I have a quick question...this isn't related but...

How do I cancel/delete an event I've made on here?

Thanks to who ever answers.

I have a quick suggestion: find a thread where people aren't discussing something serious like the imprisonment of a friend and comrade to ask your totally irrelevant question.

A nice story to cheer everyone up.

Dude rapes his ex-girlfriend for dating someone else. Arrested. Escapes and kills a judge and a few cops. Turned in after trusting a meth-head Christian who read to him from the bible, convicted on 54 counts, sentenced to multiple life sentences.

Yeah, great, I feel so much better.

Naw, you're looking at it wrong. Think to yourself, ILLEGALISM! COOL! Then try reading it again like it's an adventure movie.

Get out psyops!

That's Cyclops, fool.

Yeah, but the important thing is did he do it in _the spirit of Criminality_ or _the spirit of Capital_? In other words did he think Good or Bad thoughts while he was doing crimey things? Cause if he had the right bad ideas he was an _Insurgent Social Force!_

Ummm I think he's just a meth narcissist duh.

Awesome!!! A true paragon of insurrectionary praxis.

Err hang on, that was a slur, narcissistic meth addicts should be,,,OH NO!! SHOULD I SAY IT AS AN UBERMENSCH? Put up against the wall, sorry,,,and put out of their miserable judeo-christian weaknessness, BWAHAHAHA!!!
Hey, the only awesomeness I recognise is the innocent purity that nature and its intuitive powers endow us with!! ALL ELSE INCLUDING CHEMICALLY INDUCED CONSCIOUSNESSES IS AUTHORITARIAN CONSTRUCTION!!!

PS Meth addicts are number 1 snitches they work with the cops like they are,,,,symbiotic lol.

resentiment does not equal ubermencsh. sorry. go back to nietzche for beginners, please.

also, this

and also, fuck you you crypto fascist piece of shit. you are NOT a nihilist, you are moral dandy projecting your lameness on the rest of us.

You seem to be of an uber-urban consciousness, sorry, you don't know fresh air, the song bird in the morning, picking anarchist bvegetables and butchering anarchist livestock in a living anarchist community, sorry you poor journeyman, you have yet to battle and endure the things that almost destroyed me, but made me stronger in the end. Sip myour lattés, I will practice anarcho-nihilism NOW, you are always welcome in my abode, no bitterness or resentiment here friend;)

ew, i hate coffee.

but okay. fair enough.

Well tea then, or some gruel, but then you will bend to my will of course, YOU WILL ANSWER TO THE RESIDENT UBERMENSCH,,,,who happens to be me, no? ;)

don't tread on my value system, bro

OK, just joking, you WILL drink MY tea though, yes, or else ;)?

when do we make out and you slip it in?

You're refering to slipping in some nous or some intelligence and vitality into your drear and boring mind with conversation I assume?

I don't think I can deterministically ebb and flow with my biosphere anymore. The very functions of my thought seem inherently parasitic, and worse, at total odds with any morals or ethos I've insanely attached myself to. My program/path/flow is a total evolutionary failure and the best bet is to persuade myself to attach to a metanarrative and at least point and click my way to good feelings and just play out my life as parasite. But I can't do it because the dogmas of my past Christian indoctrination, and my attempts to replace it with a humanism of some kind or another and their subsequent dogmas, completely contradicts this. This is not a safe nihilism. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fucking fuck existence. I knew it, and tried to to deny it for so long, but it's so fucking obvious. There is literally no way to deterministically live, besides a primal desire to continue to consume and live. Honestly, that sounds shitty matched with this unfortunate self-awareness. Everything else is just stupid stupid stories, muddling up all those "good times" and their safe and secure solipsism. What a joke.

YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL ANARCHO-NIHILIST!!! Hasn't anyone told you to embrace the alienation that goes with being a critic of cultural dogma, yet at the same time develope a methodology of critique which places all ideological indoctrinations into a basket labelled 'What humanity seeks as an earthly Utopia'? We, as anarchists or nihilists will always be a minority, fatalistically we can enjoy our servitude to cosmic pains and glories, no?

lol.. nature? nature? You read too much fiction, your gods don't exist and why are you on a-news and not praying in some earthen temple? Go back to your magic and nonsense please this is anarchist news. Nature... what a meaning less word.

You think I am a mystic?? How dare you!! I challenge you to a battle of survival in a post-capitalist scenario! Are you willing and capable of dealing with a Machiavellian Ghenghis Khanish type of villian who takes no prisoners but loves puppy dogs?

PS What gods? There are none, oh sorry, you don't REALLY believe that do you, your doubt and angst sticks out like the proverbial dog's balls? Your god is your own ego and the social structures that perpetuate it outside of its natural abode. You misinterpreted my use of the abstract term 'Nature' by assuming I was using the hippy vernacular, thus you have revealed your vacancy, arrogance and lack of depth. Try to keep the balls tucked in fool!!

You don't even understand what's going on here do you? What a whinner.

'Why am I the only registered poster' type of non-paranoid whiner MR ANON, Hmmmm?

Err, I erred the dick fucked up from testerone injected middle-class values like arrogance combined with over the top muscular martial art status, the same mindset as meth addicts though, and just as scary, need , no I wont,,,,ok,,,need the wall, no, oops.

And you suck for your take on morality and flipping around terms such as criminality.

Turned around criminality? Ytilanimirc?

Linguistically that word looks like some filthy Stalinist expression for being the one who fucks one's own mother who is the commandant of some miserable Siberian concentration camp.
Dont play with me, let's focus on these 2 people who are staunch and honorable to their friends.

It's ironic isn't it, that you can wear a uniform for the state and be called a hero for acting in the same way? So for a start, either side of the coin does not bring cheer, we anarchists wish to bring down the social currency.

Too bad that was a rapist and not one of us. A better story might be the Marin County Courthouse incident with the Black Panthers.

Agreed that post was irrelevant and creepy, and thanks for yours, but FYI rapists aren't usually strangers, which means they are us a lot of the time, and we need to deal with that and work to prevent it.

Yeah, the liberation from any unjust confinement is a natural force which can never be extinguished. One sees how the coyote will eat its own ankle off to free itself from the trap, the prison emerged simultaneously along with the industrial capitalist society in its magnitude, because the mechanization and fordism dislocated and unemployed half of the populace, the idea of 'criminality' is a capitalist term to describe those that are not working for them, not devoting themselves to and worshipping the capitalists and the state they control.

Yeah exactly, criminality in the _spirit of Capital_ is only a form of Capital, but criminality in the _true criminal spirit_ is _true criminality_ which confronts Capital. So it's all about _spirit_, comrade. This post, btw, is in the _spirit of criminality_ so don't worry about reading it, it's all good. I mean _bad._

brilliant. slow hand clap

Nevertheless, the use of the term is perpetuating the western and european legal paradigm, and this is my interpretation of the word, thus I oppose your vernacular. But I respect your idea, we speak a different dialect ;)

Too bad those were Black Panthers and not one of us.

Actually it was the World Revolutionary Geist, which is all of us, and simultaneously greater than all of us and each of us. The destruction of time is to become irreversible or not at all, like the sine wave which itself zooms beyond the receptor.

-The Anarchist International

How is the World Revolutionary Geist related to the True Criminal Spirit?

they're both bullshit concepts built by academia attempting to recuperate spontaneous social rupture in some broad, metaplatformist generality.

Ha ha, they are definitely bullshit but they are definitely _NOT_ a product of academia. Not to defend academia or anything but those mushy ideas wouldn't even hold water in academia, which we all know is the domain of bullshit. Those are pure milieu garbage terms.

Nice! You've surpassed Baudrillard and I dig it served with cheap wine of course and a spliff, thankyou.

Matthew Kyle Duran #42565-086
FDC SeaTac
P.O. Box 13900
Seattle, WA 98191

Get love letters, zines and books in the mail to him today.

Zip code is 98198, not 98191.

Heroes for refusing to snitch

These folks deserve our utmost support and our ruthless retaliation against their enemies. They chose to keep their mouths SHUT and put the safety of many people, maybe a whole movement, above their own comfort.

They chose one of only two options when facing a grand jury subpeona" Appear and refuse to talk, or refuse to appear at all.

The former is best for those who rely on the strength of our movement lawyers for their defense. That's because warrants are more likely to be issued when you refuse to show up at all, though serving that warrant might be entirely another matter.

Refusing to appear is best for those who rely on stealth or on arms for their defense. After all, you have to drop both of those defenses to enter the courthouse. If you operate under "no surrender" guidelines, you want to force the Enemy to fight in the people's streets, not in a courthouse they own. In fact, you might want to carry the fight to the enemy at a time and place of your choosing. That is especialy true if intelligence reports suggest any serious attempt by the Enemy to locate you.

Question: does a warrant for refusing to appear expire when the grand jury expires? If it does, an 18 month trip out of the US and its empire might be the best defense at all

Getting back in focus from all the hal9000 generated shit yeah, these folk should be applauded for their strength and loyalty to an honest cause and not snitching!!

A haiku for you:

anarchists just are
my lunch was for my stomach
May Day: not one word

These prisoners (Matt and KteeO) need to be supported. Please read this even if you have little or no money. The good news is that they are out of solitary and into general population, where they have been greeted like the heroes they are.

Read for details on how you can support them.

WHile Matt and KteeO have been moved out of solitary and into general population (which is a very good thing) they still need your support. The link below gives several options of things you can do for them directly (address you can write them letters to, book wish lists) as well as direct support for their defense fund. There is also a link to online petitions for their release and other virtual options.

DO what you can, dont let them be forgotten.

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