NW Grand Jury update for the 13th of September

  • Posted on: 11 September 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="https://www.facebook.com/ResistTheNwGrandJury/posts/444660195584835">Resist NW Grand Jury (FB)</a>

We have received confirmation that the Asst. US Attorney presiding over this grand jury has already obtained immunity for one, if not both, of the subpeanuts for the 13th. This means that those granted immunity will have their contempt hearings and be taken to jail THAT DAY. While grand juries are closed to the public, contempt hearings aren't! If you are planning to come to Seattle on the 13th, please be prepared to come inside the courthouse for any contempt hearing(s) that may happen. You'll need photo ID and court-appropriate clothes. (If you think you might have an arrest warrant don't try to come in the courthouse!!!) Don't bring anything you wouldn't be able to get past metal detectors and security guards.</td><td><img title="Thongs and wife beaters!" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/ubiq_surveil.gif"></td></tr></ta...




<3<3 Much love for our friends. Hatred for our enemies.

luv u 2

National Fax in Day Against the Grand Jury (Wed, Sept 12th)
Rally at the Courthouse in Seattle (Thur, Sept 13th)
Solidarity Against State Repression at City Hall in Minneapolis (Thur, Sept 13th)
Stand in Solidarity with Grand Jury Resisters in Portland (Thur, Sept 13th)

Facebook is fucking evil but you can at least get information from these pages, you don't have to say you are attending or not.

-A PNW @

"Facebook is fucking evil but..."

I stopped reading at the "but".

Anyone who really knows HOW Facebook is evil wouldn't be using it FIRSTHAND, while inviting tons of anarchists to expose themselves to high-tech surveillance they mostly don't understand.

Don't wanna bitch on those who set up that organizing against the Grand Jurys, just that there seem to be some people who did the wrong choices, possibly out of naivety or ignorance.

There are other ways to spread solidarity than the "easy & effective solutions" offered by the corporate Police State (NSA).


Do you think I could get an inflatable life raft of a cruise liner past courthouse security? ;P

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