NYC: Action in Solidarity with Northwest Anarchists

  • Posted on: 17 October 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>To our comrades enduring repression in the Northwest, you are not alone. In the early morning hours of October 17th, we sabotaged the operation of three sets of train tracks leading in and out of New York City. This action was undertaken in solidarity with Leah-Lynn Plante, Matthew Kyle Duran, Katherine Olejnik, and all of our other comrades in the Northwest. To those who are staying strong in these trying times, may this action be an expression of our deepest love. To those who seek to put them in cages, may this action be an expression of our deepest hatred.


- New York Anarchists</td><td><img title="Strong!" src=""></td></tr>...


if this is real, it's impressive. but i can't find any corroboration...this would be major news (i guess depending on how one defines "sabotage"), and yet...

can someone link to a news story about this? i want to be cheering but i'm hesitant...

It's no big deal to do, actually. Just have to locate proper train signal boxes in places not too close from eye sight/cameras, or do the rail-wiring thing at any safe spot you want. The toughest part is to go out of your neighborhood for a little adventure in the countryside or industrial wastelands.

So it's impressive there actually are anarchs moving their asses to do this, instead of the same old kiddie tactics. If only more people would wake the fuck up and get down to it...

Salute to the NYC comrades, you are for real!

incorrect. those boxes you speak of are for intersections where freight trains meet roads. all that would do is signal the big red and white gate arms to drop and block civilian/road traffic. the intent here is to stop the trains from moving.

if one wanted to stop trains, you would want to go to where one of these are (,11654831...)to do your dirty deeds. most trains are automated these days so it would falsely signal that there was a train already on the tracks -- the train would come to a halt out of a programmed "fear" of derailment, thus setting off delays and clogging up rail traffic.

Another thing, you wouldn't want to do this just ANYWHERE, you would want to be strategic about it. Do it at high-traffic junctions, or mainlines for certain freight lines/ amtrack.

Unfortunately, I have not done any of the aforementioned actions, but I have distant cousins who i see from time to time that work for the railroad and they have given me the down low. I actually don't even support doing things like this, I'm more into Gandhi and Jill Stein. I am just so damn particular that I can't let someone get away with being wrong.



But perhaps it's not the same from one country to another. I don't that in Canada, where the railroad network is surprisingly outdated, you'd have the same stuff. Maybe they're using those underground telecom cables instead.

Dunno... I haven't done that stuff, and I also dig Gandhi (coz you know he'd be the first to put his holy body in the way of a high-speed train to resist war!).

Which lines? Just curious; big ups!


These feds are big on paranormal shit also! Be careful, don't think out in the open, only behind walls. Glass windows are OK.

somebody threw paint bombs on the tracks, and left a newspaper stand there. smh

Newspaper box railroad bondage looks like a fine tactic to me! Way to tie-in city street chaos with remote, lonely sabotage. ;)

Hey, don't forget about us!


cant fuckin FBI track your ip??.. -_-


No. The surveillance grid has been run by the NSA for decades, through all the major ISPs and phone companies, among other nasty stuff like being able to see what kind of porn you watch on your laptop from orbital satellites.

FBI are just foot soldiers of a much deeper and nastier Police State.

The full extent of what the NSA can do in terms of tracking, tracing and decrypting, is not known, but I suspect they'll spend all those resources tracking random commenters on a popular anarchist site. Or not!

Of course they listen in, where the fuck is your anti-paranoid methodology at? It's no use getting worried, unless you're stupid enough to broadcast to the global internet your deepest hatreds and malicious intents. WTF, this is just a fucking forum, what, do you assume it is an organization for anarchist revolution? Wake/grow the fuck up internet warrior!!

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