The NYC Anarchist Book Fair returns to Judson Memorial in its 13th edition

From New York City Anarchist Book Fair

The NYC Anarchist Book Fair returns to Judson Memorial in its 13th edition - Sep 6th and 7th, 2019

As climate emergency looms, the specter of war and fascism haunts us. In the media and in the world around us, we watch the super wealthy ruling corporative elites persisting in maintaining the exploitative death-culture hierarchy of white, cis, patriarchal, Imperialist, and colonial capitalism. At the NYC Anarchist Book Fair we believe that can be changed, and it takes a village to invent the future.

In its 13th edition, the book fair pays tribute to the anarchist and activist Willen Van Sprosen, who was killed as he tried to disrupt ICE camps activities, and the counterculture anarchist artist Ben Morea. An exhibition of Morea’s drawings (features in this year’s book fair Poster) will be exhibited during the bookfair and art festival. During the book fair, Morea hosts a workshop/dialogue session around Revolutionary Animism. Workshops also include Silvia Federici talking about “The Struggle for the Commons”, and debates on queer- trans feminisms, Antifa, immigrantion and ecology anarchism, among others. The book fair this year will offer a care-space, where healing practitioners and artists will offer group and individual care experiences.

The NYC Anarchist Book Fair aims at contributing to the ongoing dialogue, analysis and practice of current society, increasing knowledge about history, and create inspiration for the building of liberation alternatives such as mutual aid, autonomy, solidarity, collectivize and consensus based decision making, to name a few. We emphasize the creation of forward-looking activism and culture as we celebrate the struggle to free humanity, the animals and the planet from today’s predatory global political and social systems.

Together with the book fair, happen the NYC Anarchist Art Festival and the Emma Golden Film Festival. The first happens on the eve of the book fair, on Friday, with a diverse lineup including 30+ artists, focusing on performance art and collective creation collaboration, inspired by Ben Morea’s concept of revolutionary Animism. The Emma Goldman Film Festival this year focus on Narratives from Indigneous Peoples of the Americas, particularly on the indigenous people in Brazil.

All events take place at the Judson Memorial, 55 Washington Square Park South. The venue, in a neighborhood long associated with the anarchist movement in the U.S., has hosted the NYC Anarchist Book Fair nearly every year since its inception, and it will again in 2019.

13th Anarchist Art Festival ANARKOARTLAB Friday, September 6, 2019 7 p.m.–12 a.m.
A tribute to and with Ben Morea: Revolutionary Animism FREE

13th Annual NYC Anarchist Book Fair Saturday, September 7, 2019, 11 a.m.–7 p.m.,
Books, art, workshops, skillshares, care-space and more FREE

3rd EMMA GOLDMAN FILM FESTIVAL Saturday, September 7,2019 7 p.m.–9 p.m.

Featuring: Narratives from Indígenous Peoples of the Américas FREE

Details about additional events and book fair exhibitors, featured films and participating artists TBA by August 20th on NYC Anarchist Book Fair tablers include publishers of anarchist literature (from the East and West Coast); small independent presses; community groups focused on, among other topics, ecological activism and animal liberation; and prisoner support networks.

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"...cis, patriarchal, Imperialist, and colonial capitalism.."

Yep, same old stupid liberal moral hang-up geek gas. Whoopie.

Yep, same ole dudebros who whine about this type of language. Whoopie

"....the exploitative death-culture hierarchy of white, cis, patriarchal, Imperialist, and colonial capitalism."

So wait, people who aren't transsexual are to blame for the gigantic global capitalist machine? This is the implication of using "cis" as an insult, as in, fuck you dude if you don't wear a dress, fuck you bitch if you do wear a dress!

When will people learn that it's every bit possible to bring massive death to the planet we live on without fitting into the white-male-patriarch-cis demographic? Wasn't the groundbreaking first black president just as much of a corporate crony as any other president?

no, maoism is not the origin of everything you dislike.
different groups and people reacting to opression can by themselves come up with ideas and engage in dynamics you may dislike and disprove of, all by themselves and without the input of maoism.

hygienist rhetoric makes you sound really retrograde and antiquated.

But there is a radical biome that it infects itself to and the way to stop this is to change language and associations. Oppression is simply not a concrete concept compared to something like domination or compulsion. It's essentially an identity category of offense. I suggest this be changed with new types of analysis. Using a term like leviathan and talking about state formation instead of something less specific like colonization(ants and other animals colonize) would be a good place to start.

The analogy works just fine for something is infectious and mendacious as Maoism.

For example, rather than cutting out the word "colonization" from any sort of a radical discourse, how bout a more essentialist and poetic understanding of it? If the word is used with more precision, it has to do with a "taking over" effect, historically/politically it has to do with colonies. The U.S. colonized Iraq in very recent history, but what the U.S. did there doesn't have much to do with the historical "colonies" that the left id-pols are repeatedly referring to. As white supremacist ideology has become more de-coupled from statecraft, so does radical/political discourse need to update its own use of terminology, but people don't because it's easier to keep referring to everything in terms of slavery and native american genocide, it's very similar to goodwins law how it all plays out. Whatever pulls the heart strings, well, that's what the activists will do! Cuz they are the thing doers, they make stuff happen!

Bob Black for instance used to refer to himself as a communist up until the early 80s when he realized that the weighted association of that term and who was using and who had dominant discursive sway could not be ignored. Colonization as a concept and problem was always part of a global capital state societal configuration. It simply did not pay to have a white western dominator state capital system anymore. You're now hearing this term more then ever from the likes of Trudeau and other GenXers who get into power.

White supremacist ideology was always just a servant of a greater leviathan and power structure and that is the term that I think should be used. Anti-leviathan ideology and an opposition to any pan ethnicity taking the reigns of geopolitical power. Statecraft has always been polymorphic and race neutral from the very beginning. I don't think there's any saving colonization as a radical concept, rather just move to a term like statism, state formation theory and anti-takes on it.

when spoken of, just needs to be used more precisely and not so sloppily referred to today's much more complex form of imperialism, whether people talking about it are radical or not. Maybe there can be some more creative applications of the term when talking about neoliberal politics, capitalism is ultimately still kind of a "colonizing" form of praxis. Gentrification, for example, can fairly be said to be a sort of "colonization" effort. But as the most recent anon stated, "colonization", "white-supremacist", "patriarchal", are all tied into some sort of a self-victimization psychology that seems to dominate the full spectrum of american politics, left and right. Exploring and breaking from victimhood seems like the only way out of it.

The thing is you can also argue that colonization is NOT always statist, think the a Vikings who settled on Newfoundland for instance. Indigenous on the other hand does not necessarily mean statelessness(Aztec Maya ect). Your definitional preciseness can go in both directions(colonization without colonialism).

For this reason I think it’s more pertinent to focus on anti-state concepts and terms such as leviathan.

just because you can technically argue something doesn't make it interesting or useful ziggles, unless every exchange is a pissing contest? In which case, let that stream fly!

The fact that I can point out the unspecifics of colonization shows that maybe it's not the best anti-positional emphasis.

Nobody here specified or failed to specify. You're just attacking a strawman like you always do, fun for you, tedious for the rest of us.

because it can be useful. I think people seem to use words in relations to their own emotions in general. Another example is how there is still "white supremacy" as it casually existed in the early 20th century, and it does have to do with the state, so just because a lot of the people who talk about colonialism and white supremacy are suffering from an inferiority complex doesn't mean that it can effectively be removed from discourses that include history and general social trends. As far as I'm concerned, it's still pretty helpful to read things like "the people's history of the united states" and to simply acknowledge the ways that that's connected with the 2019 political machine. There had to be old-school colonialism in order to usher in modern technology and modern day racially-motivated politics.

cue ziggy all like "elective positions are stupid and so are the words people use, unlike the words I use, which are smart! also lets discuss how age of consent laws are the worst!!!"

It's more about intellectual association and use of the word. For me I have no interest in it plain and simple when it comes to crafting a future proof radical language. The thing about inferiority complexes is-as Ted said-it's embedded within leftist humanist oversocialized ideology. I don't think it's a simple matter of bad apple radicals. The inferiority complex flows from the structure of leftism and humanism itself and Maoism, in acute and structural form, is one of the more hideous consequences of this way of thinking.

It's really about deselecting the emphasis on colonialism and colonization, for a better discourse going forward in my view. There are alternatives to people like Zinn(see Thaddeus Russell who is not of an orthodox 1968 leftist mindset). I think his book 'Renegade History of US' is far more pertinent in that it deals with historical insurgent subjectivities that interest me more and there is no guilt, resentment or binary struggle that comes from that book.

Colonialism as an emphasis makes less and less sense in an emergent multicultural society that fades away from new deal conditions and begins to look more like the 19th century in terms of problems. It also wasn't the only factor in the rise of modern machinological society.

" when it comes to crafting a future proof radical language. "

i tend to agree with ziggy more often that not on fundamental points. but that there is some hyper-prescriptive shit. you seriously want to do that? create a "future proof radical language"? as in, "no growth or adaptation allowed, the words defined by this language cannot be redefined or used in any way other than ... XXX"?

some intellectuals give FAR too much power to language, while demonstrating authoritarian behavior around it. just look at the left you so love to denigrate. (don't get me wrong, i consider the left as well as the right to be philosophical enemies myself).

Proscriptive maybe but not prescriptive. In terms of future proofing, I don't mean it literally. It's just my way of saying we need the best radical analysis possible for changing world.

and i find you to be more creative than the bookfair people who are the subject of discussion here, but at the same time i agree with dingle berry in that words are just part of a large tapestry of factors. For example, inferiority complex and feelings of being a victim aren't just ideological, there's just as much much inferiority complex in right wing politics. TK just picked up on the extent that leftism is appealing to people who feel persecuted, overly sensitive, and vulnerable. I think the ironic part is that all the crazy blame gaming that comes from that mentality in part also comes from actually being "victimized" and being confused about what to do about it. There's a very creepy element to bureaucratic/capitalistic "out of sight, out of mind" more detached forms of oppression that leads people to acting in some very bizarre ways. While i think anti-civilization is often too much of a dramatic single-minded narrative about an abstraction, i do feel that we live in an insane asylum.

I also think inferiority complex comes from a drive in the modern world to be productive and have a very competent self-image, human psychology is an abyss for sure!

trolling award of the month, you were the one making the viking and liberal genocide references? Good stuff, i got a nice laugh out of it. A great nihilist warrior for sure!

No, I am the Viking troll, AND I STAND BY MY RAPE AND PILLAGE PHILOSOPHY, cos I'm 35% DNA verified Scandinavian!!!

god damn it...

"god damn it" The longships are approaching your abode......

Thx, and anyway, rape and pillage are just the moralists interpretation of free instinctual expression. No one ACTUALLY gets injured, and pleasure is the result if the rape is graceful and reciprocated. Even those who have had material wealth plundered will become less stressed and liberated of economic anxieties.
People have to get out of this absurd Christian property and wife ownership paradigm they are stuck in, and rape and pillage is the short cut to achieving this.

Obviously the problem is not limited to leftism(as John Jacobi rightfully pointed out in his critique of TK's take on leftism). The issue is obviously more then fundamentalist linguistification though I think a change of language and association helps and the more proactive and anticipatory you can be about this the better.

The thing is there is a place for corrective linguistification and ant-white western supremacist language. The one area that comes to mind which I have some personal interests in is porn and modern sexual lingua franca. That area really could use some basic corrective language. Instead what we have are fundie fucktarded neolib leftists fucking up various media with their ideology(star wars, comics ect). Linguistic critical correction certainly has its place when and where warranted.

I would say that the structure of society and contemporary discourse will have to change for this stuff to completely go away like how the post-ww2 world made much of first international radicalism obsolete(including the really bad parts). After the unraveling that is about to happen happens I'm sure that will be it's own corrective against the worst of 1968(post ww2) radical discourse. I would still insist that new discursive selections and prophylaxis against the bad stuff is needed in the here and now.

I'm more empirical and think that the slate should be wiped clean concerning inherited land, past migrations, histories etc and Rorschach tests carried out on the inhabitants determining who are lovers of the land they live on and WHO ARE THE LIBERALS AND LEFTISTS who should all be deported and sent to deserted islands in longships.

Why longships?

"They" ?

"Racism" didn't exist during the Viking era. Racism is a recent invention, post-Darwin .

A bit earlier chief,most likely during the first Crusade. But you know, if you start using that terminology, you open yourself up to REVERSE RACISM.It is common for POC to be just as racist as any other race.

"Racism is a recent invention, post-Darwin"
ridiculous. racism was already present in a European context at the time of the Spanish Inquisition, with the introduction of the concept of "limpieza de sangre," and later, with the institutionalization of African chattel slavery. the case has been convincingly made that *scientific* racism was invented post-Darwin, with the idiotic ideas of Gobineau and Haeckel. beware of categorical statements

was a use of Darwin's studies and descriptions of nature to make theories about skull shapes, whereas the christian racism came out of spain and colonial america, differing in the fact that they think that savages of all colors need to be saved and put to work. Scientific racism is more about rating IQ and saying that they are not fit to dominate based on lack of intelligence.

how the vikings fit into all of this i have no idea, they are a great symbol of raping and pillaging

Thx U, I am always available to being raped and pillaged myself, just to keep the detractors at bay who say its all a one-sided business.
Don't these people realize they've been raped and pillaged by government and church for thousands of years?

Because they are exposed to the elements, and therefore very uncomfortable. ONLY MANLY VIKÌNGS CAN ENDURE THE TOUGHNESS OF BEING COLONISTS!

i hope you get splinters in your sphincters every time you mention vikings. and kidney stones every time you comment

after thinking about it a bit, i see your point.
but my objective was catharsis and not hurting him through the phone.

i watched that movie once. good meme.

Wasn't picking on ya, think most of us are occasionally acting like we can actually effect things through the interwebs.

There was another unwritten history of the Vikings, the one about the men who stayed home with the women, and who did basket weaving and kitchen chores, who designed leather pouches and garments for their warrior beer drinking partners. They also went to Valhalla, wielding knitting needles and frying pans.

It's true! It's true! I for instance used to refer to myself as a communist up until the early 80s when I realized (!) that the weighted association of that term and who was using and who had dominant discursive sway could not be ignored.

-- Bob Blacl (pig ffffucker and rhinoplasty surgeon to the stars)

we watch the super wealthy ruling corporative elites persisting in maintaining the exploitative death-culture

Persisting? How dare they? Why, those big old meanies. And I thought they would make the revolution for us -- people who use jargon like 'cis' and 'colonial' obviously can't.

>white, cis, patriarchal, Imperialist, and colonial capitalism

You left out "het" and "ableist", you fucking bigots.

you left out "of productive and reproductive age / young adult" you fucking ageist troll

Ahem, "corporatism" and "multinational" you naughty boys!

It speaks to the intellectual barrenness and vapidity of what gets called anarchism in today's US that when anarchist types attempt to tangle with the larger world around us they often automatically borrow their conceptual framework from the very stupidest forms of Marxism, in this case Maoist social workers. A world view that is all about embracing/privileging a sense of victimization finds its choice of lingo here.

edgelords triggered so hard just by reading this. when did this site become a chan

Sony- well known for its opposition to colonialism and capitalism. ????
It’s a book fair. If it’s not cringey you’re doing it wrong

bookfaircringe is part and parcel, it's one word, no hyphen or nuffin! #BOOKFAIRCRINGE

Maoists & capitalists are on the same page nowadays... to the extent they share the same language. Ever imagine where would they be in some Hong Kong solidarity protest? Yeah, that's right... Countering it. For socio-capitalist China.

Today eighty percent of people in the US live paycheck to paycheck. There are more units of unoccupied housing than there are homeless individuals. The richest three exploiters -- Bezos, Gates and Buffett -- own more wealth than the bottom fifty percent of the populace. The US leads the industrialized world in levels of police violence against civilians -- and, better, in the level of mass abstention from participation in electoral politics. The US maintains a permanent extremely expensive military occupation of much of the planet in a context of being mired in wars it can't win or walk away from. The current figurehead of the political apparatus is a Grade-Z toxic buffoon placed at the front of the stage by history's Central Casting Department in the role of Citizen Capet or Nicholas Romanov -- with the Democruds getting all revved up to lose to him once again. And the left-wing of the 20th century's counter-revolution, Marxism-Leninism, Trotskyism and Third World nationalism are no longer around to gum up the works.

And in this now potentially rich land of mass revolutionary opportunity among wage-earners and enlisted people, what do we find in what gets called anarchism in today's U.S? Pablum for prepubescents about "cis" something and "imperialist, colonial capitalism." Where's my plastic bucket and shovel and my toy dump truck. Can someone bib me and burp me?

fucking a!

Everyone should skip this bookfair and go to green scare 2020. Cishet yts welcumed.

But of course LBC isn't listed as a past vendor. Totally unsurprising.

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