Oakland Anti-Anarchist Vigilante Group Declares War on Black Bloc

  • Posted on: 15 October 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="http://pastebin.com/wxhgreyZ">Pastebin</a> - by Occupy the Mob


A group of ideological extremists relocated to Oakland in order to foment chaos and destruction, as a means of achieving their political goals. These attacks have targeted Black and Asian owned businesses such as art galleries, copy shops, clubs, and offices. These actions have driven out businesses owned by people of color, and cost many Oaklanders their livelihood and sense of safety in their own neighborhoods. They boast of an attrition strategy, that by destroying Oakland's economy the chaos will trigger revolution through a class-war. This strategy is strikingly similar to the one espoused in the novel The Turner Diaries, which has inspired many acts of terrorism by racist groups and militias.

Members of the Oakland Commune were first drawn to Oakland by the Mehserle Riots. During the Occupy Oakland encampment they held key positions of leadership, often to the criticism of Occupiers. These criticisms include exclusion of Oakland residents and people of color from the Occupy consensus process, marginalizing and excluding the contributions of locals and members of the Black community, and abusing their power to censor criticism of vandalism and violence.</td><td><img title="define community" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2008/gun_reverse.jpg"></td></tr>...
1)Following the first incident of vandalism associated with Occupy protests, the breaking of a police training-facility window, Occupiers submitted a proposal to pay for the repair of the window. Oakland Commune members censored this as an inherently "divisive" proposal.
2)The Oakland Commune lionizes and endorses property destruction. In their brochure Oakland Commune:Sundry Writings About The Successful Failures, they boast "Property destruction is not a new element for the Oakland Commune." The brochure celebrates incidents of mass vandalism, asserting it as an effective means of revolution through chaos ("...this activity sends signals of disorder pulsing through the imperial system."). They describe themselves as "raising a red army".
3)The Oakland Commune popularizes Orwellian euphemisms for violence and vandalism, such as 'autonomous action' and 'diversity of tactics'. As well, the Oakland Commune encourages people to come to Oakland to perpetrate violence and vandalism.
4)On May Day the Oakland Commune called for people to "descend upon" the Mission area in San Francisco for a "ruckus street party", which is a coded call for vandalism. This resulted in the destruction of the Mission District.
4)The Oakland Commune distances itself from Occupy Movement with its well known slogan "Occupy Oakland is Dead! Long live the Oakland Commune!" This is an expression of their goal to define political activism in Oakland.

As self-described 'professional protesters', the Oakland Commune has been very effective at attaining power within activist networks. As a demonstration of their potency, the General Strike and West Coast Port Shutdown can be accredited to the Oakland Commune. Their endorsement of vandalism has harmed far too many residents. They have declared themselves enemies of Oakland and the Occupy movement. Oakland is rich in ethnic diversity and magnificent architecture. On October 10th and 25th, major events are anticipated in recognition of Occupy Oakland's anniversary and the anniversary of the notorious police action against it. Concerned residents are encouraged to defend Oakland against the vandals.


"In the matter of boots, I defer to the authority of the boot-maker." -Mikhail Bakunin.


<strong>"Defend Our Oakland Movement" (DOOM) calls for "Bring Your Own Bat" (BYOB) action against anarchists using Black Bloc tactics & engaging in property destruction</strong>

<p><a href="https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc6/246579_848698265043_12271950... src="https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc6/246579_848698265043_12271950... title="" alt=""/></a></p>

<em>This post was initially only the flyer but the additional context from Occupy the Mob seemed germane. -worker</em>


this is confusing, cos i thought there was all kinds of stuff happening recently in the mission district, but according to this piece the mission district was destroyed on may 1st. how can there be protests and art galleries and shit there if the whole place was destroyed? this doesn't make any sense!

They must have rebuilt it in a hurry.

trolls r people too. Also no one wears leather jackets any more so this is really irrelevant.

So wait a minute here:

>Screaming about some Black Bloc participants breaking windows and setting fires
>Call for the purging of all Anarchists in the name of a dead movement and threatening direct, physical violence towards people when the Black Blockers specifically avoided hurting people and never did
>Admit that the Oakland Commune was what made direct action events effective, yet call for their destruction

This further proves Occupy is a fucking co-opted joke.

mainly what this proves is that whoever authored this call-out is an idiot and has some very questionable motives

I think the white power people are behind this or at least the business people.

The culprits, who are neither white nor business people (though it does create space for reactionary violence and there's no way, at the moment, to find out if this has been encouraged by agents of the state) have already (stupidly) outed themselves publicly on a number of occasions now and it is being dealt with. They have been a problem in Oakland ever since the first camp went up and have been sending threats to many organizers over the last several weeks.

Any articles or videos of these culprits publicly outing themselves. Seriously I'm just curious.

Is it Boots? This sounds like it was cribbed off his recent condemnation.

No, it's definitely not Boots. If you had even briefly glanced at the ridiculous statements posted here and compared them with the arguments Boots has posted, you'd understand how glaring the differences are.

Like I said, people in Oakland know exactly who is behind this garbage and are dealing with it accordingly, but I'm not going to do the equally unprincipled thing here (and I'm sure some here will disagree) and expose their names or information. This situation has already been inflamed well beyond what's necessary and it would only makes things worse for those of us here (not to mention easier for opd and the state) by contributing to the circus anymore than has already been done.

(Okay, definitely not 'equally' unprincipled, but still unnecessary)

I agree. The person that printed this is trying to incite a race riot pure and simple. Two groups are big on that, Neo nazis, and FEDS. I know this because i was raised in the neo-nazi movement.They would sit around and plan this type of thing then sit back and laugh as black and white attach each other. They would love to see us turn on each other instead of the real enemy. The government.Please do whatever you can to avoid this garbage from spreading.

Well, this is where bullshit identity politics has gotten us. Identity politics as counter-insurgency. Attack anarchists because they're "white and privileged" and not in touch somehow with "communities of color."

I see this kind of stuff in my city too, although not (yet) open calls for violence against anarchists. But definitely liberal people of color trying to rally others against anarchists for being "white" and not respectful enough of windows.

What is the Bakunin quote ("In the matter of boots, I defer to the authority of the boot-maker.") supposed to refer to? It doesn't make any sense in this context. Is this a sly allusion to Boots Riley? How appropriate if so, his recent screed was an openly racist and xenophobic attack on anarchists, and an attempt to play on these supposed ethnic divisions.

But definitely liberal people of color trying to rally others against anarchists for being "white" and not respectful enough of - POC bueaucrats.

This is Boots. You're an idiot. Besides the proof of my whole life's work- I spent all year in public debates online, and on the radio, and in public spaces defending diversity of tactics and telling people how Black Bloc is not all-white. As a matter of fact, I publicly ADVOCATED- and still do- for the use of helmets and shields in situations where we're trying to get through police lines.


I'm a communist. An internationalist. I believe in the overthrow of the ruling class, which takes an entire, united working class.

I cut my teeth in the Progressive Labor Party in the 80s and early 90s. Their line was to go directly to communism, skip the state part. This, I found out later was very similar to anarcho-socialists.

My post does not say ANYTHING against anarchists. As a matter of fact, I talk about how many anarchists are in agreement with me. I say that one tactic, in one city, in combination with not engaging with economic struggles, is causing people to be against the movement. It did not even speak against blac bloc tactics in general. It pointed out that it is not tactically sound to have the situation that occurred on Saturday where a group of POC are feeling that they have to defend their bar that they hang out at. What had happened some meters away was that somebody blocked up threw a chair at a big glass window with a whole bunch of people on the other side who had to run. They would've been cut had the glass been brittle and broke. But the glass didn't break. In the situation I was in, everyone I saw doing the smashy smashy was White- you could see skin tone and eye color. So, even if this was wrong, the problem is that the POC watching would perceive them as White. Maybe they wouldn't perceive them that way if they knew them. Earlier this year, when I thought that Occupy Oakland had a thousand organizers in it, I put up a post saying that there's no reason why we each shouldn't know at least 100 people that aren't in Occupy Oakland- so they could know us. I already know thousands, but I grew up in Oakland and have a reputation. I point out that militant work around economic struggles would greatly change the hearts and minds of folks. I was giving a critique that would maybe stop this build up and have militant work take a unique shape for the unique terrain. Think Zapatistas. I reached out for a year to folks, but everyone shrugged me off, basically saying it was a useless discussion.

This particular problem- with the folks that probably wrote this flyer- has been going on inside Occupy Oakland for a while- with threats being made, etc. It has to do with groups inside Occupy Oakland vying for control.

I've denounced this in the comment section of my FB page as right wing fascist shit. I consulted with other anarchists about putting up a post denouncing it, and I have been advised to not do that as it would only encourage them. But, here this is.

The idea that critique of Blac Bloc tactics in the particular situation of Oakland- with a statement that spoke to the idea that I wasn't against the tactic all the time- is leading to this is cowardly bullshit disguised as thought.

There was nothing "racist" about me describing the situation as problematic. This is not a NEW critique. If you want to know how to organize people and rally them around you, you have to know how to speak to them. But, maybe that is a critique I should levy on myself, as when speaking to many folks who are down with Blac Bloc tactics for every single circumstance, I should have realized that a critique of any of the circumstances is gonna be met with deaf ears.

You deciding that it's racist- to bring up the fact that perceived White people in masks breaking car windows of their friends and/or neighbors is not taken well by many Black folks- is some racist bullshit in and of itself. You're saying that it's racist to suggest people have some sense of the legacy of racism and how that legacy affects perception and to act accordingly if you want to win them. To work with people around their struggles if you want to win them.

C'mon, man.

I'm 41. I have spent my life since the age of 14, advocating publicly for the violent overthrow of the ruling class. People saying I'm liberal are making the word liberal look to good. Stop it. It shows you'll say anything. Put any adjective anywhere. Like it's fucking Madlibs or something.

To reiterate, for those who don't seem to actually read my post, but critique it emotionally instead- nothing in my posts says anything against "anarchists" or the bb tactic on the whole.

OK I can see you probably mean well. And I can understand the context, where people masked up might be taken as "white" or somehow "not belonging," and it sounds like they probably got carried away and tried to break something they shouldn't have. Fair enough. The thing to do would be to get word out that the bloc is too sloppy. Everyone can understand that.

But it's a big jump from saying "don't break this one thing" to "no more vandalism in Oakland, you don't know enough locals and don't do anything else." For one thing, I highly doubt most people who go on militant marches don't live in town, or don't know people or talk to people, or don't do other kinds of organizing around economic issues. Sounds like a straw man.

And you're the one ignoring the bigger context, where "black bloc" is definitely associated with anarchists, and the national media, police and politicians are in a full-on "Black Bloc Scare," with people being called before grand juries, set up by the Feds etc. Then there's all the identity politicking, trying to split radical people of color from supposedly white anarchists, which is definitely a widespread phenomenon. And even you admit that in Oakland this is something that's been going on for a while!

Then there was the Hedges piece saying "black bloc anarchists" destroyed Occupy. Your piece echoed that, and fed into all this bullshit that's coming down on anarchists from all sides. Surprised we're a little defensive?

Oh and of course you found a few "anarchists" willing to talk shit about vandalism, there's plenty of those. There's always people willing to play into the good protester/bad protester narrative, and put themselves in the "good protester" column.

Also I gotta ask, how can you tell someone is white from their "eye color"!!

So is the black bloc totally beyond any kind of criticism? Any kind at all?

Or does criticism happen in the secret place we can't see or what?


Boots clearly made his criticism from a revolutionary, anti-capitalist position.

What-the-fuck more could anyone ask?

Nah, sorry, "you can't break bank windows because I think you're white behind that mask" is neither revolutionary nor anti-capitalist.

if the critique is that certain blocs in Oakland smashed ordinary cars and should be more careful, that's different. That's not a critique of "the black bloc" as such. But Boots said black bloc is counter-revolutionary in Oakland and should stop completely, because his DJ friends are upset. Please.

Sure and it's not what he said

But you haven't answered the question.

Are there ANY criticism that can be offered to the Black Bloc???


It's really hard for me to think of a good criticism of vandalizing banks. Perhaps there is one. But why is it my job to come up with it? Boots did not come up with it. He said black bloc was perceived as white out-of-towners and drove everyone away from Occupy Oakland, broke stuff it shouldn't, pissed off DJs one night, etc. etc. If there was some other devastating argument I missed, please enlighten me!

it's really hard for me too ;)

That's not what I said. I don't have a critique of vandalizing banks, other than that I think they're as useless as "non-violent" marches with no campaign attached.

I don't give a fuck if you think a golden glow come out the black blocs ass...

The point is whether is they *beyond criticism*....

Are saying because YOU can't think of good criticisms of the black bloc, everyone criticism is fucked up???

Um, no. Nothing is BEYOND CRITICISM. Except maybe breaking bank windows =D But seriously, I said perhaps there is a good critique. I'm also saying I haven't heard it. Just because I can easily point out the crappiness of the criticisms so far doesn't mean I think black bloc is the greatest, most beautiful thing on earth. It's pretty good though. People are gonna have to have a lot better critiques than stuff along the lines of "not everyone likes it." Smashing stuff is supposed to be shocking, disruptive, maybe even kind of unpleasant and horrifying to people who think private property is sacred.

Of course nothing is beyond criticism - but to actively decry black blocs (or their "whiteness") as the REASON why Occupy/whatever is dead, after the forced evictions and during the current grand juries, betrays which side he's closer to. This Maoist shit is just compensation for their own lack of relavence even in a social movement.

Go back to the PLP you activist piece of shit.

Boots here, stick your White Sausage Party (aka W(A)SP) dick straight up your own ass, homeboy.

Songs like "We All Smoke Pot," "We Are Satan's People," "We Are Satan's Preachers," or even "We Ate Savory Pancakes" "We Are Sexual Perverts" or "We Are Sexual Prophets", "We Are So Perfect" or even "We Are So Powerful" might be real transgressive to white folks, but guess what, "Animal (Fuck Like a Beast)" straight up sucks, except as a novelty. Get with the times, you false activity dung pile.

Look! There's some boots here!

I'm Boots. That comment above was not me. Ask yourself why someone would pose as me and say such bullshit? Is it in line with any principles that this website is supposed to represent? Who in the movement would find it beneficial to do that?

Um, someone who doesn't identify as part of your movement?

Boots here, stop impersonating me on this dumb web site.

And the reply your replying to wasn't written by Boots and I don't have attachment to PLP or whatever.

Obviously, the anonymous hoard isn't the same person but the anonymous hoard attacking Boots does seem bent on distorting all criticism of the Black Bloc.

I just don't give a fuck what a Maoist has to say about The Black Bloc...

What is up with the lazy-ass red herring about the bank windows?

Nobody mentioned bank windows here before you did. It's not just bank windows being busted up downtown, so don't even try to lie.

If all you see in Oakland is somebody's DJ friends, a bunch of bank windows, and nothing in between, it's because the people who DO live here are invisible to you. You think we haven't gotten that message loud and clear?

If that chair had broken that window and sliced up those people, bet you'd have found that out in a BIG hurry how Oakland feels about all your bullshit.

people always get all worked up about car windows being smashed, like it has to be a beemer for it to be worthy.... and yet they support the shit out of the burnings of 50 -1000 cars in other countries simply because they're being burned (you can fix a window when it breaks, you have to buy a new car if that shit is burned and you better not believe that they're all luxurious cars because you would be a fucking idoit.)

Except- you keep skipping over- I didn't say that blac bloc as a whole is bad. I specifically talked about one tactic of it. I didn't only find a few- and nobody thinks, not me or them that "vandalism" is bad. (Obviously, there's a line. If I fuck up somebody's skateboard, then I'm being an asshole). Have you ever read my posts or heard my music?

If someone throws a chair at a window full of people on the other side, that's not "sloppy"- that's politically backward. You deciding to call it "sloppy" is liberalism.

I didn't say "no more vandalism in Oakland", that's quite different. But my saying that this one tactic shouldn't be used is based on the idea that is always put out there as saying that bb is not to be controlled or mitigated in any way.

No one wants to say "Don't come to this march if you're breaking car windows" or don't throw a chair at a crowded window", because they don't want to be shunned by their folks.

Anarchists have been criticizing the way certain things go down in Oakland for a while. But many are almost socially scared to speak on it, in my opinion. I said what a lot of people wanted to say. There's some very cliqueish shit that goes on. There are some charismatic folks who take the lead in some things. People with differing opinions get hounded into submission. During this one fiasco a while ago, based on comments I made, someone in a certain clique figured out that a certain person was agreeing with me secretly. They told him that he was betraying them. he felt that he would be outcast from them and was in a severe emotional state. He was only allowed to work with them more if he showed them the messages he sent me. I've changed all identifiers in the situation because some of the folks read this page. There were some fucked up power dynamics. This happens in many orgs anarchist, communist, capitalist, whatever. It's fucked up.

And to a lesser extent so many people have messaged me saying they are anarchists and agree with me. On top of some that I know.

Again, what would have happened if the Zapatistas had not listened to the people of Chiapas after their first year there?

OK, if you're saying the blocs in Oakland are totally out of control, breaking all kinds of random stuff, and people are afraid to rein it in, that's different. To be honest I have a really hard time believing that's the situation. It would mean Oakland anarchists have really lost their way. But OK, we can agree that mindlessly breaking everything in sight is stupid and doesn't achieve anything. Still don't understand why you didn't just say that, instead of bringing in all this stuff about how black bloc doesn't know anyone in town etc.


Why anyone would want that?

(DESTROY EVERYTHING) why anyone would want that?"


Because in a lot of cases, they have the luxury of going home after all the smashing and slashing, to some place that's NOT destroyed. That flyer is stupid as shit, but if people in the "movement" are just going to blow off the locals and get all indignant and insulting whenever anyone dares bring up the fact that all this mess is NOT going over well in Oakland, then the situation is wide open for the kind of drama that could easily be avoided if there weren't so many big old egos clogging so many ears.

It vents rage on useless fucking stuff hows that for your answer i mean honestly fuck those boursgie shops and cars downtown smash things up...

Sounds like a lot of self indulgence, really. If all you're showing up to achieve is your own emotional therapy, and you don't give a damn whether or not the locals think you're a moody little pest, why try to aggrandize it with fancy titles like "Occupy" or "Black Bloc" or whatever? Just call it what it is: A random shit fit.

Oh yeah, but then you wouldn't get the free lawyers.

Heh! And PS, thanks for proving my point about them ears. All kinds of condescending lectures about how nobody's supposed to vote in an election, but damn, hurt somebody's feelings here and they'll vote your ass down in a second.

Doesn't bother me; just wanted to make that observation.

why is everyone saying people who are breaking the car windows are from out-of-town? I GUARANTEE there are locals doing that shit too don't be so closed minded


so this is cool because they're local kids from the ghetto and they burned the cars ... oh and it's not america! but because you're ASSUMING the people who broke the windows to cars aren't local and whatnot that's just completely fucked up and immoral right? People need to get their shit straight and stop crying about car windows... there are always people who are gonna be pissed about that shit and there are always people who are gonna be down

dismantle civilization

by the way go to 3:37 in the video for what I'm referring to

Corporate branding makes reasonable targets easy to indentify, whether or not you're from "out of town" or "out of the neighborhood."

Are you the "boys will be boys" Dad-Troll giving a stern but ultimately congratulatory lecture ?

Nope I'm saying no tortured "was that an appropriate target" argument ever came of globally branded standbys.

Look, Boots, you keep distorting what you said. It's true that at the beginning of your facebook post you focused on the fucked-up actions of the bloc, but toward the end you suggested that all property destruction in Oakland is alienating right now, regardless of the target. You are not just making an important and worthwhile critique of the stupidity of attacking Rudy's Can't Fail or prole cars, but an attempt to discourage property destruction *completely*. You've been against property destruction since the beginning and have said so repeatedly. It's not just about target choice. So please stop misrepresenting what you've said.

The fact is: people disagree. We disagree that property destruction is what is driving people away. We disagree with the idea that everything one does has to be oriented toward numerical growth, and we disagree with your ideas about how to "build a movement" -- which have failed a thousand times. It's not that we don't have an idea of strategy, we just think your idea is silly. At the end of the day, black blocs have brought in a lot more people than your ludicrous attempt to build a fast food union. They are not the only thing we should be doing. They aren't the solution, and defending them does not mean defending them to the exclusion of all else.

It is true that everyone disagrees, but the way that disagreement works out is the problem for many who don't agree with indiscriminately destroying shit. For those who want to destroy everything, you can just call "diversity of tactics" or "liberal" or "disagreement." For those who think that might be a tactical, not an ideological, error, there are no grounds on which to make this claim. We're already liberals and sell-outs and no one who is going to break shit is going to listen. That is a problem - it seems like there is no responsibility to anyone except those who already believe what we believe. That, to me, seems the gist of boots' and others' critique: it feels like those who break out a hammer in every case have little connection (which is probably not the case in every situation, but definitely is in at least a few) with Oakland outside of those who see the world more or less as they see it. This can make organizing, for those operating in other circles but in the name of revolution, impossible. That, then, is a tactical error in their opinion - no one who is breaking out the hammers, however, seems willing to listen to that argument.

That's a shitty way for Black Bloc to be seen, but it's not factual. Sure a members of blocs have fucked up and often not checked their privileged, but that flyer is made by some fuck snitch-ass mother fuckers. You can tell by the way the talk about the police. It sucks that some people's cars were ruined and some peoples nights were a little jarring, but this shit is fucking serious. If people do not start seriously changing the way they live and operate within America, millions more will die. When they see White people in the street they start complaining about racism, but what the fuck have they really done to combat gentrification and the racist Oakland police? Probably next to fucking nothing other then maybe walking around and complaining. If they're so hostile to vandalism, then they are not revolutionary. Again it's fucked when someone's economic stability is threaten because of a unfortunate act of bloc member and no white person or primarily white group is exempt from accusations of racism, but fuck the haters they're complacency and consumer lifestyle kills more people and ruins more lives then a fucking broken window.

None of us has the luxury of controlling how other people see us. That seems to be the crux of a lot of the indignant pouting here. A whole lot of Oakland residents were excited and in love with Occupy when it first started up.

Now that is not the case, so of course it's Oakland folks who are "the haters."

All that says is that you're too full of yourself, lazy, or terrified to truly reflect on why you've lost the people's support.

But hell, why go to all that brain hurt when you can make caricatures of us in your minds, stomp into town whether we like it or not, and smash shit up just to show us that you can? The old tried-and-true, right?

I have to say, this sounds like exactly the kind of critique many anarchists would be cheering on if only it weren't directed at us. I guess it's different when you're the ones being 'called on your shit'.

This isn't the first case where this issue has come up, and it isn't an issue that should be dismissed. Whoever put out this flyer, they're preying on pre-existing tensions which aren't going to go away if they're not addressed.

It really shouldn't have to be said that in any neighbourhood undergoing gentrification, there are going to be a lot of serious tensions. "Random" property destruction can just as easily reign down on locations and vehicles which poor or black residents identify with, and that isn't likely to win any points with the community. America (and Oakland in particular) has a vicious history of white supremacist riots used to terrorize black communities, and that ain't a legacy which is going to win you any friends in an area which already feels under siege.

The bloc, though obviously not entirely white, is seen as a predominantly white cultural phenomenon by many, for obvious reasons. Oakland's seen it's share of race riots too, and they've seen levels of militaristic repression white activists almost never witness. This kind of thing breeds solidarity, but also hostility to 'outsiders', and one which is understandable when they feel their community is being attacked. I've never visited a poor community of any colour which wasn't very cynical, and generally for good reason.

It isn't the job of oppressed communities to line up behind their self-professed liberators. There's a big difference between declaring that you fight for people and actually engaging with them. I've seen this done very well (by very militant folks), and I've also seen it utterly butchered. White activists (or whatever title you wish) dismissing the concerns of people of color then declaring that racial problems will be solved if only colored folk line up behind them is trademark dumb white leftist behaviour. We can do better.

For the record, I support the Oakland Commune, and continued bloc actions. I'm an anarchist, I'm white, and I've masked up on many occasions. I don't generally agree with Boots, but he has a point here and we'll all be a lot stronger if we can find a constructive way to address it.

You know what? I've critiqued Boots and argued with him on his post, which I thought was wrong in all kinds of ways. I don't agree with much what he says below. But seriously, he has nothing to do with the insanity behind this flier, and to suggest that his critique was racist or xenophobic is just fucking stupid. Get a grip.

If someone says protesters have to stop what they're doing because they're white or perceived as white, or don't know the right people or don't belong in a certain city, that's practically the definition of xenophobic.

Boots comes out with a piece complaining about white kids doing black bloc, and a few days later fliers go up saying white black bloc kids should be beaten up. You think Boots' megaphone isn't helping the more explicitly racist people with their cause?

Boots again- people have been threatening that since November 2nd, 2011. It's something I've heard in the hood all year (they usually say "Occupy Oakland"). It's something the folks at somar were saying.

It's not Xenophobic to point out the political realities of the situation. It's saying Black folks have a certain reaction to White folks busting up things Black folks perceive as belonging to them.

A revolutionary analysis shows you that Black folks' specific historical experience with racist subjugation is an outgrowth of capitalism and that if you're organizing that community, you shouldn't mimic patterns that they identify as similar to the capitalist oppression they suffer. Plainly- just be fucking smart and aware. However, the "don't tell me how to do my shit" attitude, which is more libertarian capitalist than anything stops any nuance from getting through and stops the critique from being made in the first place.

If someone is doing something backward, you tell them to stop. No one wants to do that.

And relegating critique to people's living rooms makes the community feel that everyone is acting as one and is not against the stupid actions of the few who bash someones car windows or throw a chair at a crowd of people.

Fuck. How the fuck do you think people are supposed to unite with that.

The main answer I got on my page is that folks don't CARE if people unite with it.

So "Black folks" -- what a sophisticated category of social analysis! -- object when "their" coffee shops and banks are valdalized in a small way? In what sense are these and other businesses "theirs," they being Black folks? Do they own them or, here and there, work in them? Then all any business has to do anywhere for insurance is station a token black employee near the window? How does breaking windows "mimic patterns that they identify as similar to the capitalist oppression they suffer"? And how do you know that "Black folks" identify these patterns when nobody has ever, until your grandiose entrance, done so? They should say so, except they don't, because this is just a white male leftist's fantasy jackoff.

Hear the nuance, moron

The reality of the situation is that impoverished, working people who may identify mainly as "black folks" may object when a corner cafe gets vandalized. Those may totally fucking reactionary objections. They aren't my objections. But the point is that if you aim your attacks at the things that people can directly see are attacking them, you have to leverage to overcome people's reactionary ideas. If force whatever target you decide on down other people's throats, well that's a different matter.

It's like a corner cafe is a huge strategic target for capitalist beast.

On the other hand, I don't think many people think of the banks as "their's". Who the banks serve is pretty obvious.


My vague sense of the situation is that the "we don't care if people unite with us" attitude has gone up and down over time. Just as much, some violent Occupy actions have garnered more support than others. The most recent events seem to have been especially poorly thought-out.

I think the current bonehead "we don't care if people unite with us" attitude is kind of a product of desperation, other unrelated infighting and anything like a movement seeming to die.

Hopefully, people can at least draw some lessons for whatever a "next time" is going to look like...

Let's not smash banks then, because a lot of white people identify with them and we wouldn't want to offend them.

orrrr people should try actually taking control of their community instead of falsely identifying with businesses via the capitalist worldview.

The point of breaking windows isn't that it costs the motherfuckers a lot of money... it's that it's a tangible rejection of the myths capitalism is built on, to force people to confront what they believe. Maybe you still have some work.

OK, but this is what you don't want to hear. It's not for you to come into somebody else's neighborhood with all kinds of superior attitudes about what those people should "actually try doing" about their own community. That's just snotty and dismissive, and yeah, if you combine all that obvious disdain with indiscriminately busting up everything in sight, eventually you're going to get a reaction you don't like.

Shouldn't be any damn mystery, either.

Fuckin' trying to call folks reverse racist that are black lol, white privilege

Not only that, but attacking the messenger for trying to insert some much needed reason and perspective into the situation. Mr. Riley, you are one patient somebody for even trying to help some of these fools.

There's a valid point in many cases though, especially when its coming FROM COMMUNITIES OF COLOR. Seriously, if they don't want you define them as an enemy (dumb) or adhere to their values. Work for the long term. Knock off the indulgent bullshit, or maybe we need Boots to pop up and express one of three eloquent thought out comments that have appeared here tonight, I.e. the only way to distance yourself from little lord fuckpants being wrong is to pervert reality and blame everyone else. I've also read older Anachists who actually paricipated in the General Strike blocs, which if carried out ethically I'll always support, slam the people participating. One of my favorites to paraphrase was someone who said that most of the kids looked like they were posing for Facebook photos.

So they're only gonna beat "Caucasian" 'black clad anarchists'? How awkward it must be to be a person of color in the bloc, what're they supposed to do? Stand there?

Race war not class war? Sounds like it's what the flyer is calling for.

"Caucasion," dude, get it straight.

Oakland Commune better take heed and gear up for this. I hope there's a nonviolent way out of this, but I sense fighting in the near future.
Fucking liberal candy-asses. This is ridiculous.

This looks like a fake, created by either white businessmen, upscale businessmen of color, or even a COOINTELRPO operation.

HAHAHAH HAHHAHAHAHHA HA! glad i live in another part of the world. although, we anarchists still get beat up over here, but that's cause we're nerdy computer geeks talking theory and attempting our queer sex that looks like a reddit meetup.

you live in the midwest, i see.


Points 1-4 are true, right?

I'm really glad I'm an Anarchist **PoC** Oaklander, and therefore am not a target...

... but I wonder, who are these "others"? How else does one identify an "individual that would engage in physical destruction against Oakland" if they aren't black bloc'ed up!? AMIRITE!?

So you form a group and declare war on people who actually hold no oppressive form of domination over the working-classes of Oakland? If you really knew shit about the community from Oakland,and what we need, you'd declare war on the pigs. Smells like the true enemies of Oakland. These people are all talk, because they aren't true members of the Oakland community, they're some reactionary white-supremacists that are greatly outnumbered in this region. So they resort to divisive language,rumor spreading, and mostly empty threats. There were flyers all over Berkeley, and Oakland about how they were going to counter may day because the Occupy Oakland Anarchists were actually "ms-13". Nonsense.

Obviously written by a cop.

No that's more like from a DHS threat fusion center. The average cop doesn't have the mental ability to vomit something like this.

IF anyone wants to club left-communists like baby-harp-seals then they have my full solidarity and support.
Oakland or anywhere, the left-communist is a blight on the anarchist revolution.

signed pro2rat

there's an anarchist revolution? where?

Here's something pulled right out of someone's ass: "No that's more like from a DHS threat fusion center." The DHS doesn't run threat fusion centers, you fool.

Obvious, fash is obvious.

WOa... there's even two point 4!

Who doesn't know how to count like that... neonazis? Cops? Regular Starbucks customers?

You guys need to wake the fuck up.

Wake up, sheeple!

This is racist Cointelpro propaganda written by Black Bloc anarchists to try to set the authorities on the trail of Boots Riley.

And this is Boots Riley. Stop with this bullshit, too.

No, this is Boots Riley.

Boots here, this is straight up bullshit.

All of you stop pretending to be me.

This is the real Boots Riley. Just follow all that video money. It smells great!

Sorry, this as in the person I'm replying to. Same guy as above. Just wanted to be clear.

I don't know who you are but stop impersonating me.

You've missed the point. The post above mine is not me nor does it suggest to be. Also, the person who posted three above this one is also not meant to imply that it is Boots Riley, although I am not the person who posted that, merely an interpreter. The poster two above did mean to imply that it was Boots Riley, the real Boots Riley, but literally, was not saying that. And also, the post two above the three above mine, are the actual Boots Riley.

will the real boots riley please stand up...

Yeah this kind of stuff obviously is being supported by the authorities as part of a larger "divide and conquer" strategy, even if it wasn't actually written by someone in an official gov.t position. Meets the textbook description of CointelPro, so it's dangerous regardless of the author.

Safest thing to do would probably be to get this shit cleared up quick, air it out, and not fall in to the trap of actually getting angrier at POC liberals (for example) than the state itself (which is exactly what the state wants).

Of course the same tactic is being used to try to get trans and queer anarchists separated from and pitted against cis/straight anarchists, and along every other conceivable line of division. Both extremes of the anti-identity politics and pro-identity politics tendencies can be and are being harnessed for this task. Let's remember we're really only strong if we're together and fighting a common enemy, instead of each other.

This threat is really, really dumb but it seems like a lot of really stupid black bloc actions lately have kind of been the catalyst of it.

So, the question is HOW can we talk about screaming moronic stuff, stuff that just has you face palming over and over again?

Whether "we" or "the black bloc" or "the anarchists" like it or not and despite the threats here certainly being "worse" than really dumb bloc actions, doing black bloc actions that looks really dumb will provoke things on the level of this.

I've heard several theories about who might be the author of this:
-cops, duh
-some dumbass, paranoid drama within Occupy Oakland
-the handful of NIMBY condo owners over at 19th & Telegraph who have "counter protested" the Occupy actions with one or two lil signs
-those self-styled "superhero" dipshits who showed up at the last couple of Occupy actions looking to help the cops protect all those poor windows

I'm guessing its like art, or something.

"if you don't want martial law in oakland then the anarchist/vandals... must go!"

whhhhhat is this logic?

I smell (COINTELPRO)!!! They are trying to infiltrate and split us up...same way they did with other REAL Revolutionarie groups.


the best part is where they talk about the magnificent architecture of oakland. defend the architecture!

Yeah, this is only the paradigm of the exact strategy that I think the feds have used in every Occupy. I find it hard to believe that anyone who would write this or take this position is not an agent of the state or literally insane, as its own positions are even self contradictory... but then again I haven't been to Occupy in almost a year so I forget how batshitt crazy those people were.

They done this same things to the Black Panthers and many other Revolutionary movements back in the day...COINTELPRO AGENTS infiltrated and done exactly as others on here have said. This doesn't surprise me. Must mean we are doing something right!!!


Not really.

Provocateurs aim for weakness. If this is provocation (big if) it's because the Fed think they've found lever. And that's probably because of recent devise events.

Don't slap yourself on the back too quick.

Uh, Not really. Provocateurs
anon - Mon, 2012-10-15 20:32

This assumes a level of competence operating at the federal level, and that is preposterous.

Anarchists calling for violence against other anarchists?

This is typical clumsy goverment work.

The other possibility is that it is a parody of what the bourgeois elements of the last, dying hardcore professional Occupy (tm) activists might say. Isn't it possible that this is a satirical provocation of parts of the Oakland Commune to discover who the class enemy is? Get them to gather themselves in one spot, the easier to identify and deal with?

This is 'Cointelpro' no doubt!

Sure is, I remember stuff just like this from back in the day by cointelpro agents. How to try an sneak into groups or pose as if they are are or apart of them groups. Divide and Conquer strategy and to take us all of topic, fight with eachother...many other reasons for this, you should know this though.

Paranoid anarchist drama queens, seriously, this is probably "art." Or at best an single lonely loser's provocation. It may be tapping on a sensitive pulse, but there is more than likely no more real threat then what would exist without this "funny" text.

All this other stuff about wrecking shit or not, might just mean that subliminal spread of the Oakland Commune is reaching tactical limits, and impasses of vision. Many disenchanted insurrectional anarchists have been suggesting this for a while as well. While The Commune nourished itself in struggle, expanding in space, time and influence, its faculties of power also grew. In such conditions, the critiques of violence, always come from those who want to limit the growth of The Commune. Now, the critiques come from those who don't want it to lose its little bit of power. Although we all may have celebrated the weak gestures of force on May Day this year, in the eyes of many of those who were called by Occupy, May Day was the end of that power. Its general strike was neither generalizing nor a strike (as in verb). Hence, The Joker in Colorado, and a sequence of isolated individuals bidding this world good bye--with an added small strange act of revenge--and the disentangling of Occupy Oakland from Anon freaks, Hipsters and Juggalos. Perhaps it's time to rethink the deployment of force, and our current conceptions of power, possibility, and contingency. Perhaps there are other more intelligent ways to make this world stop working. Perhaps there are ways to achieve anonymity other than the anarchist signified 'all black everything.' We still need war, it just might be way weirder than we thought.


Playing with people's lives, you fucking idiot. (But it's ok and "art" bc its black people).

Yeah, time to rethink. But you won't , because you are incapable of "learning".

Dude, what are trying to say? is playing with people's lives art? or are the recent action in the bay "playing with people's lives?" Are the lives being played with those of black people?
who won't "rethink." The above commenter? Help me out here, bro.

Here "bro" let me spell it out for you and the pigs who might be reading this:

This is racist Cointelpro propaganda written by Black Bloc anarchists (or possibly some "anarchists" who don't live anywhere near oakland, really know anything about the reality of oakland [or possibly, anywhere], nor give a fuck about what happens to anybody there) to try to set the authorities on the trail of Boots Riley. Who they apparently have beef with.

A bunch of black people with bats is a lot scarier to the authorities than Black Bloc. So if cops start cracking down on black people at the next demo or whatever, you can thank this great artist here, "dude".

yeah the international head office of the black bloc climbed in to bed with the feds years ago
(you're a fucking idiot. Kill yourself. If you're just troll, double kill yourself)

^pay no attention. that's probably the troll who wrote this garbage.

Nope, I'm just some guy who's sick of paranoid conspiracy bullshit clouding issues that are complex enough already.

Yeah, because the police need something as insignificant as this flyer to "start" cracking down on black people. What reality are you living in? The OPD were "cracking down on black people" before OO. Nobody is going to show up with bats, and if they do they're fringe reactionary assholes in support of what dominates them, or paid infiltrators.

What reality *are you* living in, bro? Is it really such a stretch that there's probably some dork who is assigned to take notes on possible impending *major threats* in "the community" on anews? No. It's not. And in *what reality* is this obviously fake 'black vigilante' shit written here not exceedingly racist?

The CIA did it.

+1, Like! RE-TWEET!

What fucking Uncle Tom ass mother fucker wrote this. They'd rather beat up people with bats, make illogical conclusions and stereotype than watch the status quo be threatened. Even from a reformist stand-point these people are stupid, nothing happened in the Oscar Grant case until there was property destruction. Don't even know why I'm posting this, but I want to see what happens on the 25th haha.

"our city" "the residents of this city" obv obv obv

I'm an anarchist but I do not agree with the fetishization of breaking windows but fighting cops I can dig it. Can we use the black bloc to beat back the police come this 25th oct? I want to see OGP reclaimed by the movement. The action at OO is what gave life to the movement. The absence of the encampment is what gave it death. We need to take that shit back and fight the police. FUCK IT!


Hey y'all. Interesting discussion here. Here are a few points:

From the atomised desert of suburban and small-town white America come the declasse individuals looking for more, perhaps going to university or joining a countercultural scene in the big city. Yes you feel the urgency to "Find Each Other" and this often means moving away from your community, family, etc. that you reject to find a new radical community and circle of relations in the big city. Now, the launch of the radical struggle, the insurrection. But your exteriority from the urban poor grates on you. So what to do? speak as if you were the urban poor of course! Look I'm sympathetic to you. You are oppressed and exploited. Adrift and lonesome. Realitys a bitch.

The gangly student-looking white kids of the Black Bloc stand out a mile as white desertees of suburbia. fair enough. dont beat yourselves up. beat the cops up. but remember, honestys the best policy if you want people to respect you.

Are you really from Oakland? What does gentrification there mean to you? Yeh fuck the rich, yuppies, all these silly cunts. Smashy smash fuck the world. But remember: reality is reality. If you not from a area then you not rising up against gentrification of your neighborhood. You will be percieved as outsiders. Fact. If your crew is mostly white desertees of the middle class thats how youll be percieved. tough shit. Like i said realitys a bitch - for every action theres a consequence and ideology (or rather our hopes and dreams) doesnt change anything without struggle. For instance:

1) Targets of teh anarchy: Yes we hate it all and want to destroy civilization. If we want we can smash, burn and shoot what we like. There are consequences. People associate random destruction with just that. Thats ok, and I dont live my life to please people so I do what I like. As far as a social intervention goes though, which is an act of communication, my strategy must be thoughtful. Sometimes a string of carefully targetted explosive/arson attacks with a clear communique may be better than random vandalism that pisses people off e.g. because cars on the route of a march may not belong to 'the class enemy'. Im all for random vandalism but I dont confuse my nihilism with a socially communicable revolutionary project. Revolutionary struggle is hard and means hitting diffult targets that have social meaning, e.g. attacking the heart of the enemy such as the police, genuinely rich neighborhoods, etc. Hard work has its pay offs, like a minimum respect that makes communication possible.

2) Image: Again, we dont live for others or have any duty to anyone (including some deified abstraction 'the revolution') but again we cannot ignore reality if certain results are desired. For instance, most of the poor associate rag tag groups of skinny middle class youth shrilly shouting about "The Revolution" or whatever with South Park style annoyingness. Thats how it is. No use getting upset about but no use ignoring. Shrill denunciations of liberals, etc. makes you look weak. Like they say, talk quietly and carry a big stick.

3) Declasse: Yes your outsiders and thats that. Consider abandoning activism and socialism (e.g. 'teh class war') to hone your possibilities as the asymetric threat, a virus in the matrix of white middle class America like Unabomber or guerilla groups like the ELF, Weather Underground, etc. Or carry on with the street fighting and vandalism but perhaps without the political pretensions to be 'the class' rising up against middle class yuppies etc.

These are just some random thoughts meant with love for the rebellious & hate for the system.

p.s. and sometimes struggle doesnt change anything either and realitys just a cold bastard

pps. of course much love to the Black Bloc its great you smashed up this yuppy shithole

pps - Id also observe that this bullshit seems to be a smear attempt on the local militant Boots Riley... trying to get more in fighting. hence the bakunin quote about boots, just stirring up the mix typical agent provocateur stylee. im not from oakland or california so i dont know the situation fully but that seems clear reading the initial post, the comments and recalling from the youtube video "The Oakland Commune" that this guys a outspoken militant in the area.

fuck the system solidarity is strength

Just one correction... Weather Underground were filthy socialists, of the most authoritarian/sectarian/elitist kind, sacrificing proles in the name of a cause that never progressed in any way, snobbed the Black Panther and eventually became armchair leftists. They should NEVER be regarded asinstances of anarchist insurgency, not even in a '70s fashion.

obviously posted by comments on pastebin, then they click refresh hundreds of time - instantly goes to trending pastes. lame.

Are you all dumb or something?...This is obviously CointelPro...If you can't see that then you need to WAKE THE FUCK UP! OPEN YOUR EYES! Damn...smh. They've been doing these exact same type of things in the past. I've seen first hand.

"COINTELPRO" is obvious in this.

I don't think i can deal with the @news comments anymore lolol.

i think they should call the police on these reverse racist extremist groups, otherwise the sanctity of occupy could be tarnished by vigilanties doing violent things..... and now im lost....time to watch suburbia

The sanctity of Occupy? Lawl? Well you can keep your church oops I mean GA cause I don't need that shit.

Divide and conquer clearly... Why is there so much infighting comrades enough of that we all need each other the only way they can stop us is if the divide us

PS 10 points on the black bloc for smashing up that yuppie shit hole at least 4 times in SF

I follow OccupyTheMob on twitter, and hit him up pretty much trolling him for the pastebin, and he says its fake & he didn't write it. I don't know whether to believe him or not, he's just a rando on twitter I have no real knowledge of other than he hates Oakland Commune. I believe this is some COINTELPRO dissension-sowing tactic, shit is tried and true as far as getting revolutionary movements to implode.

I saw and heard a lot of shit like this (not calling for direct violence, but same tone) in the first few months of Occupy Denver. People were saying Diversity of Tactics was just a cover for mindless anarchist violence and that we were a dire threat people needed to defend themselves from. It caused a lot of drama, and drove away a lot of potential allies, but ultimately people saw it for what it was, and people can't get traction with that BS anymore, and Occupy Denver is pretty radical & anarchist-leaning now (but we're no Oakland).

As far as Bloc property destruction tactics go, I think its pretty fucking simple, corporate/govt targets ok, small business not ok.

I fully support black bloc actions & most politicized vandalism, but some of the people in these crowds are probably smashing shit just to smash shit, not as an expression of political consciousness, and that's reflected in their choice of targets, and people assume that anarchists/vandals are one homogenous group even though clearly its not like that.

Most of this shit is just COINTELPRO, to be ignored or countered, but its not worth that much energy. If specific names ended up tied to writings like this, then that would be interesting, but @OccupyTheMob denies involvement even though he talks shit on Oakland Commune on twitter all day long....

As far as Bloc property destruction tactics go, I think its pretty fucking simple, corporate/govt targets ok, small business not ok.

Like the import/export asian slave businesses? The H1B visa mills. The cig/liker pushers. The butchers? The get-rich money obsesses doctors and dentists? The rush limbaugh "libertarians" who'll hang you next to the nearest mexican?

OK - save the pet hospitals and veterinarians, but my god, this is so touchy feely 1970s flower child putting daiseys in the barrels of rifles. Lest you forget said "small" businesses just want to drive a car, spewing carbon, use electricity generating more carbon, place your small business purchase in a plastic bag that will end up in the guts of some lucky fish or bird. Pay mortgages to banks blowing up mountaintops that are literally killing KY and WV and on and on.

Tell me again how accommodating the pathologies and fetishes of the tuned out and unorganized is really really going to save the whales.

In ya dreams someday you'll roll 'em like this:

On 21 November 1909, 220 women and 3 men were arrested destroying clothes and hat shops containing the objects they were expected to venerate. The target was not simply a government that denied their rights, it was patriarchal culture itself.

Good luck, methinks you'll need it.


emile! where are you when we need you the most?!


1. We don't like these anarchist folk! They are violent and terroristic towards our property and livelihoods!
2. Therefore, we will bring bats and beat the shit out of random people wandering the street in black!

or -

1. Person breaks window
2. Therefore, I will cave his skull in with a bat.

IS that a disgusting placement of property above people or is it just me?

Collectively taking violent militant action in the streets to defend oneself is awesome. Always.

-B. Traven (representative of insurrectional anarchism)

Poor Melvin is getting stuck with the blame for this shit which was written by someone else. I hear it's Khalid Shakur, Shake Anderson, and that G person from the tactical action committee. Sad he's going to take the blame for this -- looks like all those accusations of Melvin being used by "white anarchists" for their own ends were actually smokescreen for him being used by other POC.

hey worker,
can the next poll be somehow related to this?

example question?

Where did this flyer even come from? Haven't seen it around town anywhere, although I haven't been downtown this week. Has anyone actually seen it hanging or lying about?

My wishful thinking is that the flyer is supposed to be the beginning and end of the whole thing. In other words, whoever wrote it probably has no plans to go downtown bashing heads. Probably just wanted to send a paper message.

Problem now, though, might be who gets the message and takes it too much to heart between now and Thursday. My spidey senses are really wanting to advise that nobody wade into this one at all.

And just by way of observation, I doubt this is a Fed thing, although it could damned easily be a GOP spook thing. The last damned thing Obama needs is a race battle on the streets of Oakland a week before the election.

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