Oakland, CA: Wells Fargo attacked. Solidarity with Grand Jury Resistors.

  • Posted on: 28 August 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>In this morning's early hours, a Wells Fargo Bank branch had two of its doors and all four of its ATMs glued shut.

This small act of sabotage was in solidarity with those resisting, by whatever means, the grand jury in Seattle. We also would like to express our complicity with Mario and Felicity in Mexico, and with CeCe in Minnesota.

For the silent ones.
Prisoners to the streets!</td><td><img title="If we had a laser powerful enough, we would zap them all!" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2008/atmattack.jpg"></td></tr></...


Oh so brave.

What does this have to do with anarchy? Anarchy means anti-government. If it's not anti-government then it's not anarchy.

You're on the wrong website! You wanted anarchy-ist news, this is anarchist news.

it's also anti-capitalist ya silly fuckin goose

I want you to be the person I think you are but I don't know who you are because you're anon. But I know a person who says silly goose and hates capitalism!

- The midwest.




So Real

What Ever

You people are ridiculous. F.B.I.? Jilted ex-girlfriend? Chronic masterbator with a fetish for effeminate males with deep seeded castration complexes? Something tells me I'm going to be tickled fucking pink to figure out this one. For the last time though, you want to be me so bad, knock yourself out. I got 16 grand in debt you can have too. I'm so paranoid I mistake shit I did say with shit I didn't. And my Facebook page? If youre law enforcement you're essentially using the same tactics my mother uses to sniff out my sisters boyfriends. Not that Id ever do anything illegal of course. Its Dragnet except Joe's a cranky 4"11 Jewish lady with an obnoxious accent in bathrobe using a device that makes her look like a caveman would if put behind the wheel of a Honda Civic.

I'm also not going to hold the person who started this responsible so long as they live up to their end. Unless of course Ive been had again. Son of a bitch. See PCMC.




IGTT 2/10

Banks hate the government because the government cuts into the their profits with regulations and taxes. All this warm and fuzzy talk about women, poc, animals and capitalism is fine and all, but it has nothing to do with anarchy. Anarchy is anti-government. If these people were real anarchists they would have attacked the government.

Lol. Damn. The pig farm really sent over a stinky load today huh? The percentage of predatory shit to the effect of "If these people were real anarchists they would have attacked the government." has increased by ten fold since the start of the RNC. Weiiird.

"It's a trap."

-An anarchist living in tampa.

If you were real anarchists you wouldn't have got all defensive when I suggested that anarchists should attack the government. Anarchists for government... the ultimate irony.

"If you were real anarchists (like me), you'd know that my opinions are right and yours are wrong, because anarchy-ism definitely has no basis in anti-capitalism! It just means that you should blow up as many politicians as you can!"

I think you trolls are one in the same. Your arrogance cuts both ways. Anarchists are anti-government and anti-capitalist, and this action is both.

lol anarchy doesnt mean anti-government u fucking cop.

it means leaderlessness. i wizh we all spok3 gr33k n reed bookz

anarchy means freedom from all dominion, not just government domination. Read some Uri Gordon or something.

Keep it up, Oakland. <3

Another useless symbolic act of do-nothingness.

Way to show those ATMs who's boss.

Yeah, sabotaging a bank is totally symbolic!

Yes, it is, considering people can just use another ATM over on the next block.

Soooo we should just do nothing and let the bank have all their ATMs?

In the good old days of Really Existing Socialism, a joke popular among dissidents was used to illustrate the futility of their protests. In the fifteenth century, when Russia was occupied by Mongols, a peasant and his wife were walking along a dusty country road; a Mongol warrior on a horse stopped at their side and told the peasant he would now proceed to rape his wife; he then added: “But since there is a lot of dust on the ground, you must hold my testicles while I rape your wife, so that they will not get dirty!” Once the Mongol had done the deed and ridden away, the peasant started laughing and jumping with joy. His surprised wife asked: “How can you be jumping with joy when I was just brutally raped in your presence?” The farmer answered: “But I got him! His balls are covered in dust!” This sad joke Žižek goes on to say] reveals the predicament of the dissidents: they thought they were dealing serious blows to the party nomenklatura, but all they were doing was slightly soiling the nomenklatura’s testicles, while the ruling party carried on raping the people…

so what you're saying is that it would be better if the weak peasant stood up to the strong warrior and get smashed bc he would have his pride, and if he chooses not to do this then he should do nothing at all.

No, it would be better if the peasant figured out how to actually hurt the mongol and overthrow mongol rule, and dusty testicles don't do that. I mean, if significant numbers of ATMs were getting smashed then this might be a useful thing, like if whole neighborhoods just didn't have ATMs. But as it is this doesn't do much.

Agreed. There are LOTS of dusty testicles.

Not vandalizing an ATM doesn't mean doing nothing.

But it's good to rethink what might be effective. Think about what capitalism needs to thrive, then stop doing it.

"Think about what capitalism needs to thrive"

Gasoline is first and foremost what US capitalism needs to thrive.

There is certainly a symbolic element to this action - it represents solidarity with the PNW and the complicity of probably a few friends - but it also directly inhibits the capacity of people to engage in bank transactions.

The "symbolic" vs. "direct" dichotomy is not exactly helpful.

It doesn't inhibit anything. People walk to another ATM and engage in bank transactions. The bank still functions normally, not even a hiccup in the normal business workflow. Technicians are employed to fix the broken ATM and this adds to the overall economic GDP of the country. Congratulations on helping capitalism to flourish.

I didn't use the word 'symbolic' in a dichotomous way. But then, you knew that right?

The entire framework of "effective direct action" is limited in the first place.

The narrative you are trying to lock into basically implies that only that which drastically disrupts capital should be done. Doesn't that resemble the ridiculous Troskyist "historical moment" bullshit?

Insurrection contains both metaphysical and materialist dimensions and attacks mostly occur in the metaphysical dimension i.e. "signals of disorder" etc.
Of course, ATM's do cost some money so there is also a material element involved but - as you pointed out - capital will absorb it into the budget.

Only large and protracted disruptions of the economy coupled with sustained ruptures with control over a large area will destroy the economy. The useful questions are: "does this action serve it's stated function?" and "is this activity prone to generalization or specialization?" as well as "what new things are possible because of this action?"

Was it a perfect action? Fucking no.
But it has occurred within a broader series of attacks, demos, and actions all over the country. Therefore, it's pretty cool.

Is the US even capable of getting to that point? In our fear and apathy all we seem to anxiously think of is money or apocalypse.

Insurrection is a foreign idea to most people I encounter.

Context is important.

Is the foreign becoming familiar?

"The narrative you are trying to lock into basically implies that only that which drastically disrupts capital should be done. Doesn't that resemble the ridiculous Troskyist "historical moment" bullshit?"

Yes, you pretend to know what I am "trying to lock into". Nice false assumption. I don't give a rats ass what Trotsky said or didn't say, nor whether it resembles anything I'm saying.

The point is this was an action "in solidarity with" grand jury resistors, who probably have more important things on their minds than whether a random Wells Fargo ATM machine is working or not. Did grand jury resistors have any connection to these banks, or ATMs, or people trying to use these banks? What specifically is this action trying to accomplish? No one knows. That's why it's symbolic. This action really has nothing to do with anything, as it has no connection to anything. Hence, the meaning escapes everyone. It becomes mere vandalism, and part of the spectacle.

Some on here describe it as an act of economic sabatoge. Fine, if it was sabatoge, what vital function was slowed or halted? What was accomplished? If not much was accomplished, can we agree then it wasn't effective? If so, then why go on and on glorigying these kinds of insignificant actions? Is it in order to whip up some sort of mass crowd contagion so that more and more people break ATMs? Does breaking an ATM make people believe in the value of anarchy? Do people even associate beaking ATMs with anarchy? Or maybe like me, they don't see the connection (and I'm an anarchist).

"What new things are possible because of this action?" I don't know, why make an assumption that anything is new?

Maybe, just maybe, it's time for anarchists to start thinking about what it is they are really against. And then start making that thing the real target. Like with a rapist. Do you break the rapists windows, or do you do something about the rapist?

Actually, if you knew any of the people who are resisting the grand jury (you obviously don't), you would know that these acts of solidarity mean quite a lot to them. Yes, these actions do bolster their spirits and resolve. Knowing that people are throwing down for them builds a sense of comradery and solidarity. It imparts a sense that if they have to go to jail, there are people who are thinking about them, who are risking their freedom to fuck with the state and capital.

of course it's symbolic. what the fuck ever. if you want to talk about what doesn't cross the minds of grand jury resisters, it's your weak ass critique.

You're wrong. People walk to another ATM--or maybe they don't. A technician fixes the ATM, but this represents an opportunity cost. Money that would have gone to other ventures of the bank, or to the stockholders, goes instead to the technician's wages.


Smashing shit does not "help capitalism to flourish."

Dear Oakland,

Thank you for this solidarity action.

A Portland anarchist

See I'm not against this kind of stuff but seriously...look at it...is this kind of stuff really going to change or do anything? NO! It's just as dumb and pointless as holding up a sign like the Occupy... This is easy fix shit being attacked and not en set fear into them people in the higher up, you know it's really not doing anything at all...

You got to hit them harder, hit them where it hurts... ;)

You get me.


fuck you ";)" cop.

Yeah, anyone who points out the ineffectiveness of symbolic actions must be a cop!

It's already been stated and explained that this action was not purely "symbolic".

No, but mostly symbolic. Organized ELF style attacks on critical infrastructure would be more akin to a non-symbolic attack. But that obviously carries with it a lot more risk.

yeah, so why the fuck are you talking about it on a public forum?

Talking in generalities about attacking infrastructure isn't a crime. If it was, Derrick Jensen and his DGR cult would already have been rounded up. Making specific plans to do so on the other hand is something that should be approached with the utmost caution and certainly not discussed in a public forum. But to say that we can't even broach the subject seems counter-productive. If we can't talk about what constitutes a real attack, how are we ever supposed to develop popular support for it? All of the baiting recently on @ news aside, some of the criticism of anarchists as being unwilling or unable to develop a movement of actual physical resistance seems to carry some truth to it. Workshops, study groups, letter writing, late night window smashing, etc etc aren't going to cut it when it comes to smashing the state. If there's one thing that Jensen understands at least it's the urgency of the situation we face. When is the appropriate time to take things to the next stage? When will it be too late?

And that explanation was found to be wanting.

All anarchist action is symbolic. There is no such thing as real action. There are events, situations or whatever that go beyond the symbolic, but even the most damaging singular actions are symbolic. This isn't to say this is bad. Fuck, anarchists love symbolic action. It is called propaganda of the fucking deed you smeg eater.

Agreed until last part. Let's not repeat the dead ends of 70's urban guerrilla.

can you explain what the dead ends of 70's urban guerrilla is? I seriously have no idea

A closed group becoming defined by a tactic and its fetishization, which, because of its closed nature ends up isolated as an underground movement ultimately faced with direct military confrontation with the state.

Elephant Editions put out a volume on Italy's 'years of lead' that is worth reading (as is the accompanying Operation Gladio).

Then there's AR, Weather Underground, RAF, MIL, Angry Brigade, etc...

Douchebag spams more douchebaggery. Fuck off loser. Take some Cialis and go to your fucking spam fest black bloc with a hard on.

how is this spam? They are just relinking to another story on @ news.

Because they spammed the same shit on several other story comments you fucking moron. It might be better that you don't answer every comment with stupid questions. You'll cry less.

moron? I'll Cry Less? someone is a crabby troll, did trolly get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? Also several doesn't mean bulk (which is what defines spam) and when spammers post on this website you will know, as every single story has comments with some advertising links on it, even stories from a few months ago.

Why don't you rub my penis, jerkoff?

I called spam because this asshole is spamming his lame tactic on fuckloads of pages, possibly over 9,000 of them. Black bloc blah blah, tired liberal tactic of anarchy101'ers. Clandestine action not open revolt!

^^Coming from the guy that writes communiques when he takes two shits in the morning.

yep, I'm pretty sure trolly got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

As droplets combine as a rainstorm and snow for an avalanche, 'tis the smaller disruptions of capital that bring about a revolution. Sure everything is ultimately pointless but if that's true then the struggle for liberation is pointless. To all of you armchair anarchists, why discourage those who do take action, however small and imperfect? In the present day, it is brave even to tell a cop to fuck off.

If perpetuating action is pointless, then telling people to stop is even more so. Not only that, it's counterproductive to our collective goal of revolution..... if you cannot praise the means of this, you could at least credit their spirit....

Notice the strawman words "perfect" "pointless" "armchair". And no one is telling anyone to stop. These actions aren't disrupting anything. If they are supposed to represent raindrops or snowflakes eventually culminating in rainstorms and avalanches, it's up to the smashers to show how this would logically come about. We've had 150 years of this so far. How much longer do we have to wait? The argument is 'If everyone joined in there would be a revolution'. If everyone felt inclined to do so, it would already be a revolution, as there would already be enough people to create the desired change. The point is how to create a tipping point of anarchist ideas in the population.

The saddest thing about this action and actions like this, is NOT that it is completely useless (which it was)but that it was done because people dont know what else to do.

The same could be said of civil disobedience, which is somewhat ironic, because window smashers would likely condemn those who willingly give themselves up to arrest. Both though are feeble attempts at striking back. Both rely on the logic that if everyone did it, we would have a revolutionary moment, but both seems to realize that the value is in the feelings it brings to those taking part, rather than any actual obstruction to the functioning of the machine. Which shouldn't be discounted, but also shouldn't be confused with attempts to form a movement at destroying the existing order. What kinds of actions can we take which would actually further that goal? The real question is what forms of resistance can't be recuperated? What actions lead us away from liberal notions of self-sacrifice and delayed gratification while also affording the opportunity of broadening movements of resistance?

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