The Oakland Commune - brochure in german and english

  • Posted on: 7 October 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>There is a broschure with some flyers and articles from and about the actions of the Oakland Commune during the occupy-movement. The tranlation collective Et al. translated them into german but also provides an english variant. Its available online, as pdf and as eBook. In Germany there are also some printed exemplars somewhere:

The Oakland Commune - Sundry writings about the successful failures


Broschure: <a href="">http://magazinredakt...
Editorial Note: <a href="">http://magazinr...

<a href="">German</a>

Feel free to circulate it. Cheers from Berlin, Germany</td><td><img title="best kind" src=""></td></...


Hmmmm -- it wasn't much of a "commune," since work and commerce continued unabated everywhere in Oakland, starting within about a five-yard radius of the outmost stinky hippie tent on Oscar Grant Plaza.

Hey, but this is all about keeping ourselves entertained, anyway. When's the next smashy-smash playdate?

Oh god dammit not this "It wasn't *really* a commune" bullshit again. We KNOW it wasn't a commune, it was a fucking NAME.

Yeah. Similarly I like to call Occupy Wall Street "the New York insurrection of 2011." Because it doesn't matter that no insurrection actually happened, it's just a cool name, you know?

A Commune can be small or big, territorial or functional, good working or bad working. "It is rather a generic name, a synonym for the grouping of equals which knows neither frontiers nor walls." So in this case it was a perhaps stinky hippie tent commune and after the eviction an action commune, with some smashy-smash. Okay nothing to please your desires, but at least something like a small commune, whilst there was no insurrection in NY.

That squirrel in the Grand Canyon has an attitude... just look at it staring us down....

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