Occupy Oakland RIP (10/10/11-10/25/12)

  • Posted on: 25 October 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="http://beyondthebarricadesoakland.wordpress.com/2012/10/25/occupy-oaklan... the Barricades (Oakland)</a>

<p>It would be fitting for the last action of Occupy Oakland to be a return to Oscar Grant Plaza and the planting of one tent. But the slogan on the side of the tent should mourn our dead friends and Occupy Oakland itself.</p>
<p>Movements come into existence and then recede or end. Somewhere in the U.S. there is undoubtedly an outpost of the Temperance Society, which was a world-wide movement for over a century, but is now meaningless . When a movement or organization doesn&#8217;t recognize that it has reached its endpoint, it becomes as welcome as a rotting corpse. Smell one once and you would know what we mean.</p>
<p>The evidence of the end of Occupy Oakland is not this proclamation; others have already pronounced it dead before now. The evidence is that the real work of Occupy Oakland continues in spite of the public spectacle. The housing organizing, the labor solidarity group, the anti-repression group and others can no longer pretend to be under the control or direction of the General Assembly, because that body doesn&#8217;t exist as a place where serious discussion or, more importantly, decision-making can occur.</p></td><td><img title="Here is the emoticon for serious :-|" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/occupytent.jpg"></td></tr><...
<p>Those of us who were at the last General Assembly on Sunday 10/21/12, ask yourself: What did that accomplish?</p>
<p>Name one decision, other than the resignation of the person who did most of the financial work. (And when you lose people like that, who do tedious but necessary work with little thanks for free, it should be a clear sign that something is wrong. That it was a woman who left because of threats by a man just makes it even more telling). Point to us something at that GA that would have drawn in any new person or grouping. Tell us why anyone should return to another GA, much less bring in others.</p>
<p>You can&#8217;t.</p>
<p>If we cannot remove or ostracize one person who persists in being disruptive, disrespectful and threatening, what good is the group? If there is no place that decision-making can occur, then how can the group continue?</p>
<p>It doesn&#8217;t.</p>
<p>When anyone can post to the world claiming to be a representative and spokesperson of Occupy Oakland and be taken seriously, not just by the mass media, but also by anarchist and insurgent news sources, then hasn&#8217;t the time come to end?</p>
<p>To those who wish to return to the Plaza this Thursday to stake a tent or conduct one more FTP march, we pose these questions: What will you do if you succeed? Why is nostalgia more important than defense of the G-Spot or any of the other housing sites that will be fought over? Why should you risk arrest on that night rather than march in solidarity with the family of Alan Blueford and others on November 10th? Will you be there when picket lines go up at the Port in coming weeks? Have you volunteered for the anti-repression committee or People&#8217;s Community Medics?</p>
<p>There is only one reason left to come to a GA: To officially dissolve Occupy Oakland in order to let there be no legitimate claim to speak or act on it&#8217;s behalf. Also, to divide the funds among the remaining active committees or give the committees the autonomy to decide.</p>
<p>Occupy Oakland is dead. RIP. Let&#8217;s honor its memory and not prop the corpse up to fool ourselves and others. Let us remember and learn from the experience &#8211; and the experiment &#8211; of the last year.</p>
<p>Signed,<br />
Beyond the Barricades, a group of folks who were there getting arrested, and risking arrests, breathing teargas, taking police beatings, and meeting people outside of jail, as well as feeding people, giving first aid, waking up at 4 AM to deal with freak outs, leading marches to the Port, putting glitter on folks and handing out flyers that other people wrote. In other words, people who were part of Occupy Oakland from beginning to end.</p>
<p><a href="http://beyondthebarricadesoakland.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/oakland-co... class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-39" title="oakland-commune" alt="" src="http://beyondthebarricadesoakland.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/oakland-co... height="359" width="540" /></a></p>


I think it's extremely offensive that all of the coverage around Oakland's Occupy drama, for some reason, MUST be reposted here. There is an embarrassing amount of engagement within all this drama. It makes those participating in it super vulnerable to repression. Therefor, seeing all of this reposted here makes me feel like my efforts to discourage participation in this shit show is not only being undermined but scoffed at. Further, it appears as mere entertainment for others who have NO stake in what happens to the rebels who are subjects of all that is written and reposted...

Perhaps this was directly submitted. Fine. But it's clear that not ALL of the content regarding these conflicts were submitted. Is the point to inflate the drama? Have something to obnoxiously comment about? WTF is it?

The goal of anarchistnews.org is to provide a non-sectarian source for news about and of concern to anarchists. It is also to provide a location for discussion about such news

Or, anarchistnews will repost anything with the word anarchist in it - even if that's some horribly written article full of mis-information by your home town mewspaper - but won't post articles written and submitted by anarchists if it isn't deemed anarchist enough. Sometimes that's as simple as whether or not the word 'anarchist' is in the title of the article.

Oh god.... I spent all afternoon beating this dead horse once. But there was coffee and a decent couch and better company. Sure, fuck anews, but it's kind of nice place at the end of the day and I can't help give a nod of appreciation to those who do all the bullshit grunt work in keeping this ugly thing running.

Your friend,
A. Recidivist.

I'm sick of hearing about Oakland. Not all anarchists in America live in the Bay Area, get over yourselves.

I know ! Would love to see some articles about Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Cruz, Modesto, Fresno, Humboldt, Santa Barbara, Marin County, etc.


Someone downvoted meee!? I guess you can only be an anarchist if you live in Oakland...

The best comments get a negative vote, didn't you know that? It's an ironic parody of the democratic process.


Fuck California, how about that?

holy cow ! I was there ! That was weird when the Black Riders Liberation Party was standing in the back of the room all at attention and marched to the front with General Taco Bell leading them. Everyone did the "power to the people"fist pump...it was goofy as hell. PM Press had their table full of Chumawumba cds and books and other non-anarchist shit.

The person doing the Black Bloc discussion group acted as if the only reason why Black Bloc tactics exist is to defend the Liberal, Progressive, and Marxist protesters from the police. Black Bloc tactics are not an opposition to private property or Capitalism necessarily....defend your liberal comrades he implied. He's probably an ally of the Black Riders Liberation Party.

people from california talk too slow. GET A JOB

you take yourself way too seriously

The END of Occupy and the re-birth of The Revolutionaries...The re-birth of The REAL Anarchist Movement...The Re-birth of Direct Action...The re-birth of the REAL Freedom Fighters...LETS GET IT COMRADES! It's our time to rise up and take action...lets show them how to do it! Lets takeover, rise up and right back...no more chants, no more signs and no more sitting around!



only leftists want to "take it over". we oppose the totality, not just who is in charge. we are anarchy.

Only leftists engage in representation. Don't presume to speak for "we."

Ha, what a naive conception of representation. As if one can just choose not to engage in it.

I cant wait until the anarchist movement is back without the confusion and poor analysis of Occupy. I didnt hate occupy like some anarchists (even though many things like the whole 99% vs. 1% was a terrible analysis and populist bullshit rhetoric) , it has reached its time though. If occupy was your only vehicle to resist you need to learn some things. Keep struggling in various fluid forms

"the anarchist movement" hahaha. Where in America does that exist, excluding any occupy related shit.

um... wut?

This article makes me sick, who wrote it, the "occupy oakland media collective"?

No. If you had read the statements issued by OOMC (who are not even officially a part of OO), you will notice that they are attempting to resurrect and steer OO, which is not at all what the authors here are suggesting. I think their intentions here are spelled out fairly clearly. Not that you have any reason to believe this, and I have no intention of publicly outing the members of Beyond the Barricades, but these folks have absolutely no affinity with the pieces of shit who have been stirring up all kinds of drama in Oakland over the last several weeks, and would firmly reject any comparison.

Get down to the plaza now! Banks now boarding up their windows!

And nothing of value was lost.
I think the whole purpose of Occupy was to draw more people into radical political stances, not a means to accomplish any real change in and of itself. Occupy was a means and a not an end, and could be considered the "last hurrah" of the modern left wing and a signal that times are a-changing.
It certainly worked for me. When Occupy started I was a typical idealistic social democrat thinking that government would take care of Capitalism and everybody would be happy. Within 4 months of following and participating in the Occupy movement I became an Anarcho-Syndicalist and already began to distance myself from Occupy due to their reformist atmosphere, and within the next month I abandoned ideology and Occupy completely to become a (post-left) Anarchist. Doubtless there are many who experienced similar revolutions in the brain to mine.
Occupy is dying, if not dead. Let a new, more populous, youthful, passionate, and more resourceful Anarchist insurgency rise from its ashes. Occupy's time has come and gone, but our new horizons have just begun to take form.

Word, that was my impression of Occupy, although I was certainly a bit cynical after my exposure to an occupy and I was already an anarchist for a number of years. But if it exposes good folks like yerself to anarchism and empowers people, then it served a useful purpose.

Well, I was opposed to Occupy from the very beginning (can't stand Adbusters and populism) but your statement puts me in a good mood. I'm glad some good came out of the Occupy movement.


post-left? all you do is complain about how everything sucks and how stupid everyone else is, making no attempt to actually get anything goin. y'all is a bunch of elitist suckers. thinkin' you're bad because you post anti-social shit to your tumbler or facebook or you shoplift every once and a while. why don't you try joining a union or try and organize your fast food job for guaranteed scheduled hours or somethin.

or if your too privileged to have a job like that, why don't you join deep green resistance and fight the real fight? we'll take anyone. ANYONE. even senior citizens can help out, as Bud Nye did (http://deepgreenresistance.org/what-will-your-legacy-be/):

"Probably tens of thousands, if not millions, of senior citizens such as myself, and many others as well, want to help but do not know how they can help or they don’t feel as though they have the time and energy. But we can still help tremendously! We can leave our assets to organizations such as Deep Green Resistance to support them!"

"I have changed the beneficiary on my retirement accounts from my children to Deep Green Resistance, and altered my will as well."

Derrick Jensen and Lierre Keith are probably on a tropical island, drinking a Sex on the beach drink together, and just laughing and laughing...

Those poor children. :(

Deep fed reconnaissance

Sorry to detract worker, but the answer is actually -_-

That emoticon doesn't actually =look= serious

Yeah, but :-| just looks bored, not serious. Then again, I suppose there's little difference.


Get out of here with yr tumblr bulshit

"Why is nostalgia more important than defense of the G-Spot"

HA what the fuck does this mean? PSST: You are a posting a story on a site read INTERNATIONALLY. Most people reading this don't know what some local meaning of G-Spot is for Oakland...do you know it means something...else to most people?

it's a repost, you idiot.

oh so like no one posted it here then


Deformed Workers State.

A lot of people are assuming that the struggle against the conditions capital spawns was always confined within abstract notions such as "an occupy movement". The media created this notion, now a group of fringe people rest under the banner of something that doesn't exist. We give ourselves less credit; During the "crisis" your usual leftists and anarchists were making a lot of efforts to mobilize and connect large amounts of disillusioned people to no avail. Finally, in what seemed sudden, our efforts succeeded in spreading like wildfire, for the first time in the history most of us have seen.

It wasn't strictly radical because of a lot of NEW people. Occupy is a tactic, and our actions and ideas brought the mass-occupations out in full force last year. We need to give ourselves more credit with that. We also need to realize if we find new, exciting, and successful ways to do this again (doesn't just mean tents, think), things will come back MUCH more radically. There is no name for the struggle.

1st time? Did the anti-globalization not mean nothin?

What you call the anti-globalization movement was yet again, a struggle against capitalism's conditions. This still exists. It's only seen as dead because radicals and lefties alike fell into the trap of confining themselves into an abstract definition of "anti-globalization movement" in which they adhere to tactics that are essentially beating a dead horse and no longer serve a purpose of expanding empowerment(summit hopping, because this is what defined "anti-globalization" for many). Much like how people are still naively confining themselves into the "occupy movement" as if it has ever existed, and as if more tents in plazas is the way to move forward because that is what has defined "occupy" for many.

We succeed when we stop isolating ourselves by identifying with these limited abstractions usually perpetuated by the media, and start acting in light of a broad struggle that didn't has existed, and will exist until capitalism falls. This is when we stop dogmatically adhering to the tactics that define these abstraction, and start adhering to strategies that effectively advance the struggle. Thats all.

(Oakland commune was fuckin great and inspiring when it existed. Now I feel lucky that the resistance surrounded around occupations never took off that greatly in my city, because we have the chance to start right on a cleannn slate without worrying about being confined into what is called 'the occupy movement').

It wasn't that narrow it politicized a generation you might do well to learn from and it was way more than summit hopping.


Fucking loser, who comes on here just to dislike peoples comments...ehh must of just been another paid cop trolling or some lonely simple minded moron who too much time on their hands. Not too surpising. hahahaha...Come on and dislike this to show us your true ignorance.

Fucking loser, who takes the time to type something up (including the tedious captcha code) just to complain about downvoting comments. fucking loser.

people are so paranoid. i seriously doubt cops get paid to troll this site.... i'm sure they get paid to surveil it, but really to down vote comments? come the fuck on.....

You can't use a foreign loan word that only exists in an abstract form (surveillance) and turn it into an English verb. The French pronunciation of the word you used sounds like the English "survey."

Good riddance Occupy*, long live the communes and thanks @news.

Good riddance actually real communes, long live slogans about the communes!

Most of the armchair-types don't like the smell of actual communes or having to talk to other people. They prefer abstractions.

Log in, join the chat room, get to know me.

There are the communes which are constructs which grew from having to combine provisions into a common pool to overcome a deprived basic supply of neccessities such as shelter and food. This is in a state of victimisation, it is not how one would choose to spend ones life, herded into overcrowded rooms, one may as well run off into the field or desert and live off locusts or wild honey.
The issue is that on an overcrowded world, the option to have individual space is not an abstraction, but rather a real biological individual territorial dynamic. Let's analyse and record a brief history of territory and shelter. For a start, post hunter-gatherer had to pay some-one something, maybe their labour as a promise, as credit for food items or accodation in a shack that the victim somehow didn't have the strength or will to construct himself. Why couldn't he build his own house/shack? Most likely because the land had been dominated and acquired by the landlords political cronies, or the royalty, same thing lol. There are circumstances where there are people who allow themselves to be hand-cuffed without putting up a fight, or instances were alpha-males attempt to dominate a situation and are not challenged. This is the praxis that is grass-root and educational, it can only originate from one's own backyard.
One may be in an armchair, maybe Shakespeare spent alot of time in an armchair? What is your point?
I see people climbing Everest, or riding bikes around the world, sending probes to mars, firing missiles at living beings, and it's all just a remnant of a post-colonial conquest mentality, still lingering, but financed by the capitalists to squeeze the last ounce of misdirected desire out of a populace that have been driven to in modern history the most intence bombardment of moral pressure and taxes and fear, no different to the condition of meek Saxon farmers having been attacked by Viking brutes, extremities of stress and control which we endure in our armchair, yes!!!! But the point is, YOU ARE ARMCHAIR-TYPE, AND I AM COMING TO LOOK FOR YOU AS A VIKING WARRIOR!!!

Actually, I'm lying in bed with my laptop. JOKES ON YOU hal! You been drinking again?

Is that inner-spring mattress inside your head? Ummm, you know how Vikings dídn't die in bed? Is that some sort of fucking ethic, or just being 'not boring'? Jokes?? You know how many Vikings it takes to change a light-bulb? ;)

I like this narrative, it's not contrived and came straight out of your ass. I am a hybrid type. I spend quite a bit of time in the armchair interupted by bursts of activity, so don't fence me in.

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