• Posted on: 19 October 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="">Free Leah</a>

<strong>Statement Concerning Leah-Lynn Plante's Release</strong>

First and foremost, do not panic.

Leah wanted for us to express these points to you with this news:

She is extremely traumatized and experienced a lot of very, very bad things, but she is alive. The state of her mental health is also very bad.
She asks that people do not jump to wild conclusions about her release because they do not apply.
She spent her whole time in SHU / Administrative Detention (solitary confinement) and was told that that is where she would stay for the duration of her incarceration, up to 18 months. She was classified as “different” from Matt and Kteeo.</td><td><img title="Keep calm and carry on" src=""></td></tr>...

She received probably near 200 pieces of mail, books, postcards in 4 days (mail was not delivered to her every day) and was glad for it, and knows probably a similar amount is being returned to sender right now. She urges people to step up support for Matt and Kteeo on all fronts. Books that didn’t get to her probably go into the prison library, which is still a good thing because from what we heard their selection is limited to romance novels and religious literature.
More information is going to be released. At this time, Leah needs space from media. She is overwhelmed by all the publicity. Regardless of who you are, if you have her personal information, PLEASE do not call her, email her, or try to locate her in order to question her. Give her space until she asks otherwise.
She was released the night of 10/17. She did not make it public immediately because she did not want the “media shitstorm” to jump down her throat yet.
She is very moved by the amount of support and solidarity there has been for her, she expressed concern that Matt and Kteeo were not getting as much publicity. Please write them, support them, send them books.

Again, to reiterate, more information is going to be released in a few days.

Thank you all for keeping an ear to the ground and for supporting these people.



Fuck prisons

I'm so damn surprised that such article is published on Al Jazeera! It's even tying it to all the Pussy Riot media rhetoric.

What about timing? Was her release connected to a major international media outlet finally covering the 3 Grand Jury resisters? Makes me wonder...

first scott and carrie, now this!....why are all these grand jury resisters so good looking?

From Leah's blog:
"I am more than a face, a body, a (former)prisoner, a number. To anyone who reduces me to those things: you are my enemy, not my ally, you are not my friend, not my comrade, not my supporter and I do not appreciate you."

“I went against the advice of several people and did what one should never do, I read the comments. I read the comments on support pages, articles, and photos. While a lot of the messages were wonderful, so many of them were about how attractive or unnattractive the commenter thought I was. They thought that because my face is all over the internet, they had the right to dehumanize me and reduce me to an object, just like the fucking state did. I am not number #42611-086 and I am not a number on your 0-10 scale of hot or not. They thought I would enjoy the attention if I knew about it. I am glad that many came to my defense and confronted the blatant misogyny, however it was mostly met with ‘stop being so serious.’ Someone even went to the extent to Photoshop my tattoos from photos in order to make me appeal more to the mainstream. I will say now, and let me be clear: I do not care what anyone on this planet thinks about how I look. I do not appreciate comments about my appearance. I do not want your compliments. I do not owe anyone a curtsy, a sweet smile and a ‘thank you so much.’ I do not have to be gracious about it, I do not owe respect to those who do not show respect to me. I also saw how people made a lot of casual references to me getting sexually assaulted. This is extremely disrespectful, especially because that is something I have dealt with too many times in my life as is. I am more than a face, a body, a (former)prisoner, a number. To anyone who reduces me to those things: you are my enemy, not my ally, you are not my friend, not my comrade, not my supporter and I do not appreciate you. I have despised sexism/misogyny my entire life and I have confronted it at every opportunity, as I am doing right now. If you support someone for something they do, just say that. What you think about their appearance is irrelevant. Keep your opinion to yourself because if you are furthering one kind of oppression while trying to fight another, you aren’t actually accomplishing anything.”

— Leah’s official quote on seeing the internet’s response for the first time after being released.

Hoo-rah! Good for you. Best wishes as you move forward.

tough crowd.

not to sound like a jerk, but it seems a little strange to me that she can respond to the trolls on @news or whatever about her appearance, but can't say anything else regarding her release. just saying, it's kind of weird.

Starting out by saying "not to sound like a jerk" does not give you permission to just go ahead and sound like a jerk.

I always thought it did. Sort of like how saying "not to sound racist" gives one permission to be racist....

Its clear unsolicited objectification is hurtful and should be stopped. All the greater community needs to know are the terms of her release. Everyone has their limits, that is understood however the information given in this statement is not sufficient to quell speculation. Solidarity is not a one way street, please tell us what's up, thanks and hope the long road back to equilibrium can begin for you.

So solidarity = creepo hipster punx sending the pretty narcissist girl lots of mail. Anarchy!

Try again, trollo.


IGTT 1/10, go fuck yourself.

LOL, a judge getting emo, how absurd!!

fuck you.

Yup ... all the worst aspects of celebrity culture reflected in the anarchist ghetto.

Caring about political prisoners = celebrity worship?
This doctor would recommend one bullet administered to your brain to cure your stupidity.

Reformist doctor = prison guard

So the trend seems to be activist-centric, which is celebrity worship. By creating an elitist class within 'a movement' they resemble the grassroot platformist organisation. This tendency should be critiqued just as some of the anarchist cafés and bookstores have been for their lapse into lifestylism or capitalism! Just cos they do time doesn't give them immunity. What about the other 99% of the commonalty? It's about prisons, not windows and newspaper boxes for chrissakes!

Its a news article on a website mostly designed for leftists and post Marxists with a focus on the Arab world. There's no mention of black bloc as a tactic in any article about Pussy Riot or the PNW resistors on Al Jazeera. W.t.f. are you talking about? The only time its ever come up is on a blog vaguely defending it in regards to Jenson and Hedges.

Celebrity can be brutal. Beyond the expected jealousy/backstabbing issues, piles of noisy worshipers can inspire this: "Well since you're all watching, we'll just make an example of your hero."

OP here: my comment doesn't reflect anything about prison solidarity or Leah, who I've never met. I just thought it was depressingly hilarious that this person is basically begging all of the "solidarity" to fuck off for a bit and let her breathe. I'm basing this on the tone of the post here on the site and I don't know if it came from Leah directly or not BUT ...

I can imagine how a lot of people have been missing the point with this shit, not unlike all the hysteria over Pussy Riot.
(ie. clean-cut good-looking people that liberals can identify with, getting disproportionate quote unquote solidarity)

So yeah, settle the fuck down.

Oh so a bullet is your solution, how binary can you get! You're just part of the whole identity politic that has invaded pure anarchist desires. The totality IS the prison, get over your sentimental hero worshipping idealism!!

*? Anal?

I'm really happy your our Leah.

your out*

No! She is yours. Your future propaganda queen! Can't you seperate sentimental rhetoric from just letting the victim go home and sort out all the pain without all your hoopla? Jeezus, popular movement mentality, just calm down, make some space. You're just attracting heat for future victimisations.

Looks like her favorite word is "I", so all the hooplafizing seems something of a two-way street.

*you're out

Freudian slip dare I say ;)

Your vs You're

Totally get everything being said except not making clear whether she was released due to a change in status from non-cooperating to cooperating. That's really the only thing people need, or deserve, to know at the point of someones release.

I mean seriously. To hell with political prisoners let'em rot. Fight the totality bro!

Yeah, cause only dismissive bros want to know what's going on.

Statements like "she asks that people do not jump to wild conclusions about her release because they do not apply" do not help because the only conclusion that does not seem wild is that she is now cooperating.
Here's to hoping the future statement will confirm good news.

Either way: fuck prisons.

Try reading the sentence the other way: It's wild to speculate she would cooperate.

Let's just agree not to speculate and hope for the best.

"She asks that people do not jump to wild conclusions about her release because they do not apply."

I believe that answers your wild ass question. Speculation begets rumors and rumors are snitch-jacketing so cut it the fuck out you don't deserve anything.

There is no use speculating, but the question does need to be asked and it needs to be answered quickly. We've been down these roads before and it delays on such a simple point never end well.

snitch jacketing is wrong when the target is someone attractive, popular, and not a cis-male

do you hear the mounting hysteria about her looks? it is guaranteed that if her boyfriend snitch-jacketed her the witch hunt would begin, with lots of enthusiasm and zeal.

Cop, you are a DORK. Nothing's gonna change that.

That's true. Sudden unexpected releases ARE suspicious. Especially when the other defendants are not given equal leniency. Solitary breaks hardened male adults. Oops, I'm an ageist sexist troll now. Serious shit is going down in Portland, and I think the worst thing that anyone (in the NW or outside) can do right is to speculate in public venues. They're just waiting for people to panic and spread rumors and turn against each other. Right now the only thing to do is know your friends, and keep your fucking mouths shut.

Of course, but that's why it's even more important for people involved to take care to not open obvious avenues for speculation and attack. People are edgy because every previous time there's been beating around the bush about circumstance it's meant bad news. There's a support campaign here talking about the fact those jailed will likely spend over a year in jail. Then someone gets out after 4 days. The only obviously crucial thing to communicate to a movement you've claimed affinity with is whether you are cooperating or not. If you just want a statement to your friends send them a group email. This statement was directed at a larger community that lacks personal ties but is completely devoid of necessary information.

The only problem here is that everyone is pretending there is some sort of larger 'movement' or 'community'. There isn't. Take care of yourself, and your friends, and leave the goddamn worrying to the people directly targeted in situations. If what's happening with Leah (or Matt, or Kteeo, or the other folks wrapped up this bullshit) directly affected you, you wouldn't be talking about this shit on Anews. Sometimes things are on a goddamn 'need-to-know' basis, and one isn't part of the fucking need to know. So, STOP SPECULATING about why they decided to release Leah, and whether Leah is cooperating or not. No one fucking needs to hear what 'happens' to snitches or cooperators, because we all fucking know it's a bunch of empty threats.

Hey, friends break, like the old saying goes as far as inverting the notion of solidarity or faithfulness, ala, blood is thicker than water, you can choose your family, but you can't choose your friends. From previous experience it's your friends who let you down, screw your partner, borrow your bike, always ask for something, but only TRUE friends are staunch, but they must first make a pledge, something 20 yr old somethings just can't fucking do, cos you have to be an older type in their late 20's and thirties to KNOW REAL FRIENDS. Oops I'm a sexist ageist asshole again damn!!
But it looks mighty suspicious, and I will bet my butt that there has been a compromise!!!

Eat my shit and die. Pessimism is unaffordable. The things you are saying are what the pigs want people saying. Are you a pig?

In Chicago they arrested 11 people in the Bridgeport raid. They released six of them, at the same time saying that someone was a snitch. People started freaking out and sayings stupid things and the situation became harder. Obviously, though, the battered and freaked out six people they released were not snitches, or else they wouldn't have been crying in our arms as they got out. Obviously, the snitches just disappeared into some fucking witness protection program and we'll hear about them again at trial time. Miggs, even with his unscrupulous history, has already been put in the hospital by viscious pigs rather than talk. I expect and demand the same from the Grand Jury resistors, all of them. Until cooperation is confirmed, why dont you shut your mouth about things you know nothing about?

My guess is it has something to do with her mental state in prison plus perhaps a great lawyer utilising that somehow to bargain her out. Just a guess.

"She is extremely traumatized and experienced a lot of very, very bad things, but she is alive. The state of her mental health is also very bad."

Jesus christ, what happened to not speculating and just waiting until the facts come out. Why not stay in solidarity with the other resisters and not expect or assume the worst. There is no point in playing a guessing game.

No! Putting my ass on the line that she compromised with the feds somehow makes the day more exciting!

Which translates from my anarchist handbook as "WTF is she doing involving herself with anti-statist activists"? She is a suspected anarchist vandal and/or possibly in a relationship with a suspected anarchist/activist. Have we actually a statement which says they ARE anarchists? They may be bitter Maoists on tequila at the time of the assumed offence committed by them, or diluted sociopathic nihilists venting their spleen, but why is SHE becoming the 2012 anarchist celebrity queen? I bet you if she weighed 120KG and had pimples all the manarchists who seem to be pumping for her would be off the internet and drinking beer talking about how rad they are smashing windows. If you can't handle the heat get outta the kitchen!!!

"That is the worst thing I've ever heard in my life. First of all, its our fault the coverage has been skewed...NOT HERS. Jesus, know why some animals eat their young. Do you have no heart in that chest?

-sometimes I go about in pity for myself....."

I merely have ubermensch on my side ;)

The article above is a fake because it would have proven me right again and if you ask the "key organizers" in Portland whom of course I know only by reputation I'm always wrong (and a cockroach) except when I'm critically right and then I get a half assed apology and trolled by 9/11 Truthers.

I love Al Jazeera.

That story also shows the importance of basic "spy" skills like surveillance detection techniques. If this car had done things in traffic that would have been "showy" to follow, it would have taken a lot of cars to follow that one car (at least 12 people running them). A single-car or two-car tail by an unskilled team is easily detected with training. Switching from car to bike to transit and back again often defeats a tail. Learn and use the techniques that pro spies use, and regular street cops and FBI won't have a chance in hell.

One time, out of state cops from the NYPD claimed to be following a large list of anarchists 24-7 prior to the 2004 RNC. I knew an entire busload of cops would have been required to do this, and knowing I was high on any list they might have decided to prove they were full of shit. All I had to do was drive a car somewhere with too many exits to watch them all and zero traffic at night. Nobody followed, and I exited by a nonobvious exit so they could not just go around and pick me back up.

She's just been crowned anarchist propaganda queen for 2012!

The ONLY thing? That's getting really fucking pushy. My guess is the pigs realized she could not be broken and threw in the towel. Anything else we would have heard about by now.

Leah is a hero for keeping her mouth SHUT under fire, along with the other two POWs in this case. Their courage is saving other people from more of the same.

The pigs had better understand that both they and their masters will pay-as they have been paying-for every injury inflicted on any one of us. They can limit the number of smashed yuppie businesses, sabotaged railroad tracks, and trashed courthouses and police stations by releasing the other two prisoners and closing down this bullshit grand jury.

Please don't email her?

LOL, how about you just don't fucking check your email.


Look into the future. 2013. Please don't post comments on anews about her.

yeah yeah... I remember there were also US soldiers laughing at Afghan being tortured into military jails. How unsurprising... I've seen it all already. All the cowardice, all the sadism, all the sheepishness.

Think you're tuff? Bring on some GOOD to this world, or be creative, if even you got the guts.

But I know you won't, coz you're just a yuppie lapdog of the regime, fucktard, and all you'll create is SHIT.

"Don't fucking check your email?" Victim blaming much?

I've got no beef with someone asking not to get emailed but this comment is stupid. When did getting emails from supporters cause someone to be a victim?

Because Grand Juries are secret, the only way you can know if someone didn't cooperate is by their own account. That's why the feds love GJs... They make it so easy to snitchjacket someone and ruin activist networks.

You gotta trust. It's totally possible she used a strategy of noncooperation she can't publicly acknowledge using, for fear of perjury or obstruction charges putting her back in the hole.

Based on her statements so far, it's hard to imagine her giving up the stance she's spent so much energy making public.

Can you give an example of a strategy of non-cooperation a person wouldn't be able to be public about?

I am not aware of any.

Not gonna sign this one,
someone who has some experience with this stuff

For real though, this is all a statement like this needs to say:

"Leah has been released without cooperating. She would like to thank everyone for their support and requests some privacy at this time. More information will be released soon."

Same amount of info, less drama and grounds for speculation and worry.

More info, really, since this one doesn't specify whether or not she's cooperating--which should be a fairly simple question to answer if the situation is above board.

"Leah has been released without cooperating. She would like to thank everyone for their support and requests some privacy at this time. More information will be released soon."

concise, clear, perfectly informational. i wish everyone could express themselves so succinctly.

Maybe just not being privileged enough to have the support of college boy revolutionaries and instead doing hard time like 90% of the working class inmates makes PR seem futile! Soon she'll be selling her story to a tabloid or suing the government. Did you know that in the underdeveloped nations this is just regarded as a deal with authorities? Or am I missing something, is the west so affluent and liberal that incarceration is determined by what ones status is or how far one wishes to go in confession?

Ok, Leah is cute... but why make a fuss about it?

Her beauty shines from within her, no matter what, just like the 2 other Grand Jury detainees who are amazing, strong persons, and the very fact that she's been depressed for years and fell ill from this terrible repressive system makes her a pure-hearted person!

That's what matters.

Not one of these fucking cops and corporate crooks above them would have the strength to go through conditions such as solitary confinement in those concrete cells.

Go Leah! I wish you get well, and grow stronger from whatever the hell you've been through, within these walls.


Ok there was reference to that, but my comment was clearly dissing that matter off. Otherwise, sorry. I know Leah's not a "cute face", she's a person and a freedom fighter who fell in the clutches of a highly-repressive regime.

get the fuck over it, people!

guess what? an individual's physical body is part of that individual, no more or less than any other part.

"she's really nice"

"she's really pretty"

except for some particular contexts (eg, where a known sexist or perv is commenting on physicality), how different are those statements, really?

jeez you fucking people waste time on the stupidest things.


Hey "don't judge a book by its cover"--Shakespeare

I can understand that freinds and allies appreciate her release. It does seem abrupt. One wonders why. Perhaps one of her close comrades can make a statement on her behalf.

Also, this seems like a lot of attention to a minor situation. A resister to a grand jury investigating a day with some minor vandalism.

If anarchists want a revolution it seems things like this should be taken in stride. What will you do if there is ever anything, like, well, revolution?

Go to a refugee camp.

Kneel down to pray behind a locked bedroom door.

Put on a pot of coffee.

Check a-news for articles and comment on them.

Drop a banner.

Join (maybe).

Get new shoes.

Eat a sandwich or whatever,

have another orgy or whatever

so what are you going to do after that?

publish a book

Even if she did cooperate with the law so what? Not everyone can stand up to this kind of pressure. If she was honest about it I would forgive her.

Fuck off snitch sympathizer.

I someone informs they should just become an above ground activist and not be included in any more secret operations.

If you'd be okay with someone snitching based on a case to case basis, then you yourself are a snitch.

Also, just stop speculating the worst.

Anarchist Logic 101:
If x feels a certain way towards y depending on circumstances then x = y.

There really isn't room for leeway when it comes to snitching (unless the circumstances are so dire that I shouldn't even have to say this). How could someone disagree with that.

what would be a situation where snitching would be alright?

I guess I meant something absolutely ridiculous like your entire family and friends were going to die if you didn't answer a question about your friend stealing an apple. A snitch is a snitch is a snitch, but I think I could forgive that person. You know, dire/outrageous circumstances.

Snitching becomes acceptable when YOU are facing time. Time becomes very real when you smell the smell of a jail, when you hear the bolt close, when you are told to get up and stand on the right side of the yellow line. It all becomes real and most people would sell out their mother to get their own freedom. It is at that point one has to ask if they truly believe in the stupidity of it all and if one would not be happier on the outside and fuck everyone else. It's a well known fact among inmates that the only way three people can keep a secret is if two are dead.

I also find it funny that under the cause of anarchy that a group of individuals would come together to force others to accept their morals. Did any of us really believe that Leah wasn't going to fold, if you didn't the only person you a kidding is yourself. She wasn't a hardened politico she was a checker at a book store in Portland who like the fashion statement.

What if x only thinks a certain way and doesn't feel anything, does x still = y? Or if x says y is ok sometimes are they equal? The fact is I've never snitched so I'm not a snitch. You can't be a snitch without snitching.

Bob Black can snitch and not be a snitcher! He can logically justify his actions also. Quite convincing!!

have you actually read any of the things put out by the support groups? if it's no big deals, whatevs, why not just save everyone some time and energy and cooperate from the get go. if it's not a big deal then don't bother with all the theatrics and support and attacks.

who said it was 'no big deal' or didn't matter?

Life is not a superhero comic book, however.

"Even if she did cooperate with the law so what? Not everyone can stand up to this kind of pressure. If she was honest about it I would forgive her."

You don't think that implies it's no big deal??

you do realize that one anonymous commenter saying that, not everyone on this site, right?

Not them, but maybe that's why it was posted in reply to that one anonymous commenter, and not on the article itself. Just a guess.

Yeah, it's a pretty big deal. Not treated like one in the anarchist "scene", though, as far as I can tell. Groups like the early Mafia puts the anarchist response to snitches to shame...people like Frank Costello even got shot in the goddamn face and still refused to name any names. I only mention those assholes because they were (for the most part) an apolitical criminal society, and even they had a more principled stance against cooperation with the state than modern anarchists do!

With groups like the IRA or any number of other nationalist organizations, the penalty for snitching was, well, very bad.

It may be kind of disingenous to compare groups like the Mafia or the IRA or any number of other groups to the American anarchist scene, but when you consider that the illegitamcy of the capitalist state is a central theme in anarchist thought, you'd expect there'd be a little more of a proactive stance against snitching...

"With groups like the IRA or any number of other nationalist organizations, the penalty for snitching was, well, very bad."

The IRA acted as a police force and was infiltrated at the highest levels.

Society can only function by way of infiltration, even civilization must have 'infiltration' to function. Mores and ethics are the hardware. Sorry to go all highbrow and incoherent to most on this site, it's just that I know alot about anarchism and its basic tenets, which actually do not declare 'infiltrationary data transfer' (snitching to you lay people)as a crime worthy of punishment, but only of exclusion from the group, small ones at that, posing no real threat to the behemothical state.

The Provisional IRA was a nationalist organization, and from an anarchist standpoint they were very reactionary. And yes, they were infiltrated, just as any number of other groups were. That doesn't really change my point, though.

I'm not an anarchist, but it seems to me like anarchists would be some of the hardest people to crack, but apparently not. Wasn't Brandon Darby offered some kind of witness protection program, but declined? Probably cuz he knew anarchists weren't gonna do shit to him.

I think the lack of militant 'hardness' is one of the better things about anarchists.

depends on which anarchist you're talking about. having spent time amongst "catechism of a revolutionist" styled hardasses abroad and also amongst bike slinging food not bombs kids in cutoff shirts I'd say that both of them are pretty annoying, and pretty fucking amazing in different ways.

I agree, as I said in the earlier post, society must function with infiltration as one of its costs, and as an anarchist expert, I know that to implement an ethic of militant legal retribution to any infiltrators or data transfer fetishists is counter to anarchist belief. Oh, by the way, the best comments get negative votes on this site, it's a sort of ironic parody of the democratic system ;)

actually we have the negative voting system rigged up to this special machine now--me.

every time you get another negative vote it means that your beak just fell off, more of your conscience just rotted away, or you are about to be served with a subpoena.

viva la democracy! in the super-surrealistic chicken slaughter factory!

Hah yes, I escaped the factory and am now a free-ranger, downside is I am a slave to a dictatorial cheshire cat, and eggs are counted as positive votes. Very frustrating!

Seems like she's still getting a disproportionate amount of attention 'round here...considering the amount of comments compared to other atticles. Glad she's out but let's drop it. At least til we hear she's a snitch.(fingers crossed she's not). But seriously I am releived at least one comrade is home safe tonight.

"I went against the advice of several people and did what one should never do, I read the Anews comments."

Fix'd for her. That's how I feel every day.

I understand she has been through a lot. I stress/depress over the minor jail sentences, probation, court-dates, and fines (not 'politically' motivated of course), yet she faced this in a much more extreme, startling way. She also, like many friends of mine, suffers from mental-disorders such as PTSD. For someone who hasn't been around people who have such 'disorders' it may be hard to understand how physically and emotionally devastating such complications can be on their own. Add a very tense, stressful, and frightening situation to the mix can leave a very negative impact on ones 'spirit'.

I have nothing but respect for her in her bravery, but speculation is a natural result of a lack of information regarding happenings. It is inevitable. If it doesn't happen publicly (which it shouldn't) it will happen within the minds of many people, which will instantly manifest itself on the internet. A simple, brief explanation of the conditions of the release would be helpful to everyone in the struggle. I would understand if she gave in, but I would in no way support it. I also don't assume this to be the case. The release of other prisoners is often used as a tool to break others, and create a mistrust between non-cooperators. I think she, or her friends/fellow resistors (i understand she seems to be a bad state right now) should release some more brief information to counteract speculation.

another addition. yes it is easy to talk big behind the internet, but sadly, snitching should be heavily frowned upon. HEAVILY. There's never an excuse for snitching. There may be a logical reason for breaking, but never an excuse in terms of Anarchist struggle. Anarchists in the past have brought their dedication to the struggle to the grave by firing squads, and executions. Sadly the fight we engage in requires the same discipline.. but that is why we fight after all. I hope for the best for her, and all other resistors. I hope she isn't cooperating. Go ahead and hate on me for speculating but what am I to do when presented with news and a vague description of the conditions of that news? So fuck off if you want to get all mad at my post.

I really dont understand why people with emotional disorders actually get to become anarchists and hate a state which is infinitely going to chase them for hating it. Like a comrade said, only those who can take the heat should go into the shower. the system will try to break you when you go against it and you have to consider soberly if you have the strength to overcome the various challenges of solitary confinement, emotional, physical or mental torture. i dont think i could do it. but i meditate on how it would be...

the only good thing is it will help me to quit smoking maybe...

jokes apart though, i cant expect to be happy about one person's release if it means the other two will be locked up for life in solitary with the key being thrown away and their psychological state and all they could do for the movement being obliterated in a moment by someone's emotional problems.

obviously the state is to blame here with its system of pressurising people to cooperate or be locked up. i cant see it would happen to any first time offenders anywhere else, only in the land of the free, usa...

Loyalty is a force of nature, not an ethical proposition.

*Loyalty is a force of linear time.


So, it's been three days since she was released. When is more information going to be forthcoming? Until the conditions surrounding her release are cleared up, she appears as a security risk to anarchists in the Portland area and the broader NW.

First of all, it hasn't been three days. And this shit was just posted yesterday. And it seems to communicate she isn't really hanging out with anyone right now anyway. Furthermore, you really think this communicates she is immediately rounding people up and asking them details of their crimes, regardless of whatever the situation is? You're seriously jumping the gun, calm down.

OK! This is the final straw in the whole fucking rumour department! I have personally witnessed people with wealthy parents being exempted from legal due process (against their wishes) solely on the grounds that they are offspring of the privileged class. Just saying!

damn, i showed up on this thread late...i'm usually upsetting everyone else by now...

There's still time!

For that, I guess, we have trolls to thank.

Quit speculatin'

Ok, so tomorrow will mark a week since she's been released. Why the conditions of that release have been kept secret is more than a little suspect. How long are people supposed to wait, before they start to reach their own conclusions?

Indeed. The nopoliticalrepression wordpress hasn't even acknowledged her release... Why?

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