The old corpse of national liberation creeping back?

Some one on the irc reminded me about this crappy nationalist background I went through during my teenage. It's not that much an important detail; we all get caught up the political farce of some Imagined Community at some point, and I did make a fool of myself in some different ways, like proselytizing about the anarcho-communist social revolution for a while... All of it was fluff. Or "spooks" if you prefer.

So national liberation movements. In reference to this reply: that was in response to this absurd, manipulative text:

Those movements were more driven by historical forces than they drove these. I don't mean to be oversimplifying by drawing out conspiratorial motives explaining away every single national liberation movement, but if you look at these movements through the 20th century, most have been pushed by darker, foreign interests that would be serving one or another expansionist goal. It's not as much an interesting exercise to be looking through these "big movements" and their suspicious politics, as it is to be looking at the, totalitarian, alienating social relationship they help turning a blind eye upon; how, by throwing magic dusts at people's faces, they make them forget the reality of their, otherwise, depressing, oppressive every day life.
Looking back at it, if the FLQ would have been instead an anti-tech Luddite fight, back in the '60s, instead of a bunch of sad losers who got told grand narratives then instrumentalized to fight for an ideal nation suspended in some future where Hitler would have been a romantic hero, we would have probably had a much more interesting situation, as the real imperial invasion wasn't British, but the US's very own cultural revolution (i.e. neoliberalism) and its coming techno-industrial, commodity society. The post-war empire thought by pre-war "luminaries" like Keynes, Ford, Bernays and Rand, and devised the Breton-Woods conference. These deluded, brainwashed insurgents didn't care enough to look around them to see how their world had really changed since their childhood. The American Way had invaded; it was already globalized commodity culture, based on oil, cars, and the rest of the Leviathanesque machinery, State monopolies over an expansion energy and communications infrastructure, happening during the '60s. Beyond a "back to the land" famous among the hippie culture (that was equally, as noted by a fantastic Quebecois writer, "Made in USA"), there was little interest, back then, in a critique of civilization, of technology as a system of control, as the "masses" were already throwing away the Church off the window for TV shows on the CBC-SRC.

The stupidity of nationalists lies partly in turning a blind eye over the daily life and sublimating its commodity worship; not looking at the fact that their great nation is just a bunch of shitty suburbs, shopping malls, plastic shit all over the place. But hey, "we" had to stand up to the commie evil empire... and all that's left of this war for liberty is mountains of toxic waste, prisons and radiations all over the place. Morons. And there I am, to fight a war everyday against these morons in their cars, threatening and insulting me on a daily basis, as they equally crush non-human animals on the roads, all with pride in their machines, their German cars of the Fourth Reich. Still no self... just prefab human drones, waiting to be replaced by actual machines eventually. These are your proles I would be supposed to fight alongside, according to your local libcom or radleft; biological automatons who'd like to see me lying dead by the road to their jobs... cops without badges who snitch me when they find me around some dumpsters, to some actual cops who couldn't care less!

Fuck your nation of cowards. I don't want MORE of it. Reading this national liberation shit on an anarchist website is as bad as when a text by Keith Preston ended up here, for a brief moment before being removed. Now it's not some fringe national-anarchist loser nobody wants to hear about who's found pushing the dead horse of nationalism, but our usual suspects the libertarian commies, . And that sux!

See ya back in 2023, 2038, 2102 for more of that same old nationalist garbage, because it's always so badly needed! :S

- Fauvenoir

I also wanted to add.. very little of the national liberation movements of the past 100 years had any historical similarity with each other in how they developed. Hence, making a "worldwide solidarity" movement, like the "FL-" of the '60s become quite delusional. The ETA for instance, had grown as an offshoot of the Spanish Civil War as these insurgents kept fighting the same fascist enemy, embodied by Spain (that's rough cut of their history, maybe, but you get my point). The Palestinian liberation movement... well there's chapters to write about it, but it was firstly a product of British imperialism, that went on, after the antagonizing of the British in the late '20s, being supported by the Third Reich... then later by the Soviets... but like the Middle East as a whole it's a complicated mess. But so to say, that's sterile and naive to be taking such a problematic movement at face value, as it's deeply fucked, politically, controlled by religious authoritarians and its rampant antisemitism has been far too downplayed by the Western Left in general.

Leaving this bundle of rot aside... how about an individual liberation movement, for a change?

This sounds like some shit Flower Bomb would write. If you are not Flower Bomb yourself, you should contact them. They write similar critiques and advocate individualist anarchy.

That flower bomb!?

Personally I'm not into thicc, more usually into skinny & tight... ;-)


So how to I join!?

I am the much-abhorred parasite "El Fauve", btw ;-)

Wad up, someone mentioned my name (the author) on here. I read this piece, I couldn't agree more. I would be interested in discussing this more in-depth with whoever the author is via email if that is what they want.

Been looking for your own email as well. As usual, you can contact me at for anything even including severe threats and/or dick pics!

Emailed ya!

Starting from a fresh perspective, I believe there is a cyclical recurrence, akin to the Nietzschean eternal recurrence, whereby archetypical personalities converge and coalesce into tribal or political ideological tendencies every 30-40 years APPROX, I emphasize the approximation because of the variable cultural and social conditions which occur. Comparison to rats in a cage scenarios make hypothetical analogies very accurate, the dwindling resources within a booming population density reignites ressentiment and negative conflict resolution responses. Feeding on fear, propaganda, greed and ignorance, the cycles of political determinist policies reoccur to the detriment of all indigenous and un-white peoples.
Only the Stirnerians stand aloof from the fear generated by the binary war terrorists.

Determinism applied to social dynamics is a joke. It's been broken apart by at least 100 years of sociology, linguistics and anthropology. Stop clinging to this old Hegelian bad theory. Society's made of *constructs*, and no there's no such thing as innately-generated constructs, unless there's proof of otherwise... whatever people do is based on these constructs, collectively-shared. Jung never inferred to anything genetically-inherited when he talk about archetypes... this is all part of the social imaginary, especially Disney spectacle you've seen as a kid when your parents wanted to lay down for a while, or the stuff you may have read in children's books. Among other things.

But what is happening every 30-40 years? *drums rolling*


Because we're living in an intensely ageist society (especially in NA), people gain full access to the "levers" of society from their 30s to 60s, after the brief episode of being douchebags or rebellious left-leaning in their 20s. This means a new wave of *moral entrepreneurs* every 30 years, roughly. Featuring your usual ID politicians, Left and Right. There's nothing determined here; it's patterns that have taken shape over time, and may change eventually given the conditions. Just 80 years ago you were already there at 18 years old, as social entry was much, much easier yet society was also way more conservative and, shall I say, male-centered. The only biological cycle here lies in people keep being born and forming blurry society-wide cohorts, defined by their mutual trajectories across the common stages of social development. These mutual trajectories are the "conveyor belts"... not natural but organic socially-sustained constructs, a.k.a. "social institutions", that produce a new generation. Once you've been through this, there's no going back to the belt. Coz it's unidirectional like our linear, unidirectional (and failed) conception of time. There's no time-travelling in society, yet we have the potential to create on our own radically different situations and trajectories that break up the generational enclosures, just like the other enclosures.

And of course there are "residues", or people that don't fit in these molds properly. Like me, and several other persons visiting this site. It's those people who're in the best position to undermine the enforced determinisms. This is why both psychiatry and human resources management exists, to "correct" them from their abnormality in order to erase or reduce their effect on the institutions (perceived as vital to social order and well-being of the populace), and to keep away those who won't. But within the new institution that is social media, I'm also seeing a GRAVE political threat of people snitching their own abnormalities (or subjectivities at that point, in the form of identity aggregates) to Big Brother, and how this could in the near future connect with the current parallel boom in neuroscience among millenial researchers...



- the unstoppable lumbersexual

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