From Olympia, Long Live the Commune, Long Live La ZAD

  • Posted on: 16 April 2018
  • By: thecollective

From Puget Sound Anarchists

Submitted Anonymously

We gathered on the railroad tracks where the Olympia Commune has been to send insurgent greetings from Olympia, Washington to the brave ones currently defending La ZAD from eviction by the French state.

La ZAD is an autonomous zone in France populated by farmers, squatters, anarchists, and others resisting the construction of a new airport. Their struggle was successful and the airport was halted, but contrary to the wishes of liberals and many socialists, they continue to occupy La ZAD to build the world in which they want to live.

While the commune in Olympia didn’t last nearly as long, we twice blockaded railroad tracks carrying fracking equipment, and experimented with new liberated ways of living. It is with the memory of the freedom that we found behind the barricades that we send our love and solidarity. La ZAD is an inspiration to rebels and communards around the world.

Tout le monde deteste les flics!

With love,

-some Olympia anarchists



Isn't there anything lamer than a SICK group photo shoot? Even banner drops are more effective than this selfie crap.

Your life is joyless and I pity you :)

Da hell... Don't tell me you took it personal? For... a group photo!?

Personal? I don't selfie bro.

why is there a pan-african flag in this group shot?

the black stripe is for anarchy

Umm no. The black stripe is a reference to skin color, just saying.,.

which is also for anarchy, just saying.,.

The panAfrikan flag, like all flags purporting to represent a nation, has nothing to do with anarchism or anarchy. In this particular instance, the black stripe has only ever symbolized the skin color of Afrikans, so I’m afraid, my little anonymous comrade, that you are ignorant as well as historically incorrect. Please read a book, mmkay?

France has a large population of immigrants from its former colonies and more recently refugees. The Pan-African movement has its origins as an anti-colonialist solution.,.

and is this what pan-africanism is today? 'anti-colonial'? in africa? and this is what those in olympia are referring to?

What may have meant something 70yrs ago changes and adapts to the new cultural values. Pan-Africanism Isn't an anti-Statist movement, it formed from out of the evolving modern literacy programs initiated by the colonialist and missionary institutions and advanced, (if you call Westernization a progress in intelligence hah, )into the african nationalist identity, although as in all invasions, remnants of the ancient tribal mores and customs are still embraced proudly and to repudiate the notion of having been corrupted by the Western colonial values.,.

It's been given the Black Panther bump.

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