Olympia Police Station Attacked in Solidarity with St. Louis M24 Arrestees

  • Posted on: 30 May 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Dearest St. Louis rebels,

Hearing of the recent beatings and torture you endured while refusing the compliance your captors demanded is both beautiful and terrifying. More than anything, the image of repulsive swine punching in your face, holding a knives to your throats, choking you, and generally having a field day with your bodies derives an engulfing inferno of rage and malice; our mouths water for revenge.

Last night a police station was attacked to both lift your spirits and aid the healing of the trauma that was likely inflicted on you while in their clutches. This was also done in effort to encourage other devious plots in your honor.

May the coming week (and beyond) be filled with calculated, vindictive, and well executed revenge.

<a href="http://www.theolympian.com/2012/05/30/2122744/vandals-break-out-windows-... coverage</a></td><td><img title="Devious water!" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/sharkattack.jpg"></td></tr>...


open disregard for power is the way to destroy it
our revolt must be open.
clandestine actions at night do nothing to de-legitimize capitalism and the state. it just evades them to attack.
much better is to organize open revolt, open de-legitimizing actions of the state/capitalism (like building occupations, rent strike, etc...) or to organize a street party against banks where the windows are smashed during collective action and cheered by those around. when you smash the windows and hundreds do not stop you, that de-legitimizes the state's violence and capitalism.
smashing a window at night is easier, but it is MUCH better to stir open disregard for the laws of capitalism the state enforces.
organize, occupy, resist.



this is exactly why we don't make progress anywhere in the world, instead of working TOGETHER we insult eachother and argue about tactics and dogma... the fascists and even the communists are more or less all fighting together for what they want to achieve but we tend to fight on our own or in small groups everybody the way he/she thinks is the best way. at least try to discuss with some respect for the ideas of others, anarchy won't work without having respect for other human beings!

gtfo with your bullshit


There are many different theories on effective tactics. Regardless, solidarity is important, and we appreciate what went down in Olympia. ---some anarchist from STL

Look at that fucking speciesist raping that poor shark's mouth!!


Solidarity means open revolt, not clandestine attack

yet rather than doing either, you complain on the internet about clandestine attack that's not within the context of open revolt, as if the two are inherently mutually exclusive or some shit.

Maybe doing something is part of the problem. How about "do something effective". We have plenty of ineffective action all the time: for the past few hundred years even.


You must not be from my city. All we care about here is "excitement", "fun", and "not giving a fuck". Bourgeois nihilism, basically. Where are people concerned with being effective?


Oh yeah, because the first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word "effective" is molotov-throwing greeks.

PROTIP: If cat and mouse with the police and never pushing beyond that into armed struggle lead to anarchist revolution, Greece would have had dozens of them by now.

... I feel like I posted this exact comment before

Do you like the taste of copypasta?

cat and mouse with the police is not all that greek anarchists do... occupying and actually defending spaces, assemblies, solidarity with immigrants...

Sure, they do all that too, and it is commendable just like very books to prisoners project is commendable. But what effect does it have on the prison society? All I'm arguing here is that it must continue to build and it must go further. All stagnation all choreography all ritual are the allies of the status quo.

Hahahaha, puh-leaze. Throwing molotovs and stones at Greece's riot police/Delta might as well be throwing water balloons and tennis balls for all the good/harm it does. Their uniforms are fireproof and they wear padding and helmets. Get fucking real. It is just so much choreography at this point no different than mass rallies with Democratic speakers are here and now in the States. Even when the swarm (a terrible strategy, btw) gets the police on the run and/or outnumber the police 5:1 they never push the advantage. And in all this time how many Greek anarchists have been maimed, imprisoned, or otherwise trauma'd?

What is the result of years of this same struggle? Fascism is on the rise. Pogroms of immigrants and leftists are intensifying. The "bailout" and austerity continues unabated. The biggest hope is that a left wing or at least anti-"bailout" government forms after these next bourgeois elections and Greece leaves the Eurozone causing uncontrollable contagion throughout the rest of the Eurozone starting in Spain and spreading to Italy and Portugal. Is that the hope of insurrection? Some marginal impact on electoral politics hopefully leading to generalized economic contagion?

There has been a failure to adapt in Greece just as there has been in the States.

I concur. It seems like the idea of winning is unimaginable to those without the facilities for imagination that they unconsciously fall back on further rarefying the spectacle of conflict as the end goal. The goal is not to have conflict. We have that everyday albeit in a way that doesn't always lend itself to Pinning or Retumbling. The goal is to win at conflict. And no one is going far enough to do that.

Fuckin armchair shit-talkers ... you ever been on fire? Ever lit somebody on fire?

1. Best fire-resistant gear out there fails in a minute or two of direct exposure and the greek riot cops ain't wearing it
2. The "choreographed" street battles are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to resistance
3. The resistance is a natural reaction to things like austerity and rising fascism, not the cure
4. A few partial victories by "the swarm" in the streets represent the uneasy truce of the political riot dynamic, it's completely different than when the state escalates to true lethal force (which they immediately would, facing an armed insurrection)

The collective memory in greece actually has a reasonably recent reference for what open-civil war is like, do you?

You are missing the point. The point of insurrection is to act outside of all control. It is to experiment excessively with freedom. None of the swarming bullshit including all of the Molotovs is that, or if it ever was, it has not been in a long time (maybe since the December uprising). The point is that these tactics as part of a larger strategy in Greece right now have only made total fail alongside marginal destroy. There must be a push beyond this stagnation. I think that push will eventually be the seizing of the means of communication, IEDs, and squads armed with small arms finally kicking it over. Anarchy in one country.

I see your point, but you're still just talking about guerilla tactics. Asymmetric warfare, as in, acknowledging that you face a vastly more powerful foe and would immediately lose a direct confrontation.

So instead, you hit-and-run, sabotage and disrupt and convince others to do the same, which is what we're already doing and what I believe creates the environment for militants to mature to the point where they are competent enough to escalate their tactics to the kind of stuff you're talking about. It's not a choice between one or the other, hardcore militants are minted by participating in softer resistance movements. If the broader movement doesn't exist to swim in, than all you usually get is the lonewolf mad-bomber type.

guerrilla tactics will not work in an urban environment against a modern army. anybody that thinks differently is a fucking idiot. guerrilla tactics are currently struggling against fairly weak armies in rural areas...

I was talking about the kinds of tactics that DON'T take on state soldiers at all.
Think french resistance hitting rail-lines in WW2.
The idiot I'm arguing with is pushing open armed revolt.

The urban insurgency model is far from a dead hope to those with insurgent desires.

yes, people hope for all kinds of things, most of them absurd and impossible. enjoy!

"the seizing of the means of communication, IEDs, and squads armed with small arms finally kicking it over."

yes, and this will last all of six seconds. at which point the 1000 or so anarchists and nihilists who participated in such insanity will have been killed, very quickly, by European counter-terror squads.

you're a fool if you think you can beat modern states at a military confrontation.


Oh yeah, because the first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word "effective" is stone throwing Eyptians.

PROTIP: If stone throwing alone or even in combination with a fairly popular insurrection, looting, arson, freeing of prisoners and sacking of over 100 police stations lead to revolution with armed struggle than Egypt would have had one. But instead they are having bourgeois elections that will inevitably bring the old regime back to power or elect Islamists.

Oh yeah, because the first thing that comes mind when I hear the word "effective" is armed struggle. If "armed struggle" alone could produced anarchy or communism, then there wouldn't be 150 years of examples of armed insurrections violently put down the counter-revolutionary forces or hardening into statist charades.

See how easy it is to play this game?

What if we rhizomed and did a lot of different things, each synergetically linked through friendship? What if instead of proving we can take over (building a post-rev plan) we just build an anarchist mycellium, some attack, some write, some crime, some play music but we don't do it for any other reason then we love it and it feels good in this part of our lives. Obviously we are still anarchists and will keep doing what we do, but linking like mushrooms is important methinks.

I love this game!! Not who you're responding too but I love it anyway!

... that's already what me and mine are doing.
The hell have you been doing? Or maybe that's your point? ;)

Nih Crime 2012!

That's it, I'm going to call myself ex mycorrhizae from now on!


Every situation billed as anarchist success (Paris Commune, Revolutionary Spain) was the result of disparate conditions that eventually culminated in armed struggle. Their downfalls were in not being successful enough in armed struggle such as in the case of Revolutionary Spain not putting enough of the reactionaries/Marxists up against the wall early enough and therefore dying a death of a thousand paper cuts as part of a cross class popular front and eventually the firing line.

Observe that even in 1937 during the May Days in Barcelona an actual practice of insurrection meant armed struggle and the government and Communists then didn't even have tear gas or riot police to contend with. Anarcho-liberals, in the 1937 it was the CNT and today it is your coffee shop intellectual hipster, speak out against such necessary practice. The former just wanted to be part of the government and the later reduce insurrection to whatever images come out far away struggle that are suitable for Tumbler.

yeah, Spain in 1937 isn't even remotely a plausible analogue for Greece at present... i don't know where you get "even" from...

being willing to kill people is super-important. but in my view of history, most revolutions do not fail or succeed merely on the basis of whether or not they killed the right people at the right time.

No one is arguing that "'armed struggle' alone could produced anarchy or communism" although that's the first strawman the anarcho-bobos try to light on fire in my city, too. There is a ton of emphasis in discussing font faces in anarchist "communities" and approaching none on what the practice of insurrection would look like in the US and what skills, relationships, materials, etc. ought be cultivated now to see the next one not be quelled and recuperated, again. But then I suspect like all bobos you don't actually want success or a success like that would be actively detrimental to you (your mommy's bank account might not survive the chaos).

More like having discussions with that emphasis in a "community" makes you look like a pig or a spook infiltrator

And there we go. Anyone willing to *gasp* even agitate towards discussing what a practice of insurrection would look like in the US and what skills, relationships, materials, etc. ought be cultivated now is jacketed as a pig or spook.

Or a fuckin idiot. Yeah. Mainly because most of the skills and materials required for that discussion are all sketch-factor 5 and above.
So, use the "community" to build the relationships and keep discussions about skills and materials on the DL.

But of course, if you're just using this wisdom to smokescreen your cowardice, kill yourself cuz you're a loser.

>most of the skills and materials required for that discussion are all sketch-factor 5 and above

What skills and materials are required for a discussion?

a practical discussion? practical skills and materials of course!

Think firearm operations and maintenance?
The discussion requires the tools to be there in front of you.

And you think firearms are sketch factor 5? You must be a flammmming liberal or live in IL, CA, MD, NY, NJ, or MA. Around these parts we are swaddle with camouflage since we were babes and our first rifle is a Cricket .22LR at age 4.

No ... I was giving an example to answer the question on an open forum.
Do you sit here all day finding things to nitpick?


I live in MD and have plenty of guns, our gun laws are nowhere near as bad as those states.

Actually, I've spent a great amount of time discussing this with various comrades. Of course, revolutionary defense and offense will be a large part of that practice of insurrection, with guns no doubt, but pushing things forward to the stage of armed struggle is often a recipe for failure -- see Italy in the 1970s. Assassinations, kidnappings, bombings, these things don't actually produce real results in terms of destabilizing an existing order. Most of the history of armed struggle in the 20th is a long litany of failure. I'd say that having a large social base, built around processes of expropriation, is going to go a lot further than having the most firepower. Though firepower is important, too. In my view, that's what Greek anarchists are missing. They are missing any plausible account of how they are planning to meet people's needs outside of the state and capital. Until they do that, bringing on the full power of state repression is just going to be fucking suicide...

they're missing that because every city is missing that and will continue to miss it, at least completely. meeting peoples needs will only be successful in the short term due to our circumstances. of course there's a certain level of precarity (cannibalism? lol).

well, yes. i agree that present arrangement -- and this goes far beyond just cities -- means that people are dependent on markets and on production that's far away. but just beginning to set up some distribution networks for food, or just beginning to expropriate housing and other things, can go a long way in developing a revolutionary moment. just fighting the cops and the state is not going to get people on your side. eventually, they will get hungry, and their hunger will essentially allow them to accept the state restoring order (and the return of supplies) over the dead bodies of militants. how we eat is as important a question as how we defend ourselves. no insurrection that doesn't consider these questions will be successful...

i agree, we're just not gunna have everything accounted for before the 'rev' or whatever. expropriating and sharing and figuring that shit out along the way is totally necessary though.

Wilderness areas that are not too remote, but remote enough not to draw attention would be great places to build covert gardens of staple foods. These can be places for people to get together, heal, skillshare and eat well before they return to towns and cities for activities.

This, in addition to sources of food and housing within towns and cities would be a great jumping off point.







I think it would be a tremendous source of strength to have a peaceful place for people to go after confronting the enemy.
And the benefits of having an 'off the grid' source of food and rest kinda speak for themselves.

There are downsides as well, but this is worth discussing

I really like this idea, but the national forests that are close to urban centers would be nearly impossible to hide a decent sized community space in. You'd have yuppies in spandex hiking suits coming around making you feel reeeeeal uncomfortable, and then you'd have to deal with the LEOs, and well, all of a sudden, everything sucks again.

The community space can be just an empty space for people to hang out together, the camp does not have to look like the occupy camps within cities did. The places where people sleep and eat can be fairly spread out, low lying camo tarps would be pretty invisible, and if we could be really disciplined we can roll most sleeping quarters up every morning. For me the real problem with my idea is how to keep infiltrators out.

Good stuff. I am for it! A few caches of whiskey couldn't hurt this plan, either. By infiltrators do you mean people stumbling on the camp or undercovers?

I'm thinking of when any of us move this idea beyond the internet and turn to someone...anyone and say "hey let's go do this thing" We could start this with 2 or 3 people in widespread localities, but these projects would need increasing people power to sustain, and of course food production would have to increase with population.

I'm just saying I don't know how to seriously move this beyond theory and get together with a few good peeps to actually try it.

And we will need more than just a few caches of whiskey...I really like where you're going with that

In my experience, if you build it they will come. Go and scout spots and start clearing areas, building structures, firepits, camoflauge (always model after local ecology), etc. Start stockpiling seeds, start experimenting with what you want to grow ("Edible Forest Gardening" zine on zinelibrary.info has some good ideas), and just generally start scouting. Make sure the camps are way out of the way, hopefully with some difficult terrain between you and main trails/roads, find water sources, and yeah! I don't think there needs to be any organization to make this idea work, just initiative and some permaculture know-how. I think it's a great project. I've heard dreams of backwoods study rooms with radical libraries and primitive living spaces. I love the idea and I think that the more we start getting bootsy about it the more the word will spread on the underground. But it's very important to keep hush hush about it all. Camps are an easy bust and once the Empire has one on its radar/topo map/helicopter sights, there's not much you can do to stay safe. But cops rarely want to fuck with hard terrain. Rangers on the other hand, and USFS LEOs are a different story. Anyway, only experimentation will yield results.

Very well said.
I'm going to get some non-terminator seeds and seriously work this!
Oh yeah, and some whiskey

Your city sounds like my town. We should get together and find affinity with one another based upon on mutual distaste for everything.

To speak of being effective is to have demands or goals and blah blah blah [insert hipster theory jargon bullshit].


I bet you live in Atlanta.



Oh yeah, which of those are you doing? None? Oh I forgot that was what the St. Louis @s asked for in their call for solidarity: snarky fuckheads defending inaction with shitty slogans.

fuck this "open revolt vs. clandestine attack" shit. performance art is nice and all, but can't more of us just (un-)do more shit, more of the time?

a broken window is still a broken window, whether you break it at 3pm or 3am. and this was the police station! props.

agreed. what is missing from all the demos and marches is a the complimentary act of dismantling, disrupting, and otherwise stopping the physical arena of capital on a regular basis. attack means more than just in the bloc.

*Tire fires on highway exits

*metallic helium balloons guided gently into power relay stations

*tin snips cutting television cable lines throughout neighborhoods

*activate the prole bloc to destroy retail merchandise where they work (try not to get caught)

*dig up telecommunications lines everywhere...cut said lines

*set fires in public mailboxes and relay boxes

...and many more fun ideas

As long as most people want the police to exist they will. You aren't gonna beat them in a street fight. That is fantasy. Unless there was a severe shift in public opinions which is unlikely as most people in this country enjoy first world living. You might have certain neighborhoods as unpolicable but anywhere middle or working class will have cops.

Not really. As implausible as it is, if every police station were burned down so that police had no place to operate out of, they would cease to exist. Without any means of coercion, police don't really mean anything. And honestly, convincing everyone that they don't need police is just about as likely as us setting fire to all the police stations. Hell, the two might even be one in the same.

Nearly all police stations were burned in Cairo last year. Many thousands of prisoners were set free. And it means nothing as it has now been recuperated into the liberal prescription of bourgeois democracy. We are told this is a victory and that this is revolution.

It means nothing despite thousands of dead rioting insurrectionaries and an order of magnitude lower, but still many, of dead cops and soldiers and citizen reactionaries. It means nothing because after the riot normalcy always returns unless armed struggle takes place against the existent forces of order.

Notice the difference in the media portrayal of the armed uprising in Syria as it continues to this day. They can continue to tell the story of Egypt but they only report the body count in Syria.

cairo's just one example, maaaaaan

Yeah so lets assume that the insurrectionaries topple Assad and seize control ...
What will their politics consist of I wonder?

I hope the first order of their politics would dictate putting the all of the bourgeoisie against the wall alongside the officer corps of the military alongside the Marxists. And then burning the museums.

>Nearly all police stations were burned in Cairo last year.
... clearly not, since there were still police. Do you think they pull uniforms, shields, and tear gas straight out of their asses or something?

Solidarity Statement From Cairo

Observe the 9th paragraph down.

To destroy the police you cannot simply destroy police stations. You must destroy actual police, that is, destroy actual people.

>99 police stations were put to the torch
notice that's not "all the police stations"
Once-a-fucking-gain, what exactly can the police do without tear gas, shields, and other gear?

Do you really think there are many more than 99 police stations in Cairo? But let me attack this another way.

Since you seem to be so focused on these tools, let us suppose that maybe the police really did have all their tear gas, shields, and other gear burned up. Without immediate armed struggle against everything the police serve and protect, that is, without immediately seizing capital and putting its former owners and managers up against the wall, ending the police alone does nothing. Ending the police only means ending the police's ability to control. The next step is acting outside of all control and seeing the streets run red.

So ... Khmer Rouge style purges? Can I smash the cop's babies against trees too? PLEASE?!

You really think you can recuperate the newly dispossessed former bourgeoisie into a post-class post-state society? I don't. That's why they must be put up against the wall.

What concerns me ... is the blood-drunk stalinists/maoists deciding who qualifies for the wall.
Luckily this discussion is so far down the academic road that it's only absurd instead of profoundly creepy.

fuck you. there is no moment of revolution. it's a +/- process of building. at the same time we're fucking up police stations, we're building connections, to the point that when it becomes evident that people can exist without police, they will already be open to the idea -- and it will only become evident that people exist w/o police when they are already open to the idea.

otherwise we're a bunch of fucking authoritarians pushing one line against another up against the wall. go fuck yourself.

(i clicked "reply" on the comment "You really think you can recuperate the newly dispossessed former bourgeoisie into a post-class post-state society? I don't. That's why they must be put up against the wall," but i think the link made it look like i was replying to another comment for some reason)

This is another failing of anarchists that I don't quite get. Why are we so obsessed with the police? There are many ways we can be acting outside of their control and yet we often don't. Or put another way, we are often acting outside of their control and it only takes one cop to show up and then the anarchy stops and the pig in our head returns and we're outnumbered. To a very great extent conflict with the police should be a thing that is avoided as much as possible up until we are strong enough to win in our battles with them.

So ... you avoid conflict with the police (coward) and wonder why those of us who actually stick around to at least confront them are "obsessed"?

um. why? who are you to tell someone to avoid conflict for some grander, temporal strategy?

"its former owners and manager" would be ceaselessly counter-revolutionary up they cease to be. Do you think it could be another way?

Lol @ anarcho-Bolshevism.

Wat do you mean? If you have a critique or an alternative to putting our class or otherwise enemies up against the wall early and often please do share.

I just think you're not being very tactful in conveying revolutionary violence, however pragmatic your portrayal of it may be. In the process of revolution there would of course be manifestations of hatred and vengeance against the bourgeoisie and the state in addition to outright abhorrent acts perpetrated by those masquerading as revolution, but if you were to liquidate others merely for whatever particular ideology that can be ascribed to them you have qualitatively transformed into counter-revolution.

Placing our enemies against the wall presupposes that we have the options of eliminating or imprisoning them, personally I'd prefer the latter as it's somewhat more humane but you know what they say about cake. So long as decisions pertaining to executions were to be determined through a democratic process and not by a minority of Jacobins, depending upon the specific circumstances surrounding each individual I may have very little opposition to them.

>Do you really think there are many more than 99 police stations in Cairo?
Cursory research says there were 35 that weren't burned, which is quite a few, far more than enough. Notice I said burn *all*.

The point of contention was whether police could be eliminated while people still believe there should be police. The answer is yes. The second half of your post is irrelevant to the subject at hand.

What is it about anarchists that makes them hyper obsess about property destruction? You're statement here reads that you think that if there were just no more police bases that there would be no police. That's just insane. I agree with the other poster on this level that to destroy the police of course you have to destroy people that are police and not their properly.

Seriously, do you think they have fucking superpowers or something?

Well, we don't want anyone else stepping in to take their place now do we? And no one is pretending it is the 'end of the world' for them, but just a reminder that their days are numbered, and that every crisis is a potential death sentence for them.

Since the analogy is cairo, many of those police stations where burned down with piggies still inside. Happy?

People are largely constructed by capitalism. Their opinions are largely constructed by capitalist media, which will always denounce anything not in the economic interests of the owners, managers and clients of the capitalist media.

Action against the interests of capitalists will therefore never gain popularity until the flow of capital is disrupted and capitalist normality is disturbed. That's what a riot does. But we know the riot alone cannot go far enough.

We know this because of Watt 65, DetRIOT 67, the King riots coast to coast, and South Central 92, and Tottenham 11. The riot can be the ruptured beginning but it must continue on as generalized armed struggle against all those that would restore the veneer of social peace.

Without this continuance the riot will just be recuperated again by the capitalism system just as all ended crises including past riots are.

but how do we generalize?! I SO SCARED.

St. Louisian here! LOVE THIS!!!

<3 <3 <3

Ditto! <3

me too!

Change is a natural process so go ahead and do whatever you want but nothing is gonna happen until it's time. The world isn't ready for anarchy or communism but when it is then we'll have it.

IGTT 0/10

Go hone your craft on a less troll heavy community and try again!

So what you're saying is ... shit happens.

Industrial society will shoot itself in the foot or the earth will strike back with disasters or people will wake up and change but thats what it will take. All these little things are part of the process.

Do you imagine yourself floating in mid air in the lotus position when you say shit like that?
Because actually, it's just kind of annoying.

Oooh, oooh some sort of Deep Green Resistance version of the historical dialectic. Please go on, this troll has legs!!

industrial collapse will catalyze a lot, if anything is left at that point. the last thing we want to do is wait.


I mean yes

If you kill every policeman more will take their places. Because people want them. if there were no police stations they would use schools churches gymnasiums etc. It's not a winnable fight. Humans will seek authority and empower and respect authority. Humans have since societies formed cities. Once hunter gatherers turned to agricultural communities they organized power structures. It happened all over the world where a society developed large population. As sure as wolves will form packs and bees will form hives. The best you can hope for is some system where power is balanced. The idea that it will be defeated by the fraction of humanity with anarchistic tendencies is absurd. Remember also that most people anywhere fighting the police would just set up their own totalitarian systems like the Islamists in Egypt and the Fascists and commies of every revolution.

Interesting theory. Shall we test it? Step 1 ...

Have fun oogle. I expect to see your corpse on the news tonight once your cop killing spree begins.

I'm no oogle and I didn't float the theory neither. I'm the guy everybody here is already hating on.
The guy that thinks a culture of fighting the riot cops and anarchist social spaces is an end in itself.

Apparently I lack imagination (fuck all of you)

You don't like necessarily lack imagination. It's just that you have a trust fund (or at least a direct debit from mommy and daddy dearest's bank account, or maybe it is an envelope of cash when you see them on breaks from school?) and this material entitlement makes you think that the whole world is here to please and tease your senses of excitement and cool. You and your ilk are simple hedonist nihilists with tastes outside the current mainstream. Choke and die.

what's wrong with hedonism?


Yeah ... you're just an arrogant prick. Don't know shit about me obviously, how could you?
I'm a broke-ass disabled lumpenprole among other things and once again, you're a narcissistic fool


All trolling aside, I'm a straight white manarchist privileged in just about every way except I grew up poor and abused. My immense disadvantages in the PARA-PRIVELEGE OLYMPICS gives me the advantage to say that just participating in riots and the anarchist subcultural ghetto is not enough. We have to go for it all. It may or may not be winnable, but we have to try cause shit is all fucked up and bullshit.

I don't see what you're saying as actually incompatible with what the other commenter said.

"going for it all" ~ "fighting riot cops" and building @ "social spaces" (or ways of being/relating)

It's just different ways of interpreting "end in itself."

Do you even HAVE a praxis without your trolling?
Like, if I unwrap all the layers of coy internet sarcasm, is there any specific thing BEYOND riots and the ghe-to that you're referring to?
I'll mail you a million trust fund dollars if so.
Meet me in oakland, then you can tell all your friends how a gimp beat the shit out of you.

internet tough guy isn't a gimp and I was ONLY trolling a self-described troll.

Not to mention you use words like "ilk" ... as if we need any more evidence of pompous douchebaggery

Yeah ilk is close to milk and milk is not vegan. What a pompy douchebagger!!

realistically, i agree with you, though i find your anger here strange. maybe i've just been ignoring this thread enough, though.

Hi, another st. louisan here.

I'd like to thank everyone who's sitting at home right now encouraging other people to do nothing in response to what happened here the other night. And I particularly would like to thank those who are trying to discourage and humiliate those who have taking action in response to the repression here.


As we all know: solidarity means snarky internet comments!

Hi, a cop here,

I'm actually paid to make snarky comments. The Bureau did a study and something like every agent hour spent trolling saves the Bureau 100 agent hours investigating you filthy hippy fucks due to the emotional drain and infighting we spawn. NEFAG was actually MY MEME. Keep reproducing our gestures of enmity, you dandies.


As well all know: you crusty fucks don't know your asshole from your elbow. It's too easy to set you up.

That assumes a lot about the relevancy of @news officer, let alone its comments section.

There's actually tons of us who love this and support solidarity actions in every way, we just get too depressed to comment when we see that there are enough pigs on this site to make it look like a crispy creme.

If these snarky trolls piss you off then piss them off more by doing awesome follow up actions.

massive props to the brave rebels who went out and attacked the copshop. FTP!

Damn, yo, 100 comments in just a few hours. And not all of them are trolls. Who knew smashing some shit would stir up this kind of discourse?

So I guess the consensus is that it is clandestine action, not open revolt we want? Yay! I was hoping it'd come down to that. Of course we want open revolt, but anarchists don't need to participate. Leave that shit to the communists since it is all about being butt-comrades with each other. For low intensity warfare! Do it not because you are attempting to create an insurrection or revolution. Do it because it is your expression of revolt and don't let anyone else try to trick you into thinking other methods are more successful.

Let our actions be destabilizing catalysts. We can fight our wars as we want, when we want and how we want. Make total destroy is not about half measures. It isn't about tricking people to fight along side us. It is about making the motherfuckin' destroy. When the people protest, we riot. When the people riot, we arson. When the people arson, we assassinate. When the people assassinate, we make motherfucking destroy! There is no solution or method to this...all steps can be skipped or we can remain propagandists, we can remain with the people..what the fuck ever.

There are no rules to our revolt. It all comes from the individual. It comes from desire. Not the desire of wanting a slice of pizza or a cold beer. It is the kind of desire that moves the capitalist to build companies, architects to build towers, astronauts to build space stations. Only our creation is destruction. Think about that motherfuckers.

This whole load of crap comments makes me sick.

Ok, so let's recap:

-Clandestine attack is irrelevant and easily ignored by capitalist culture
-Open revolt, as a somehow antithesis to this, is also relegated to spectacle and a subculture's way of staying elite
-Guerrilla action is obviously outnumbered by state power (both weak armies in rural areas and modern armies in industrial areas) and so we should just stick with the street spectacle until a rupture can happen and means of production and/or expropriation can occur
*enter random DGR hippy let it all happen comment*
-some stupid midwest hick tries to say something about Solidarity
-lets throw babies against trees
-cops cops cops
-somebody says something about booji dispossessed being not real and so class enough to smash into not class oblivions
-Open revolt burned police stations, but they will use other spaces
-nihilists and bolsheviks eating each others shit

blahblah blah

look. What makes people join police forces? Genetics? What are we, a bunch of crypto fascists? What happened to our understanding of situations? Environment? The fucking terrain? What makes a populace rupture? Is it economic disparity? Something happens where an idea resonates with someone who's been kicking shit and getting the shit kicked out of them. Sometimes it's seeing a cop get shit kicked. Sometimes it's a police station on fire. For the faint of heart, it's seeing a community come through to keep them from being forced into homelessness. For the firey types, it's seeing their boss or a general up against the wall. If anarchy is just shit kicking between these types when the police and militaries of capital are gone, then not a fucking thing has changed. The dynamics of power remain and people get burned in ditches and marched into the sea. So what keeps the police/politicians/bosses/generals from reforming at a hospital or a factory or a warehouse or a park or an infoshop? You can argue about your praxis all you want. Some people just busted out a cop shop. You know what? FUCK THE POLICE.

"So what keeps the police/politicians/bosses/generals from reforming at a hospital or a factory or a warehouse or a park or an infoshop?"

Other people. We just destroy.

lulzy recap, awkward and mostly incoherent soapbox moment. How do you change these dynamics and are you into this action or not?

i was drunk.

eh, it still makes sense to me, but i WAS drunk.

The story of @news.

I often wonder how many of the trolly comments I read are just the result of drunk and high anarchos being... well drunk and high. If I had to judge by the folks I know I would say that probably accounts for... maybe 45% of the comments on this site. A very conservative estimate.

i only troll sober. it's like driving.

Mobocracy is still the manifestation of ideology and its control mechanisms.Hal

Oh god no not this crap again, would you please just stfu and open the fucking pod bay doors?

,,,Dave?....Is that you Dave?,,,Attacking me from behind again Dave?....Dave, what are you doing back there?,,,,Dave?

Open suicide not clandestine success!
In all seriousness though, how many examples of suitable "open revolt" in the United States don't end in some kind of martyrdom for the open revolter? Not saying it always does, just that success is far more common when acts are undertaken in favorable circumstances. Hitting a police station any time is an extremely bold move that most people do not have the courage for... otherwise it would be far more common given the numbers of people that hate cops. Doing something like that at peak hours would be worth recognizing, but it would also be very likely a way to be shot several times. I honestly feel like a lot of people are more jealous than anything. Sometimes when I hear about actions like this, which require a level of courage I can admit I don't have, there is a sense of oh shit, people are making this happen. Unfortunately I think most shittalkers take it personally and decide to tear others down for their offensive acts of solidarity so they can maintain that they're the hottest shit around. It shouldn't be a competition.

No one's jealous of what oogles do to get laid.

No one attacks cop stations to get laid, but yes you are jealous. Or are a cop yourself.

No one is jealous of the sad and useless lengths oogles will go to to get laid. Not judging by the communique, at least, and Esp if they were in the same physical vicinity of said oogle.

It should totally be a competition! One of my dreams is to have a huge stash of awesome booze buried somewhere specficially for the post-revolution party. Whoever makes the revolution happen gets to party harder than they ever have in their whole lives. There should be jackpot rewards like this for actions. So I am in favor of open competition, not clandestine superiority complexes.

There are many different theories on effective tactics. Regardless, solidarity is important, and we appreciate what went down in Olympia. ---some anarchist from STL

Everyone in the mushroom-like (A)-Team chooses exactly what they want to do. Full Stop.

Not me 'cause I'm full of shiitake

thank you comrades!

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