One Month to the 3rd Annual Carrboro Anarchist Bookfair!

  • Posted on: 10 October 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Hey y’all, it is officially one month till the 3rd annual Carrboro Anarchist Bookfair! It is scheduled for Saturday, November 10th at the Nightlight, at 405 W. Rosemary St. The array of tables and publishers participating will be larger than ever, and workshops are coming together nicely as well.

We are still in the process of organizing a schedule of workshops, which will be occurring simultaneously with the bookstore at the nearby Internationalist Books, as well as at the Nightlight, where the bookfair itself will be held. There will be assemblies or workshops of some kind the following day (Sunday, November 11th) at the Nightlight as well.</td><td><img title="so is this in asheville or greensboro?" src=""></td></tr></...
To propose an assembly or workshop, or to request a table, please email We do encourage you to hurry, as the spots are quickly filling up. You can also email us at that address to request a package of promo materials to be mailed to your town. A list of participating tablers, posters to print and distribute in your town, and (soon!) a schedule of workshops and social events can all be found at

Thank you ahead of time to all of the tablers and presenters – we’re excited for another wonderful bookfair!


O M G!!!! i am gonna wear my new shirt!!

No, you're not.

OMGZ! Check out this music video we made about carrboro

The Bookfair Crew

you should all be ashamed

- the bay

haha! I bet urban outfitters will be selling that shit by next fall!

asheville has an "e", rollover. Just sayin.

Aint no apostrophe in "yall" flatlanders.

Yes, there is an apostrophe in "y'all" (unless you are an illiterate redneck - then, either is correct)

yall bess apologize to us rednecks!

Thanks, do you get bored?

I'm bored.

Everything is boring.

Who has drugs?

From bookfair to insurrection.

that's the usual process and genesis of an insurrection....or that's at least what the AK Press and PM press people tell me at every Anarchist bookfair I have been to

Where else am I going to meet radical hobo ninja-masters and brilliant sexy people that don't care how broke I am?

to be fair, a hundred folks did run down da street and take over a huge building for 24 hours in which they held the rest of the bookfair, it was broken up by armed swat, then had a black bloc through town that second night...i mean...its not an insurrection or wutever, but it kinda puts ur snarkitude in check a lil bit....

(referring to last year s bookfair...)

to rollover: its in chapel hill, a suburb aka colony aka protectorate of carrboro.

If you want to learn more about Carrboro, please check out this informational video we made for people considering coming to the bookfair from other areas.

The Bookfair Crew

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