One week, two episodes of The Brilliant

  • Posted on: 12 April 2017
  • By: aragorn

From The Brilliant

It turns out that as time goes by The Brilliant is finding its identity as a place for in depth conversations about the life and projects of different anarchists around the US. This episode continues a focus on the Southwest (LA & AZ). Episode 44 is a long conversation on the topic of intra-scene fighting. What are the rules? Are there rules? Episode 45 is more of a freewheeling conversation about bad @ podcasts, opinions, and some back-and-forth.

Here is a direct link to the episode about fighting

Here is the link to episode 45

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Did anyone else think Julio was gonna lay into Aragorn for using the n-word not once but twice when talking about Bob Black?

Why does Aragorn get a pass?

Sticks and stones?

Not what you think Julio should have said. What is the issue you have with my use of the n-word in the context of this conversation?

I think it sits too comfortably in your mouth.You were clear on what Black said, you didn't have to doubly state what he did not say. Why do you have no issue with your use of the n-word in that context?

Not trying to word police. Say what you want it doesn't matter and I personally don't care. I was more surprised no reaction from Julio.

N-Words, lacerations, and death to the hyper-civilized! :D

Is this really how you start your day?

Consider someone white using the n-word in hostility, there's an implicit probabilistic threat interfacing w/ social systems.

Complexity and obfuscation can be a source of resistance to control, but it is also frequently a means to create status hierarchies.

Gettin' criticized for being TOO nice online and not sufficiently sectarian. Well shit. I'm so proud of this generation calling me out.

Everybody knows this.

It's just a word folks, the context is what matters(I happen to be half n word). Lolz at the word shitting bull, let the hate flow I say.

Then why does it gives you some hate satisfaction when using it, if just a "word"? You're a fucking racist asshole, SE. Retorting to racial slur, furthermore supporting these spooks about people's skin complexion. To the sewers of mankind you BELONG, with you gay phallocratic "great minds".

I also don't crave any hate satisfaction. What spooks? What are you on?

the "neuroatypical" claims to be of mixed ancestry and loves to provoke with this topic, fair warning

not I:) Also, why would I lie about being mixed?

I didn't say you were lying, only meant that we all have to take each other's word on such things around here. I'm a white-passing part native kid. Wish I had $5 for every time I've been lectured about the definition of the word indigenous, could start my own casino!

One simply has to take him for what he is. He represents a certain broad conception of liberty as it pertains to the US. He's a humorist and comedian and those qualities are in non supply in leftist milieu land. In terms of SJWs and content, the content is pretty bad to when one simply looks at the neoliberal adherents that now adopt those umbrella views. Much of it is retarded behavioral maoism which comes with INHERENTLY bad content. You will not find much ideas of anarchism in that content. Rogan broadly speaking is a libertarian and can be more then open to anarchist ideas that are properly presented. He's had Thaddeus Russell on for instance who certainly has interesting libertarian ideas at least from a point of cultural critique. See below. Hard not to have some broad agreements on things like victim identity and the lack of humor.

Why was IGD butthurt? Did they threaten to not steal and re-post your content for being mean to them or not include your podcasts in the great union of anarco-podcasters? Give us the details of the phone call. We love drama.

How much cocaine did the AZ session require?

[ ] 1-2 grams
[ ] 3-5 grams
[ ] all the cocaine

its hard enough coming up with groceries and rent; how the hell do folx do cocaine?

Trust funds... or sometimes the popo, as retribution for snitching. If you get buddies who're into coke and are dirt-poor, I'd say do your research on them.

what kind of anarchist can't figure out how to get cocaine? poseurs

What kind of edgelord doesn't know what to do with nitromethane and ammonium nitrate? Poseurs.

So I'm just putting this here because I assume it's my best chance of people answering. The first time I learned of Hakim Bey/Peter Lamborn Wilson and the pedophilia situation was on one of the earlier Brilliant episodes. Just wondering if anyone has links to Ardent/LBC people addressing that topic as they publish PLW. And this is in no way meant to be a call-out post of any kind, I am just very curious as to how they handle this topic.

Oh so you've never encountered the NAMBLA wing of the online anarchist milieu until now? Prepare to cry in the shower and never feel clean again! If you're extra lucky, certain named commenters will see this post and start rambling about age-of-consent law so you can do a case-study in pedo-apologist rhetoric. @news at its most charming!

Seems to be related to this while homo-centric international anarchist international crowd, who appear to be very much in league -or into bed (obviously!)- with each other. Not saying every gay anarchist who knows these people is NAMBLA...

I also can't erase off my head that segment of a Free Radical Radio episode where the hosts (including Bellamy) were getting horny over a clandestine comic book featuring a young boy who really liked dicks.

Assuming I know which episode you mean, I may have laughed off a Samuel Delany story I have never read that Rydra brought up - that does not mean I approve of what you are implying.

I remember that episode and I don't think Rydra was thumbing up what would be a hebophilic(not that there's anything wrong with that:)) He was simply attracted to the nihilistic aspect of the story.

Keep being a panic paranoid prick though sounds a lot like what I here spoken of Jews.

I believe that PLW has sexual preferences that I do not share and that are abhorrent to most people. I do not believe that PLW engages in non-consensual or even illegal sexual contact. Therefore I think this is a question about what does someone else (an author of material I cherish) think. What turns them on. What is their fantasy life? To which I respond, it is none of my (or your) business.

If my assumptions about his, in the world, activity were wrong then I'd feel differently. That is never what this conversation is about.

Apologies, I don't mean to expose you to any flak for this comment. It just seems very hard to get clear/informed comments on this situation, and thus I am afraid of having ignorant assumptions.

But I don't think there should be an outright forbidden taboo to this particular sexual preference/orientation which can, and has been shown to, work under certain social software systems.

That aside, PLW is simply on of the top ten when it comes to 20th century anarchists and top 2 if we are talking about the post classical period of the last 50 years(Black would be number 1) Renzo Novatucci are the best of century 20 period with Renzo 1 and Enzo 2.

Ha! Yes, Aragorn, though you forgot the part about PUBLICLY promoting those sexual fantasies, being in complete contradiction with keeping these to your(or someone's)self.

Indeed, I wouldn't and we shouldn't care less about other people's sexual fantasies -as I admit some of mine aren't very likeable, even less moral, to most people out there- but that's nobody else's business as far as nobody is concerned, physically. If you get to enforce those fantasies on someone else, tho, that's a completely different story.... just like taking part in the spreading of the imagery and concepts the fantasies are made of... fantasies that are found to be supporting one or another rape culture.

(reply to 10:44)

It's a morbidly fascinating rabbit-hole, no denying that! But where fantasy intersects with a veritable minefield of issues around consent, it's possible to navigate the whole realm of BDSM with good communication between adults and therefore, in my opinion, isn't perpetuating "rape culture".

I know, I know, how does one define "adult"? But that's the reason it's a special category and it's obviously a pretty fucking significant one.

the public/private split produces an unbearable public, sanitized reality that requires dismantling too. If we might simply see everyone's private fantasies as public there might be less possibility creating normative realities which only ever marginalize abnormalities. Consensual sexual relations make this questioning not even really repugnant. On the other hand, really "deviant behaviours" produce the necessity of policing ourselves. There can only be rights so long as there is policing.

"None of anyone's business" is also part of the realm of consent. I decide to keep what is in my head to the universe of what's in my head. So this is none of your business, Rapey Joe

Good communication between equals is the difference between acting out roles in a fantasy and predatory behaviour. If you can't communicate properly, for example, if you lack the maturity to do so, it automatically casts the other person in the role of predator. Therefore, I don't think it's about "rights", it's about power.

Yes, I hear the discourse poor immature communications when it comes to sex. But nobody's talking about how to improve these communications... how to mature and learn more sane ways to communicate our desires. How can anyone learn in a social environment of intense moralism where nothing is discussed anyways, and those with the higher skills still get to have the high ground, hmmm?

pre-literate children naturally enjoy rubbing their genitalia on things and getting their genitalia rubbed, and inserting things into their sensitive orifices and sexual intercourse comes naturally in developing children as it does in the "pre-literate" animal world.

in nature, the pursuit of pleasure does not discriminate on an 'age' basis; i.e. any port in a storm even if the slip in the marina is reserved or already assigned.

out of cultural conditioning comes traditions with 'responsibilities' such as saving one's maidenhead for someone who will commit to a long term family-rearing partnership and/or respecting those following that tradition.

there is a difference between seeing males who are having sex with very young girls or boys as persons for whom the cultural conditioning has not been sufficient to take precedence over natural urges, and viewing the same males 'darkly', as malicious 'predators'.

this comment is not to 'promote open season' for 'adults having sex with young girls and boys', it is to make the point that the base case in nature is to have sex without discriminating so that the 'problem' is more likely a 'deficiency' in cultural conditioning rather than a malicious predatory intent on the part of the 'more powerful'.

Western society and science is nearly blind to deficiency-sourced negative causality and sees everything in a positive causal light. The 'base case' is not that we are 'machines' who are perfectly obedient to moral rules so that if we don't obey them, there is some defectiveness in us. The base case is that sex comes naturally and cultural conditioning aims to constrain it in certain ways (which vary with cultures and with 'the times').

If we are deficient in vitamin C, streptococcus pneumoniae goes on a rampage, this is not the source of the problem, it is the result of a deficiency and is thus a negative causation. the 16 year old that is having sex with a 14 year old is not a 'predator' or 'pathogen', but an individual who is behaving naturally as associates with a deficiency of cultural conditioning.

but that's what you said, so QED: you're a fucking fool.

Oh, and you generalize every time you post one of your 10,000-word blocks of anarcho-spew.

Generalizations such as your kill singularities and exceptions.

So please don't do it.

Thank you.

Which person plays the predator role? Or how alpha/dominant males, who tend to be the most socially-skilled when it comes to sexual behavior, even if we all know that deep down they're bad communicators, are the ones who end up talking aplenty, continuously enforcing their egos upon others until they get the satisfaction they seek in dominating other people's minds, affects and bodies?

I might have understood your comment wrong, but it appears to be demonizing the lesser socially-skilled (those who are not enough mature in their endeavor). Not like that matters too much if you're supporting what could be deemed as "relational nazism", or social darwinism. I mean, you'd only be another mouthpiece of the dominant social order, you know...

Have fun!

You're on point as usual emile. The moral are prone to panic, think of the 1950s anti-pervert scares. Homophobia and pedophobia come from the same moral puritanical judgemental source.

There is a difference of course in that there is a mental asymmetry between adults and minors/children, however, as I always rebuttal to those who bring up this point, the asymmetry between adults and minors/children applies to many things including things which we sanction today(you think children are prepared to comprehend the implications of being educated at modern learning concentration camps aka schools?). The bugaboo has to do with a moral puritanical hangover on sexual carnal behavior which is heavily mediated within this Christian based society.

In time I think we will return to a pagan mode of sexuality where sex at pubescence is not controversial, it's possible that within that historical transformation you could see pedophilia make a return to varying degrees. I am pro-carnal/sex so I am not one to stop something like this from happening.

Those who demonize PLW are going to join those moral anarchists of the past who demonized homosexuality and free female sexuality a century earlier.

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