Only solution, insurrection

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Campania, Italy – Poster: “Only solution insurrection”


As governor-criminal De Luca begins preparations for continuous enforcement of new waves of repression and mass control, the nightmare-reality of last year has led to the consolidation of opinion according to which rebellion against the status quo is now inevitable.

Less and less confident in a science of profit which will only bring about more inequalities between rich and poor countries, between populations who are vaccinated and those who are not.
The capitalist articulation is extending further and further, with mass control enforced with the alibi of the health emergency, with entire masses mangled psychologically, physically and economically by corrupt governors’ nefarious choices and an increasingly uncertain future with not one spiral of light.

With such preambles control is increasingly blatant. Exercised by the State it seems inevitable or even worse, “right” in people’s eyes.
Confidence in the human being is being lost more and more, powers are managing to act in their own interests more and more easily.

Campani anarchists

Only solution insurrection

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