#OpSolidarityGreece Take Down Greek Junta Websites

  • Posted on: 10 October 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="http://325.nostate.net/?p=6444">325 receives and transmits</a>

On the 9th of October to coincide with the visit to Athens by the so-called ‘leader’ of Germany, Angela Merkel, we took part in a coordinated international cyber operation with our comrades from many different factions of Anonymous.

Angered at the many preemptive arrests made by the fascist Greek police force prior to the visit of Merkel, the banning of many public protests & the news that Greek uniformed pigs sympathetic to the neo-nazis of Golden Dawn had tortured and detained anti-fascist protesters, we decided action of some sort had to be taken.

As the brave street fighters of Athens battled the pigs paid by the Greek Junta to protect the so-called ‘peace’ & to prevent the people from storming the parliament; we launched massive distributed denial of service attacks against the following websites associated with the Junta :</td><td><img title="More than nothing" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/giraffewings.jpg"></td></tr...

hellenicpolice.gr (website of the National Police Force of Greece)
mfa.gr (website of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
ydt.gr (website of the Greek Ministry of Civilian Protection & Public Order)
presidency.gr (website of the so-called Greek ‘President’)

All of the above websites were only prevented from functioning for the duration of the protests. If the Greek Junta do not respond to the demands of the people soon, next time we will wipe their entire internet presence from the face of the Earth!

We hope this small gesture of solidarity assisted the rebels of Greece in some way or at the very least let them know that they are not alone and that we are always willing to risk our so-called ‘freedom’ to assist them via whatever means our individual circumstances enable.

We would like to dedicate our part in this action to the members of the Revolutionary Organizations Conspiracy of Cells of Fire & Revolutionary Struggle who are currently facing the fascist ‘justice’ in the courts of the Junta and to all anarchist prisoners imprisoned in Greece : STAY STRONG COMRADES!!

We also send revolutionary greetings to accused #AntiSec hacker Jeremy Hammond, currently awaiting ‘trial’ in the U$A, and to our 7 arrested comrades in Turkey from the hacking collective RedHack who are facing up to 20 years prison for the bullshit charge of being members of a ‘terrorist organization’…YOU ARE IN OUR THOUGHTS & IN OUR HEARTS WHENEVER WE TAKE ACTION!!

Anonymous Anarchists
Invisible Combatant Cells


symbolic action is symbolic

I look forward to the report back from the action you participated in that you feel was more worthy of your time.

well, i fucked your free time

wonders what part of 'small gesture of solidarity' it is that you don't understand.

also : attacks of this kind can result in sentences of up to 20 years in most countries.

What is *not* symbolic action, Dr. Brainiac?

Every form of communication is made of symbols, and that includes "open revolt", worker/student strikes, terrorist attacks, sabotage... you name it. The entire system as well works through symbols. The Police couldn't go to work without mere symbols like paychecks and directives from the boss.

Checkmate, mate.

The websites also host the a lot of vital internet communication...so it's not all symbolic...

Golden Dawn folows the lead of the Greek government SAEUSA.org administering to "expatriate homogeneity". THe 2003 book of Berkeley Theologian Paul Manolis exposed how they racketeer to deny the ghetto their American Birthright in order to have them as a captive lobby for Greece.

i'm curious why all the DOS/other website attacks from Anonymous or others we hear about are only for a day, or a few hours. with time it feels way less like a threat and more like an admission of our limitations.

what about ongoing attacks on prominent (government, etc.) sites, if networks of net savvy @s have the means?

there have been some serious attacks on prominent government sites - read up on Jeremy Hammond ( http://freehammond.com/ ) & also the Turkish group RedHack ( http://redhack.tumblr.com/ ), and let us not forget the work of Bradley Manning for just 3 of many examples...what you have to remember is the harsh penalties involved if one is caught, also the unfortunate fact that whitehat shit informers are everywhere & also that most people also have the drudgery of daily life to tend to so cannot be sitting at a monitor 24/7. as with all forms of activism it's a case of do what you can when you can I think. maybe that is a limitation, but maybe it is also a strength as it means attacks of all kinds against the state cannot be easily predicted, as they could happen anywhere anytime in many shapes / forms.

Brianna Manning. She's a girl (unless new evidence has proven otherwise).

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