Our Work Has Begun: the future is coming

  • Posted on: 30 December 2016
  • By: thecollective

We’ve had almost two months for it to sink in: Donald Trump is the president-elect of the most powerful military power on Earth. As anarchists, we know the cliche that whomever we vote for, the government always wins. But still, for most of us, this election has felt different. Wren Awry has collected this short anthology of anarchist responses to the election that we hope will help us consider what to do in the near future. Some of it is strategic musing, some of it is emotional. Some of it has been published by us or elsewhere already, some of it appears herein for the first time. Feel free to print out a copy of the included PDF.
Zine includes:

“the good comrade check-in call, 11.11.16” by odessa aït jerrar
“They Didn’t Know We Were Seeds” by Wren Awry
“Actions Speak Louder Than Votes” by Margaret Killjoy
“Only a Bold and Popular Left Radicalism Can Stop Trumpism and the Rise of Fascism” by Laurence Davis
“Trump’s First Hundred Days and the Fascist Agenda” by Alexander Reid Ross
“The Days After the Election and the Days Before the Revolution” by Anarchist Resistance NYC
“Everything I Need to Know About Trump I Learned From Playing Skyrim” by Gutter Punk Josh

and art by Someone Else and Theo Thirdaye




If trump is really against the billionaires and the CIA and their military industry complex (war profiteers), they will produce chaos and kill him. in that process, the cia can even use their snitches among anarchists to produce bigger chaos, even shooting of trump. they can also produce their own "anarchist" groups that will burn and shoot. I think italian secret service did it in the past.

in any case, it will be hard to realize what is true insurrection and what is ordered by the cia. they make business from insecurity and war and if trump tries to stop them, they will produce chaos and they will find hot-head to shoot him. after that hot-head will be shot, to close his mouth, as they did with Russian ambassador in Turkey.

my opinion is that the CIA succeeded to involve anarchists in their proxy wars (rojava, kobane, etc.), then they will succeed to involve anarchists in their plans to produce chaos to kill trump. or they will create fake anarchist groups to do it.

happy new fights,
take care that your fight is not misused by the CIA

True insurrection is not having a facebook or twitter account ;)

"I think italian secret service did it in the past." No they DID. And that wasn't just the Italian secret service, but also the CIA fascist slime. That was Operation Gladio.

Anyone else notice how orchestrated the cultural shifts of 2016-2017 seem? The reaction to Trump has been so lockstep & predictable. I find it hard to believe there is any substance to the pious outrage. It seems to merely be the triggering of some sort of movie-villain pattern recognition syndrome. Stereotype confirmation. To the leftists he basically looks like the sentient oil-monster from Ferngully combined with Biff from Back to the Future. Then again, this is a population which has been shaped by movies & mass media since birth. These people can't separate realness from movie references. Everything's a Hollywood quote. They've lost their ability to assess reality, unable to separate it from spectacle & surrogate simulations of real life. The elite among these vapid brainwashed consumers then go on to hone a hardline, fundamentalist identity for themselves, doubling down on their useful-idiocy: the anarchist, or anarcho-leftist, at least.

Then, in their first quiet moment of pseudo-introspection, they find a haughty maxim creeping into their mind. "This is it. This is the moment I've been waiting for. My training is complete. I must fight."

It's laughable.

Yeah, a little at times but you sound a little Alex Jonesy suggesting that all cultural forces are spoon fed from the top down. Perhaps some of those tendencies that you're referring to pre-date the totality of the spectacle but you can't relate to or process any information without it?

I find obviously well-cultivated online personas of superiority laughable ... but that's me. They're a dime-a-dozen around here. You do you.

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