OWS takes next step: Invisible Army of Defaulters: Communique #1

  • Posted on: 10 August 2012
  • By: worker


From the Debtor's Jungle:

We are the Invisible Army of Defaulters. We are your neighbors. We are your family, your friends. We are millions. We are everywhere. We are going to bring the system to its knees. We can, because we wield the one power that all the armies of the world can never defeat: The power of refusal. This power has destroyed the mightest empires. The same fate awaits the current system of mafia capitalism in America, an economic system driven by Wall Street CEOs who produce nothing, contribute nothing, who have bought our government and reduced it into a criminal enterprise whose main purpose is to support loan-sharking, gambling, extortion, and the slow reduction of American citizens into debt peons. Every dollar we take from a subprime mortgage speculator, every dollar we save from a collection agency is a tiny piece of our own lives and freedom that we can give back to our communities. To be able to take care of our children, our friends, our families is a value that no accountant can ever measure, that no government, loan administrator, or hedge fund manager can ever have the right to take away from us. We are an army of lovers who cannot be defeated. We are laying the groundwork for another world. Strike debt.

Resist. Insist. Stand together. Build. Never give up. #S17.</td><td><img title="dollar != life or freedom" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2009/911.gif"></td></tr></table>...

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/zrjs9rQUchg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Promo needs more Kool-Aid Jammers

yes without the proper tribute to the God #YOLO this communique is farcical

nice try with the video ISI. You're not as slick as RT!

nice try with the video ISI (Pakistani intelligence service) You're not as slick as RT!

Nice try with the comment, SVR. You're not as slick as Al Jazeera!

Nice try with the reply, Qatari Intelligence Service. You're not as slick as CNN.

My gran calls her shits "movements"

where ya' movin' too granny?

baby granny moving to Oakland to meet me some hot youngins

My granny likes to shit on the face of dead cops. Coincidence?

"never give up"-OWS

"american citizens"

way to affirm the bourgois through their language, leftists.

Do you expect different from the bobos? All this posturing and agitprop is just the outward manifestation of their daddy issues and indignation at the tightening of their belts. This latest sustained crisis has begun to impact their lives in ways such as, "Daddy, what do you mean we can only afford me attending a state school" and "Don't sell my pony, mommy." They are quite upset about it and now the whole world has to hear about it.

the true bobo is contemporary anarchist, lost in images of themselves, endlessly correcting the slightest tears in their neo-bourgeois morals disguised as nihilism. the true anarchist does not comment on a news =)

Didn't disguise it at all:

power of refusal
mafia capitalism
Wall Street CEOs
produce nothing
contribute nothing
our government
reduced it into a criminal enterprise
reduction of American citizens into debt peons
every dollar...is a tiny piece of our own lives and freedom
give back to our communities
right to
army of lovers
laying the groundwork

Pro tip - if you can't defecate on police cars try news-boxes

when sharpies are outlawed only outlaws will have sharpies

sounds similar to a lot of newspaper box tossing hooligans... mommy what do you mean you wont get me those black vans i wanted. fuck you for oppressing me.

Get out of here you sound like a punk ass Cop, people like you are not welcomed with you're ignorant simple minded rants if thats what you came on here for. I wonder why idiots like you come on here anyways, to have us wasteing time arguing back with you because you appearantly have no life other then trolling with other people all day long on websites or to try an be a internet thug thinking you are gaining something from it? Yeah you're sooooo cool man, bet you're like 35 fat as shit and are a miserable lonely man spending his days playing X-Box, watching CNN and going around on websites trolling like the bored loser you seem to be...am I right or am I right? ha, ha, ha, ha. Or are you maybe one of those patriotic douches that we could see at the front line of a Toby Keith concert with his American Flag shirt on and cowboy hat? Either or you still are a fucking hyprocritical cunt loser.

I am You

No you're not me because I am simply myself, for you are exactly what I described above I can just tell I don't even need to put much into this to know it because I see and hear you're type all the time...just another simple minded McDonalds eating, StarBucks drinking, Video Game playing, CNN and Fox News watching moron so don't lie to us. And see if you were me you'd be sticking with you're comrades and not putting them down and such.

wow... Does your butt hurt all of the time?

You spend enough time circling my anus you would know.


whoa don't shit on ppl for not having the same consciousness as you oh wise one

I agree that the whole "our government" and "american citizens" language is offputting. But maybe they can prove their salt yet.

Here's a bit of inspirato.


Some more inspirational music for you comrades...


Hey THAT'S anarchist music!

I'll be honest. This doesn't upset me very much. Part of me wants to not like, but when I actually think about it, what it's saying and the way these folks are trying to engagae the world around them, I kind of like it.

Obviously, the most upsetting line ("Every dollar we take. . . is a tiny piece of our own lives and freedom that we can give back to our communities.") could be a lot better. Do they actually think this is form of moneying-voting, or is it an un-fleshed out take on: money I don't spend is time I don't have to work; when I steal I worked less have more time so I can live a little more on my terms etc.

Troll me if you want, but it'd be nice if we could actually sus-out why we have the impulse to not like it, why it's appealling, if we don't want to like this, etc. (We being us as individuals, coming to our own conclusions, but having a conversation together.)

Well, "money voting" seems like one of the obvious movement-based actions for those rich hipsters who got enough cash to live in NYC.

A popular trend in the US these days is to put your money on guns.

I was thinking a popular trend was to just not have money. Not by choice or anything, but just because you don't have any.

I've been boycotting paying debts for years now. In fact, I don't know that I've ever payed back a debt other than to friends or family. Refusal is a powerful thing and pretending like the rhetoric of this makes it bad is just dumb. Spouting bad imitations of even worse translations of French insurrectionist theory doesn't inspire anyone other than academics.

they won't give me any credit cards.

Every so often the banks somehow magically forget that I never pay them back and give me another one. I think it may be time for bankruptcy.

"an economic system driven by Wall Street CEOs who produce nothing, contribute nothing, who have bought our government and reduced it into a criminal enterprise"

Is this anarchistnews or liberalprogressivenews?

Moralists gon moralize

Only rich people don't fucking absolutely hate bankers/wall st. What's your excuse?
Your knee jerk "anti-populism" is really just called being a fucking class traitor.

Should get you a good job at the uni though.

There's a fucking dichotomy here!!!

And the Leftist slave morality comes out. Anarchists stand on their own two feet, Leftists beg the ruling class for scraps or attempt to take power and dictate things according to their archaic pseudo-philosophy.

And who is begging for scraps? They're talking about a debt strike. Fuck, aparently language is more important than action now.

Strike debt??? Black blocs have been doing this for years! Wherez da recognitions?

Smashing banks IS striking debt, as banks are basically the main debt(and profit)-generating centers.

Smashing bank windows =/= striking debt. Banks are major debt-generating centers, bank windows don't do that much though. If a bank is open the day after, or the day after that, then it has not been properly smashed. Don't get me wrong, I'm all in favour of the bloc, and I guess that if I had to choose between a bank window getting smashed and it not getting smashed, I'd be in favour of the smashy every time, but let's not get carried away with ourselves here.

Well okay, ur right, but I was rather referring to the real, actual attacks against banks like they do in Europe, Chile and few other places.

In Greece I saw big bank HQs being smashed and burned to a point the buildings were just stinky black holes, and remained like this for weeks probably in fear of retaliation. That's what I'm talking about, not nighttime windows-smashing that usually gets dealt with promptly before the offices open.

OH Fuck Jeezas fucking christ the world order will be toppled from fucking non-discreet broken fucking glass windows FUCK ME!!!

That's different from what scenesters do in north america. Someone breaks a bank window in, say, the US midwest and from the hype you'd think capialism was collapsing and a full on revolution was about to herald in a golden age of classical anarchism. The smasher becomes a folk hero who "risked his life" and stood up and "did something" to "strike a blow" against all oppression everywhere. Same with solidarity smashing. As if anyone cares or is even aware of who or what the solidarity is about. Ask a prisoner if he/she would prefer to be broken out of jail or have a window smashed in their honor.

It's utterly pathetic, and why anarchists are laughed at by 99% of the rest of the population. Not to mention why we aren't any closer to anarchy now.GTtd

So what you're saying is....

Anarchists: not quite the 99%

The 99% are indoctrinated idiots. I should hope anarchists are not part of the 99%.

Attack the media (i.e. the State), its spectacle of indoctrination, through its fluxes, and the 99% will make up from their socially-induced coma, a bit like at the end of "They Live". That's something that none of us ever did, yet.

All what an anarchist minority can realize, is the subverting of social order to a point more people join in.

I also forgot that the Greek anarchists aren't just molotov fighters, but they also have a real form of living. They play music, have endless old-style parties, feasts of friends, cafeneos and charades. Strangely, it's the most "traditional" form of life you got in Greece, but the one that's the most authentic, beyond the shallow café/club nightlife, LAN parties and regular Facebook/SMS conditionning on the iPhone.

Hmmm, but nevertheless, the traditional Greek octagenarian anarchists STILL play music, have endless old-style parties, feasts of friends, cafeneos and charades until 8pm, then retire and go to bed, no?

All those opposed to this video are dumb as fuck. Do you think the individuals who planned this are actually speaking the truth? This video is meant for the general public, of course it's going to be tailored for a less hostile audience -- it's called being political -- say whatever gets the masses to do what will benefit you; in this case the you is the masses. JESUS C'mon you punk conformist, think!

and by truth i mean their mind.

No. He's saying we need to start breaking people out of prison. For reals though.

Jailbreak = Ultimate prison solidarity.

I would venture to say those are mostly stupid rich kids who don't really understand what anarchy is. Hence their love of Leftist ideas like syndicalism.

Collection agencies are good targets for property destruction, find out where they are in your city and strike.

Hmm... indeed. That'd be pay back for all the harassment and psychological terror they do on people. And they pretty much are the corporate financial police/thugs.

They're the scavengers feeding on the scraps of the real thugs.


That works when you're like... 20 and don't have to worry about your kid or medical bills.
Some people have to work.
Capitalism doesn't stop existing just because you and a handful of your friends can "drop out".
I hear anarchists who don't work talk shit like it's something other people should or easily could be doing. And it's often accompanied by some ubermensch shit like they're better than people who don't join the Human Strike. Who cares if you've learned to live out of a dumpster or have a taste for sriracha and old bread?

You fucking quitter!! You gave up on trying, you bailed out and took the easy way out on escaping the systematic slavery and toil the capitalists have obviously got you indoctrinated into thinking it is the 'norm'. How fucking clonish and booring you are, and you are only condemning your children to the same filthy rat-race of twisted materialistic values you shallow piece of shit!. Do you know what genuine feelings and relationships are? You probably go to nightclubs with your mates and behave live morons ogling the pole-dancers! Have you ever told your children you love them UNCONDITIONALLY?!@?! They DONT have to be doctors! They DONT have to be millionaires to be good people. But you're so fucking warped by capitalist values, I don't even think you know what love and respect for other people is all about. You're just another shallow superficial clone of the hegemony going about your instinctually driven life like an insect, a worker ant, reacting the the scent of the statist desire, a mindless drone. And you have the audacity to use sentimentalities and ones responsibilities to family as your argument, as if anarchists don't care. It's not about age, I'm a fucking grandfather, age is nothing you fucking ageist, I'd still stomp on your kind in a dark alley if you were half my age!!

This. Is. Awesome.

Grandpa telling the youngsters how to do things. Its not my fault you felt the necessity to bring children into this hell hole. Fuck off and die you leftist fossil piece of dog shit.

I will stomp on you so fucking hard you come out on the other side of the world from a Maoists ass!!

" And it's often accompanied by some ubermensch shit like they're better than people who don't join the Human Strike."

I thought it was pretty clear 'human strike' means terrorism, not not working.

Oh ya I saw that movie it was called Fight Club

No matter the relative naivety of the message, making YT communiques dressed-up as black bloc is damn cool. And almost 2000 views by now.

Okay, compared to 2 million views for the generic Youtube no-brainer, it isn't much, but still better that we can expect.

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