Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle and the attack on Gaza*

  • Posted on: 21 November 2012
  • By: worker

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Three men who admitted taking part in an unsuccessful plot to bomb a highway bridge in Ohio were sentenced Tuesday to prison terms ranging from eight years to more than 11 years. All three apologized in court.

The alleged ringleader, Douglas Wright, 26, of Indianapolis, received the toughest sentence, 11 1/2 years. He apologized to his family and the community, saying he was an addict and needed help for substance abuse, not just prison.

Brandon Baxter, 20, was given nearly 10 years in prison, and Connor Stevens, also 20, the least involved of the trio, was sentenced to more than eight years by U.S. District Judge David Dowd.
After leaving prison, all will be on supervised release for the rest of their lives.
The judge had ruled last week that the men should be sentenced as terrorists, making them subject to harsher prison terms.</td><td><img title="Did you ever just think that being doomed is the new normal?" src=""></td></...

A fourth defendant is being sentenced Wednesday, and a fifth is undergoing a psychiatric exam.

Stevens, Baxter and Wright pleaded guilty to conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction, knowingly attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and attempting to damage property with explosives. There was no plea deal that would have reduced their sentences.

Last week, Dowd backed a government request to consider stricter sentences based on a "terrorist enhancement" for the trio. The ruling that the three were trying to intimidate the government expanded possible sentences from five or six years to 15 to 30 years or more.

The men were arrested by the FBI and had targeted a bridge over Cuyahoga Valley National Park between Cleveland and Akron. The FBI has said that the public was never in danger and that the device was a dud provided by an informant.
The suspects were described by the government as self-proclaimed anarchists who acted out of anger against corporate America and the government.
The defense called the case entrapment, with the informant guiding the way, and said the plot was more an act of vandalism than anti-government terrorism. They asked for sentences in the range of five years.
The government said the plot "was meant to convey a message to the civilian population, the corporate world, the financial system, and all levels of government."

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I hope people take this case and have some initiative to educate the fuck out of young punk/whatever hang-arounders that are new to digesting radical politics. These entrapment cases almost universally target young kids that are new to shit and who might not have the best grasp on what "anarchists" do and how they might go about that. I am massively, massively bummed out about the Cleveland 4 and how it came about, and I know that at least for me, the next 10+ years are going to be spent having these poor kids' backs.

your feeble pleas in the name of duty will fall on deaf ears. Maybe some will be convinced by your moralistic appeal, but not I. There is no anarchist pedagogy to indoctrinate new pawn recruits. The project of recruitment should be left to armies and football teams. If there is an anarchist practice at all, it is always stepping aside from these sacred "duties".

Hey with all due respect, and I don't mean to paint with a broad brush or anything, but you're a soulless piece of shit that seriously deserves to have your legs severed from your body on Christmas morning with your entire family as witnesses. Take that abstract bullshit and shove it up your crusty, hairy asshole. These are REAL PEOPLE who are going to need tangible support while they spend the rest of their youth in prison. It isn't that much to ask that folks who have been bouncing around in anarchist circles for years to say "hey dude, maybe don't listen to that guy you have only known for a few months when he suggests major bomb plots as fun recreation."

Jesus Christ most anarchists are fucking douchebags.

please oh wise one tell us "what anarchists do"

always the same, "REAL PEOPLE" and "anarchist circles" and pedagogy and politics. more spooks above my head. more sacred ideas to be destroyed by an iconoclastic individual.

Jesus fuck do another line, have another drink, and drive yourself home you egotistical, self-important little worm. Those things exist. People exist. Anarchist "scenes", as reprehensible as that might be to you. Every so often, people end up in prison because they are involved in those things. Please, for the love of all things good in the world, draw a bath and slit your wrists you fucking dumb drag.

you say egotistical like that should be an insult. my ego is bursting!

Yeah ... you are madly in love with and only find meaning in, yourself. We get it.
Want to know one of the few things I prefer about anarchist "scenes" in real life?
I don't have to listen to egoist nihilists talking about themselves nearly as much.

"my ego is bursting!" That has got to be the most douche-bag thing I have ever hear and this is coming from an egoist

*you're a soulless piece of shit that seriously deserves to have your legs severed from your body on Christmas morning with your entire family as witnesses*

wwwwwww don't you think that's way too mean? anon(20 12:40) simply rejected the notion of duty, which is okay in my book [duty; *That which one is morally or legally obligated to do*].

*It isn't that much to ask that folks who have been bouncing around in anarchist circles for years to say "hey dude, maybe don't listen to that guy you have only known for a few months when he suggests major bomb plots as fun recreation"*

i'm 16 and new to this whole anarchism thing, and sure as hell wouldn't do that.

*These are REAL PEOPLE*

as opposed to, tulpas? cause i know of people who would get very angry if you said their tulpas aren't real. w

Nah, most Anarchist News commenters are douchebags. Not the same thing at all.

And your duty is patronizing others, which makes it clear that you'll be an effective communicator with people newly exposed to and interested in anarchist thought and practice.

There's no recruitment manual anarchists use. But there are manipulative respected senior radicals who exploit the naivete of youth for their own egos.

*These entrapment cases almost universally target young kids that are new to shit and who might not have the best grasp on what "anarchists" do and how they might go about that*

what the hell are you talking about, you ageist fuck?

happens a lot in the muslim community you ethnocentric dolt


thats fucked. my sympathy for the lads and their families/loved ones.
Lets not leave them alone n forget them. lets take revenge on the evil scum feds

vengeance is moralistic.

no punishment, only war

Who will you mobilize for your war? What slaves will be crushed under the movements of your political aspirations? What banners will you fly in front of your militia? War is the sum total of all the misery and domination. War is not anarchist.

uhhh yeah if you're a statist. war can also be generalized individual social revolt. here differentiated from the reductionist morality games of punishment.

revolt will be uncontrollable or it won't be. revolt must be play. It cannot be systematized into your war. Among all wars, you can count me among the deserters. War is an endeavor for armies and generals. not for brave, unique individuals. your 'generalized individual social revolt" will always privilege the general and the social over the individual and the revolt. a fetish for quantity over the qualitative attack of strong-willed individuals. you leave no space for the insurrection of the I.

this is masturbatory semantic hairsplitting you losers

I do not understand masturbatory to be an insult. For me, anarchy is the constant pursuit of a life of joy, and I am the master of my own pleasure. Therefore masturbation can only the highest form of iconoclasm.

the thing about masturbation is ... it's only interesting to you.

and who else should I care to interest?

It is official. Egoists really are just mall goths.


anti-moralism is moralistic

oooh shiiit


This is fucked up they give these guys 10+ years when the FEDS were the real masterminds behind the whole plot and idea, give them the time... shit they even give rapist and muderers less time then them too... rediuculous! FUCK THE PRISON SYSTEM! AND FUCK THE FEDS with a hot oven sitting hanger up their greasy fat asses... Release the Cleveland 4!!! I say we break them out and crash some shit up because this all anymore is messed up and continueing getting worse of a prison and police state.

Maybe look in to some prison solidarity work first? But yeah, you're right.

I don't do work... I do play! I won't be your disgruntled slave.

Are you even the OP? Or just the contrarian blowhard that's ranting at every single post?

oh, I'm quite the contrarian.

Seriously ... are you high? Obviously I wasn't talking to you. Do you usually just jump in to other people's conversations and assume the identity of one of them? Because that's pretty odd.

prison solidarity work?
say wat?
revolutionary solidarity is not charity or activist busywork
lets not forget these lads or let em be isolated, lets get angrier more organised and stronger to fight the govt and take direct revenge on the cold motherfuckers who set up young anti-authoritarians to do 11yr bids. the same evil feds that protect the cynical power structure that kills its "own" citizens in false flag terror attacks (Oklahoma City, Twin Towers, etc), kills millions overseas, poisons the land and the ppl, locks up the highest percentage of the ppl in prison. IMPERIALIST, EARTH-DESTROYING, RACIST, JUMPED UP TOTALITARIAN BASTARDS. yes dont listen to the cynical fools posing on here as ultra radicals - tell your family and yr friends, educate yr younger family members and ppl in yr community. attacking (including bombing) the infrastructure and other targets of this fascist Amerikkkan police state is NECESSARY - but we have to be smart and we have to expose the tricks the FBI etc are getting up to to ensnare young rebels to make a example of them. we cant fall into stupid rightwing/leftwing paranoia (eg BLACK BLOCK/direct action = "FALSE FLAG" govt set-up) while spreading the knowledge about the dirty tricks of the security services.
insurrectionary trendies fuck off - your not iconoclasts your fake ass posers

"you're" not "your"

Azir is here.

9/11 truthers love to invade different websites. This is anarchistnews, a website for anarchists. This is not Alex Jones/Ron Paul/Lyndon Larouche 9/11 truther wacky zone. While 9/11 Truth stuff is usually right-wing nationalists with some nutty leftists throw in there...Oklahoma City inside jobbers are hardcore right-wing.

"the same evil feds that protect the cynical power structure that kills its "own" citizens in false flag terror attacks (Oklahoma City, Twin Towers, etc)"

Also, its Black Bloc not Black Block.

Black bloc black block - fuck off who gives a shit?

Christ on a bike, its nobs like you that make anarchism seem like a wanky subculture for snooty college educated brats sneering down their noses at the plebs while riding around on their road bikes in black with vegan patches on their clothes satisfying themselves thru oneupmanship with their fellow narcisist trendies down there local alt coffeeshop. Ive been an anarcho for over a decade and I cant get over the idiots like you who want to keep it a little club for those who got into anarchism by reading some Chomsky in college and/or have a hardon for French philosophers.

Check out this statement:

"While anarchism is usually middle class liberals with some nutty leftists thrown in there... anarchistnews commentators are hardcore morons."

Ya see wat i did there?

The evidence that elements of the global power structure, including elements of the US govt, were involved in 9/11 is overwhelming. Look up the 1993 bombing of North Tower of the WTC handled by the FBI. On the Oklahoma City bombing check out "The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror" by David Hoffman (available online). Its high time the anarchist movement removed its head from the sand (or from up its own ass) and stopped mouthing the left-liberal mainstream consensus reality. Particularly for insurrectional comrades who need to be aware of what the fucks going on as we act in this reality, as our comrades in Italy very much are viz a viz secret state strategies of tension, such as operation Gladio (a subject Bonanno and others have touched on in there writings).

For those with cognitive dissonance roiling yr brains as far as this subject goes, I suggest Victor Serge's "What Every Revolutionary Should Know about State Repression" which intelligently looks at things such as agent provocateurs and regime security services destabilising the regimes they serve thru there overzealous need for a subversive threat. Check it out kids,


"I've been an anarcho for over a decade..."

What in the hell is an "anarcho" ? Being into Alex Jones and Ron Paul for ten years does not make you an Anarchist...or as you prefer an "anarcho"

You should attempt to open your mind. You seem to be sadly stuck in dualistic and rigid ideological systems. Whether or not you hold an intellectual critique of "ideology" is beside the point. Your imagination is severely limited by the patterning of societal discourse and herdlike groupthink/identity. Like a Christian invoking Jesus or accusing deviants of being Devil-worshipers, you invoke ANARCHISM and shriek that any wrong-talking heretic must be a [insert label as determined by mechanical workings of your ideological system].

Remember folks: "anti-ideological a-moral insurrectionary iconoclastic anarchists" can be just another cult to join and mantra to regurgitate. Stop taking Renzos name in vain! LOL

This isn't about some ideological purity. If someone says they are an anarchist but they like reading right-wing books and propping up conspiracy theories held up by nationalist capitalists, they are either lying or they're not too bright.

Conspiracy theories are a grand fictional narrative which prevents people from people seeing systems of power...rather than some grand villain who mysteriously pulls the strings behind the scenes.

So many conspiracy theories scapegoat a specific group of people, many times jewish people. From Adolf Hitler to Henry Ford to Ron Paul, conspiracy theories are the simplistic answer for complex problems.

So the fact that Alfredo Bonanno would write about operation Gladio in Italy means hes an anti-semitic conspiracy nut right? Am i grasping your logic?

Apparently some rightwingers believe one reason the US govt invaded Iraq was for oil. Therefore is you think that was a reason your a rightwinger. And probably deny the Holocaust. Is that how your logic works?

If Alfredo Bonanno is a 9/11 Truther/OKC Bombing Conspiracy nut like you, I'd call out his bullshit as well. I'm not even a big fan of Bonanno with his support of National Liberation movements (which are part of statecraft and ultimately the State.)

Bonanno doesn't recommend right-wing conspiracy theory books like you.

Bonanno does not and has never supported nationalism in any form. I'm pretty sure you just read this article's title and came to that conclusion:

You're clearly misunderstanding his points here if your takeaway is "he supports national liberation movements."

I'm not any of the above people.

I am an avid reader of Bonanno but this is probably my least favorite piece by him. He doesn't seem to outright denounce national liberation movements. Its been awhile since I read it but I remember a part talking about how Class-oriented fronts will sometimes be alligned with National Liberation and that's ok. That's how I interpreted but sometimes it takes several reads to understand everything. Cheers.

Or look at the RIGHTWING CONSPIRACY ALEX JONES NUTJOBS of Finimondo who recently released a statement concerning an indiscriminate (terrorist) bombing of a school in Italy:

I bet they deny the Holocaust too.

Fuck this right wing bullshit. This David Hoffman OKC Bombing book is popular among right-wing constitution worshipping nationalists. I'm guessing being "an anarcho for over a decade" means having a bullshit philosophy that scares off people actually into the idea of Anarchy rather than your constitution/founding fathers idiocy.


I do not assess things on the basis of who else its popular with. This is because I am an individualist anarchist, aka a free thinking person. Saying "that sounds like [such and such bad guy OTHERS] therefore you must be one of THEM!" is a classic religious/ideological/small-minded attitude.

You seem to be the type of person who would be into Holocaust Denial but would get upset being lumped in with anti-jewish far right types. "I'm not anti-jewish, I just believe the Holocaust was an inside jewish people !!!"

There's a reason why 9/11 Truth and OKC Bombing conspiracies are popular among white right-wing christian nationalists.

"You seem to be the type of person who would be into Holocaust Denial"


Because of a stereotype in your mind?

This is too fucking hilarious.

Do you recognize the anarchist critiques of things like ideology and morality, identity and leftism? If you're interested on brushing up on these subjects check out theanarchistlibrary. A basic result of these theories and desires would be a rejection of valuations based on stereotypes. An emphasis on individual judgement and self-responsibility rather than groupthink identity systems would likewise suggest that screaming RON PAUL ALEX JONE RIGHTWINGER BEGONE DEVIL! at anyone who says something that diverges from, in this case, a certain consensus reality of N. American anarchists because it sounds a bit like something someone you could identity stereotypically as such would say,... deep breath... is FALLACIOUS.

Fuckin funny as fuck!!

Being into Conspiracy Theories is extremely ideological. It removes agency from people who actually pull off the tasks, rather than blaming EVERYTHING on some secret cabal pulling the strings behind our once beautiful government established by the Founding Fathers/slaveowners.

We should all aspire to be such impressive MASTER-minds.

I honestly thought that they'd get more time than they got. Lifetime supervised release sounds fun, though.

Azir made 5,750 dollars off this.

honestly, i thought they were going to get life.


This just pisses off so much. This could of been any of us! This is messed up! We need to take up for our comrades and do something! For all we know we could be next targted so lets oraganize, rise up and take action against them before they try to get ahold of the rest of us or even something much worse then this.

*This could of been any of us!*

Uh, no.

You know what's messed up?

*The United States' Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) runs a global apprehension and incarceration operation of suspected terrorists, known as “extraordinary rendition”*

"Uh, no."
And *that* is the kind of attitude that tells me you would. Thinking you're above susceptibility to police tactics is an arrogance so extreme, it's unquestionably dangerous.

"He apologized to his family and the community, saying he was an addict and needed help for substance abuse, not just prison."

I hope more Anarchists will get off the hard drugs and not end up like this fellow. Being drug addled all the time and then hatching a really bad scheme with a FBI informant posing as a "capitalist businessman who wants to blow things up"

People can show solidarity and have strong opinions about people in prison.

Brandon Baxter had earlier become a Neo-Nazi when he was trying to reconnect to his German ancestry.....what the fuck ?

Connor Stevens felt called to serve in Christian ministry (clergy ? to become a religious leader? authoritarianism ? Why do people think that organized religion lines up in anyway with anti-authoritarianism ? )

Doug Wright said "You're gonna get us sent to FEMA camps!" ...I'm assuming he's an Alex Jones/Ron Paul fanatic...does he also believe the Illuminati were behind 9-11 ?

Josh Stafford, "a stoned street rat and devoted Juggalo.." enough said.

Tony Hayne – who had a rap sheet for theft and domestic violence...domestic violence ?

Shaquille Azir "owned a construction company that rehabbed houses, Desdy Property Group, which he bragged earned him $75,000 a year"...even though this was false, he bragged about basically the greatness of Capitalism and these 5 men thought this was awesome.


I wonder if Doug Wright was a member of We Are Change or a Ron Paul campaign organizer. The FEMA camp conspiracy theory is popular among right-wing nationalists.

The Occupy Movement is not anarchist. It shouldn't really have to be explained but the 99 % vs. 1 % mantra of the Occupy Movement is of the Nationalist Populist persuasion.

stupid fucking proles right? with there dumb conspiracy theories and poor education and drug habits and general dirty scumfuckery. ugh. wont they leave us alone or go to college and read a book or something?

General Dirty Scumfuckery! Hell, sign me up! Chin up boys. At least your not being shelled to death by Israel. And when you get out you'll have your comrades(me and a few others)and a world a little more fucked than when you left it.

You again? I thought we'd seen the last of your serial attempts at character assasination.

Tell me who would try so single-mindedly to undermine our solidarity with such moronically exagerated and one-sided attacks?

That's right, boys and girls.

Better be step back for a second and be more careful next time or your plan will backfire.

I knew most of the Cleveland 5 (Cleveland 4 at this point) and they were as anarchist as Sherrod Brown is, which if you're from my area you know that there's liberals masquerading as anarchists way too often.

Oh yes, I forgot about the Sherrod Brown Bridge Plot.
Say what you will about the desired action, call it dumb and all the other things it is, but these kids aren't democrats.

Damn, they pretty much threw a good chunk of they're lifes away.

their lives

no stop

they did-the-deed, am i right

It really drives home the point that this has nothing to do with anarchists. Liberal/leftist IWW wobblies and the liberal/leftist Occupy Movement.

maybe cos a IWW print shop made em? just a guess.


I know ! People should give up this Anarchy stuff and get jobs at Progressive magazine !

No way! We're down for teh wild anarchy shit anyday! We're going to banner drop and noise demo and window smash the fuck out of the fucking system!!!

Nah, we should vote for Obama or Jill Stein and read Marx and Chris Hedges stuff.

Long Live Dirty Scumfuckery!!!

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