in the path of totality...

on the upcoming New Moon, a Monday morning,
darkness and light mingle as Luna casts upon Earth her shadow, and Señor Sol presents to us his crown.
multitudes will congregate to witness as the bodies align.
will there be harmonization?
might we find ourselves together in The Path of Totality?
where are you going to be?

O La Lie
wears Me!

sure. why not?
though, it might seem a little pretentious as i don't speak Hindi….
i'd be okay with it if you are

Pagan sun worship...'eco-extremist' egoist misogyny...anti-anti-fascism....easier and easier to see the direction this site/tendency are headed.

Glad a Christian came by to school us. Don't let the door hit ya where the Lord split ya.

Oh sure... having any ethical reflection on some behavior has got to be "Christian". As if Christianity hadn't been involved in mass murders like those ITS feeble cowards would never be able to do.

Could the entire Mexican ITS stay alive for more than 20 seconds in front of a US Navy SEAL like me, uuuuhms!?

Uh yeah and besides isn't ITS' Anglo spokesman a Christian and don't they constantly talk about being pagan? Something tells me your problem with Christianity might be that it's "too Jewish"...

Too much emphasis is put on the detrimental effects of religion, a lingering Marxist sentiment? a ressentiment of opiates, of feeling good,? even if it means having a psychological crutch to get out of bed every morning, so what, we aren't all supermen. The only thing religions should not do is create moral guilt, otherwise, its all one big melting pot of belief systems all trying to explain the simplest thing in the world. We're all only great big apes with a lot of tools and toys at our disposal, lets try to get on and share the bananas around ;).

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