Peaceful anarchists?

  • Posted on: 29 August 2012
  • By: worker

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Protesters took to the streets of downtown Tampa on Monday afternoon in a loosely organized march called Occupy the RNC.

While following a city-mandated "parade route," the group simultaneously chanted against corporate greed, government malfeasance and the Republican National Convention generally.

Protesters ranged from as young as 14 to several men and women in their 80s.

It is worth noting that the approximately 1,800 police officers on the streets of downtown Tampa outnumbered the protesters by about a power of five, making the blocks around the Tampa Bay Times Forum look more like a police state than a convention hub.

Toward the end of the march, a splinter group, referring to themselves as anarchists, made their way to a side street where they regrouped and smoked rolled cigarettes near a row of portable bathrooms while accepting water from Salvation Army volunteers. </td><td><img title="SRC == the new IED" src=""></td></tr...

Much has been made of the anarchist protestors in Tampa.

A report surfaced days before the convention that anarchist groups had plans to wreak havoc in Tampa by blocking roads, shutting down transit systems and harassing police and pedestrians with eggs filled with acid and balloons full of urine and feces.

The bulletin also warned of a specific group of anarchists from New York City that had plans for blockading bridges.

They don't look that scary in person.

We couldn't help but wonder, what exactly is an anarchist and what are they doing at the Republican National Convention?

This group claimed they just want peace, and, in fact, when confronted by a scrum of counter-protestors — Christian right-wingers that spewed insults and hate speech at them — the anarchists stepped down.

"We will not engage with you," they said. With that, they walked away.

We asked two of them to explain exactly what they came out for in Tampa. Their ideas may not be as fully formed as many protesters' around the country and things may change as this week goes on, but the evidence on Monday showed that this group, at least, was fairly benign in their intentions for violence.

"Anarchism means a system without government. And a lot of people think a system without government would be complete chaos, but I think all governments have done for the world is poison, corrupt and enslave society. ... Our government is taking a giant crap on the Constitution every day," one masked and unnamed anarchist protestor explained above the din of wails from his comrades over the arrival of what they believed was Homeland Security, but was actually a routine drive-by of motorcycle police.

"I am hoping to accomplish peaceful protests like everyone else," he told us, before fleeing down the street.

Video Interview with Anarchists:


I, for one, know that I'm an Anarchist because our government is taking a giant crap on the Constitution every day.

plz stop, u r a liberal, not an anarchist...



Because I'm more interested in my budding relationship with you...

Y does the media choose the most ignorant self-described anarchist out of every demonstration to express his un-informed belief system and misrepresent every educated anarchist in general? ..........nevermind, the answer is obvious.... because anarchism is the enemy of capitalist media.

don't waste your breath, people don't give a fuck. nothing is going to change. I should take my own advice. someone tell me we can do it

We can do it. Seriously. Fault lines are opening up everywhere. We just need to widen and exploit them.

Heaven on Earth is just around the corner! You'll see!

The glorious path of class struggle (Christianity) will bring about revolution (heaven). Just buy my newspaper (bible) and pay your dues for your red card (church donation). And make sure to sacrifice yourself to the higher cause of emancipating the working class.

We're really gonna win this time! Look how hard we're winning in Italy, Turkey, Greece, Bolivia, PNW, Russia lately.

Being an anarchist is so much fun the only thing it guarantees is an eventual jail cell!

Maybe find a way to turn that into a reality show a la jersey shore, and suddenly millions wil passively care (about partially staged and heavily edited interpersonal drama), using the only change they know: what's in their pockets.

Oh wait...meant to say that the annointed ones are going to lead everyone to the promised land with their true word.

Could the comments on this site get any dumber?

Trolls responding to trolls responding to trolls.....

Are there any anarchists on this forum?

No. Only capitalist trolls and donut-eating cops in disguise.

I've seen a lot of idiotic bullshit on this site, but, really, this kind of crap really has no place on @news. I really wish these current people would stop wasting my time and leave their moronic pieces on their own site. I don't give a damn about your realizations that these anarchist kids really aren't so bad after all.

the kids are alright, okay?

No. I'm not OK. I've run out of medicine and the car caught fire. My wife left me with three kids, the landlord has tripled the rent, my boss just sacked me for going to work in unwashed clothes and now, now I have broken my keyboard typing this out. I am not OK, and the sooner you relies that the better. Optimism is dead. Lets move on.

yawn zzzzzz........

*I* shit on the Constitution everyday, motherfucker...


I'm pretty sure this picture was already used on another @news article... Someone is getting lazy.

Worker has been reusing images since... well, forever. In fact, I recall once were they made the rollover a reference to the fact they reused one too quickly but couldn't help themself. In fact, it was an article on counter-cctv methods, and the pic was Starry Night, but with Sauron. Why do I remember that...

Because Sauron lives

In 2008, Obama cut the Ring from the hand of George W Bush, but instead of throwing the Ring of Surveillance into the fires in which it was forged he claimed it for himself. Trapwire, Domain Awareness Programs, you name it-Sauron lives.

Now Sauron hopes to take physical form again, by placing his anoited heir Mitt Romney and has Ringwraith Paul Ryan back on the Throne of Mordor.

Looks like it will be up to the "elves" to save Earth!

Another pop-culture imp. Why don't you blow your brains out and create a post-mod masterpiece on your bedroom wall, you domesticated moron.

"Toward the end of the march, a splinter group, referring to themselves as anarchists, made their way to a side street where they regrouped and smoked rolled cigarettes"

Stay on Top, Comrades!

Florida is full of the dumbest motherfuckers.

Oh fun, a peaceful protester "anarchist" that wants a system without government. Someone call up Cindy Milstein to smack a white boy. She, unlike they, know that violence is possible and spreading lies like "peaceful anarchists" is mere spin. Certainly there are peaceful anarchists, but that is not what anarchy is about. It is like using a dildo as a door stop. Everyone knows dildos are for fucking, but occasionally people are stupid and use them wrong. These anarchists are doing it wrong.

I enjoyed this analogy!
Peaceful anarchists are like dildo-doorstops, let me just write that down for later ...

these people remind me of posers
all for peace and talk and talk bla bla bla
trying to downplay the image and get understanding

Oh, so you don't like our action? Please, tell me more about what "anarchy is about.".

Didn't you get the memo? Perhaps you should pay closer attention to anarchist academics and activists. Anarchism is about creating a more democratic system. We can all vote on which resources are depleted, and how to most effectively go about it. Oh, liberation! Almost makes me want to be a maoist. Almost.

Also, most Anarco-pacifists don't try to infringe on other peoples tactics and what and how they express/engage the state, or anti-fa, like you do. I.e. you sound like an asshole bully. And Maoists believe in wiping out large swaths of the population to achieve their ends whether they acknowledge it or not. I don't think it's comparable unless you're saying that what makes an Anarchist is dressing up in black a few times a year and breaking shit. By your standards of what an Anarchist is, the Limp Biskit band were Anarchists. And what Anarcho-activist who truly adheres to Anarchist theory said that Anarchism is about creating a more democratic system, or even that his activist work was contributing to a total revolutioin. Just because people think that a situation is pertinent to get involved in at that moment doesn't mean that that is in any way their complete and total expression of their political philosophy. It also helps to be able to proliferate Anarchism amongst people who don't base their views of the world off of the music they listen to. I don't know if its for everyone, but the fact that some of us can work with other people, and have to for that matter is a positive, whether you like it or not.

He was a teenage anarchist, doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo.

Doing it wrong? Who gives a shit it's another RNC. Do it until it becomes normalized. And mere spin? I think you judge all Anarchists by you and your friends, I know a lot of Anarcho-pacifists. They also do amazing work and very dangerous work in that in regards to anti-state and anti-colonial struggles. I don't know if I'd describe myself as a pacificist, but again it does have it's place. You think 76 more people in bloc makes a fucking difference. It's kind of nice to be able to go to people and say "see, we're not just an excuse for angry 20 somethings to break shit." Yeah, a riot has it's place, but so do actions like this. Dismissing this and them as not being Anarchists is just fucking dangerous crypto-fundamentalist bullshit, and to do so will pretty much guarantee that in 10 years the Anarchist community will be nothing more but jock-like assholes sitting around drinking kool-aid flavored alchohol and miring in their own crapulence. Not everyone has to be you, like not everyone has to be the people at this protest. Remember, a wide range of tactics not rigid fundamentalist dogma because YOU think it's the only way.

I'm a crypto-diplomat, I'm gonna smash things up to the point of being able to talk authority out of punishing me for the damage. Thus, the methodology to be your kind of 'anarchist' is reformist.

Methodology? My kind of Anarchist? Arrogant little shit aren't you? I believe I wasn't trashing "your" kind of Anarchist, merely pointing out that though at times I am "your" kind of Anarchist, my conscience leads me to different struggles and different sort of work that you would term "activism," but I just term not being a spoiled (more likely than not) white kid who blames everyone around him, i.e. other 20 something white kids because they're not him. Crypto-diplomat? Not being a hateful 20 year old who can work with others to work towards ends that are more immediate than the dismantling of a bank window makes me a crypto-diplomat?

I actually think a lot of this is subconsious fear of inadequecy, this sort of bullshit militancy. And it's usually only adhered to by the most bat shit emotionally fucked up people anyway. And what do you say to people who do nothing, like, a lot of fucking people. I mean, seriously. I had a partner who organized trips for foreign nationals to go to East Jerusalem and educate them on home demolitions and pseudo-apparthied policies in regards to Arab Israelis. You think her time would have been better spent dressed in black and shutting down traffic for an hour in a half in the old city? it would have stirred up a hornets nest. If anoyne found out who she was religious conservative probably would have spent their free time spitting at her in the streets. But would it have made the news, or made a dent in anyones Happens all the time, doesn't affect a thing. If mass Intifada were to break out and go on for months on end that might mean something. But a couple of hours downtown until you tire yourself out and everyone goes home, it's a gesture. It's supposed to build on itself, get more efficient, build peoples character and hopefully make a statement. That's what it does, and I don't knock it and would if given the chance at this moment more gladly then not engage. But, I mean, seriously. You people have to get over yourselves. You found something, your life has meaning. There are a million different ways of expressing it. Just because, say, my friend helps organize L.G.B.T. parades and works to maintain its radical character in a religiously conservative neighborhood doesn't mean they're going to just give up when things get difficult. It's like saying if you're not a vegan you can't feel empathy for animals who undergo mass inustrialized torture, so you can't be a real Anarchist. I'd say you're a hypocrite, but I'm not going to take it to the extreme, even if honestly, I'd probably have a better case.

Yes, to your narrow dimensional perception I am arrogant, whereas I merely live ubermensch and say it how it's projected onto me, without being up myself from being self-conscious about appearing righteously and politically correct, and being identified as an 'activist reforming social hero'. Everyday life, e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y. l.i.f.e., what the majority only just manage to get through without being tossed onto the capitalist's scrap heap of expendable lifeforms, has to be graceful enough to be lived emotionally rather than politically. If ever one hopes for freedom from authoritarianism (fuck that's a big word!)I'd rather not give a fuck about politics but instead spontaneously smash shit if my anger, which is a defence mechanism and not a construction of tactics or an externally forced morality which if accepted makes one appear as empathic, or missionary, same thing. I prefer the random events which make me unleash this,,,,ubermensch reflex as self-defence, which is my own individually generated code.

pacifist isn't in the nihilist dictionary! Think about it and get over your judeo/christian righteousness!

Its a moral stance, thus a rhetorical hindrance in reacting spontaneously to attacks by aggressive powers. Don't you see that?

The dangerous idea that the greatest mass murderers in history are governments.

No, they are governments, and the power hungry megalomaniacs who run them. But revolutions and revolutionarys, Anarchists in far too many cases included are a pretty close second (outside of the Catholic Church of course, but even that's a government in and of itself, whatever happened to Rome?) The problem with politics, radial or not is that to get involved you have a vision of how the world is supposed to run and your ego is behind that much of the time, pride, etc. Anacho-pacifists don't work like that. We do, and it's a boundary we have to watch, for ourselves. And also practicality. Pacifism needs to be accepted. It does. Most people are pacifists at least in spirit and are not going to respond to you bullying them and calling them names to get their asses into the streets. The world already does that to them, and all it creates is apathy and learned helplessness. I also don't know if Pacifism is something that negates self defense. And self defense is a broad term open to interpretation. But slamming people for chosing to express themselves differently than you, and also giving us leverage among people who, even within out own "community," sometimes don't see the point or legitimacy in blocs, is a positive. That doesn't mean these people are "my kind of Anarchists," it just means that I'm not going to act like a snotty 20 year old and delude myself that it really makes any fucking difference. Until you figure out how to inspire people and proliferate practical components in Anarchist ideology anyway. Until then, this is all practice and we do it for ourselves, for our liberation, and for our conscience. But so did the people in this article. So fuck it, who cares?

The hype which follows @ is usually pushed by the bourgeois media outlets. We simply want peace and sometimes you need a piece to enforce peace.
Cincinnati Anarchist Black Cross

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