Pipe Bombs from the Right--Antifa Mans the Wall

  • Posted on: 25 October 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

An Op-Ed By David Van Deusen, District Vice President of The Vermont AFL-CIO

Vermont, 10/24/18 -Major news sources are reporting that pipe bombs have been sent to a multitude of political targets including former U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton-Democrat, Democratic-leaning billionaire George Soros, CNN (who has been critical of Donald Trump), former Vice President Joe Biden-Democrat, and former U.S. President Barack Obama-Democrat. This represents an escalation of political violence by growing factions of the U.S. Extreme Right.

While these targets are not reliable allies of the Left (let alone Organized Labor), they are (inaccurately) viewed by the Far Right as being such. Therefore the Left needs to understand this as an escalation of violence against us by the enemies of democracy. For this, we, the Left, need to be prepared to meet such challenges, and we need to be able and ready to respond as may prove effective and appropriate.

Over the last two years, overt Fascists, embolden by the Trump Presidency (who counts on the violent Far Right as an essential aspect of its core support), have engaged in bloody street actions in numerous cities from Charlottesville to Berkley. This rise of street level Fascist activity is being driven, in part, by the extremist rhetoric emanating from the White House. While Trump is a sloppy and buffoonish man (elected to office even though he received three million less votes than his main Capitalist challenger in 2016), he has repeatedly disparaged minorities, immigrants, women, disabled, and the Labor Movement in crude and inflammatory terms. More recently he has begun to openly refer to himself as a Nationalist (all the while verbally attacking more Social-Democratic nations while giving praise to authoritarian regimes); all sentiments shared in common with Fascist world view.

In this political climate, the only thing that prevented street level neo-Nazis (and extremist anti-Labor Trump supporters) from effectively occupying sections of the cities they have marched upon, has been effective counter attacks organized by Antifa/Black Bloc contingents. It has been Antifa, not politicians and not pacifists, who have given neo-Nazis something to fear and a reason to pause. And more often than not, when neo-Nazis and Antifa have met in the streets, it has been Antifa who has come out on top.

History has shown us that when Fascists escalate their violence (even when they represent a relatively small minority of a population), when they are able to openly take to the streets without being physically countered, it is a small step for them to seize more aspects of State power [i.e. Italy in the 1920s, and Germany in the 1930s]. History also shows us the effective means to defeat them is not through education or elections alone, but rather through force [The Battle of Cable Street in England in the 1930s being one example]. And in the end it was not peaceful sit-ins that defeated Nazi Germany; rather it was men like my Grandfather and his brothers who served in the Army and met Nazi force with a more determined Anti-Fascist force.

If we were to allow Fascists to control the streets and to openly operate and dominate in our communities, let us soberly recognize that the consequences would be an inability to conduct effective Labor organizing (as free Labor Unions are antithetical to Fascism), and an inability to openly organize towards Socialist, Anarchist, or Leftist goals (such as towards livable wages, paid family medical leave, civil rights, expanded democratic processes, etc.). In such a reality, instead of workplace organizing we would see an intensification of extra-legal attacks on minorities, Labor leaders, and on the very institutions that (at our best) mark us as a democratic society.

Already, The Administration in Washington has built internment camps on our southern boarder where they have caged children. Already we have seen a desire from political figures on the Right to outlaw or criminalize political protests. Already our Unions have come under existential attack by judges who have been appointed by Trump and other Rightists to carry out this exact mission. Soon we will see the further erosion of a woman’s right to control her own body. And yes, we have also seen the President of the United States call on extremist elements from within his base to attack those who would oppose him. And the Fascists have answered this call. And today they have now begun to send bombs to targets which they view as being aligned with the Left.

In response we, the Left, and specifically the Labor Movement, need to build a powerful & militant political force which is steadfast in its resistance to the rise of Fascism, and steadfast in its demand for a strengthening of workers’ rights, steadfast in its demand for democratic powers being vested in the people, and steadfast in its demand for a social contract through which each and every working person and each and every working family is able to realize a dignified standard of living. We must build this political force from below, by engaging the rank & file, by forming solid alliances with allied Unions and community organizations, and we must develop this power independent of the Democratic Party.

An election is just weeks away. Nationally, the Democrats (who are largely a Capitalist party with a minority of Social-Democrats within their ranks) are poised to take the U.S. House of Representatives. The Democrats are more desirable (or less reprehensible) than Trump’s Republican Party, but do not be foolish enough to think for a moment that this Party understands how to fight Fascism, or that they have a true intent in taking power from the wealthy elite (who fund their national campaigns) in order to empower the people. They do not. While a victory for the Democrats may weaken Trump (which is good), we have seen what this Party does when it has full control of both Houses of Congress and the White House (as they did at the start of the Obama Administration); minimum wage remained appallingly low, publically funded healthcare never materialized, card check recognition for Unions went nowhere, and we continued to engage in imperialistic foreign military campaigns. So while we may desire a Democratic victory in November, if for no other reason than to blacken the eye of the more reactionary Republican Party, do not expect any wave of change. But do expect street level Fascists to continue to escalate their attacks on the Left. And what will stand between them and a very disturbing future will remain Antifa.


-David Van Deusen, District Vice President of the Vermont AFL-CIO



Is this real? Where is the source? I suspect FAKE NEWS

It's real. The original source is a Facebook link that is not included, via the author, David Van Deusen.

Near-obvious satire to me... The punch line was "Antifa Brigade".

You wish!

It's an interesting point though, about how the active reactionary forces will assume you're their enemy, based on their paranoid gibberish, whether you have a single shred of leftism in you or not.

Worth thinking about, unless you never go in public as an identifiable anything I guess

"An Op-Ed By David Van Deusen, District Vice President of The Vermont AFL-CIO"

"While these targets are not reliable allies of the Left (let alone Organized Labor), they are (inaccurately) viewed by the Far Right as being such. Therefore the Left needs to understand this as an escalation of violence against us by the enemies of democracy."

"In response we, the Left, and specifically the Labor Movement, need to build a powerful & militant political force which is steadfast in its resistance to the rise of Fascism, and steadfast in its demand for a strengthening of workers’ rights, steadfast in its demand for democratic powers being vested in the people, and steadfast in its demand for a social contract through which each and every working person and each and every working family is able to realize a dignified standard of living. We must build this political force from below, by engaging the rank & file, by forming solid alliances with allied Unions and community organizations, and we must develop this power independent of the Democratic Party."

Could be its just the Vermont AFL-CIO which is more leftist?

The AFL and it's affiliates have done more to raise the living standards of the American blue collar worker than any other group. The reality is the modern North American neo-anarchist movement has not done anything to improve the lives of private sector workers. The modern IWW which has been heavily influenced by modern neo-narchist is a joke that agrees to yellow dog, do nothing, collective bargaining agreements that actually make workers worse off than they would have stuck with a AFL affiliate.

Attacks against the AFL by neo anarchist are just another front against the American private sector blue collar worker by the sons and daughters of the middle class bourgeois.

All anarchists are leftists so long as any Royal Families are still running around. Like in England, Thailand and some shithole in the Middle East. This an unavoidable concrete, historical, empirical, materialist consequence of identifying as an anarchist. True - there was some loose talk of a post-left anarchism about 20 years ago - but that never went anywhere since..." when alls said and done... a lot more always gets said than done " ( Blisset )
On the targeting point - my philosophy is taken from the Rolling Stones, " Rock and Hard Place' ditty. " I'd be hung, drawn and quartered for a sheep just as well as a lamb ". To the extent there are anarch's like me - which we hear about all the time at anarchist news sites - this makes trouble for those who don't want any form of 'binary opposition' in their cowardly excuses for a life. This is one of the pure joys of anarchism imho - yr mileage may vary.
Yours in militant, radical propaganda-of-the-deed on behalf of the global anarchist revolution...oh and ...death to America.

"death to America"

fuck that! death to ALL nation-states and the oppression they rode in on.

Since this is ' anarchist news' its safe to assume we're all anarchists here. And all anarchists want death to all nation-states. I specified America cos I want to do the worst first. But that doesn't preclude other approaches, you idiot. Go fuck your mother.

Muhrica gave birth to heavy metal music, not just coca-cola and pop fashion. Muhrican metal rules! Conquer the "fuck the mother " in your head. Like the post-modernists say, conquer the Oedipus relationship you have with authority which stems from your childhood relationship with your mother/ authority/sexual drive.

I love the way your anarchist theory on neoliberal Idpol politics is completely contradicted by the fact that more and more gay, black, Hispanic and atypical folk are supporting Trump. Mwuha, your analysis its sooo freakin stupid, when you lived in Muhrica it must have been in the Oakland precinct or Greenwich Village YMCA accomodation. Damn that influence of elderly feminine sentimentality, its messed with your head!

What will the IDPols do when their intersecting subjects have been integrated into new normal conservative society. I think this will be part of what ends the mid-late 20th century born left.

Yesss, the new era of psychopolitics has the neoliberals embracing totalitarian Big Data (the benevolent Big Brother). Now capitalism counters this Idpol neolib transformation with further limitations on individual liberties by creating the Idpol/Antifa binary. Next, as you say, the intersection of mutating conservative values. Yes, very interesting, *leans back on couch and smokes pipe*

The soon to be old left idpols are woefully unprepared for this development just as the old left before them were woefully unprepared for the labour-capital integrated demographics of the greater 20th century. For an apolitical it's gonna be fun to watch that ideology completely fall apart in the next 10 years.

Yeah, maybe Trump, but within 10 yrs, same sex marriage will be a Republican federal vote winner and keep them in power. So freakin' predictably funny watching ideologies doing backflips.

Just wait until the Proud Boys all come out and have a president in 20 yrs, like a gay Reagan, all the IdPol sheep sucked in by psychopolitics of oppression will be fawningly crawling saying oh he/she is so nuanced and an identity sensitive person who will lead us through these difficult times by total capitalist control, like narcissism and affluence is doing it hard if you are an oppressed identity. We nihilists will be the only truly free ones sitting outside the arena laughing at the circus of the absurd unfolding before us, happy in our atypical cynicism, living full autonomous lives within the empty stage props of the spectacle.

Fuck Them

Don't forget your big fat rail to go with your pipe and slippers, Herr Freud. And watch out for fentanyl cuz it's 2018

"What will the IDPols do when their intersecting subjects have been integrated into new normal conservative society."

Not that SE deserves a reply, but the question deserves one...

The context is there already.... ID politicians got their vision still too funnel-shaped for witnessing the obvious, which would mean tossing away their self-serving political paradigms through which they not even see the world, but representations of it. Most non-White people in my NA city, at least those that are 1st-gen immigrants, tend to be conservative as fuck in their lifestyles just like their political positions. Then you got Afro-Americans, who for generations already have been staffing police depts and prisons (on both sides of the bars, not just the wrong one), social work, military, CPS... all in the name of social equality.

But further than that, it's the crux of the problem with ID pols in how they see non-normative group identities as a kind of political position. That's sooo dumb.

Heavy metal was born in the '70s England. Back then in the U.S. you had everything else, and funk, but no real metal.

Forgive me zee cocaine befuddled my mind, zee funk was playing backwards Zis is zee earliest Englismansch heavy metal

Disregard the clothes, in my quest I have unearthed this, it precedes Black Sabbath by a year. The birth of metal.

with "friends" like that...

If true, this is a HUGE deal and should not be brushed off...

Van Dusen was with NEFAC and had a lot to do with BBs back in the 00s. He seems to he a high ranking AFL-CIO officer now. And notice the communique is from him and not the AFL-CIO as such.

in a bad outfit then, in a bad outfit now...

Ghosts of the Green Mountain Anarchist Collective?

Holy shit! This is up on the Vermont State Labor Council AFL-CIO page!

I agree... Its a big deal that ranking AFL-CIO officers seem to be supporting Antifa. Look, we (or some) have spent lots of time saying why the big unions have it wrong on a number of issues. could it be that our arguments are reaching inside the big unions and taking hold? if so, this is no small thing and should NOT be taken lightly or rejected. A reckoning is coming, and we only win if we are the many and not the few. solidarity with the afl-cio!

Cometh the hour...
There are things about the BB that may make people uncomfortable - such as their left-communist " autonomen' origins in Germany ( and Dutch "Provo's" before that?) their anonymity and casual resemblance to Italian and British ' Blackshirts".
That said, it seems uncontroversial to say they've been necessary for at least a couple of years now thanks to the recent horrible rise of the Alt-right.
They are the lesser-evil in this respect. You ally with " Stalin" sometimes to fight " Hitler' in politics. Now I would normally insert something about sausages at this juncture - but that would be Fraudulent; and we have a web to win.

wouldn't want to make anyone uncomfortable ...

Doubly necessary today...oh, and if thy eye offends thee then pluck it out.

SIR Einreichs query is easily answered for some of the wealthiest - Marxist China will soon be the biggest economy in the world.

( "What will the IDPols do when their intersecting subjects have been integrated into new normal conservative society." )

For an alleged apolitical lordbro, Ein-reich sure pushes a lot of highly political bs propaganda here - most is for some crackpot ideology called " ANARCHY-ISM " that this loon apparently thinks he can colonize anarchism with before changing all our black flags to...ORANGE!?...then setting himself up as leading Mandarin on all this insanity.
Honestly he's getting into condensed Emile territory here and if he had any friends they would have arranged an intervention for him by now. Anarchist news is, and always will be , political. Spamming A-news is also political. Any self-styled ' SIR ' should not let the door hit their butt on the way out. Call this " Office Politics " if you like. " Cleaning house ".

This the scene in the rom com right before the first kiss.

Does anyone know thus guy (have you worked with him)? Is he legit?

Is he legit?
Dude edited the ficking Black Block Papers.
It's interesting to see old heads getting themselves into places of power. Congrats.

Wow. Strange times. I read that book just this year and it is some militant (situationist) stuff. And that guy is now running the VT AFL-CIO? fucking cool. How the fuck does a BBlocer-anarchist get elected by union workers to such a high position? Makes me think there is much more potential from mainstream unions then we often are willing to recognize. Vermont sounds like a (politically) interesting place.


As we see Fascism take hold in the U.S., perhaps we should embrace the strategy of a Popular Front of anti-Fascist forces aimed at overcoming and prevailing in this time of political crisis?

Embrace the Popular Front?! Cuz it worked so well in Spain and France after Italy and Germany went fash? The Pooular Front guaranteed the total destruction of autonomous working class power (such as it was) by distracting people with the whole “common enemy” lie. The common enemy of radicals is authoritarian politics of the right and the left. It’s a three-way fight, or hadn’t you heard? Fucking tankie shitbags

This is getting real folks. Time to get organized, time to grow Antifa, and time to make allies with UNION workers.

Time to get sucked into the ol' binary warfare over superstitious ethical values. Rather, stand aloof and do your own thing, everything else is unreal and mythological.

In the 1930s, the Party Line coming out of Moscow (regarding Hitler's rise in Germany) was "First the Nazis, then us." Clearly this did not work out too well. Best to not repeat really stupid and dangerous ideas twice inside 100 years. Popular Front against fascism is a smart move.

...especially for how populism in itself is next door to fascism, or at best another kind of totalitarianism. Fuck your "pueblo". It doesn't exist and it's not through following spooks that you gonna get yourself out of this mess.

Rather look at the face of today's U.S. fascism for what it is, not for what it was in Europe 90 years ago. Like today's neofascism doesn't need a formal government party... it can thrive in informal, autonomous and decentralized manner for much longer without needing an obvious State entry.

Just let the government antagonize them, first, as by committing mass murders and bombings they're making themselves, not Antifa, come up as the public enemies. Some of those creeps have been drooling over the prospect of a "race war" for over a decade, and they been loading their basements with guns for this. In the meantime, while they're being antagonized, position yourselves towards gaining people's (not the People's) trust and support.

Then if hell breaks loose and we face a really dangerous situation, turn the tactics of your enemy against himself. Attack before calling it. Kill before warning, if you do.

So the question is how you're gonna face this nihilo-jihadist 21th century asymmetric civil warfare with strategies from 100 years ago... strategies that also proven to have failed.

Yes! Time to call for a general ASS-embly for several hours, then we can agree on a platform, an action plan, and then look forward to a code of conduct.

Union workers? Why would you want to make allies with a minority of workers? I’m not opposed to it, by the way, just wondering why less than 20% is your specific goal rather than getting unaffiliated workers (who are the majority) on board. Is all you want to do is poach from a pre-existing organizational structures? That’s pretty shallow and reeks of opportunism.

Because they are organized. Tell me how to reach those that are not, and I would be happy to make an alliance there too.

And some unions are further towards the left than others. UE, for example, is very democratic. And others, perhaps, would move in our direction (politically) as we engage with them in an anti-fascist alliance (by effecting the politics of their rank & file). But given the fascists attacks that are on the rise, we do not have the time and luxury to reinvent the wheel (and I am not gonna wait another 100 years for the IWW to maybe be politically/culturally relivant again (no offense to our friends in the IWW).

Really? Some of you idiots are actually entertaining this? You do realize that the union structure of today is based on FDR’s modifications of fascist economics right?

The decline of this state of affairs back to a pre new deal state is actually a good thing because it brings libertarian political economic ideas back into the game. The AFL CIO is who we should NOT be helping.

Also, fearing fascism, we’re not in the midst of a corporatist revolution, they’re not coming to power. If you want to affect things be a catalyst for returning to a more neo 19th century pre ww1 structure of existence. When you combine this with the coming psychographic world which entails more psychological individuation this could make the 21st century more advantageous to anarchism then the corporate Marxist progressive 20th century was.

Zig, I agree with you, good observations although I'd say injection anti authoritarian ideals into the rotting husk of the afl cio if vulnerable would hasten it's demise. Unfortunately anarchists stateside can't seem to not be influenced by liberals.

Also the spooky ghost of populism reminds me russias it isn't imperialist when we do it imperialism. Doesn't the left want populism just you know, OUR populism?

Under the Orange flag of benign Big Brother Ziggy, Anarchyland will feature Jim Crow AND full slavery for your individual enjoyment. You can check in any time you like - but you can never leave.

The idea of anarchy beyond anarchism has been around for some time most recently going back to Bob Black, Jason McQuinn and company who came from a more Stirnerian core. What I am doing is simply fleshing it out further by developing a Stirnerian discourse that is autonomous and distinct from what started with Proudhon. Stirner never mentions the word anarchism but he does mention anarchy in a very key passage. The idea that I am driving is an anarchy beyond election which is marked by the ism/ist signifyer. I like to call this anarch-egoist anarchy a more concrete definitional build on post-left anarchy in an specific Stirnerian direction.

I know anarchism will always be political(at least mostly save for the anti-political minority) you cunt, that's why I'm conceiving of an apolitical anarchy. You also completely miss my suggestive position for a new baseline of anarchism regarding orange and black. I'm not taking it on myself, I'm suggesting this in the context that people will want to continue to be registering world changers(not really something I want directly). If this is the case then I am simply suggesting a libertarian baseline that is neither ancomism or ancapism. Something market and communist agnostic.

You're basically just an old fart who yells on the train relative to this site at this point even though you do yell some things I actually agree with here and there(I'm not a fan a Marxism either though you're just down right incontinent in how you go about analyzing every bit of discourse from that direction). Keep up the down syndrome intelligence down under PR.

"...which is marked by the ism/ist signifyer. I like to call this anarch-egoist anarchy..."

so -ist is fine when used in "egoist", but not when used in "anarchist"? i don't get it.

i personally tend to use "anarchist" as an adjective rather than a noun. same with "egoist". they are descriptors, not identity labels.

Ist and isms are not bad and electively loaded in all instances obviously. Cynicism and nihlist do not the carry the same elective weight as anarchism and anarchist does. Unfortunately anarchism-clear on back to Proudhon-was defined with noun political-economic based intentions.

For me anarch is a term that can signify something more non-elective, individuated and philosophical.

Thats like being sexist, amirite?

At first glance it is exciting and encouraging to see anarchists and people close to anarchism use mass collective violence against organized racists, anti-immigrant scum, misogynists and homophobes. The contemporary antifa phenomena is not strictly speaking an expression of the anarchist subculture, but the two overlap, and antifa is the most visible public expression of something close to the anarchist subculture in today’s United States. In this the antifa phenomena also parades the worst aspects of today’s anarchist scene. As an extreme left fringe culture fixated on an equal marginal extreme right fringe culture, antifa cannot contribute to the rise of anything more enduring and substantive than an endless series of public brawls with extreme right-wing creeps. As is so often the case, a significant unspoken motivation here is that these actions don’t tax short attention spans and allow scenesters to earn street cred with fellow scenesters. People who catch a buzz off this aren’t subsequently going to engage in ongoing commitment-intensive, non-buzz-inducing activity.

As the UK libertarian socialist group ‘Solidarity’ put it in their statement, As We See It in the 1960’s:

“Meaningful action, for revolutionaries, is whatever increases the confidence, the autonomy, the initiative, the participation, the solidarity, the equalitarian tendencies and the self-activity of the masses and whatever assists in their demystification.
Sterile and harmful action is whatever reinforces the passivity of the masses, their apathy, their cynicism, their differentiation through hierarchy, their alienation, their reliance on others to do things for them and the degree to which they can therefore be manipulated by others -- even by those allegedly acting on their behalf.”

On these terms antifa fails. We live in a time that is more conducive to the rise of an anti-capitalist mass movement than any other period in American history. Brawls with racist and fascist scumbags may paradoxically sometimes be necessary but they are for the most part an entertaining distraction from more important efforts that are going completely neglected. Antifa stuff feels good. This is its main appeal. The most that can result from antifa actions in the world outside of sporadic confrontations is enthusiastic spectatorship or passive approval on the part of working and poor people who will themselves never get into public fistfights with Nazis and College Republicans.

Regardless of all claims to the contrary the antifa phenomena is not anti-capitalist. A perspective for the abolition of wage labor and market relations is not integral to this kind of politics. Antifa is not geared toward ongoing social struggles in the larger society around us. A long-term movement for revolutionary transformation can only grow from conflicts between exploited people and the larger commodity society that we reproduce and confront in our daily lives. A revolutionary movement won’t grow out of a fixation with capitalist America’s most clownish and toxic fringe aspects. Collective direct action in everyday life lacks the high drama of violent protest ghetto events -- and this is how it should be. The terrain of the mundane is the only terrain that matters.

One way to stop fascist bombers is to find places where they get their instructional manuals, then boobytrap them with altered instructions that cause their shit to go off in their faces when they make it. Maybe circulate the new, altered manuals all over Gab when they get back online?

I can see it now: the "MAGA cookbook" with a picture of Trump on the cover and all kinds of recipies guaranteed to backfire on their users inside.

Its true Anti-fa are not anti-capitalist enough. And since capitalist China is now rolling out a war on the world, we need something to complement the BB tactic.

Trump leads the BB nation against white nationalist anti-semite fascists and rallies the Antifa sect, thus mutating the psychopolitical idpol mentality further towards conservatist values.

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