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Filler Distro Presents: A SCAM FOR THE BIG IDEA

A SCAM FOR THE BIG IDEA is a Pittsburgh anarcho-punk compilation album benefiting The Big Idea Cooperative Bookstore & Cafe.

You can buy or stream the album on bandcamp. It’s also available for streaming on spotify, youtube, and a bunch of other sites. All proceeds go directly to The Big Idea.

Over the last 18 years, The Big Idea has become a second home for many Pittsburgh anarchists. The space’s rent got jacked up recently, and it’s likely to get raised again in the coming months. With that in mind, some Filler kids figured it was time we pay The Big Idea back for all the coffee, books, zines, pins, patches and vegan goodies that we’ve nabbed over the years.

We found some cheap recording equipment and decided to hit up our friends to see if anyone wanted to record a track or two for a benefit compilation album. Now that the album’s done, we’re offering free recording to anarchist bands/musicians living near the three rivers, so hit us up for free recording!

The accompanying zine will be released in the coming weeks, be sure to check it out! It’s gonna have art/lyrics for every track, as well as some perspectives on anarchy in the East End.

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This rips

pretty dope, especially that one d-beat song about elves and goblins

This is from a parallel timeline where ‘anarchopunk’ is still a thing?

it’s still a thing
but if you listen, you’ll see it’s not all punk

pittsburgh still has smoking bars, Lemmy lookalike mötorcycle gangs, several zine distros, two squatter scenes that hardly interact, AND an infoshop... pretty sure the whole city is caught in some parallel time vortex.

ok boomer

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