Pittsburgh: Vandals Smash Windows On Several Storefronts In Shadyside

  • Posted on: 10 April 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Police are searching for more than a dozen people who, wearing all black and carrying signs, went on a vandalism spree, smashing storefronts, Friday night in Shadyside’s busy business district.

According to Allegheny County emergency dispatchers, much of the damage happened in the 5500-block of Walnut Street.

Though, police also responded to two other locations nearby – Liberty Avenue at Baum Boulevard and Ivy Street and Ellsworth Avenue.

Six storefronts, including clothing stores and restaurants, were shattered. There’s no word yet on a total damage estimate.

But witnesses say they saw a group of 20 to 30 people, dressed in black and carrying red and black flags as well as signs with the word “anarchy” on them. In one window they painted the word “Yuppy.”

“About 18 or 20 younger people, including some women. Some of the men had what looked like ax handles about four-feet long, and they were specifically taking ax handles – or a thick piece of oak – and smashing them,” said one witness.

Police had stopped the same group earlier as they marched toward Shadyside.

“At that point they told us that they were simply having a funeral procession honoring a friend who died,” said Pittsburgh Police spokesperson Sonya Toler. “However, once they got into the Shadyside area, the business district, they started being a bit destructive causing mayhem in the street.”

Some of the witnesses said they saw firecrackers being set off on Walnut Street.

“All the sudden we heard firecrackers outside the store, and then some smashing, and then really didn’t hear anything else… and then a group of young men – about seven or eight young men, all dressed in black – came shuffling into the Apple Store,” said Nick Scapellato, a witness. “They weren’t wearing masks, but they were all out of breath.”

The business owners were already beginning the cleanup process late Friday night.

Police say they did stop a few people, but no arrests have been made.

The investigation continues.




Fuck yes Pittsburgh! It is so fucking inspiring to see y'all kicking ass in memory of a fallen comrade. Thank you so much.

Who mike v?

Never met this comrade, but I know he touched the lives of a lot of friends in a singular and inimitable way. I remember, as a young kid, reading projects he did and feeling inspired by them. remember his name and continue his struggle!

Warms my heart. When a comrade falls we lash out at our enemies. Love ya Pittsburg.

I'd count myself very lucky to get half as much of a show of love as this guy when I check out

Goddamn, but hundreds of miles away, we miss Mike too. Midwest love.

The fucking best thing to happen in Pittsburgh in a long time!

mike vesch (or veschie as i called him) was the best. we use to hang out all the time watching penguin games, i’ll never forget the time when the pens were playing the flyers during this heated game. we were so tense we smoked a blunt and then i sucked his dick to completion and he painted my face with his dna. it was the best night ever. i must have smashed 5 or 6 windows the other night in his honor.

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