Plain Words #1

  • Posted on: 22 February 2017
  • By: thecollective

From Plain Words

The first issue of Plain Words is here!

[For reading and printing 8.5×11]
[For printing 11×17]

Plain Words is a website and publication that focuses on spreading news and developing analyses of struggles in and around Bloomington, Indiana. As anarchists, we approach these struggles from an anti-state, anti-capitalist perspective. However, we aren’t interested in developing a specific party line – even an anarchist one – and instead value the diverse forms resistance can take. Our anarchism is vibrant, undogmatic, and finds common cause with all others who fight for a world without the state, capital, and all structures of domination.

We actively seek collaboration. If you have news, images, reportbacks of actions and demonstrations, communiques, event information, publications, analyses of local trends and situations, updates on projects and campaigns, or anything else coming from an anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist perspective, please get in touch.

If you have comments on or critiques of anything we’ve printed that you’d like us to publish, feel free to send them our way.

“Revenge! Rainbow Bakery Sabotaged for Feral Pines”
“Anti-Oppression & the Internet”
“New Year’s Eve Reportback”
“Reflections on the September 9th Prison Strike”
“How to Wheatpaste”
“We Have Only Begun to Fight: Reportback from the J20 Bloc”
“What is Anarchism”
Action Chronology




White people prefer everything plain, even their words.

I thought it went white people prefer blondes

As do refugees, I hear.

Refugees disembarking from the Mayflower.

Not as wildly as privileged White cowards like very, very young brown-haired refugees, I've SEEN.

I thought wildness was valued amongst anarchists.

If I visit a new place and refuse to accommodate the local culture, nor learn their traditions & language, that would be rude. It would be an act of colonialism. Being a bad guest while insisting that others accommodate you is a perfect example of "wildly privileged."

Advocating for influxes of loud, obnoxious tourists is such a strange project to have, as an anarchist.

What's up with these right wing trolls all of a sudden? Yeah, an "anarchist" advocating for national culture and borders. Fuck off forever. See you at the barricades--from the other side.

Notice that neither nations nor borders were invoked. The point is about community, safe spaces, inclusion, accommodation, mutual aid & respect. Think of how insular & selective anarchist crowds can be, for comparison. One cannot simply walk into Exarchia. Nor demand nor expect inclusion simply by dropping a few choice words about oppression or identity. No, these things can only be endeared, earned, or inspired. Rude guests & loud, obnoxious tourists are resented across all cultures.

lol, you absolutely can just walk into exarchia, you're intentionally obscuring your point while obviously referring to refugees and immigrants--which necessarily invokes borders and nations--and in fact, anarchists in exarchia have been very welcoming of immigrants and refugees and struggle in solidarity with them. as i said, see you at the barricades, from the other side. let me show you what we do with "unwanted guests"--right wing trolls playing dumb, for example.

"let me show you what we do with "unwanted guests"--right wing trolls playing dumb, for example."

There is an expectation of behavior & beliefs within groups. This is culture. We're both making the same point about codes of conduct. Crossing them gets you the boot.

cool equivocation bro

Yes, it's an equivocation, because I compare equals. You speak proudly of your form of territorialism, whilst denouncing others.

Dunno if this is where you're getting, but group culture and etiquette have absolutely nothing to do with any territoriality whatsoever. You're, like, grossly conflating a bird to a dragon just because they fly... It's common among the confused reactionaries.

I suggest you go have a long walk by some beach and breathe well. You can also fight against the waves, it makes the shit get out of yer guts and also makes you look really funny from a distance. No beach aroun? Go find a nice one... There's plenty around the globe.

"group culture and etiquette have absolutely nothing to do with any territoriality whatsoever"

Can you explain what you mean by this? Not following. Territoriality is a defense mechanism, among other things, that any group or individual, human or non-human, practices in order to perpetuate survival. It's also a form of maintanence of one's surroundings, an epigenetic & epi-cultural aesthetic expression.

You don't have to invoke "nations" for coming off as the total xenopobic asshole you are. The Earth belonds to NO ONE, this is not "your place" more than any other's, and nobody has any obligation to go by the culture of your crowd. If some people wanna work or do other public stuff in your area, it's their respomsibility to learn the most common languages in use, but beyond that, put your "immigrant's duty" where the Sun doesn't shine.

Did not invoke xenophobia nor ownership, either. You did. The post was about culture, tradition, codes of conduct, and territorialism. Which all groups exhibit, even you and yours As you and the other anon display. I'm not familiar with the quote in your last sentence, it was not present in the previous posts. Fabricated? Anyway, we are all obliged to politeness and accord when visiting, travelling, and ingratiating ourselves into new groups. It is a blessing, an honor, to experience such phenomena. Have you never found interest in foreign cultures? Nor satisfaction in learning its ways?

And then you go on alleging that immigrants, by default, are not observing the cultures of people where they are moving? Again, nobody owes anything to you, except respect.

Respect doesn't include having to conform to "your" culture. It exists beyond and above cultural differences, and that's just how cosmopolitan big North American cities have had millions of people coexisting together for ages.

Respect starts with treating others equally no matter the differences the other has.

Did not invoke ownership of a culture. Another fabricated quote? Nor have I mentioned claims of what is owed to me. I wonder if you receive State benefits in any form, while you make these proclamations that others are owed nothing, "except respect."

Respect can't be owed. Respect is earned, or inspired. The public cordialities, tolerance via desensitization, found in your cosmopolitan concrete CAFOs, is not respect. This cheap knock-off of respect that you give out will nilly is not a gift. It is worthless, inflated currency. A fake smile. And you claim this is the only thing owed to people. Christ...

"Respect starts with treating others equally no matter the differences the other has."

You parrot schoolyard platitudes given to you by the State's teachers.

I'm some other commenter and you're trolling your face off.

nice try.

'plain words' was a galleanist communique title (most likely written by mario buda (?)), from a period where italians in the so-called usa were treated as less than human.

Yeah right, Italians like spicy meatballs, not plain words. Nice try.

Hold on there!
I, of Italian Heritage, object to the
accusation that our preference
For meatballs to be spicy. If not overcooked,
Meatballs are tastier , bringing out the flavors of the meat enhanced with common
condiments and a smoothpasta sauce.
Galliani, Sacco and Vanzetti, Carlo Tresca,
and my Father, an anarchist who was
a great chef, knew the beauty of
A good-a-meat a- ball-a.
I grew up with love for "The Idea" ( my
Recently deceased older sister was Named
Idea , as were many of her friends, to commemorate the " Idea " of anarchistic freedom. . So I know what I'm talking about!
Few of you can appreciate the intellectual
and at times exciting milieu in which I
Grew up , and specifically the
culinary aspects. Good food , good political
Discussion, and good people. A good Demo. That's
What makes the world go-round, comrades!
The rest of life? You win some and lose some.
Good-enough for me.

...Most of the remaining Galleanists sought to avoid arrest by becoming inactive or going underground. However, some sixty militants considered themselves still engaged in a class war that required retaliation. For three years, they waged an intermittent campaign of violence directed at politicians, judges, and other federal and local officials, especially those who had supported the deportation of alien radicals. Chief among the dozen or more violent acts the Galleanists committed or are suspected of committing was the bombing of US Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer's home on June 2, 1919. In that incident, one Galleanist, Carlo Valdonoci, a former editor of Cronaca Sovversiva and an associate of Sacco and Vanzetti, was killed when the bomb intended for Attorney General Palmer exploded in his hands as he was placing it. Incendiary pamphlets titled "Plain Words" found at the scene of this and several other midnight bombings on the same evening were signed by "The Anarchist Fighters."[8]

Several Galleanist associates had been suspected or interrogated about their roles in the bombing incidents. Two days before Sacco and Vanzetti were arrested, a Galleanist named Andrea Salsedo fell to his death from the Justice Department's, Bureau of Investigation offices on 15 Park Row in New York City. There was speculation that Salsedo may have been pushed out the window or possibly dropped as he was held out of the window by his ankles, a well known "third-degree" technique, as he was interrogated. Roberto Elia, another Galleanist under arrest, was later deposed in the inquiry and testified that Salsedo was distraught over his capture and killed himself to avoid betraying the others.[9] Salsedo worked in the Canzani Printshop in Brooklyn, where federal agents traced the "Plain Words" leaflet....

Brooklyn. Typical white people hang out. Plain canned corn and plain wonderbread, please.

all you've ever seen are TV shows and movies and comedy routines about the place.
Yo, Brooklyn got more blacks, latinos and Chinese than "white people" you fool.

The Mafia own all the pizza shops in Brooklyn that's for sure !

Now you know why No-Body
Pushes us Italians around!
p.s. a nice tip and courtesy and respect in
Restaurants always helps.

aw that's cute this white boy moved to brooklyn because of tv shows and how he ridicules everyone who's still stuck watching it on tv, awww. nice mustache too bro. PS I'm a black chinese guy and I'll beat your ass right in the middle of brookyln avenue you piss factory

PS it's a known fact that Italians are gigantic producers of gluten fat. So are the Chinese unfortunately. Next TOTW... "Mass production Chinese noodles Vs Mass production Italian pasta: where is true anarchy!?"

Dis be da strangest anarcho-afro-sino cosplay I have ever seent.

Thanks, azano

Make me ouroborean self-love, my man, please. Thank you a great many (as One).

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