PNW Solidarity Banner Spotted in NYC

  • Posted on: 1 September 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Solidarity banner spotted hanging over the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in Williamsburg on Friday the 31st.
Banner reads:

<strong>**SOLIDARITY** with the **SILENT**

check out the photo here:</td><td><img title="so do we" src=""></td></tr></tab...


Should read NYC Counter Revolutionaries!

Lol @ this idiot thinking being straight is bucking a trend.

I sense a PNW/NYC queer orgy in the future.... <3 and erect nipples for the banner droppers!

NYC is gonna have to start rioting before this pnw queer has an orgy with them.


thanks anna

Great to see, as always, acts in solidarity with anarchists facing repression. But here is a minor point of constructive criticism for all banner droppers and graffiti makers:

If you want your message to spread the word about what is going on, you want to make it legible to people who probably are not familiar with the acronym "PNW" or what sort of resistance is going on there. Therefore, you probably want to mention the grand jury by name. Now, many people still may not know what a grand jury is, but they can at least look it up.

Also, "resister" is someone who resists, "resistor" is part of an electrical device.

Of course, maybe you might object that you don't want to communicate with the people driving the cars below the banner, but to the grand jury resisters themselves. In that case you might as well just paint the banner, snap a picture, and post it to Anarchist News. Or smash something and claim it anonymously for them. But communicative acts should communicate clearly.

You could also include a link to or even for the curious.

good idea :)

also wipe the info from the file, because flickr has a name and model of camera displayed.

That's really interesting. It makes sense, though, generally files can store a significant amount of metadata, and even in some cases, as in torrents, the file is really nothing more than metadata, but about another file. Although it is a bit clever how the poster does not insinuate themselves with the action. They just happen to be in the area and noticed the banner. Maybe not secure, but plausible deniability may be all that is needed here. Suppose the poster was in fact someone who didn't even know the banner droppers, and in fact, was not an anarchist at all. Suppose the police went on and arrested them anyway. Well, that certainly would be something, right?

Everyone should just make their own banners to show us all how it's done!

Much <3 to the banner makers

-one of the PNW @s

<3 to nyc queers

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