Police believe Afghan suspect linked to anarchists

  • Posted on: 4 February 2018
  • By: thecollective

From ekathimerini.com

An Afghan man who was arrested in central Athens on Saturday carrying dozens of detonators in a backpack is more likely linked to the domestic anarchist movement than to international terrorism.

A source at the Citizens’ Protection Ministry said that intelligence regarding the suspect’s movements prior to his arrest is being examined by the police, who have already ascertained that he passed through several migrant camps in northern Greece and the eastern Aegean.

He has also been traced to a squat in the Exarchia district of downtown Athens, bolstering the belief that he may have been a “courier” for the anarchist group that runs the squat, delivering drugs and other contraband.

The man, who speaks no Greek and very little English, was arrested after trying to run out of a restaurant without paying his bill. Police found him to be carrying 78 detonators, two small gas canisters and lighters, among other objects favored by anarchists in their campaigns against the police.



do not believe the lies of the state

Don't worry … this hack job is pretty damned transparent

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