Police evict and beat protesters occupying Compton Hill Reservoir Park

  • Posted on: 17 March 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="http://antistatestl.wordpress.com/2012/03/16/police-evict-and-beat-prote... STL</a>

Last night close to 150 people from the occupy movement – ourselves, our friends, and comrades – took over Compton Hill Reservoir Park. Met with overwhelming police force intent on evicting the camp, protesters marched into the streets. Where they were met with batons, pepper spray and fists… at least fifteen were arrested and three hospitalized, with severe facial injuries, concussions, staples and stitches in the head, and broken bones.

Unfortunately the cops’ brutish reaction to last night’s events does not really evoke surprise in us. As the armed thugs of the state and wealthy, they go about their business striving (though often failing) to thwart our attempts to escape our material conditions, even if only for a moment. We feel the state’s presence in our lives on a daily basis, both informing and enforcing our every move.</td><td><img title="and if it works they'll all be dead" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/violencepanda.jpg"></td></t...
Nevertheless, we refuse to take a passive position in regards to last night’s events: we will not and cannot sit idly by as they carry on fucking with us. Our antagonism for the police is a bottomless pit, and we cannot easily let the images of our comrades bloodied faces pass from our memories.

If you desire something more than the mundane hellishness of everyday life, if you have any love for those who fight back:



Links to videos of the evening-

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LS9b9U_sXc">http://www.youtube.com/watch... (bloodied comrades at 9:10 and 10:00)


Is the polar bear you or the cops?

cops for now, us in the near future with cops on the other end of the barrel. Representing the Metro East STL!

~Money ruins everything around me~

that is a Panda. Just sayin.


uhh, positive. its a panda. polar bears tend to be all white. its not an optical illusion, and your post screams "i'm a cop from thursday night, high fiving my buddies at the police station afterwards."


then why is the vest misshapen or torn? if so, then this image is reminescent of the recent International Women's Day flyer that apparently "weren't for" my male comrade friends (way to smash gender binaries, ladies in the STL by the way!), you know, the one where the woman is riding a bike with no hands, a flat tire, and a missing anatomy of an ass (to obviously show what women are capable of, nevermind that it would be impossible for any human... that image was chosen instead of making a flyer with a picture of women actually being empowered). anyways, i already know which guy you were from Occupy the Midwest Conference, hope you've figured out which person I am.

Totally respect the idea of people wanting to organize in ways they choose but the sheer disdain that came from the individual leafleting that you are talking about was ridiculous.

i hear pandas are snitches...


i know this is the internet and i shouldn't have high hopes for what people say, but jesus-fucking-christ, i just had to watch my close friends get their faces bashed in.

i really hope the people who read this article or found out about what happened the other night are doing more than making jokes or comments about the image, rollover comments, etc., etc.

I don't know if i'm more enraged or heartbroken by the above comments.....

We're out here thinking of y'all. <3

Metro east loves you and the folks that were rolled on by the pigs on thursday.

I heard about this off the internet when it happened. Anarchos are thinkin about yall. Solidarity from AZ.

it is a hard truth to deal with the fact of extreme negative comment bias which is the internet, through and through.

every once in a while we who would otherwise just lurk, that is, just read the story and not comment, allowing the thread to be full of whatever nonsenseness, have to come out of the silence and say that yes actually there are hundreds of us out here for you. fuck the pigs who did that and fuck all the rest of the pigs and their worthless empty lives without a drop of love or heart. we're here for you today, tomorrow and forever, and when we meet again some day soon, perhaps this year or next, we will greet each other with hugs and tears, and your scarred and battered faces are all the more beautiful for bearing the marks of a life truly lived, a life of joy and pain. i love you and goodnight. never give up

ps - this is from the northwest


love from stl

99 votes holy shit

yeah, does the "silent majority" hate the comments, but know it's futile to try and comment them away?!?

from north to south side we fight where we stand

Love from the northeast

Y'all aren't short on courage, that's for sure.

<3 Some more Midwest love.

Much love and solidarity from that dirty south. You are inspiring us to be brave and re-occupy this spring!

vancouver sends you love from north of the stupid line in the woods

more love, same town, different @

Take your revenge and laugh while you do it.

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