Police fire bullets in Exarcheia

  • Posted on: 28 August 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>At approximately 16.50 on Saturday, August 25, a group of people tried to push away a couple of heroin dealers or users (still unclear) at the corner of Stournari Street and Kannigos Str, in Exarcheia. Some background to how this happened: The “unofficial” (but wholly sanctioned by the police) heroin trading spot has recently moved outside the Stournari gate of the Athens Polytechnic. In response, groups of anarchists and others have chosen the ambivalent tactic of forcibly moving dealers and users out of the area.

This time round, the two dealers or users (as said, still unclear, with reports differing) called the police. In a few minutes, two motorcycles of the ZITA force appeared, chasing the group up to Exarcheia square. They snatched the last person in the group, and, according to an indymedia report they told them, “it is us who are in control of heroin, you have no idea what you got yourselves into”.</td><td><img title="What is to be done?" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/waterdeathbullet.jpg"></td>...
Meanwhile, the rest of the group had reached Exarcheia square and joined by many others at the square, returned to attack the three delta motorcycles. In response, one of the ZITA police took out his gun and shot three times up, diagonally from the crowd. He then pointed his gun toward the crowd without shooting. The person who had at that time been detained by the police was freed. However, moments later, tens of DELTA and DIAS motorcycle police flooded Exarcheia square detaining and eventually arresting at least three people.


HOLY SHIT, BULLETS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I feel like the title was probably the least awkward phrasing of "police raised their guns into the air and fired live ammunition in an attempt to intimidate people" that could be managed. "Police fire warning shots" could be taken metaphorically and might make certain implications about the nature of the shooting.

But yeah, bullets! Real ones!

Perhaps we should make allowances for translation from the Greek to English, not an easy thing to do. ann arky at www.radicalglasgow.me.uk

Police fire bullets every day where I live. And shoot someone around once a month. Does that mean I'm less free than people in exarchia?

They do not know what they are doing going into exarcheia and fireing bullets........ This is an act of war...

lol yeah right. 4 years of general insurrection and what's there to show for it than a more widely known anarchist ghetto?

Well, according to a book I read on the subject, quite a lot, but I'm gonna hazard a guess and say that I have no fucking idea because I don't live in Greece.

You mean like the only few ghettos your forces were able to secure in Afghanistan, after ten fucking years, with all your great military might, against a bunch of insurgents? Or ike you great debacle in Vietnam, with maybe 2 times the budget, staff and weaponry?

Woa... ur so tuff, douchebag!

my forces?

you may as well ask yourself what the entire anarchist project has amounted to. certainly not global anarchism, which of course is the result, not of general strikes, riots, trade unionism, industrial collapse, or the technological singularity, but of college dropouts talking shit on the internet. Brave anons, whose perpetual scorn shines for us like a smelly beacon through the darkness of our own failed attempts to actually leave the front door of our own houses. surely @ news is a vastly more pathetic ghetto than exarchia?

high school dropout, thank you very much.

why are anarchists attacking heroin dealers and/or users? What happened to being amoral? Your time could be so much better spent, like attacking the state.

Because heroin has the ability to destroy communities.


"Because heroin has the ability to destroy communities." So could other diseases. So could guns. Does that mean we should attack people who have those things? Last time I checked, dealing drugs is more revolutionary than going to work everyday. Not trying to say it's revolutionary to sell drugs, but at least people who do that aren't paying taxes. And hey, everyone has to eat.

i have this discussion with my roommate all the time. my roommate actually thinks selling drugs is completely capitalist and despises it. i think someone selling homegrown pot on the side to pay bills is one thing, but i also hate heroine dealers. if you dont share hatred for heroine dealers, your community has never been vicitimized by them.

" if you dont share hatred for heroine dealers, your community has never been vicitimized by them."

dope is everywhere. I guess the difference here is that If you do it you do it and if you don't no one tries to shove it in your face.

But yet again, not all drug dealers are the same. Y'all are still putting down a set of morals to follow... and if you ask the people these dealers serve if they want them out of here most of them will tell you no

no they do not pay taxes but a good part of the money goes to the most vicious social structure. heroin epidemic is one of the most destructive deseases known + it does not support any revolutionary thinking or acting, quite contrary, it doses the masses to inactivity and submission of the ruling structures... everyone has to eat? does that motiv justify mercenaries or mafiosi?

And where does it justify police invasion and violence?

Yeah, heroin is a big problem in the streets of Athens. All thanks to NATO's subsidized drug cartels (i.e. Albanian mafia), with all their shit heroin coming straight from that military airport in "liberated" Kosovo. At that point, the source of these secret air cargos is quite obvious...

How many times I'll have to tell Greek anarchists that this struggle has gotta spread regionally, rebuilding ties, especially with Serbian and Macedonian comrades?

All NATO's power in the region lies in its territorial compartmentalization ("balkanization"). Hitting at it is hitting at the same corporate State you've been fighting for years in the streets of Athens. The only way out for the entire people in southern East Europe is through non-political solidarity, beyond the capitalist State.
If the anarchist movement would get to strengthen regionally, the Greek Police would be powerless in dealing with the resistance, and NATO troops in the Balkans would end up being surrounded.

I mean what's the point with disrupting a Russian oil pipeline in Thrakia, when you can disrupt something that hurts your communities even more, and even potentially breaking Fortress Europe?

"Last time I checked, dealing drugs is more revolutionary than going to work everyday."

LMAO! Dealing drugs is going to work everyday you dummy! Have fun being an independent distributor of a cash crop grown under the watchful supervision of the US army in occupied lands.

"everyone has to eat."

Yeah including cops who are better drug runners than you will ever be. Seriously, if you read the article you would realize this was about @s resisting cops and revealing their true colors, but drugs are cool so that must be, like oppressive, right?

dealing drugs is hardly going to work everyday don't be a fool

People who think that dealing drugs, outside of maybe Marijauna for some bizarre and far too complicated reason to put out here..can lick my ass. I'm not defending beating up heroine dealers and users, but revolutionary, taking advantage of peoples weaknesses is revolutionary. You don't know a lot of drug dealers I'm guessing...white boy.

You people have to stop this. I would say this, but I didn't. This is irritating the shit out of me. And that bullshit last night...you're looking at my Facebook page? Seriously, I stopped. You want my attention, you'll get my attention...

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?


oh shit. are you sure?

Thank the Bayer Corporation for bestowing such a wonderful gift on humanity.

And let's not forget to thank all those German/American/French generals for bringing those Afghan poppies as a gift to mankind!

Thanks to them, the streets in the West are much more *peaceful*, while prisons are always more crowded!

the state has long used drugs to control populations. this article shows that police play an active role in ensuring communities become addicted to heroin. This is the same as how the US used alcohol to commit genocide on natives.

Because heroin is a tool of the cops who say so themselves? Those drug dealers you romanticize are the same type of bullies and exploiters as folks who work as cops, and you look stupid for defending them.

Seriously most cops would be working in organized crime if they didn't have a more comfy position with the state. Fuck heroin.

I was going to respond, but then I assumed you would be too busy also attacking the state to have this discussion.

the cops drive the heroin dealers into exarchia with the express purpose of fucking up exarchia. they aren't there randomly. I'm gonna go ahead and mention I've actually been there. this is a common police tactic against "T.A.Z.s" the world over.

This sounds like some weirdo conspiracy theory bullshit and also a lie. Source or GTFO.

*sounds like* and also happens to be true. believe it fool, welcome to the desert of the real.

The only "desert" is the amount of truth this has. Next thing you'll probably say is that the CIA tricked America into eating fast food so they could become fat and complacent to domination. If you don't have a source, you can STFU and GTFO.

whatever idiot. Those of us who've actually spent enough time in the ghetto to see the patterns of exploitation *on top of* the regular cycle of human misery know what we've seen and direct experience is almost always going to trump the "expertise" of some source. I mean, what is it you're expecting here? Some declassified internal documents from the spooks where they talk candidly about their social engineering projects?

Since we're just barking orders at each other anyway, KILL YOURSELF YOU LITTLE SHIT STAIN AND STOP WASTING MY OXYGEN



The grownups are having a discussion here ...


Are you the same kid who's crying about the mods deleting all your posts?

Are you the same mod who's deleting posts?

Heh! That's a yes.
But nope ... just another lurker like yourself!
Although I don't have a persecution complex anymore.

Glad you got that cleared up with yourself. Now if you can provide a source to your lies, that would be great.

Also, lurkers don't post comments. If you were intelligent, you'd know that.

Moderator is a butthurt liar that believes in conspiracy theories.

Once again ... not a moderator you gibbering jackass

I can't "source" my own experience. I was told in Athens by comrades that police literally drop junkies off in exarchea. they were violently kicked out of there by alpha kappa, which created yet more splits in "the movement". this article marks the return of this issue among the community in athens, not the beginning of it. I've also talked to homeless people in Santa Cruz that told me the cops sent them to subrosa (the local infoshop). anyways what the fuck do you mean "GTFO". you aren't the arbiter of truth on this board anymore than I am, and it seems funny that you'd single out my comment for attack when all manner of spurious crap gets peddled on the board completely free of comment. Your efforts might seem more worthwhile agains some of the truthers or perhaps that jackass who just comments "nigga nigga nigga" all the time. Anyways, if you haven't been to athens i'm going to point out that it just isn't like the US. police march openly with neo-nazis and coordinate to attack squats and anarchists. immigrants are murdered in the street without investigation. when viewed in light of open corruption, sending some junkies to a park has less in common with JFK speculations and more in common with traffic jams, gang violence and any other example of the shitty side of everyday urban life.

probably just some little windbag from the likes of 4chan anyway, I know exactly what you're talking about and it ain't unique to exarchea. It's part class prejudice, part systematic and part predatory practice by the more cynical rank and file pigs. Definitely a legitimate tendency to try and push all the "undesirables" in to the designated "zones" which usually orbit around the latest real estate development projects. The pigs in my town candidly talk about "red zones" and issue breach conditions when they release people that try to funnel all the addicts, dealers and malcontents in to the same neighbourhoods. Difficult to understand much about this stuff unless you get off the internet once and awhile and do advocacy work in the streets (or live in them).



Do you actually think you're making sense? The hell is even your goal here? You just don't want to believe in the level of corruption that exists? Is it just too much for your little world view? Bless your heart! Aw ... turns out the world is even more awful than you thought and you just can't stomach it. :)

My goal is to see a fucking source. It is rather explicit in what I've said. Why are you so fucking dumb?

A source of what? We weren't having a formal academic debate here. Just sharing anecdotes. Nobody owes you anything and nobody cares what you believe.

I believe you are a fucking gullible liar that is spreading conspiracy theories.

is it only because the state is "in control of it" or whatever?

it's a state strategy to overwhelm the area with anti-social violence.

attacking someone randomly for using drugs is not anti-social violence? are you fucking serious?

selling, not using. and it's obvious what the intent of the state is.

maybe in greece that is the intent of the state but in the US dealers will go to prison for a LONGGGGG time. The dealers aren't state employed or condoned or whatever mostly proles who need money.

you, my friend, need both a history lesson and a reality check

and lots of other "proles" (god i hate that fucking term) "who need money" would take serious issue with you apologizing for dealers and the impact that drugs and gang violence have on their community.

"and lots of other "proles" (god i hate that fucking term) "who need money" would take serious issue with you apologizing for dealers and the impact that drugs and gang violence have on their community."

there is one voice for all the proles and it just so happens to be yours!

"selling, not using. and it's obvious what the intent of the state is."

it clearly states dealers or users (still unclear)

It wasn't random. It's been known for a while now that it's the pigs' strategy to shove heroin pushers into the neighborhood.

"forcibly moving dealers AND users out of the area."

if so still no reason to attack users?

When I was there a few years ago there was thick crowds (20-60 depending on the time of day) of junkies outside the polytechnic and a few blocks away in the square. It was very surreal. I grew up in a shitty, bombed out city full of hard drugs and had never seen anything like it. I was told that it hadn't been that way until recent and almost over night there were these crowds of junkies. When people talked to them, they said the police told them the only place they wouldn't get fucked with from then on was in Exarchia. The police did this to fuck with the neighborhood, but also (I was told) because they run the heroin and wanted them all in one place.

Different people responded to it in different ways. One house (I was told) that over-looked the square would sit on their balcony with a megaphone describing whoever was dealing, 'you in the track pants, selling heroine, get the fuck out of here!" etc., another group beat dealers, other groups were furious that was happening. I was shown a banner that read "Heroin Kills Us - Out! (Weed OK)"

I say all of this to try and give you an idea of what this looks like. That it is a pretty obvious tension there, it's different than anything I've experienced in NA, anarchists are responding to it differently and it's a situation created by the police to fuck with them.

Thank you for this comment. I've kinda been unsure how to express some of what it feels like in that area and you did very well. I wouldn't presume to speak for any anarchists in Greece by any means, but I'm sure there are many different opinions. I have family in the area and am more familiar with the situation from that angle.
Many of the people hard-up on drugs there will identify themselves as "toxic users" and have very in-depth conversations about the issue of police, how their presence effects the radical area, etc with you.
My impressions about the drug line next to the Polytechnic (which is perhaps comparable to something out of pictures I've seen from Alphabet City in the NYC in the 70s, where people will have an open long, line down the street to a bucket for drugs) is that its dispersed occasionally. Its hard to express how strong the influence is and how destroyed people's lives are, which many will very openly talk about. One thing both anarchists and people addicted to drugs (not mutually exclusive categories sometimes Im sure) seemed to agree upon was that both users and dealers were being pushed into the neighborhood to criminalize it. My impression was also that many of the people addicted to drugs are of course young and aging people the radicals have grown up with. Its a very complicated, sad issue, and I think to knee jerk assume that anarchists there are acting like, say, reactionary straight edge kids in the 90s sometimes attacking people they don't know or didn't grow up alongside, would be missing lots of nuance.

Sounds like all the moral ambiguities familiar to anyone who's spent time in the ghetto.
(Not the "anarchist ghetto" kids, not talking about an abstraction here)

I visited a lot of squats and even squatted communities in Europe which had pretty explicitly anti-hard-drug policies. Christiania running the dealers out would be the classic example. I think it's safe to say that even in (comparatively) liberated spaces, that these problem still come up.

I live in a neighbourhood with a widely known crack/meth problem. I see the results every day. I have friends who are watching family members die from addiction, and I see the total inability of the state to deal with the problem. I'm constantly defending "the crackheads", but at the same time, I just can't idealize or glorify the situation. It's incredibly harmful and it tears communities apart.

1. Kill cops
2. Kill heroin dealers
3. ????
4. Profit!

Millions of women and families in Afghanistan are slaughtered and enslaved by the opium industry, fueled by US money. A good percentage of said opium is processed into dope and shipped to the US for further profit.

Dope tears apart radical communities. I am so sick of seeing my friends strung out.
The employment of heroin and crack into poor neighborhoods and anarchist/punk communities is, in my opinion, a psy ops by the state. Keep everyone strung out on drugs, and they won't have the capacity to revolt and organize.
That's why in europe the anarchist communities have a strict ban on hard drugs.

yeah, heroin fucking destroyed the squatting movement in Europe.

Among a few other things, yeah.

In Greece they say that the police pushed heroin in order to destroy the anarchist movement in the 80s and that nearly a generation of comrades were lost to heroin. People are residually angry about the effects it had.

Put on your buckle-shoes and get out your fiery torches folks. Witch-hunt be on!

Cill all beauty, Cill all love.

-some whahnarchists

From: http://libcom.org/history/armed-struggle-italy-1976-1978

18 Rome: A notorious fascist belonging to the infamous Di Luia gang and boss of the heroin trade, is killed with three pistol shots. The action is claimed in a telephone call to Lotta Continua by Movimento proletaria di resistenza offensivo Nucleo Antieroina. (Anti-heroin nu cleus of the Movement of Proletarian Resistance).

1 Milan: Proletari Armati claim the killing of Giampiero Grandi, shopkeeper, belonging to an organisation that controls heroin traf fic and the exploitation of prostitutes. Bomb at Mental Hygiene Centre in via Pancrazi, and a bar in via Degli Apuli.

6 Milan: Bomb in a bar in via Arsia, centre of heroin traffic in that area.

27 Rome: Guerriglia comnunista ambush two heroin pushers; one is killed, the other wounded.

WE CLAIM the execution of the heroin pusher and mafioso, Grandi Giampiero, and the bombings at the Centre for Mental Hygiene in via Pancrazi, the pushers’ lair of via Degli Apuli on 1.11.78, and the bar in via Arsia, centre of the heroin traffic in the Quarto Oggiaro area, on 6.11.78.

Communists are not generally against ‘drug addicts’ like the bourgeoisie and the forces of repression: they are against those who speculate on their skins. We know that heroin is an answer, although illusory and disgusting, to a real need for change in the quality of life. Heroin is the most beautiful of the false consumer products that capital has invented to mystify the reality of proletarian needs. To struggle against heroin pushers is for every heroin addict to struggle against those who seem to be giving him the only possibility of life and survival.
It wouldn’t be habit-forming if daily life weren’t shit. State and God, Work and Family, are deviating ideologies that serve to uphold and hide an unnatur al, lousy, criminal social order which denies in all its relationships the legitimacy of the natural needs of man, and upsets his relationship with reality. Destruction of nature (Seveso is only a tiny example of capitalist criminality), destruction of man as a natural being. What capital cannot exploit it destroys.

With the circulation of heroin and psychotropic drugs they are planning the destruction of entire generations. They destroy as the only way to evaluate the desire to live, to be well, to express the creativity which the young proletarians are the carriers of, in terms of profit. Instead of the forced suicides of the Chilean type, capital is launching volun­tary suicide on the market for common use. Heroin in itself is a false problem: it is a consumer product invented to suffo­cate the real need to change the quality of life, the real problem is the existence of the capitalist social organisation, because it bends towards death and the destruction of all that is human. The drug addict becomes known and measured for the quantity of heroin he consumes, for the average number of thefts he commits, and not for being a human being who, like others, is trying to affirm his own right to existence. To speak of heroin gratuitously is useless if one doesn’t begin to organise the proletarian strength to destroy the present state of affairs at the same time. The proletarian revolution, the surpassing of the existing social order, is not a project to be defined in abstract, but begins in practice with the destruction of capitalist society.

All those who support the liberalisation of the heroin market without posing the problem of how to change the reality of proletarian life in the capitalist metropoli, are stupid opportunists. The armed strength of the proletariat must aim to impose itself as a concrete element capable of self-determining social reality in its complexity. Build proletarian unity in the struggle, establish and develop the political le­gitimacy of the revolutionaries among the proletariat, extend the space for build ing the real power of the proletariat armed. The armed strength of the proletariat in struggle is the only practical instru­ment of liberation from capitalist dominion. Heroin pushing, the exploitation of prostitution, the fencing of small thefts, are activities which correspond only to the law of capitalist accumulation. Com munists are not against illegal activity that damages the bourgeois strata: they are against all those vile activities of proletarian exploitation. It is right to rob banks, to ransom the bourgeois strata, but enough opportunism! Whoever gets rich through the injury of other proletarians will be considered a vile traitor!

Vile is the pusher who earns his living through the deaths of others. Vile is the pimp who uses womens’ bodies as an instrument for his own profit. Vile is the fence who exploits the sweat labour of young proletarians when they are constrained to steal a stereo or spare tyres. All those, especially at a big level, are friends of the police and the carabinieri and enemies of the proletariat. They buy the freedom to continue their vile activities in exchange for tip-offs and prison for other proletarians. The carabinieri use them as informers and they use the carabinieri to get rid of those who are in their way. So the operations of the drug squad against the pushers are in the end nothing other than operations control ling the market to the benefit of those who really centralise the heroin commerce. Whoever breaks proletarian unity, exploits and robs from the proletariat them­selves, must the considered vile enemy and traitor: no solidarity in their divi­sions for subversive work among all the proletarians, for the destruction of capi talist society.
Expel the enemies of the proletariat, the spies and traitors, whether they be heroin pushers or trade union bosses, to build the unity of the proletariat in struggle.

Heroin is an instrument of social control that suits power. Alongside the pushers, and the forces of repression there exists another hierarchy of control over the proletariat: the medico-psychiatric one. The sanitary decentralisation, the opening of centres for hygiene and mental health in every area, are the new instruments which capital is using to keep the contradictions of the capitalist metropolis under control, to render stupid and to drug the forces of the proletari an revolution. Whoever goes beyond the rule of State, of Work, of Family, is ‘mad’, can be labelled as deviant from childhood. As such, capital assigns his ghetto; will give him more heroin free, will stuff him with psychotropic drugs from the beginning, so that he doesn’t disturb the regular functioning of the social order.

Doctors and psychiatrists who administer such rubbish, especially to young people and women, are mad criminals, labelling antagonism and proletarian re­bellion as ‘social deviance’. Neurotic and psychopathic subjects only because they cannot support the disgust of capitalist society. What does a psychiatrist who has been able to study without lifting a finger until he gets his degree know of proletarian life in the ghettos?

What we are fighting for is the fundamental right to self-determination of the proletariat. It must be the proletariat themselves to decide how, where and why they want to live. The psychiatrists, the criminologists, the priests, the trade union bosses, in their positions as social controllers of the proletariat are ene­mies, and as such should be struck down.
Attack the forces of repression, carabinieri and police. Expel and strike their friends, the traitors, the informers, the spies, from the factories, from the proletari an areas.

Attack the hierarchy of medico-psychiatric control.
Break up the internal hierarchy of control within the proletariat, the pushers and the shit fences.
Build the power of the armed proletariat.
(Nov. ’78)

WTF!! We'd all be bored or dead if it wasn't for drugs, or we'd all be happy and alive if it wasn't for bullets. Get your values right people!!!

What about social lubricant alcohol and the legitimisation of the work ethic as the major dynamic in the construction of civilization, thus to moralise about drugs and the freedom of choice is un-anarchistic, it is actually reformist and overly righteous. Go to the ghetto and learn about alternative economies.

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