Police Van Vandalized in Solidarity with Victims of Northwest FBI Oppression

  • Posted on: 26 July 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>In the early morning of July 27th in a Metro East St Louis city, Edwardsville, Illinois, the parking lot across the street from the Edwardsville Police Department was visited with knives and spraypaint. Although we left the hammers at home this time and despite us only deciding on spraypaint, we arose to the call of international solidarity with our small action of spraypainting "Stop Northwest FBI Oppression" on the St Louis City Police Department Probation van. The only reason other vehicles of pig mobility weren't attacked as well was only because their pig cars were out oppressing others. We saw their red and blue pig lights illuminating prison bars down Main Street and were filled with disappointment until finding the remaining probation van. We are promising one action a week, and as oppression intensifies so will our actions. Actually, hell with it, if this northwest FBI oppression bullshit doesn't just end we will intensify our actions.

Regardless, this action also coincides with complaints of tenants in the city against landlords who repeatedly invade the privacy of their tenants, act on racist motives, ignore domestic disputes until the police come pigging and neglect maintenance of things such as plumbing, air conditioning and mailboxes.</td><td><img title="Well then" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/iloveyoubean.jpg"></td></tr...


''We find it disgusting that one individual is working with the authorities towards a shorter term and likely, probation.``

is this in reference to the cleveland dude? people need to be more clear when talking about this shit because this sounds like someone who has been served in the NW has decided to cooperate.

for real.

That's exactly what I thought.

Yeah...no one is cooperating here in the NW. Be more clear. Don't spread misinformation.

mad love from the south west homies

Could this be any more confusing? Did they post this before they went out? It was submitted near midnight last night and the action supposedly happened a few hours ago? Also, what was the st. louis city probo van hanging out in another state 40 minsish away? And where the hell do the knives you mentioned come into play? I don't know about this one, comrades.

everything you said is right on except for the knives comment. tires; duh

early morning is between 1-2am. the van was an Edwardsville Police Department probation van. we honestly dont understand the confusion. seems rather simple to us.

some metro east stl anarchists


in hindsight, we shouldnt have wrote "St Louis City Police Department probation van". since it was an Edwardsville Police Department Probation van. we understand the confusion now, sorry.

East St. Louis, IL is in a different state than St. Louis, MO. It is also the the hometown of Miles Davis, the famous jazz legend who helped popularize the use of the word "cool".

Edwardsville isn't east st. louis. Its college-town yuppieville.

The person who approves of the content being submitted probably lives in a different time zone, you dolt.

I was under the impression that times were localized.

Tails and tor create an exit node at some random spot in the world, and it would use that time zone.

I hope whoever did this understands internet security, and how one can and cannot be traced while on the internet. And whoever is pretending to be the OP should probably stop commenting. Seriously.

Much love for the action. Don't get caught!

The really sad thing is that they aren't pretending to be OP.

and apparently no one understands subtlety.

This is smooth. Teach me to be subtle. Teach me.

Yeah, some of these comments - while clearly jokes - are in such bad taste. They should never have been made, and perhaps could be deleted?

OP puts everyone around them at unnecessary risk over and over again for bragging in the internet and we are just supposed to rub their butt and say good job? No thanks.

What are the rules for getting/not getting caught for posting something like this up online?

No rules! Fuck 1%! Skateboard! Silly!


Not posting from a computer or an internet source that could be traced back to anyone. So use a public computer that doesn't have cameras all over it, and then use something so the IP address can't be traced either like TOR or an anonymizer. Make sure you scrub all the history from that computer too.

I'm in no way an expert on this, so clearly don't know all the best or up to date things. Perhaps someone who does could chime in.

OMG I'm sooo fucking scared where does that leave me OH NO NO Gasp! They're going to wack me aarrNo my heart is racing oh GOD help this NON expert might be a ,,,AAhhh fucking cop scaring me NO NO GASP! AARRRG I'M fucking chiming in IM MFUCKING PARANOID LIKE VYOU sob NO NO OMG GASp,,,How can I Get a Life As an AnarChist if NO NO NO I'm LiviNg in This ParanoiD cOnscIousness, SighOHNO!!Pant HypErvent bPanic tremors, OH fUck, UltimatE authoriTarian PsychOps Has Me a FuckinG bowL of Raw Nerves Jelly sHaking OH NO!11 They GoiNg To wack mme If I don't slave away and pay motgage for the rest of MY life until I die an unDignIfied Wreck of The capitalisT maChine,,,OH NO OMG

why are you mocking someone who's offering practical advise, and even admits that they're "not an expert"?

That's a fair enough question, bravo! I'm a clown of sorts, my methodology is satirical, there is no malice intended, I just like to look at the absurd and funny side to the gloomiest scenarios, from experience I know it is one way to avoid needing medication.

Anarcho-satiricism is the only real anarchy!

I may as well own up, thanks for the support to a trolling issue I have.

IGTT 10/10

i've been loving the "OMG!!!11111!!!! the sky is FaLLLLLLLiNg AnD ShIt Oh FuCk HeRe ThEy CoMe" posts. they are hilarious.

Tor, other anonymizers are often insufficient, but using Tor alone often leave traces which are comprimising. Tails has been made as a solution to this: it is a 'live system' which is a completely distinct operating system that will leave no trace on any computer on which it is used because it only uses RAM for memory, and will force you to save anything on external devices. It also forces all internet connections run through Tor, which does not occur with only Tor running. You can download this live system and read the documentation at tails.boum.org . Just follow the instructions to burn it to a disk.

However, it's important to have a decent understanding of all of the basics so put some time in and read the zine Anonymity/Security: A Practical Guide to Computers for Anarchists.

That said, it should still always be used on a public computer with no cameras, in case that wasn't clear. You should always assume that your security has some holes in it.

There is no indication at present that any of the subpoenaed intend to testify. This misinformation needs to be corrected,asap.

Sentence removed that implied legal cooperation without reference

I vandalized a thousand Police Vans, I could have vandalized a thousand more if only I they were unmarked Police Vans.

pics or it didn't happen.

that was the worst

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