Political Prisoner Birthday Poster For April 2016 Is Now Available

  • Posted on: 31 March 2016
  • By: prisonbooks
Political Prisoner Birthday Poster April 2016

Hello Friends and Comrades,
Here is the political prisoner birthday poster for April.(11"x17" PDF, 1.8MB) Print it out and plaster your community, both in commemoration of these freedom fighters and to advertise locally for a political prisoner letter writing night.
Get together with some friends in your town to send birthday cards to these fighters in our struggle. It’s an easy way to help remind them that they aren’t forgotten. If you make one, remember—don’t use anything like white-out, stickers, tape or glitter on it. We also recommend that you put a return name and address and their name and prisoner number on the card, lest the authorities “lose” the envelope and forget where it is going.
If you would like to add a birthday or sign up for our poster mailing list (not a listserv, one email per month), or if you would like to contribute in another way to increasing the profile of US political prisoners, email us atppbirthday@riseup.net.
Remember: They are in there for us, we are out here for them!

Until Every Cage Is Empty,
The Prison Books Collective



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PS. Actually I met some folk who should remain in cages until they learn to respect other folk.

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I love your site and the wishes you posted, I am glad am here and keep posting such nice wishes.