Pontianak City, Indonesia: Poster Bombing & Vandalism Actions Against the IMF-WBG Meeting in Bali

  • Posted on: 11 October 2018
  • By: Anarchist_BC


We are a group consisting of autonomous individuals who carried out some poster bombing and vandalism actions against Bank of Indonesia, ATMs, police posts, the Digulist roundabout, the West Kalimantan governor's office and several other highly visible locations in Pontianak City. We carried out these actions as a response to the meeting between Global Capitalist organizations (World Bank Group, IMF etc) that is being held in Bali from October 8-14, 2018.

These spontaneous actions we carried out express our uncompromising rejection of a normal life full of daily submission. These actions are a manifestation of our hatred, anxiety and and anger against a system that requires us to accept a society where we have no control over our own lives. Their meeting is a clear sign that Global Capitalism has improved it's position in controlling daily life with various disgusting economic schemes and investments.

For us their are two options: taking action or remaining silent - and we will never choose the second option. Passively watching or reading the news about the IMF-WBG meeting, that is not an option for us. If we take a deeper look, we can see that all aspects in this world relate to economics, and yes, they are the people who behind all of this bullshit.

Here is a sentence that is appropriate for all those groups and individuals who condemn our actions as immoral and irrational acts: There is no system or morality that can hol us back when we reach the peak of our anger.

And another thing you should know: you are all under their control. You just don't realize that the concept of good / bad morality that you follow is what allows them to achieve their goals. You are all their obedient tools.

We are what you call Utopianists. We are Anarchists!

More Photos: civilrebellion@riseup.net



and not an email address...

"We are what you call Utopianists. We are Anarchists!"
WTF, UTOPIANISTS! Blowing up shit is utopia and as if these 2 ideologies have anything in common huh?!
What sort of weed do they smoke over there?
That whole island tourist culture is built on world banking. The indigenous people were wiped out 400 yrs ago!

Well historically, the Dutch East India Company pretty well raped and pillaged the areas liberated by the Japanese Empire during WWII, whereby numerous Nationalist and Monarchist movements emerged after surrender. There is no such concept as "defeat" in warfare, only the shuffl8ng and rearrangement of capita, productionl and trading mechanisms, but the point being, ALL THESE DOCTRINES over 400 yrs ago required the extermination or dispossession of indigenous folk to implement their constitutions.

Doctrines within the last 400 yrs, not over,,,,,,

"liberated by the Japanese Empire during WWII"

yeah, I'm sure that's exactly how those places would put it, not that they were trampled over and oppressed by a force that was led by an ideology of Japanese superiority over other Asian cultures.

"but the point being, ALL THESE DOCTRINES over 400 yrs ago required the extermination or dispossession of indigenous folk to implement their constitutions"

I'm pretty sure that its been way longer than just 400 years that the destruction of indigenous cultures has been carried out in the name of state formation. Its been happening for thousands of years, going all the way back to the begining of state formations.

OK, since 600AD when dhows from Arabia brought Islamic missionaries to the Malayan and Indonesian Archipelagos, but most industrialized since Western invasions since 1600. Happy now?

No, like I said you need to go way farther back to the beginning of state formations all around the world. what I mean by indigenous cultures is tribal or band societies and those existed all around the world, not just in the Americas, the Caribbean, Australia, and New Zealand. State Formations all across the board made their existence possible by the destruction and subjugation of other cultures, and as they multiplied and expanded the annihilation of those cultures continued.

Ohhhh, so you want to take it as far back as the glorious Paleo-nihilist Primal Youth Liberation gangs of 25,000 BC. That's a very brave proposition you are introducing here. Bravo!

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