Portland, OR: Anarchists Organize in Face of Arsonist Attacking People Living on the Street

  • Posted on: 13 March 2018
  • By: thecollective


The follow report comes from Portland and details a campaign to protect people living on the street and in their vehicles from an arsonist.

The houseless community in Portland is under constant attack but to add to the collective stress an arsonist has been attacking and threatening camps and RVs across the city. This comes on the heels of NIMBY outrage over a proposed shelter that would help hundreds of folks receive aid and shelter. These attacks on the most vulnerable folks in our communities cannot and will not go unchallenged.

On the night of Sunday, March 11th a coalition of anarchists, antifascists, and otherwise concerned citizens implemented a plan to assist our neighbors in feeling safer and at the same time making the arsonist feel unsafe. Our first step was to form community defense patrols with dozens of local activists who will monitor camps and check in with houseless neighbors.

These patrols are being coupled with a press release letting the community know that it’s time to be vigilant, we also hope the arsonist will see it and understand that we are watching. The coalition visited camps to hand out cards with an emergency number monitored by our team that is ready to act on threats.

This same team also stickered, flyered, handed out security whistles, fire suppressants, food, and supplies in a number of neighborhoods. This action will continue until these arsonists are found or the fires stop. We are fully aware the State, and more specifically the cops, aren’t going to do shit, so as always community defense is up to all of us.

-solidarity with our neighbors
-anonymous folks struggling for liberation.



I can just hear all the useless windbags accusing you of being "like the police" or whatever but they're dumb and this is great! Huge respect. Next step, get funding from some bleeding-heart liberals! No, I'm not kidding but yes, it's funny.

Portland's a rough neighborhood, but that's often where anarchists thrive! Right on, instant karma is everything and you know it will pay off among your ranks. I'm in Seattle myself, living the easy life, say hi to Ursula for me, not that she has a clue who I am. Just a fan. :)

Street Roots, the leading (?) voice of homeless people in Pdx. They're a weekly now, so they're always looking for good content!

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