Portland Or: Response to Police Shooting in Portland

  • Posted on: 21 May 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Michael Harrison, a man in distress using a kitchen knife to wound himself, was shot multiple times by Portland Police officers on Sunday night. It has consistently been the response of the Portland Police Bureau and police worldwide to harass, wound, and murder people experiencing mental health issues. Everywhere we turn cops are killing people of color, the poor, those dealing with mental heath crisis and others marginalized in society. The message is clear that in order to serve the few the many are completely expendable.

A group of 15-20 people took to the streets on Monday night after hearing about this most recent police shooting in Portland. The small demonstration took over all lanes of Broadway going westward from 10th. The march began with chants of "cops, pigs, murderers" and "All cops are bastards". It appears that the opportunity was taken to break the windows of a Starbucks and a nearby bank. The group held the street marching for several blocks supported by the honks and raised fists of passersby. Traffic cones and construction equipment were dragged into the street to slow down traffic. Police showed up en masse near Williams avenue, perhaps 8-10 cars in total. Some began taunting the demonstrators, saying "Come get some pretty girl." and "We are going to sweep you up and arrest you all." among other unintelligible drivel. The PPB more commonly keep their distance and remain unengaged with demonstrators after they shoot someone but on this occasion they appeared more as witless bullies. The marched turned back eastward and the group decided to disperse when it felt safe, as cops remained in the area for some time. This was a small gesture for Michael Harrison, Aaron Campbell, James Chasse, Jack Collins and all others shot down by police when what they needed was support during difficult times. For all the individuals whose lives have been taken by police, and for ourselves, we will continue to fight for a world without police.




what about the guys who got shot in olympia the other night?

This march happened before the most recent shooting in OLY

From the Seattle times, on last night (Thursday) in Olympia:

“Despite the call for calm, the evening ended with a violent confrontation between protesters and police.

A few dozen demonstrators gathered near City Hall around midnight in Olympia, chanting, ‘This won’t end until the last cop dies.’

Officers eventually dispersed the crowd with flash-bangs and protesters responded by throwing rocks before leaving the area.”

It's cool I guess that shit was smashed, but this again demonstrates the ineffectual nature of Portland anarchists. Rather than call for a public demonstration, in which property damage would prove impressive, we get a small clique who keeps their plans secret and totally unnoticed outside of the @ news echo chamber. It's a sign of weakness or stupidity - either way, not good.

It reminds me of that time The Based God fucked my bitch and I was like "thank you Based God, you swag to the maximum Based God."

There was a call for a public demo. No one showed cept a few.

Not commenter above but where/how/when did this call was spread is actually more important than the content of the call itself. That plays a lot on the attendance.

As with every sauce, it's not just about the tomatoes...

It's not about where/how/when the Based God fucked your girl. It's about the Based God being the prettiest bitch in the room.


This sad result is the fault of ANews' selfish destruction of the anarchist community.

please elaborate...

It's not infighting; or burnout; or repression that lead to the degeneration of the Portland anarchist scene. Nope, it's all a-news fault! For real though I don't know anyone who was satisfied with this march, or felt that this is in anyway sufficient. That being said: it's good to see Portland anarchists doing stuff in the streets again.

Have you ever considered that every hierarchical society in the history of humankind has excluded and persecuted those who did not conform or participate within their structure. Why be exasperated by these actions, its the standard response which has been going on for thousands of years, and thousands of years of protest falls on deaf ears, it is futile to demonstrate when rather you and all anarchists should be pursuing alternative methods of enlightening the masse hordes who are complicit within the framework of crimes against those individuals.

"alternative methods of enlightening the masse hordes"

please stop. The last fucking thing the world needs is even a single additional individual like yourself.

But where would the world be now if there were no cynical critical thinkers around to keep all the blissfully ignorant sheep from hurting themselves on an endless cycle of childish tit-for-tat retribution? C'mon, anarchists aren't Neanderthals ignorant of natural instinctual processes and how moronic it is to be swayed by instinctual lust in the long run.

Should you be photocopying pamphlets and passing them out on a street corner somewhere?

I gave up on that during my idealistic teenage years after being beaten up by a bunch of hippies for pasting anti-commune(istic) posters on walls. I prefer a less confrontational method via my CAI manuscript.

"CAI manuscript" ummm link???
I want to laugh myself to sleep tonight at the inane drivel of a 19 year old, please.

You've probably never been beaten up or stomped on during your entire life? In my case it was from some syndicalist organic workerist commune type hippies, not the sensitive new-age yuppie variety, these Tarzan worshiping cro-magnons dug vegetable gardens and irrigation ditches all day, and their 'throw a dice to see who's next for sexual gratification' 2nd wave feminist partners showed that the wrath of a non-existing god was not as bad as that of a 2nd wave gender-nazi's weilding a base-ball bat. But one must epect these things, life is not easy if one is a rebel or non-conformist?

Seem like this guy.


Anyway, syndicalists are a truly regrettable abortion of 'anarchist' intellect. These people would undoubtedly create a worse political economic system then we have right now, and that's saying a lot. 'We gotta get outta this place' as the song goes, but not into that place. That's the fire to jump into and I'm at least used to this walking on the current coals of capital

That's a good link, the thread was interesting. This may sound a bit clichéd, but walking on whatever is significant because it is the journey and not the destination which involves a mindset of spontaneous meditation during everyday life interactions.
Rather I would walk on the coals of the intellectual capital which implemented nationalist constitutions and their ideologies. The infrastructure is from the sweat and tears of the plebes and should be respected and not destroyed, thus winning their trust.

Its not a manifesto, that implies a binary participation! It exists, its not complete, it is appalled at the police brutality as much as every other anti-authoritarian is, but my method is creative, it can win the hearts and souls of all the sheeple, that is my gaol.

Spoken like a true evangelical.

Upturned nose and all... You might understand that only the weak desire converts as opposed to friends and co-conspirators once you grow a back bone.

' You might understand that only the weak desire converts' is a damning comment to make because it illustrates your binary perception of relationships. To label weak/strong is patriarchy in case you didn't know! Those in peril seek the company of allies, not as you described so crudely. WTF are friends and conspirators to do? Your terminology is truly narrow, what about family or relatives, aren't these the folk you have to first make peace with before you go out into the cruel mean world like a cretaceous crab with an exo-skeleton?.
Also you think the yin-yang is dualistic when it is in fact 3 dimensional and spherical, not the 2 sided 2 dimensional coin of analysis.

I am the way, the truth and the light. Follow me - I will lead you to eternal salvation!

Cruel sarcasm is the prerogative of trolls, I expect. I'm actually humble and have no messianic desires. This may be the last post I make, unless, someone understands my view, and talks me into remaining and posting my critiques and to continue spreading the idea of the Creative Aesthetic Insurgency, (internal insurrection for the 21st Century). I have no great expectations, I am an individual who can paint houses, paint art, cement slabs, weld, sculpt, pay clerk, gardener, vegetable grower, mechanic, electrician, plumber, homo-sapient breeder, cook, baker, scuba diver, hiker, motor-bike rider, tractor operator, writer, poet, philosopher, hunter and gatherer, cleaner, critic, tae-kwon-do kicker, ju-jitsu twister, boxing thumper, hairdresser, peacemaker, boat-builder, house builder, sailor, welfare worker, baby cuddler, beer-brewer, meat smoker, fisherman of lost souls, anti-communist.
Also to the other commenter, you confuse egotist with egoist, or narcissism with individuation. It seeems you have limited experience in creative aesthetic life techniques, thus your inability to distinguish the nuances between identity or original consciousness projections because having never created anything you have no conception of beauty, only destruction, paper-boxes on the street, hordes of philistines leaving a path of nihilism in their wake, cycling over and over and over for the remainder of the 21st Century. Fucking brilliant, walls of Jericho again and again and again into eternity!!

No one is talking you into remaining. Please go and never come back - you're just embarrassing yourself now.

Wait...I am the only way and light to truth. Follow me! I am the real Messiah, not biceps.

Follow me and find true freedom!

the dream of '09 is alive in portland

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