Praying Anarchy pt. 2

Via HAPAXX blog, our translation and notes

We fight not for what’s right, but for what’s true. And then there are the accelerationists, who commit a fatal error while doing the same. They completely concede the liberal’s rule of right guidance based in Puritanism, moving outside of the “Cathedral.” [1] For that cause, they don’t seem to hesitate becoming Red Pill-taking monsters. We don’t move such prayers aside. Let us recall that the militant and lucid Christian mystic Simone Weil wrote that “we must love the possibility of our misfortune.” [2] If we’re able to come into contact with the truth, how things turn out is of no importance. Who’d be able to negate that prayer? But at the same time, we’ve already pointed out their errors (posts “On accelerationism,” “Praying Anarchy”). They plead for a time when capitalist accelerationism clears away everything and the truth is disclosed. But Weil recognized that while there’s a natural union between God and creation there’s also an eternal separation. Let’s not hesitate to inform accelerationists of their errors. What capitalists can do is of no importance, there’s no truth at the end of acceleration. In order to come into contact with the truth, we must root ourselves in praying anarchy. That root grows not into the island or sea but towards the heavens. On this path we may be stripped bare with everything stolen from us, tasting the pains of the cross. But when the flame of life seems sure to sputter out, we have something we can embrace. That’s God, that’s salvation by faith. “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom” / “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise” (Luke [23:]42-43). What we should believe in and pray for isn’t capitalist accelerationism but “you.” It’s then that we’ll be in paradise.

[1] see footnote 1 from Praying Anarchy

[2] after a fair amount of searching I still have no idea what the original version of this quote was, so this is a translation from Japanese

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" "the militant and lucid Christian mystic Simone Weil wrote that “we must love the possibility of our misfortune.” "
Woah! Now just hang on here! Simone Weil was rebelling against the false interpretation of Jesus's life into a Churchianity preaching weakness and herd morality. He was saying that there was no future life after death in a holy kingdom that would compensate for ones unfortunate condition. Just get over it and be happy, make the most of it, stop whining.
Loving the possibility of our misfortune is parallel to amor fati, of having the strength to rise above tragedy and ressentiment, of not needing to bow done on one's knees to pray to a none existent god for forgiveness.
This will most likely be deleted because of god and shit,,,,,,,,,,

I was concerned with content, anyway, genitalia or gender is irrelevant to me, everyone is a He and a dead author!

a contest for who can be more reactionary* between accelerationists and christian fundamentalists

*so reactionary is an unfitting term, but i just wanted to wholesale dismiss and discredit them without engaging with them.

sticks out tongue and farts

What a whimsical response, but who's a Christian fundamentalist here?

so the author is christian without the “fundamentalist”?
i thought “fundamentalist” made it sound worse. non-fundamentalist christians don’t get a free pass on my book.

but they exist!

and some are anarchists!

what is this? anarcho-evangelicalism?

orthodox christians of the hermetic variety than fundamentalists or evangelicals. They see their spiritual practice as a revolutionary praxis transcending the abject conditions of capitalism. They seem to be shaming the nihilists for their lack of piety. Accelerationists just believe that whatever you're hoping for at the end of this epoch whether that be fully automated luxury communism, neocameralism or a low energy future will arrive faster by letting the market run its course and that liberal reforms and regulations are prolonging the agony. If you're into chaos than you're just as likely to change the world with your own magic as with politics or legislation. I learned a few Catholic prayers once and use them all the time. Chaos magicians can make use of anything. So be it.

Accelerationism is fiction, in the same way that projections are fiction, and they the same lack imagination.

It can be described as the aesthetization of linear extrapolation of trends. As profound and imaginative as template for an Excel spreadsheet, or a Tumblr blog.

Yet for all its inspiration in trends, it was barely trendy for a second, then lived its remaining decomposition as passé and forgotten.

The name of this current is apt, since when you plow throw its texts full of hot air you’ll become terminally bored [1]

[1] Terminal boredom is the highest boredom attainable by a reader as they drool through a vapid text (full of air is the most common example). It occurs when the sum of the total drag force (F td) and the interest is equal to the repulsion towards the action of reading (F rtr) acting on the reader. Since the net force on the reader is zero, the reader has zero acceleration.

* “...and they [share] the same lack of imagination”

* “ [a] template...”

* “...when you plow thro[ugh] its texts...”

y u do this to me?

i am a lowly comment devil

if u drop a link i must peruse it!

curse you wicked child!

It shows that silly Desert article(which WAY to many post-leftists take for serious) for what it is. Globalization and proto-cybernation remain untouched problems as these state religions are part of the continuing and formative configuration.

Wow, overlooked this excellent essay, exactly, the State's giant red-herring!

That's one of the regrettable things about the faux radicals of our day who fall for the nonsense in the above essay. Antifa, eco ideologues IDPol enablers ect. It's shameful that ANY anarchist would fall for this but suckers come in all types including the people who should no better.

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