President Trump: Countdown to Apocalypse

  • Posted on: 9 November 2016
  • By: thecollective

From CrimethInc. by B. Traven

Move the doomsday clock forward another click.

We were right about the direction things are heading, but wrong about the timeframe. We thought Clinton would win the election, and would then be discredited by new scandals and the challenges of preserving an increasingly unpopular status quo, producing a reactionary surge like the one that recently toppled Dilma in Brazil. Instead, the scandal broke before the election, with the announcement of further FBI inquiries into emails associated with Clinton. And, as with the Brexit vote, everyone underestimated just how desperate and reactionary the general public has become—at least the ones who still identify with the ruling order enough to vote at all. It’s later than you think.

It’s significant that the news event that rescued Trump’s presidential bid was essentially an intervention by the FBI. This tells us a lot about the era we are entering: it is the security apparatus of the state that will be calling the shots, not the aspects of government that purport to improve the lives of citizens. Capitalism, long stabilized in the so-called First World by the compromises that produced the middle class, will henceforth be imposed by force. The surplus of the 20th century has run out; the velvet glove is coming off the iron fist. Sure, demagogues like Trump and Sanders will continue to promise us the moon every four years or so, but it won’t be peace treaties that will preserve the prevailing order—it will be police.

News like this is bound to induce despair, but we must not let this election cause us to lose faith in humanity as a whole. Elections serve to represent us to each other at our worst, distilling the most offensive, cowardly, and servile aspects of the species. Many people who would never personally wrest a mother from her children are capable of endorsing deportation from the privacy of a voting booth, just as most people who eat meat could never work at a slaughterhouse. Were it not for the alienation that characterizes government itself, most of the ugly policies comprising the Trump agenda could never be implemented.

Presidential campaigns are calculated to promote apathy, giving the impression that all the important decisions in the world are out of our hands. That’s the point of state politics: to immobilize us outside the halls of power, distrusting each other and ourselves.

Today, even the most law-abiding liberal must realize that we cannot continue to watch from the sidelines. Against the spectacle of powerlessness, we must counterpose our own agency. But to what purpose? Surely not to prop up yet another political campaign. We have to think bigger.

The fundamental problem is that power is structured into such vertical concentrations in the first place. If the President of the United States did not wield such disproportionate influence over the fate of humanity—if the free market did not enable businessmen to accumulate so much leverage over society—then Donald Trump could not be so dangerous, however despicable a person he is.

Those on the Left who have persisted in the naïve belief that the right government could solve the problems generated by global capitalism are partly to blame for this situation. The Democratic Party was foolish to back an establishment candidate at a time when so many people are desperate, angry, and rebellious. In legitimizing the idea that America is or should be great in the first place, Democrats smoothed the way for Trump to promise to make it great once more. Every tax dollar good liberals paid to the government hoping it would care for the poor, sick, elderly, and underprivileged has built the juggernaut that will now roll across their civil liberties. Every law they continue to obey will aid and abet that process. And if the media outlets and politicians that decried Trump as the candidate of the apocalypse accept him now in the name of the democratic process, this only confirms their complicity.

The problem is democracy itself: the form of government that brought Adolf Hitler into office. In response to the polls, we assert that no one should have the right to rule over anyone else. Neither Donald Trump, nor Barack Obama, nor Mother Theresa could ever use such power for good. We have to create horizontal structures and autonomous movements that can meet our needs directly, rather than continuing to feed resources into structures that will be used against us for the benefit of a few.

Let us look for silver linings in this cloud of oncoming tear gas. Perhaps it is for the best that someone like Trump is coming to power now, rather than four years hence. Let the right wing demonstrate that their solutions are just as inadequate as those proposed from the Left. In a time of economic crises, ecological collapse, and spreading war, the state is a hot potato: no one will be able to hold it long. Those who voted for Trump will be disappointed indeed if they actually believe he will bring back the heyday of Fordist capitalism in a globalized world.

Of course, disillusioned Trump voters will not necessarily join our ranks. They are more likely to move further to the right, just as Sanders supporters may simply entrench themselves deeper in futile and antiquated fantasies of 20th century socialism. We should set out to debunk the arguments from both sides, keeping dialogue open with everyone we can while preparing for open conflict with those who are determined to bring about a more totalitarian world.

We must not let the outrage that people feel today shift into a hopelessness that could become the new normal. Only in taking action, however small, can we come into a sense of our collective agency. This is the time to strengthen ties between communities in struggle and those who will be most affected by Trump’s policies. This is the time to dispense once and for all with hope for any solutions from above, any brighter future apart from the actions we take on a day-to-day basis in our immediate surroundings. This is the time to learn and practice proper online security—who knows how far the repressive operations of the state will go, or how fast.

There will be new social movements, new uprisings, new fights ahead. This is the time to find each other and prepare to go resolutely forward into them.

Cradle the seed, even in the volcano’s mouth. Good luck out there, comrades.



Having TPP and a war with Russia under Hillary would have been much worse.

Oh, thank you for saving us from war with Russia, mr. trolly troll trump supporter!

Happy birthday Mrrrr President, can you build a wall around our reserves to keep the goodie-goodie self-righteous neo-liberals out and build us casino infrastructure instead Mrrrr President?

Trump was a one man wrecking crew.He bulldozed the Republican candidates during the primaries and dismantled the blue wall of states that were supposed to be Clinton's fire wall. And spent a relatively small amount of money doing it.He is a media savvy con man, and over 59 million people fell for his BS. Over 59 million people bought the BS of Hillary. Where to begin with movement building in an anarchist context under these circumstances? Solidarity with the water and land protectors who are engaging in resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline? Prison abolition? Occupy or deOccupy?

The anti-pipeline struggle yes. And any resistance camp to structural development of capitalism you can rationally think of. We just need more camping in the way of capital.

We don't need to convince any of those 120 million dupes. They're dupes. If they ever find the light of reason then they must be treated like comrades, brothers and sisters, and brosters. But let's invest efforts and wit into building relations into rupture with their world.

In several cities across the country,including New York city and Los Angeles, thousands of people have taken to the streets,protesting Trump's win and chanting "not our president".What a waste of time and effort! No solidarity with these statists!

There is something about the way that this is playing out that just leaves me feeling sick to my stomach, and I completely agree with you. "Not my president" was the same slogan that was used against Bush W. You might have noticed that this pretty much disappeared once democrats were in office. 8 years of Obama drone bombing the middle east and not really any attempt to oppose his racism, but suddenly Trump is there to "take all our rights away" and this shit. Whatever happened to "no matter who is elected, we are ungovernable?" Riot to protect "rule of law!" This is progressive liberal crap, if this had actually been an anarchist "rupture", why didn't it happen BEFORE the election? Answer: Because Hillary could have been elected, and that's the supposed lesser of two evils, which would have been fine despite how fucked up she has proven to be. This whole thing stinks of playing stormtroopers for the Democrats, and it's not going to end well.

Yes and no. The Democrats will certainly try to inject themselves into movements of opposition, and will attempt to keep a leash on what they deem acceptable forms of protest in order to drive their electoral agenda, much like they did with the anti war movement after Bush was elected. I'm optimistic that many of the people in the streets realize that the Democrats won't save them and we must save ourselves. There is widespread disillusionment with the Democratic Party. The challenge for anarchists is to keep pushing things in an uncontrollable direction despite resistance from liberals posing as allies.

"The challenge for anarchists is to keep pushing things in an uncontrollable direction despite resistance from liberals posing as allies."

Those are mostly liberals/leftists with liberal leftist agendas. Quit trying.

Also, there's an interesting dynamic at play locally at least. Protesters have been able to take major interstates with little or no resistance from the cops. It's clear that they have been ordered to stand down. I'm not sure how the machinations of power work, but I think that Democratic cities are taking a hands off approach, at least for now, to suit their perceived political ends, much like they did with Occupy, which ended up just being co-opted into a means of energizing the Democratic base prior to the 2012 elections. Other positive stuff did come out of it, which was a better understanding of how to operate in the streets and visible resistance against the police. A lot of that has been passed on to BLM, which despite the official organizations reformist faults, has led to some of the most militant unofficial confrontations in recent memory. A lot of the same people are in the streets now, along with a lot of clueless liberals. Tactically, those who know how to operate in the streets will be looked upon for guidance. The job of anarchists is not to let peace police and groups like ANSWER from filling that role.

Well these anti-Trump protests are pretty wide-spread no? (Just a moment ago I saw live streams for demos in Miami, Phoenix, Portland, Vancouver, and San Francisco). The taking of interstates drains the states man-power and seems rather effect therefore. Could it be that the police-state is straining already under the weight of it all or is it really more likely a deliberate strategy?

To 06:10, I'll say it again... Never mind the bullocks. Let the liberals and Democrat stooges do their stupid sit so anarchists can do their stuff. One of the things that matters is to not end up in their neverending mill of popular deception. Which doesn't mean to sit down and wait for the revolutionary "momentum" to happen, like the tankies are so good at.

Any anarchist that doesn't include anti-fascism as part of their praxis isn't a comrade of mine. Sure, don't uncritically enter into popular fronts without your own sense of agency, but the threat that fascism poses is real, to anarchists and a lot of other people. Now more than it's ever been in our lifetimes.

Good. join the FBI in moving people away from actually challenging the systems of power. You are a waste of time.

you're a fucking shill... Fascism is a system of power in itself.

Fascism is a strategy of capitalism and one that is either outdated, if we are talking about 20th century style fascism; or it has grown more complex and probably shouldnt be called fascism. It is one of several nationalist strategies and nationalism is but one category of governing in capitalism.

It has remained a go to method of both rebellion and repression for the people not because they are robot idiots, but because everything else fails. Fascism is existentialist in this nihilism. I would agree with Crimethinc here. Overcoming this reaction boils down to strengthening our own power irregardless of what they are up to. Fascism is an obstacle, like liberalism.

Pursuing individual and collective strenght, instead of power, is indeed a great principle for anarchists in this world. Much of what was wrong with activist victimization is a shadow cult of impotence and weakness. Yes, it makes total sense to feel powerless in the face of oppression, but it doesn't mean it is real.

Seriously? I'm not necessarily against double negatives, but in a single word?

I'm surprised y'all keep trying to tell this same hill billy how to talk like you. You'dl think by now y'all'd reconsider that sometimes we hillfolk talk like we do cause we don't like talking like you?

If there's something I greatly dig from the Deep South, beyond bluegrass and Eyehategod, it's the dialect!

stfu you thought flammable and inflammable were opposites

Oh and i forgot to mention 10. Infilitrated by the FBI in much the same way as discussed in Hypernormalization by Adam Curtis.

And yes, fuck soiled panty fascism.

The Spanish Revolution led to 3 years of pure anarchy. This is what you say to people who say it can't and never has been done.

trump is a 'loose cannon' yet he has gathered his support on the basis of being 'an outsider' and breaking ranks with the most powerful elitist-led global 'fascist' movements such as the 'climate change' movement, ... Gore's 'moral imperative' which is being used to put together a program of global economic and political controls under the 'environmentalist' banner makes nation-state fascism pale by comparison.

this global fascism uses 'belief in science' to justify state leader level policy decisions. bill maher's interview with barack obama (a week ago) brought forth Obama's support for whatever science endorses in the field of GMO foods.

as with the AGW madman science [wherein a subjective correlation between atmospheric CO2 and global surface temperature is turned into a lockstep equation that purports to predict temperatures out 100 years to an accuracy of 0.5 degrees centigrade], the notion arises that the 'little people who do not understand science' are deprived of a voice on issues wherein they cannot possibly have the knowledge about things that the world's top scientists have. this is where models of governance have been going. what is more 'fascist' than this?

"“It is one of the contradictions of a democratic society in a highly advanced technological world, … to make rational political decisions, you have to have a knowledge which is accessible only to a very few people.” [Lewontin continues by noting;] “that different people have different interests, and therefore the struggle is not a moral one, it’s a political one. It’s always a political one, and that’s the most important thing you have to recognize… that you may be struggling to make the world go in one direction, … [while] somebody else is struggling to make it go in another direction, and the question is; who has power? And if there’s a differential in power, and if you haven’t got it and they have, then you have to do something to gain power, which is to organize. “ – Richard Lewontin (Darwinist evolutionary biologist)

putting scientific reasoning into unnatural precedence over experience-based intuition is what Trump is, in effect, helping to bring down, and it needs to be brought down. the good versus evil narrative is an example as in the case of Russia-evil, US-good, and as in the case of 'global warming';

"Trump has called climate change a “hoax”, placing him virtually alone among world leaders on the validity of the science." -- The Guardian

this excerpt from a Guardian article entitled "Paris climate deal thrown into uncertainty by US election result" will quicken the blood flow of many who see science and reason as being put into an unnatural precedence over our experience-based intuition. science that cannot predict the weather three days out can claim to predict the weather 100 years out only because the time to profit from a lifelong career in science and be pensioned off is less than half of the time it takes to validate and/or invalidate one's 100 year predictions.

trump is a loose cannon ball but that doesn't mean that some of the cannon balls he may launch are not going to collapse some of the 'untouchable' structures that need collapsing.

climate science fascism, and science-driven fascism in general, is under siege.

this collapse in putting belief in science/reason ahead of common natural experience based intuition, as is sorely needed and as foreseen and stressed by Nietzsche, is evidently being furthered by the election of trump. this is not to say that trump is a nietzschean uebermensch any more than to say that it is the yeast's intent to transform grape juice into wine. the yeast is a catalyst for change waiting to happen, just as hitler was. the pregnant change potentials reside within the relational dynamics awaiting a triggering influence. the ego will claim to be the fountainhead of such change, like that of the little boy in brooklyn who, one evening in a fit of anger, whacked a power pole with his baseball bat at the precise moment the electrical grid failed, and watched all of the lights in new york go out. not all correlations signify cause-effect relations.

science is the basis of global fascist politics [the 'new world order'] as in the exemplar of the paris accord.

by this measure or as seen in this light, trump may become one of the greatest anti-fascists of the modern era.

tldr: trump is an anti-fascist because climate science is the real fascism.

Dear sweet shit emile. I think you just managed to jump a shark while nuking a fridge.

But that's just me the climate-fascist talking.

Having said that, it is a secular priestly religion made by Abrahamic monotheism and plagued by elective consensus(the worst kind). AGW seems to go against all the other warming periods that have come before it which tend to be non linear and multifactorial. I also think the doom and gloom of Gore and DiCaprio might turn out like those 70s ice age predictions. Let's just wait and see what happens. Frankly it's gonna be peak oil that is more likely to collapse the modern world then climate change. If something does collapse us we probably will not see it coming.

Fuck Z, is there any kind of contrarian anti-science you're not into? Moon landing hoax? Lizard people? How 'bout Nibiru? Tell me you're into Nibiru.

I think the most curious think about z is that he actually seems to believe his own hyperbole

I don't subscribe to the more out there stuff simply because it breaks simplicity and parsimony(conspiracies of scale for instance). A minimum perenial level contrarian insight is informed by the fact that most consensus that has ever existed(much like species come and gone on earth) has eventually been shown to be false.

and we can see how much it makes you squirm ro realize that human's have no god's eye view of reality, so therefore are no in control of life on this planet.

can i recommend some jacques ellul, if challenging your own sacred cows isn't totally off limit? start with 'the technological society' and then 'propaganda.' i'm sure many people on here can help with any questions you might have. if not ellul, perhaps foucault regarding humans studying themselves to institutionalize normalization. you can find parts of feyerabend's 'against method,' (an anarchist critique) online for free.

we're talking about forms of control. perhaps it was easy to get offend in glossing over that all of these belief systems have implications, especially those non-localized and unforeseen: 'externalities.'.

Personally on the science outsider front I'm interested to see if he sticks to his vaccine views and reins in the amount of shots that must be taken as well as champion parental choice not to. I'm sure on the vaccine issue alone a few Santa Barbara liberal types would have voted for him as they had no other option.

one would have to put trump in the 'intuitive' camp on the vaccine issue and on the AGW issue.

as the late Mae-Wan Ho (Institute of Science in Society), along with numerous others kept pointing out, the simple Western medical science causal model cannot deal with real-life relational complexity.

evaluating substances [e.g. vaccines] for their causal effect is ridiculously over-simplified. in Oriental medicine, the administered substances (herbs, acupuncture) are matched to the spectrum of deficiencies to restore holistic balance and harmony. a substance may do nothing for a person who is not deficient in it [e.g. vitamin C] but deliver a remarkable recovery to one who has a deficiency in it [scurvy]. in other words, to set out to determine the 'causal effect' of a given substance as Western medicine does, obscures the known experience that the same substance given to different people can have very different results [e.g. peanut allergies].

Meanwhile, Western medical science continues to use statistics to determine the effectiveness of a particular substances ['remedies'] and relegates results such as death and irreversible brain damage [as happens to an unlucky minority who are administered anti-psychotic medications, for example] as 'atypical reactions'.

Mae-Wan Ho's point (PhD biochemist, biophysicist, Post-Darwinian evolutionary biology theorist) is that epigenetic inductive influence actualizes genetic expression. this is the non-dualist (yin/yang) view that will earn one the label of 'quack' from Western medical science.

but one can't say that this sandwich is 'safe' for consumption because if someone has a peanut allergy and it contains traces of peanuts, then it can be very unsafe. there is no thing as a 'thing-in-itself' that can be understood in terms of its attributes. The concept of subject and attribute, as Nietzsche says, is a 'great stupidity'.

Western medical science loves statistics. In the pioneering of birth control pills, a sizeable portion of the women used as guinea pigs [who were never advised of any dangers] died. The medical establishment (it was all males reviewing the experiments in the pioneering days) opined that 'it was a small price to pay for the enormous social benefits of plannable parenthood'.

De Niro, Jim Carrey and others who raise alarms on the dangers of vaccines are saying that there is a lot of smoke that most often means that there is fire. Western medicine responds by labelling anyone who says vaccines are not safe as a 'quack'. How scientific is that? Just as in the case of Anthropogenic global warming, such scientists are 'certain' of their claims.

As Einstein says, "As far as the findings of science refer to reality, they are not certain, and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality."

Western medical scientists who claim that they are 'certain' that vaccines are safe, is abstraction that does not refer to reality.

Trump is an intuitive who has the confidence to go against the over-simplistic 'certainties' of science [no, i am not a Trump supporter, I am simply pointing to some 'silver linings']. it is impossible to isolate 'cause' by attributing it fully and solely to the transmitter out of the context of the receiver. a sexually loaded comment by a male is not necessarily offensive; i.e. its impact cannot be assessed out of the context of the experiential conditioning of the recipient. if she has experienced sexual abuse and suffers from PTSD, such a comment may induce emotional distress, ... if not, the comment may cultivate a life-long relationship.

It is possible that grabbing a woman by the pussy may be positively received by the woman, depending on how interested she is in the man. It is not an action that is 'offensive in itself'. There are no actions that are offensive-in-themselves [moral judgement is inherently subjective and incomplete, as Nietzsche ably points out]. Putting a bullet through some guy's head is not an act that is 'offensive-in-itself', not if he was raping and murdering school kids he had taken hostage.

if one google's vaccinations and autism, the predominant hits are all about the preposterousness of any connection between the two.

by the same token, even though jacques cartier's men were saved from death by scurvy in the winter of 1535, by using the Iroquois remedy of boiling some pine needles, ... in the following 200 years, even in cases where European sailors were dying like flies from scurvy, a suggested connection between drinking some boiled up pine needles and immediate recovery was summarily dismissed. clearly, what Western people 'do not get' is 'negative causality' where the recipient determines the impact of the transmission. in other words, if one grabs the wrong woman by the pussy, the one with PTSD from experiential sexual abuse conditioning, the result of severe emotional distress will be REAL.

all Western science can do with this, since it builds its models in terms of the causal results of what independently existing things do [independent things that are fully and SOLELY responsible for their results of their behaviours.

if you grab a woman by her pussy, it could lead to a night of sexual bliss and that could lead on to lifetime partnership, but that is clearly not the point; i.e. i am not advocating such a practice, nor am i condemning it, i am simply pointing out that it is impossible separate the respective contributions of transmitter and receiver. that is what non-dualism' is all about. that is what Mae-Wan Ho spent her life trying to get through the thick heads of Western scientific minds. That is where here protests against GMO foods and other Darwinist over-simplifications are coming from.

Trump is clearly an intuitive, and as you point out, he offers options for other intuitives on issues such as vaccination, which are not otherwise available. Why should De Niro and Carrey et al NOT fight for openness into the possible connection between vaccinations and autism? Do we know what is in each shot of vaccine? Do we know the sensitivities of each child receiving the vaccine?

As in David Suzuki's 1999 'The Nature of Things' documentary 'The Pill', the medical establishment is clearly more interested in the statistical (global) benefiit of a drug [oral contraceptives] according to their own models of the benefits of limiting population growth. dead mothers and children and sterilized fish were way down on weighted value scales in the pioneering research on oral contraceptives. what does 'safe' mean, and for whom or what? hormone loaded urine continues to concentrate in lakes, rivers and oceans, sterilizing males in some fish species and doing who knows what else. science certainly doesn't know what is going on and how the applications of science are influencing things.

those who call anyone questioning the safety of vaccinations 'quacks' are themselves 'quacks' in the sense that they cannot guarantee the safety of any medicinal substance administered to people en masse without knowing the particularities of how each unique individual responds to it.

the bottom line is that the concept of a medical substance being 'safe' is a non-starter, since the impact of an administered substance is determined by the recipient and not by the substance. this is the same in language wherein the recipient uses his own experiences to flesh out the incoming words since words have no intrinsic meaning-in-themselves.

the science of 'what things do' is quackery; i.e. mainstream science is quackery. reason is quackery, as Nietzsche points out, being that it is inherently subjective and incomplete and incorporates logical propositions that are claimed to be 'true' and not 'false' in a binary sense, such certainty being impossible in the real physical world of our experience.

Dunno if you realize that scientism and science are two quite different things? Science is a method of inquiry. So science ain't no basis for the global fascist politics(how could it be?), but neither is fascism much part of it neither. Fascism seems currently to serve a different purpose, namely to push the discourse further to the right. Good way to get the fringe aboard your politics. Just look at what is happening in france. And your last paragraph is about as nonsensical as it gets.

the 'bad things' mean we can't take an honest look at them.

so then, fascism is not really fascism at all but a recooperative carrot to dangle?

and what specifically about france (if we pretend to believe that pieces of dirt have invisible lines are real and the belief 'nation' is real)? right now in this moment many people are probably taking shits over there. we read or see reports and their framings, and cannot know the full story of what's going on. can we really know what daily life is like for so many people that we can definitively predict the outcomes for years on end?

with 'france,' we're also saying "place with homogenous population." the so-called US is not a homogenous population, and never was. context is everything.

Wow, your post-modernism is so post modern! The fringe fascism and the far right is tolerated and to a certain degree encouraged by the political establishment, as for instance by marie le pen or donald trump. For instance it used to push the discourse on security politics. The far right seems more to be about normalizing & legitimizing viewpoints & language which usually are met with opposition - something of a watering down effect.

re licker dave's comment that;

"Science is a method of inquiry. So science ain't no basis for the global fascist politics(how could it be?)"

ANSWER: methods of inquiry are used to formulate views of the world and worldviews are used as 'operative realities' to guide and direct our engaging with the world. indigenous anarchists use the 'learning circle' as the primary method of inquiry which taps into what people are actually experiencing. when people are being crushed by the relational dynamics of community, their testimony to this effect is incorporated and relations are transformed so as to restore balance and harmony in the community relational dynamic.

'science' and 'reason' (science is formalized reasoning) are methods of inquiry which are NOT GROUNDED IN ACTUAL PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE but make use of logical models that seem to 'fit the empirical data' (MORE OR LESS). these models are in mechanical terms of 'what independently-existing things do' as if they reside, operate and interact in a habitat that is independent of the inhabitants that reside, operate and interact within it. that is, scientific models make use of an abstract absolute space and absolute time measuring/reference frame. this is what enables the models to depict dynamics in terms of the actions of notional 'material entities' that are fully and solely responsible for their own behaviours. this is the foundation for Western justice, and it applies at the level of nation-states [pure abstraction], organisms [pure abstraction] and other local, independent material systems [pure abstraction].

science's models are like 'curves fitted to empirical data' and once the curves are available, the believers in putting science and reason into an unnatural precedence over experience-based intuition, see no need to pay attention to data points that lie off the curve [people being crushed by the top-down application of the simplified model].

the imputing of jumpstart behaviours to notional 'independent material entities' such as human organisms [relational forms depicted by science as local independent systems. that is, science employs philosophical 'dualism' wherein one assumes that the inhabitants relate to the habitat by their 'inputs' and 'outputs', which accommodates the notional independence of inhabitant and habitat. science models a storm-cell as a local system with inputs and outputs because this is convenient and delivers 'economy of thought' [Mach]; i.e. we can then name and define the storm-cell as a 'thing-in-itself' with its own internal process driven and directed development and behaviour. this is 'pragmatic idealzation' that gets rid of inhabitant-habitat non-duality wherein the local, visible, material form is a relational feature within the transforming relational continuum. in other words, 'science' as it is commonly employed, substitutes dualist models for the non-dualist physical reality of our actual experience because of the convenience and economy of thought this delivers.

If there are a million humans in a fertile valley such as the Amazon basin, it is not necessary to organize them as an anthropocentric sense so that they become a mechanical parasite feeding off the land. self organization is the natural default wherein 'mutual support' (Kropotkin) is not constrained to anthropocentric structures, but is support that gives rise to complex, interdependent relational ecosystems.

It is possible to 'scientize' the human population in such a valley by, for example, invoking the notion of 'independent being' of those relational forms aka 'inhabitants' in the habitat-inhabitant non-duality, as certain religions have done. science also imposes 'dualism' to simplify the inhabitant-habitat non-dualism as in the physical reality of our actual experience as affirmed by the matter-space [inhabitant-habitat] non-dualism findings of modern physics.

dualist science opens the door to portraying the human collective as a 'separate thing' that is independent of the rest of nature, giving rise to the human collective as a 'thing-in-itself' equipped with 'anthropogenic powers' that it can use in 'its interactions' with 'the habitat'.

this dualist scientific model of a separate and independent entity called 'humanity', treated as an 'independent thing-in-itself'', an 'inhabitant' that is not included in habitat but a separate thing that interacts with the habitat is nothing other than a constructed, logical 'semantic reality' that departs radically from the physical reality of our actual experience.

science has become an effective religion-like 'belief base' which assumes CREATION of independent beings aka 'humans' who are seen to be fully and solely internally driven and directed by their intelligence and purpose. this 'scientific' view leads directly to the notion of top-down organizing of human collectives such as the collection of humans in the amazon basin. scientific experts on community and organization hijack the notion of 'mutual support' which in nature gives rise to ecosystems, and applies within the notional 'independent thing-in-itself-category-called-humans' [this is not to be confused with our understanding of a 'human' in the non-dualist terms of a relational form within the transforming relational continuum].

applying the scientific models of top-down organizing to the human collective in the fertile valley involves the constructing of a regulated infrastructure that is complex beyond the knowledge and education of the grass-roots human population, yet top-down organizing requires that everyone follow the regulatory instructions coming from above. if there are problems within this reason/science based top-down organizational infrastructure, resolving them will be beyond the grass-roots level participants since they lack the expert scientific knowledge and expertise, that only very few people have; i.e. the advisors to presidents and political leaders.

for example, the anthropogenic machine or 'human population-as-thing-in-itself' is seen by science as having problems with 'its' interactions with the habitat such as were unknown when the inhabitants saw themselves as included within a habitat-inhabitant non-duality, where each individual respected his unique situational inclusion within the transforming relational continuum and let the epigenetic inductive influence of his unique situational inclusion actualize, orchestrate and shape his actions.

the big change with the coming of Western civilization is that the instructions coming from the top-down regulatory infrastructure will take priority, displacing the epigenetic inductive influence of his unique situational inclusion in the inhabitant-habitat non-duality so that he pushes away his former dancing partner and becomes a robot taking top-down direction from a central administration.

problems that are showing up in the notional 'global interactions' between the 'anthropogenic collective-in-itself' and the 'habitat' are challenging the world's best scientific brains who are coming up with revised programs of correct behaviour that are being cascaded down through the top-down infrastructure to correct the manner in which individuals interact with the habitat.

our experience-based intuition would say that; (a) there is no such thing as 'humanity' as a thing-in-itself independent of nature, and (b) observed degeneration of ecosystemic health and balance arises from the substituting of dualist scientific belief-based intention as the actualizer of our actions for non-dualist situation-induced experience as the actualizer of our actions.

you said;

"Science is a method of inquiry. So science ain't no basis for the global fascist politics(how could it be?)"

Western civilization is continuing to push its dualist scientific belief based views into the Amazon basin, substituting top-down regulation directed intentional actions for indigenous non-dualist situationally-induced and actualized actions. when local people experience things going wrong with 'this system', as is a common global complaint, corrections must come through the central regulation-based administration and the complexity involved in this approach challenges the scientific expertise of the worlds best scientists and takes the solution out of the hands of the local grassroots participants.

bottom line: science is a method of inquiry that produces models of the world that are greatly simplified for the convenience and economy of thought of scientific thinkers [which dominate in Western society], in the manner of a smooth curve or straight line fitted to complex clusters of empirical data. this scientific model is in the form of a constructed 'semantic reality' which is then employed as the 'operative reality'. because of the nature of the simplifications; e.g. inhabitant-habitat dualism which contradicts and occludes the relational interdependencies in the inhabitant-habitat non-duality of our actual experience, we end up with fascist top-down social infrastructures.

yes, science is a method of inquiry, but it is more than that, it is tool for constructing 'operative realities' that give rise to fascist social organizing structures. as Emerson observes, it is a tool that has "run away with the workman".

To emile -- Well yes he's already put a notch in his anti-fascist holster by defeating the post-liberal secretly disguised global-fascist office since Augustus the first Roman Emperor, though if one looks carefully there are numerous 'fasces' openly displayed symbolically within US iconography. The layman term 'maverick dreamrebel' would describe him well after his first victory. I just thought I'd mention that I have never voted and view these events from outside the binary arena.

',,by defeating the most powerful post-liberal secretly,,,,', ' Most' based on geo-political influenced

Another Emile trolling comment that I attempted to read with a straight face. And the second I ever cared reading in about 6 months. My common natural based intuition (or "CNBI" as the Trump fans would call) tells me we're sinking back into the same old sewers this site was bringing us into before the fateful eve of November 9.

Will Emile become Trump's Heidegger? Time will tell!

as i said in my comment, the yeast does not have the plan to transform grape-juice into wine but the creative potentials are waiting to be unleashed by a triggering agent. this was the case with germany in the 1918-1939 interim where European pundits were saying in 1919, that the upcoming generation of germans punished severely under the terms of the treaty of Versailles would want to pushback against their European neighbours for such undeserved abuse [their being force to pay for the sins of their fathers, although a generation of newborn innocents]. the racism of influential figures such as winston churchill (who believed that the germans were genetically a war mongering race who must be continually hobbled) were important contributors to the accruing relational tensions that fuelled WWII.

in other words, the times made the man [hitler].

one can say the same about trump. people are sick of the system and anyone brave enough to trigger the venting of anti-system energies will be lofted on the explosive unleashing of such unleashed energy potentials.

as with hitler, so with trump, people like to turn figureheads into fountainheads and attribute the power to the figurehead [the man], making him out to be the fountainhead, rather than acknowledging the source of power as lying in the accrued relational tensions of the populace and needing only a rallying agent to help focus the ready-to-vent energies. such a person is likely to be an extreme egotist who will believe that the power really is coming from him.

don't be stuck in the illusion that 'the man makes the times'. the pissed off with the system collective has been sitting out there waiting for someone brave enough or crazy enough to take the lid off this pandora's box.

Emile EXPOSED as a total idiotic douchebag with shitty knowledge of history!

Didja know, stupid, that this "triggering agent" has already happened, a bit more than 15 years ago? Probably you were just still sucking daddy's dick to get in your bookfair nihilist boy's club of the pigs and didn't yet the basic awareness to get that something bad happened.

Instead of going at your pure abstractions it is more informing to see where your reasoning leads you. It ain't nothing new in what your are saying. Do you actually believe you are offering some new and thoughtful insight? It is not much more than an immature reading of history. If you suppose that there are a 'relational tension' going, then by extension your whole analogy of figurehead/fountainhead is invalid. Where is the exchange between the two? Any sober soul can easily tell that it as much a case of the times makes the man and the man makes the time.

Hitler very much capitalized on this. Making himself, and his movement, to be more than it was. He was a clever demagogue, using the times to make the man, creating of himself a symbol. There are many who has realized this up through the ages, that your symbolic activities alters our relational activity with our living surroundings. That is to say that if you control and manipulate the symbols, or the cultural hegemony, you can "change" the world like a demigod. Indigenous cultures also engage in this symbolic interplay. But as with many of the animistic (for a lack of a better word) cultures there exists a cultural "brake" or safeguard, a use of symbols, which are meant to prevent the exploitation which are synonymous with european culture.

The yeast might transform grapes without a plan, but does the yeast exist within a symbolic culture and framework? Does it exist in a complex culture mediated by symbols? Can it alter the course of events, what other yeasts might do and think, by altering the common denominator of yeasts? Science is not an uniform event. To quote Feyerabend: the events, procedures and results that constitute science have no common structure.

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