Primal Anarchy Podcast 19: Writing and Writhing

From Primal Anarchy

Episode 19: May 12, 2019

A little different than the usual ranting and raving, taking a look my own writing process and approach. The sadistic compulsion that is writing. Notes to a 20 year old me. Notes for people thinking about getting involved in writing. What I’m looking at when people send submissions for the journal. And a lot of thoughts about how I approach writing, what is and is not important, and a constant reminder of the sad truth: there are no shortcuts.

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Symbolic thought and scribbling as self empowerment, ego tripping, echo chamber, waste of toxic ink and paper, etc. MutherTucker never shuts the f up. Well fed white boyz like to jabber. Hijacking scenes, culturally appropriating indigenous, you name it, the homemade scholars eat politics and social "science" for breakfast. Let's see ol Kev dine in the Amazon. How long would the thick hick last? My pesos are on the jaguar.

Bellamy's submission was censored by Tucker. It didn't fit KT's narrative.

Cultural appropriation. Middle class white guyz murder indigenous, then urban white guys write about it. Anyone who buys this book is a stooge of colonialism.

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