Privacy policy

<strong>1) We do not want your information</strong>

If you are a user of our services we believe that you are interested in the same goals that we are. We want to help you achieve those goals but do not want to, or by inaction help others, build a profile that compromises your privacy. We do not log IP addresses.
<strong>2) We keep logs only for troubleshooting purposes. All other logs are either not stored or are deleted.<strong>

Most Online Service Providers keep detailed records of all connections. In general, we do not keep information which uniquely identifies you or could be used to build a profile of your usage and associations. We do not log IP addresses. For troubleshooting, we may enable increased logging for brief periods of time. These extra logs are deleted immediately after they are used.

<strong>3) We will defend your data</strong>

We do not share your information with other groups. We only use the information we have for troubleshooting purposes. We will fight any attempt to force us to disclose user information or logs.

<strong>4) We will encrypt your data when possible</strong>

We prefer the use of encryption for web services (https) and of any information that we store. We will encrypt everything we store as possible.

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