Products Pulled From Athens Stores as Greek Anarchists Inject Corporate Food With Acid

  • Posted on: 21 December 2016
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

ATHENS, Greece — A state food safety agency says several soft drinks and food products mostly made by multinational companies have been withdrawn from sale in greater Athens after a Greek anarchist group said it had injected packages and plastic bottles with chlorine and hydrochloric acid.

The products include small bottles of Coca Cola Light and Nestle's Nestea, as well as sauces made by Unilever and milk by local producer Delta, the agency said Wednesday.

A group calling itself "Green Nemesis" posted the threat on the internet Monday, saying it intended to cause financial damage to the companies. The post gave details of the methods used and included photographs of syringes being inserted into the products, with several displaying bottles of acid.

The police's anti-terrorism division is involved in the investigation.

from the Associated Press via the NYTimes



fuckin degenerate muppets...i'm sure the ceo's of coke and nestle are weeping right now

we put some in your shitty opinion too. drink up, dudebro

ITS did this in July in Argentina. Great minds think alike I guess.

I always hated Nestea! Doesn't taste anything like tea or nests or ANYTHING except sugar and chemicals. WAKE UP SHEEPLE

Dihydrogen monoxide is the primary ingredient. Nasty stuff.

ITS and their accomplices thought of themselves to be brilliant, before they found out that Nestlé and Coca-Cola has been already poisoning the masses for decades.

So they just filed in for positions as corporate execs, so they could do it with an attached paycheck, and some protection from lawsuits or criminal investigations. Booya!

Green Nemesis, hmm. Perhaps it sounds better in greek.

How about:
the verdigris archenemy
malachite troglodyte
chartreuse nunchakus
aquamarine philistine
foliate apostate
the flintknapper whippersnapper
grassy not fasc-y
the biodegradable enfant terrible

You shouldn't be commenting here... you, siiir, should be selling album and song titles to crust punk bands in exchange of shitty weed or dirty sex!

Ok...since murdering people at random is now considered kosher (or at least up for discussion), is it ok to talk about murdering the psychopathic lunatics doing this shit? If not, why? I know we're not allowed to critique them, but surely individuals so devoted to amoral, anti-state ideas understand that they, too, are legitimate targets for hyperbolic violence. I drink coke sometimes, I walk by flower boxes on public streets or enter train stations - why shouldn't i seek to defend myself against those who would impose their (very leftist and moralistic) standards of consumption on me? Or is it only fun to talk about when other people are the ones at risk?

Murdering people at random is always up for critique, we're continuously doing it on this site. I share your frustration but lets not pretend the nihilist armchair cheering section is going unchallenged.

If anything, half of their online commentary is them crying about how we constantly shit on them for being a tiny minority of malignant narcissists and their respective little cult of groupie admirers. I say all of this as an insurrectionary anarchist militant, fuck them and fuck this arrogant, scattershot, bullshit.

I sincerely doubt that their intention is to actually poison people. As a matter of fact, I doubt they even put any poisoned products into stores. They probably just got enough photographic material to make the threat seem credible and sent a message to the press.

It's not going to win them any fans, but it's certainly an easy way to cause widespread financial damage with very little effort.

not only photographic material, they also sent the poisoned products as a proof to the company. this is not the first action they did btw. they did the exact same thing couple years back. but I agree, I don't think they put those products to the stores. every supermarket is being watched by cameras 24/7. wouldn't be hard to identify someone replacing products unless they work there.

The communiqué clearly says that they literally told the food safety agency that they did it - they are doing it to harm the company in a way that *specifically prevents* it from reaching the consumer...

"Insurrectionary anarchist" is code for left moralist activist. Why'd your kind pollute such an interesting direction I don't understand. American IA are a bunch of posers. I used to be one of you, then I got on big boy panties and haven't looked back since.

What makes your petty actions different from awesome ones is you still suckle the teet of "social justice" which is code for "social democracy isn't so bad". I'm saying IA are left wing of capital and part of integrating safe ways to riot without challenging the system. Thanks for being another manager of revolt while edgelording your fellow social democrats. So cool and hip, why not join the ranks of academia?

no it's not

Don't you know, being critical makes you a poser? Also questioning the strategic and ethical merits of a specific action makes you a social-democrat sjw

Anyone else dying from the irony here? I mean, sure, call me a pinko liberal SJW for questioning the merits of a mass-poisoning scare, but can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that the target was soda pop? Who did this, the militant wing of the fucking Michelle Obama fan club? What kind of stuck-up lefty health-nut bullshit is that? You gotta be pretty fucking serious about your subcultural standards of consumption to threaten death against randoms who don't conform to them.

Funny how often the targets in these actions always seem like they were intentionally chosen in order to elicit outrage from 'anarcho-liberals'. Out of so many obvious options - banks, offices, governments, the military, cops, etc, they go after soda pop and flower boxes. Now, I'm not saying that flower box didn't have it coming, or that it wasn't a crucial lynchpin in western civilized white supremacist capitalist heteronormativity, but there were probably a few other options that would have caused more "economic damage" at far less risk to the public. I mean, I get that it's fun antagonizing moderates, but if that's the primary strategic concern of your terrorist campaign it's gonna be hard to pretend that you're not still acting out some kind of bizzare and twisted leftist scene politics.

Yeah, it has a cartoonish, nerdy, super-villian quality. Like a plot-line from the power puff girls or something.


Athens has got a wide variety of nutjobs, and the way this hellhole is built, it is by design a city of nutcracks. Some working for the State, some not. When I was there early this year I saw this crazy Infowars-like guy going around downtown in his little car covered with plenty of anti-soda drinks logos and shouting stuff about Nestlé and Pepsi and what else. Apparently he was on his personal crusade against transnational corp beverages.

Wouldn't be too surprised if related.

Again, your reading comprehension is terrible, based both on your implication that the motivation of this action was "anti-soda" and that the perpetrators had any intention whatsoever of killing anybody. Moron.

I don't think any of those brutal idiots would care even reading any sort of criticism pointed at them.

Obvious Greek cointelpro is obvious.


take down this pathetic website already.

Take your meds.

PoD waxes and wanes but it never goes away entirely. This is a generally good thing imho & anarchs who can't defend PoD ( or at least Diversity-of-tactics) are weak and worthless.

Long live euletheria!

It's possible to defend PoD while being critical of how it is carried out in specific instances. But I guess being critical and self-reflective just makes you a "weak" and "worthless" liberal, right? What a bunch of posturing bullshit

Those that criticize PoD imply merely the limits of their own desires; to have everyone in anarchyland agree on whats permissible , as though in a big tent, is hopelessly naive. There is nothing that defines the anarchist except resistance to authority and capitalism, and the various functionaries of the shit show we call One-Dimensional Life. Some folx think that includes everyday people; that the everyday person is evidently not a sign of the working class, ready as such to start a general strike, or a continuous insurrection. Our neighbors are disclosed as leviathan, not undisclosed anarchists.

So because my desires don't include collective punishment, I'm "hopelessly naive"? Or is it because anyone who's ready to use collective punishment is my enemy, regardless of whether they call themselves an anarchist (They obviously aren't).

Is that naivety?

Nearly everyone criticizes ITS and other so called fascists for being insufficiently whatever; and this strikes me as presupposing something that there is to be, over and against whatever negative anti-politics may look like.--And I would say this is unwritten.

If the question is whether they have lived to their standards, I guess you might be internally critical; and you might even suppose that you could extend anarchyland to include PoD in its essential identity, thereby defending PoD whilst being critical of certain bits to redescribed the anarchist identity machine. I just doubt it given the major push of anarchists to repeat the same morality since individualist PoD was more or less banished for collective whatever.

It's not really about politics at all anymore if you ask me. Mad dogs get run off or put down. We're only presupposing that you can't use the tools of domination while still remaining an anarchist or someone who has any meaningful affinity them. You don't just sit there and do nothing if someone starts randomly attacking your friends in a crowded room.

Anarchism is about identifying all forms of domination and actively opposing them, until no-one is subject anymore. You can call yourself an anarchist but if you pick up the tools of the enemy, you're just trying to take shortcuts to have your way, same as them. Dress it up however you like but the fact remains, selection of targets and tactics matters. It's a very thin line to walk, once you decide to fight.

Collective punishment, the generalized threat of lethal violence towards entire communities, attacking those who are obviously weaker and pose no real threat to yourself. These are the tools of domination and you're already very lost if they seem appropriate to you. (not you specifically, I meant in general)

Its not that indiscriminate killing whomever doesn't matter; it does; what i think is interesting from a purely theoretical angle is the concept of complicity. Picking on migrants because they are of colour or whatever is, I would say, evidently to become a fascist functionary of the state; to make every effort to end the destruction made by human life, in the name of living per se, strikes me as necessarily outside the orbit of the trajectories of the state.

The anti-civ trajetory is one that humanist anarchists cannot handle, and the human hierarchy over life per se props up civilization. In place of this picture is a form of life that doesn't privilege human life, as the pinnacle of creation, but rather as an imperial species passing itself off as merely vying to survive among others.

Im with you in thinking that if your friends are killed in indiscriminate attacks you ought to do something about it; but when it comes to identifying with someone else, must these others be human? What if you identify primarily with the viruses that are continually wiped out in the name of human flourishing (aka death drive)? Or the millions of already extinct lives that are gone because of human industrial civilization? Could it be that you have a narrow concept of hierarchy, and that what the state really wants is for you to focus on human life so that it won't ever be abolished, given your implicit privilege of Law, and its necessary sovereign ban?

Could it be? Sure. Is it likely or a practical starting point for developing a coherent praxis? No. Probably not.

You're clearly using your head and I'll acknowledge my anthropocentrism; guilty, you're right. I figure that we prioritize our own species not because it's actually superior or more sacred or whatever but only because if we can't shift our thinking about human life, then treating all other life as sacred seems a very remote possibility indeed.

It's not that I can't "handle" the idea of the massive depopulation required for a hardline anti-civ trajectory, it's that any human-initiated efforts in that regard would be completely monstrous. To think otherwise puts your firmly in the camp I already mentioned, very lost and clearly powerless, with a vaguely defined and broadly projected rage but no realistic way of acting on your perspective, therefore condemned to dark fantasies and misery… maybe some day you lash out at a handful of random people and it changes nothing. A sad fate for an active mind.

We're not talking about the wide scale human initiated depopulation scenario, at least not when it comes to the radicals above--although this dark position is nonrepugnant with their ethic, admittedly; what we're taking about is occasional collateral damage consequent upon actions that most humanist anarchists reject out of principle prior to hearing that some complicit person in the death drive died. I'm merely saying that if targeted action is posi by your account, it's only a difference on the defn of hierarchy that causes you to think the one immoral.

Yeah, and I'm rejecting this philosophical notion that willfully inflicting death or being so callously indifferent as to basically be culpable anyway, is a matter of moralistic relativity or whatever. It's not, in my opinion. In yours, it is? I think? So we fundamentally disagree.

You're an anarchist, but you also suck, and are not very good at being an anarchist.

Am I free to go, officer?

Whoa! That's pretty mean!

Also, whether or not everyday people that simply live in the world of commodities and desire a larger piece of the pie are your friends strikes me as a naive way of looking at revolutionary matters; these folx will likely be the first to kill, kill, kill in the name of commodity, and in fear of the possibility of living in a anarchist society. The anarchist as sovereign makes rules for everyone and pretends that these rules belong to everyone already, and lies to herself in saying there is nothing outside. There is nothing seductive about anarchism; there is nothing non-hierarchical about morality.

Ah, I see. You're floating a convoluted version of the pre-emptive strike type arguments used in the war on terror.
"Every day people will likely try and kill us, so therefore [insert rationalization here]."

Want to set that shit down and walk away from it? It stinks something awful...

"...these folx will likely be the first to kill, kill, kill in the name of commodity, and in fear of the possibility of living in a anarchist society."

The yuppie rushes between conference calls, coffee & yoga sessions inside their Prius, NPR droning, damning all who impede their hastiness. The ghetto dweller rushes between customer service jobs, hotboxing & netflix binges, subwoofing self-flagellation, inside their used sedan, damning all who impede their hastiness. The redneck rushes between jobsites, strip malls & shooting ranges, inside their pickup, talk radio chattering, damning all who impede their hastiness. The hipster rushes between food service, corner stores & algorithm-directed copulation, on their bicycle, podcast chattering, damning all who impede their hastiness. The anarch need only stand back and watch the greedy strangle each other. Through observation comes wisdom to become something else, in negation of the counter-example. To corral nearsighted, cutthroat fools is the work of coercion & authority, outreach & conversion, proselytising & shame; not free-association & reciprocity. Anarchy is arrived upon, not introduced, because, as you say: "There is nothing seductive about anarchism..."

Not at all what I'm saying: I'm not desirous of carrying out discriminate or indiscriminate murder. What I am saying is that you have far less friends than you imagine, especially in revolutionary moments. It seems to me that ITS is aware of this in that they do not suppose discriminate murder is only desirous; best case they hope so, but given complicity, they accept consequences. I would imagine that they would be unhappy with having having killed others in agreement with them, just as you would hate anyone that kills people you like and agree with. Rbs

Over a decade ago, POM Wonderful used to "test" their pomogranite juice on animals to back up their spurious claims that their product can boost human lifespan. Animal activist peacefully protested at the homes of POM executives in California and were paid back for that with raids on their homes. After that, people quit screwing around. The campaign went national, and the ALF sent POM bottles spiked with laxative back to Pom and/or to the media, I have forgotten which. They claimed 487 more bottles were on store shelves at Whole Foods.

Well, it turned out Whole Foods had a couple high ups who were vegans, and they used this incident as the excuse to force the rest of the board to take action. Whole Foods threatened to stop carrying POM unless they quit the animal tests and the rest is history. POM went from swearing they would never stop testing on animals to swearing off animal tests entirely.

Unfortunately, Whole Foods is still selling meat, eggs, etc that they claim come from "humane" farms in natural conditions at a huge premium but which actually originate in slighly modified factory farms. A couple years ago, undercover video revealed that they had one free range chicken farm for the media which produced very few chicken products, plus for more densely packed "one big cage" factory farms where chickens lived in filth, had only theoretical access to the outdoors, and were being trampled to death. The buyers of that meat pay a huge premium thinking they are getting chickens raised in much better conditions than is in fact the case.

Thus, it is no surprise Whole Foods too action against POM only when the ALF gave them no choice. The action was tied to clear demands and got results

Putting aside the difference between *poison* and laxatives, there's the obvious context. The actions against POM were a strategic choice, made as part of a campaign with concrete and achievable goals. In addition, it was an entirely reformist demand and only ultimately succeeded because of sympathetic authority figures. Also worth noting, the ALF and ELF go to incredible lengths to avoid harming humans in their actions.

Let's be clear: NOBODY IS DENOUNCING VIOLENT OR MILITANT ACTIONS ON PRINCIPLE. Nobody is claiming that anarchists have never used riots, bombs, or outright warfare in pursuit of their goals, or that collateral damage wasn't a factor back then too. Not a single fucking person is claiming that these ITS etc actions are morally wrong because of the means they chose. Can we drop this obnoxious and dishonest straw man already? Admitting that militant actions might occasionally have merit doesn't make every act of destruction or murder something to cheer for.

Look... been bitching sarcastically at this action before, but really if this shit works then good for them. And these people WARNED the public about their acts, so I don't see where's the outrage, as far as the masses have been already intoxicated by this all this industrially-produced corporate shit, as well as the massive collateral damage related to its production (like the water poisoning in places as remote as Flint, Michigan and several places in India).

BUT if I had my hands on a gallon of hydrochloric acid there are far better and more general anticiv uses I'd make of it (for how effective it is against steel structures).

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