Quebec protests reach rowdy new level

  • Posted on: 20 April 2012
  • By: worker

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A spring of discontent in Quebec characterized by scenes of red-clad student protesters erupted into something darker Friday.

Demonstrators hurled projectiles from rocks to flower pots in downtown Montreal, disrupting political events indoors and committing vandalism outdoors. Riot police fought back by swinging batons and firing rubber bullets and tear-gas canisters into the crowd.

Police said some vandals even tossed rocks from an overpass onto a busy downtown expressway. There were no reports of any injuries in those incidents.</td><td><img title="Excellent use of the double glove" src=""></...

But several people were injured — reportedly including police officers — during protests of a broader nature than the weeks-long anti-tuition demonstrations that have occasionally snared traffic in cities across Quebec.

Provincial police were called in as local officers struggled to handle crowds that disrupted two separate events, including one featuring Premier Jean Charest and, to a lesser extent, one involving federal Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.

A few participants stressed one message: This isn’t just about university fees anymore.

“It’s not just the tuition increase,” said Alexis Remartini, 18, who who took a 60-kilometre bus trip from St-Hyacinthe to attend the protest.

“The movement has grown to include other things we don’t agree with.”

The most chaotic scene unfolded at Charest’s high-profile event as projectiles and tear gas rained on what was supposed to be the premier’s political parade.

His speech was delayed by 45 minutes as protesters managed to get into the Palais des congres convention centre, where he was the headline attraction at a symposium on his highly publicized northern-development plan.

At least eight people were arrested as police announced over a loudspeaker that the protest was being declared an illegal assembly.

Outside, the scene was equally messy.

While some protesters hurled objects and built barricades in the street with construction materials they’d found, police fought them off — at one point firing a tear-gas canister right into one young man at nearly point-blank range.

Nicolas Moran, 21-year-old law student at the Universite du Quebec a Montreal, was one of the students who had earlier managed to get into the building.

He had a gash on his forehead and blood on his shirt.

“I wasn’t doing anything violent,” he said. “A police officer hit me over the head… But I doubt the education minister will denounce violence from police.”

Students and environmentalists joined forces against a conference on Charest’s cherished Plan Nord.

The premier is facing heat from all sides as he tries to establish the ambitious plan, intended as a legacy item of his time in power and a key plank in his next election campaign.

Well behind schedule, Charest finally began a speech that, for months, some had expected might serve as a launching pad into an election campaign.

The first words out of his mouth: “Thank you for your patience.” The premier then quickly slipped into his prepared text and described northern development as an inter-generational project deeply embedded in Quebecers’ “genes” and “DNA,” sharing his own family history with the north.

He earned a standing ovation as he walked on stage.

Charest later joked that the protesters might have been trying to get inside because they were clamouring for Plan Nord-related jobs. And he made it clear he will not back down on $325-a-year tuition hikes that will raise fees 75 per cent over five years.

Even with the increase, Quebec would still have among the lowest tuition rates in the country.

While police, and the protesters themselves, said Friday’s worst vandalism was not necessarily tied to tuition protests, Charest stuck to the theme.

The premier focused his response to the events on his preferred political target: the most radical student protest group, whose acronym is C.L.A.S.S.E.

“The social disruption is unacceptable,” Charest told reporters after his speech.

“I’ve had ministers’ offices ransacked. We’ve had ministers who have had tanks of gas put on the grounds of their homes. Molotov cocktails in front of their offices. Death threats.

“And they refuse to condemn violence? In 2012, in Quebec? That’s unacceptable.”

Students who have been protesting tuition increases say the Plan Nord is another example of a policy that doesn’t reflect the values of Quebecers.

Also in the backdrop is an investigative report that a well-connected political organizer has been peddling cash-for-access schemes related to the Plan Nord.

Charest’s goal is to develop a 1.2-million-square kilometre stretch of the province’s north over the next 25 years. Charest has said it will create 500,000 jobs, though his claims have been met with skepticism from opponents who call the plan everything from a marketing gimmick to a sellout of Quebec’s resources.

An investigative show on the French-language CBC showed a provincial Liberal organizer — and onetime prominent organizer for the Harper Tories — discussing the Plan Nord while being surreptitiously videotaped.

That organizer, Pierre Coulombe, was videotaped suggesting to reporters, who pretended to be potential clients, that they could have access to Plan Nord decision-makers for a fee.

Instead of handing cash-filled envelopes to political insiders, he suggested clients should simply promise them multi-year jobs on their departure from politics.

He indicated such jobs might pay them about $25,000 annually and require that they attend only one meeting a year while being sent on occasional business trips to Europe.

Not far from Charest’s event, an announcement by the federal immigration minister was also interrupted by two protesters who had bought tickets to his event.

As Kenney began his speech, they twice shouted that his immigration reforms would destroy people’s lives. They were both quickly escorted out of the hotel room.

Kenney was in Montreal to announce, in his latest immigration policy reform, that people must prove they can speak English or French to gain Canadian citizenship.


No wonder they're charging the lowest fees in Canada - they teach their students nothing of value. Throwing rocks is simply Stone Age, a sling-shot ( or an atl atl ( is a definite advance in technology, and a trebuchet ( would be an even larger advance although it might present difficulties in transport and set-up. Well, I suppose they're getting their money's worth.

Yeah, and as awesome an action as this is, it still doesn't compensate for the fact that we're acting as college students, in relation to things college students do. I'm not trying to be "snarky," I'm just saying, of course Anarchists are going to show up to an action like this, because enough of us are already represented in this demographic. It's beautiful to read about, I'm just saying.


how/in what way do college students cease to 'be' college students? curious.

drop out.

tune in.

They don't, they start being able to translate their ideals, their struggles, into something that's universal. They do it both within themselves, and as a community. They figure out: who THEY are, WHY they are, and they communicate that, and what they want. Obviously, this is an action to gain legitimacy if I'VE ever seen one. Think about it. It's not about colleges, it's about TUITION. That's all, people will take away from it. Anarchism, in regards to the system, wasn't at work in this action. It's a beautiful showing, solidarity, but still, unless they occupied the deans office or burned down the business school, it was all college kids raging against the college, not the system.

yeah dawg, think about it. hmm

and the intelligence services finally find their way to the posts about the montreal student insurrection...
lol fuck u.

but Crimethinc says anarchists strategy should be to gain legitimacy


"but Crimethinc says anarchists strategy should be to gain legitimacy"

That's a piss poor summary of a long, complex, and well written article. Shame.

it never claimed to be a summary. but fine ill be explicit. one of the several things the article says, and it discusses this repeatedly and at length, is that anarchists' strength comes from the popular legitimacy our actions have

Yeah but when you leave it at that it sounds like they are gaining that legitimacy through the kind of pacifistic liberal means that people are encouraging over here. Instead they are gaining that legitimacy by delegitimizing pacifism and the media. They are still going out of their way to try to have dialogue and explain this stuff to people, but they haven't changed their approach to conform to social norms of what is usually considered 'legitimate'

Ok here's my issue with the article's argument about legitimacy. They talk about how important it is to pass out tons of fliers explaining (politically and socially) to social movement activists why wearing masks and property destruction should be acceptable... while in the same piece they admit that outside of the movement there are tons of hooligan youth and migrants who want to destroy. They are trying to gradually push the boundaries of what is socially considered legitimate among the social movement, while meanwhile there is a whole outside to this social movement and to the social body which is antagonistic and antisocial and doesn't need to be convinced of such things. Rather than taking the side of this antisocial element, they on one hand condescendingly applaud the antisocial rioters but also go to great lengths to critique anti-social anarchism and affirm movement politics. In a leap of absurdity, they try to make their legitimacy-oriented campaigns responsible for the riots.

The agenda here is a broad social anarchism that is trying to incorporate destruction under its big tent so that it can be channeled toward social movement aims. Unlike some of their liberal peers in the movement, they can see the utility of destruction, if channeled properly. They set to work on two fronts: legitimize the outsiders' tactics within the social movement while trying to get the outsiders under the tent, building its capacity as well as its strength while also diminishing any critique of the movement.

They never ask whether they have more in common with the rioters rather than the social movement fucks. They don't ask why they're in the social movement. They don't ask themselves why the social movement doesn't have "legitimacy" in the eyes of the rioters. They don't ask the question of how the legitimization they argue in favor of is linked with a recuperation they're ostensibly opposed to. Nor do they question playing the role of the militant shock troops of a social movement that does not have anarchist ends. Meanwhile, they make an argument (if you could call it that) against anti-social anarchism that doesn't have the slightest idea of what it is about or, if they do know, they are being willfully ignorant to make an easy dismissal of the questions it raises, one of which is why many anarchists place so much importance on building a social movement.

But the !!! in catalunya and spain generally isn't a movement exactly. It is social unrest. It can't really be managed only participated in (!) or observed... while categories like antisocial, rioters, movement fucks are too simplistic the argument could be made that the rioters are just as much a part of organized resistance as any of the social movement fucks...what makes you draw those lines so rigidly?

Anarchist place importance on building social movements because "social movements" are full of people! Interesting, passionate, explicitely removed from the apathy of the status quo people who could be friends, lovers and comrades with time and intention.

Anarchists of this younger generation (of which I am part) lack a certain humility, wonder and openess. It makes me afraid for us. I wonder if anyone really believes in a true dversity of tactics anymore.

I think you're giving too much credit to the above poster by accepting the terminology "social movement". It makes sound like liberal reformism what is actually how people function.

Theirs isn't the stance that I would take but it's hard for me to see CrimethInc's arguments as being anything but beneficial to anti-social anarchists like me. More space for / acceptance of property damage is entirely alright in my book, whatever the reason for it.

If all you want is to make total destroy without a revolutionary goal, you're not an anarchist... you're just a vandal.



Tell me how you really feel.

I would be totally fine with that actually, but it is not all I want.

as a hooligan, i think you're attempt to criticize those that would bring us more popular support, so that we aren't just fighting the cops in the ghetto, going to jail, and being isolated from most of society is fucking stupid.

getting more support for the hooligans is exactly what anarchists (hooligan and non-) should be doing!

you are really grasping at straws and just want to maintain your isolation because it makes you feel cooler, meanwhile people who are actually poor hooligans appreciate it when every one in society isn't just calling us hoodlums and criminals but support our struggle against this society.

please fuck off.

You will always be stuck in the riot-arrest-jail support cycle if all you consider yourself to be is a hooligan. You and your crew will never, ever beat the cops for good alone.

word. anti-politics has dug itself into the worst knee-jerk kind of opposition that now it's ideologues object to any mention of popular support or legitimacy.

the ideologies that allowed us to weather the last 15 years without being bought out(i.e. anti-politics, nihilism) are quickly showing their age now that the world is going through another period of unrest. update your thought please.

that is funny so you're saying during world unrest we should abandon our critiques of the kind of movements that in the past have been involved in the restructuring of the system of domination under which we now live?

also nice use of calling anti-ideological arguments "ideologies" that always confuses things nicely.

o hi there what's it like outside of ideology?

not good. i'm surrounded by a bunch of hooligans. i want back in!

as a hooligan of coloure I think it's really fucked up and alienating that non-hooligan non-white not non/un-workers are allowed to take part in this discussion

the representative of the hooligan class has spoken!

"people who are actually poor hooligans appreciate it when every one in society isn't just calling us hoodlums and criminals"

Please distinguish the terms hooligan, hoodlum, and criminal.

hoodlum and criminal are highly derogatory and insulting terms. "criminal" implies that our hooliganry is breaking the law. which it is, ok fine but those laws are ILLEGITIMATE, MAN! hoodlum is similarly fucked up because it means law-breaker. whereas hooligan, while it has a historically problematic history, has been reclaimed, so it's cool

it's a matter of political correctness, comrade. get with the fucking program or GTFO

when i say "criminal" i'm obviously in the process of RECLAIMING the word in favor of breaking all laws, political correctness included. get on my platform or just miss the revolution entirely

i tried to break all laws, and then along the way i got to some really awkward ones...

yeah i'm just confused and in this void

where did you hit the wall? for me it was bribery of government officials and animal abuse.

Inciting mutiny, piracy, unlawful drilling.

nest limit?


Bag limit. Fuckin' game warden.

Fuck tha game warden, comin' straight from tha trailer park!


a trivia side note the word thug is derived from a hindi word 'thagee' who were anti-colonialist freedom fighters against the british in india, alot like the mau-mau in kenya.
Hooligan derived from the irish name houlihan who were just a rly rowdy drunken family

Well sorry, dorks still haven't found their way into the black bloc, as it seems to be a caste for the geek elite above them.

Over-specialization keeps from adapting to diverse situations. As long as we don't get to Force Push things (and cops) around, our hands, arms and legs are still the most universally-efficient tools we got.

Or you can also have fun trying to launch trashcans/bags with your slingshot, derp...

Street insurgents really would be well served if they learned to carry and use slings (different from slingshots).

A sling may not be as "universally-efficient" as your hand, but it's definitely way more "throw-fist-size-and-smaller-things-efficient." And since they're super compact, they in no way interfere with your ability to use your hands to still do other stuff.

They do take some learning, though. I've been practicing with one on and off for a couple years, but I definitely need more work still.

Can one use a sling and reliably achieve a relatively flat trajectory?

Yeah, that's the general idea.

If you release too early, the rock flies up at moderate speed, that's good for distance, but if you release at just the right time, the rock flies parallel to the ground and with more force. I'm sure you could knock a fully armored cop on his ass and do plenty of internal damage.

David and Goliath fantasy lot more sexy than 21st century riot porn!

Masked MANARCHIST slinging a half pound ball bearing:
Images of aftermath:

Slings are incredibly easy to DIY. Used up ball and roller bearings can be found by the pound at junk yards and scrap shops.

Ouchie. Standard plywood is roughly the same hardness as a human skull. Looks like those bearings would be slappter brains hard.

it's true, back when the Phalanx was top dog, slingers were useful because they could fuck you up through armor.

For the slingdorks, here's a blog by some big funny German dude about all kinds of cool DIY singshots:

Looking forward to build that "H-type" pulley slingshot!

"The premier then quickly slipped into his prepared text and described northern development as an inter-generational project deeply embedded in Quebecers’ “genes” and “DNA,” sharing his own family history with the north."

I'm assuming that's not a reference to the fact that he's descended from indigenous people...??? YIKES! Manifest destiny...

"Disturbing the social peace (afforded to my fellow capitalist class by our armed and unarmed lapdogs) is unacceptable. Let us get on with our jerkoff property schemes, and let a few of us decide what's best for all of you (is what benefits us most)."

Some vandals threw rocks off an expressway overpass---that just stands so our of context. Pix or it didn't happen. But really, that part sounds fabricated by the pigs. Is it meant to imply these supposed vandals were connected to the anti-tuition protests---we're never told. I could be wrong...

yeah, riots never involve random anti-social violence.........

Wasn't saying that. Cops just also never lie...

Definitely a cop's manipulation, and a desperate one.

And that little socialist idiot, working as the spokesperson of the CLASSE fell in the trap, declaring such violence as "unacceptable" and calling for a de-escalation of the conflict. It was directly foreshadowing the declaration of the SPVM's spokesperson, who condemned the violence, and attempted to separate this demo from the rest of the student movement.

So now the murderous Police even dares allowing itself to tell right from wrong in this movement, in unison with the treacherous CLASSE leaders. That's what happens when you allow social-democrats to take power. They let mainstream media just like the violent Police patronize the movement.

Hats off to Montreal. Good Luck. Keep em scared.

Look at that gangster wearing his backpack on his chest so as to have ready access to a supply of rocks to throw at the pigs. Attaboy.

that's a lady.

you sayin gangsters can't be ladies?

Look at that gangster wearing his backpack on his chest so as to have ready access to a supply of rocks to throw at the pigs. Attaboy.

ONLY MANARCHISTS THROW ROCKS AT COPS. All the wumun are too busy at home baking cookies for the warriors and keeping their uteruses safe.


oh? so sure are you?


Also, it absorbs some of the blunt force trauma to the torso!

How funny that the Metro is one of these free corporate news outlets that you find in the very newspaper boxes that we kick down in the streets.

I heard it was also an egoist newspaper.

Hahaha, that fucking pick dropped like a sack of shit. Got any more?

"Run, motherfuckers! Run!"

"The most fundamental precondition for action isn’t having a plan—as plans always fall apart in these situations—nor coming materially prepared, although that doesn’t hurt. The most fundamental need is the ability to push back the police. Those who win a space directly from the police can subsequently do everything. The ability to beat the police comes down primarily to attitude, secondly to experience, and thirdly to materials. The first two can produce the third from the urban landscape, if no one has prepared them in advance."

oh yeah? well that's just like your opinion, maaaan!

Actually it's Crimethinc's

Insider report on the same events:

They fucking vandalized the World Trade Center's facade as well!

Tried to publish it here, but since there's already that article...

Thanks comrade!

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