QUEER ATTACK SQUADRON - CeCe Solidarity Molotov (Portland)

  • Posted on: 6 June 2012
  • By: worker


Forever in the footsteps of beautiful queers like CeCe McDonald, we frustrated queers and dissidents refuse to take people's shit.

Endless solidarity to CeCe and the action she took to defend her life and safety, and endless disgust towards the state which has twisted her hardship of being assaulted against her with pointless and arbitrary punitive action, further risking her safety.

How backwards, to face brutal social bigotry as a trans woman of color on the streets only to be forced through a system of institutionalized racist trans-misogyny. In such an openly hateful environment, how are folks like CeCe expected to NOT be ready and willing to defend themselves?</td><td><img title="<twinkle fingers>" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/starfire.jpg"></td></tr></t...

As a small gesture of solidarity with CeCe, and all others who suffer under the hand of the racist, trans-misogynist capitalist state, a Molotov cocktail has been tossed through a large window of a Wells Fargo in Portland, Oregon late last night. The flaming bottle flew easily through the window spewing fire and glass into the building, a delightful and brief escape from the monotony of the endless spectacle.

Banks like Wells Fargo continue to profit and flourish at the expense of people like CeCe, funding the police and prison industrial complex which protect banks' interest and profit through brute social control. Capital is such filth!

Solidarity also to those experiencing political repression here in Portland, by petty cops and worthless detectives who look to old cases and unsubstantial evidence in order to make examples of our comrades. And still, you pigs remain helpless in the face of our actions against you and the property you try to protect.




Not to be a contrarian but an article on a Portland news site claims that the Molotov was discovered unlit. Regardless, be safe comrades.

do not just use a molotov to start an arson. making a molotov is a federal felony. constructing an unregistered destructive device. possessing a molotov is a federal felony. possessing an unregistered destructive device. all that is in addition to attempted murder or arson or conspiracy or whatever else you are doing.

from what i can tell from sitting at the keyboard all the recent communique molotovs have failed to do much damage. there are much better ways to simply start a fire if that is the intent.

people probably should not mess with molotovs unless they are using them as a weapon. the history of the molotov in insurgencies is as a weapon to disable vehicles like tanks. if not disabling a vehicle a pipe bomb or a bullet makes a better people killer.

Well the way things are going just having a container of gas may become a fabrication of evidence stating that there was an intent to use the gas as an explosive device. Tautologies can still be circumstantial, this is why a process of social justice must only require the actual 'caught in the act' to have any truth factor. Even an opinion or a future premeditated plan in itself is not a crime{we all have our fantasies, no?}, and extrapolating a desire is like imagining what one would have for breakfast, it is insubstantial. Any judiciary that operates on 'not caught in the act' operates on the events of probability and slander rather than on reality. And we haven't even got to the question of the act, which may be justified, depending on which pole of the binary one inhabits.

....be careful of entrapment though.

Lone Wolf Manifesto #1:

Work alone or with people you've known all your life, never with new recruits or people you met at protests within the last five years or less. You work along and keep your mouth shut, the only possible snitches are third party eyewitnesses, the kind that do not exist with proper mission planning.

If you have never been to a public protest, keep it that way and your mouth shut. Keep off the Internet except through Tor on encrypted computers. Learn to do research in a secure manner, with no electronic trail beyond some Tor exit node.

Hit the gym, the dojo, and the range. Learn to fight, shoot, sab, escape and evade. Train like a one man SEAL team, and pretend to be the Enemy's friend while all the while sharpening your knives and learning just where to stick them.

When your local state headquarters of the GOP burns to the ground with little evidence and no cameras due to that mysterious power outage, nobody will suspect the head of the local Junior Chamber of Commerce. When whaling ships are sunk, nobody suspects the shift manager at the fishing gear emporium across town. When logging trucks get abrasives in their engine oil, they might suspect the mechanics-but NOT the mechanics at the car dealership in a small town on the other side of the nearest big city.

"if not disabling a vehicle a pipe bomb or a bullet makes a better people killer."

You are a fucking idiot.

And so is the person who voted that down.

The comments on snooz have reached a new low...complaining about internet points.

I didn't read any complaining.

I'm pretty with you but you have to say that the intentionally unlit molotov was a nice touch, aesthetically.

But yeah, generally fire just isn't worth it unless we're talking some serious shit is going down.

You're complete fucking idiots.

How so? Elaborate.

Any practical knowledge of home-made incendiaries makes you an idiot?
Discussing it online maybe?
Entertaining any serious thoughts of militant resistance?
Less talk, more molotov?


speaking of fucking idiots, russell brand's new talk show is going to have a segment on the cleveland bridge 5, apparently.

now if only some random bank tellers could have been burned alive, this would have been a real victory for anarchyism.

Yeah, anyone who gets duped into militant or extremist actions by state operatives exploiting their understandable frustrations with capitalist society should be shunned as an idiot. Who gives a fuck about Russell Brand?

Considering that this took place when the bank was closed it's certain that these comrades didn't intend to harm workers. All I can suggest is that molotov attacks be sporadic, symbolic or incendiary, and that anarchists that do shit like this keep their affinities ON LOCK.

Yes be safe comrades. Plenty of people know what you're up to now. A brilliant action. We will spread your message of attack across the nation. And we will do it for black trangender people like CeCe fo sho.

Their page is not public, I believe. But if you get a chance to see it, you will see that when young black girls wrote on their page thanking them for their friendship the page admin said "use english plz" - twice.

Its so easy to be a racist a nazi and a stalker...so easy

Its so easy to be easy and so easy to be sleazy.

CC hard as fuck, u incompetent incontinent morons.

So who's to trust... the cops of the mainstream media, or the insurgents who wrote in their communique that they threw a flaming bottle that spread fire into the bank?

The answer is pretty much obvious if you're for real.

yeah, insurgents write without the bias of needing to politically justify themselves, their actions, their self-perception and their political mission, unlike the cops. o wait...

Ooh, moral vindication. If you cant speak on it dont act on it. Tooshay. Always question the character of yourself and those around you.

it wasn't even on fire, though. srsly.

Who knows... perhaps this was a gasoline or nafta molotov, where the flame doesn't last long enough to do serious damage, so the fire/cleaning team fixed the whole thing before the bank branch opened.

Regardless of whether or not it was a successful arson, at least it's bringing light to CeCe's case http://www.kgw.com/news/Molotov-cockatail-found-outside-NE-Portland-bank...

"reify (sic)"

lawl kgw editors are n00bs.

Sure, they don't know that word and it's funny because presumeably they know words for a living. But pleanty of people don't know reify or any other GRE word. Why insist on using them? All most anyone hears is that you talk like a fag and that your shit's all retarded.

Correction: presumably

Learn2spell if you're going to talk shit.

hey do you wanna come reify my ass with your fist?

"pleanty" of us fags can spell plenty better than you too!

Yep, all most all of us.

This news article is surprisingly positive, and by positive I mean not awful.

The article says she killed him because of fears from experiencing transitioning. It sounds like she's unstable, not that she killed him for attacking her. Fuck fair, this article sucks.

U fukin' sound fukin unstable,,,8-ballz

I don't see any newspaper boxes in the street and THEY PROMISED NEWSPAPER BOXES IN THE STREETS! WTF Portland?


Yep. This action is totes gay.

Yep, Molotovs are definitely like flaming homos.

Form a macho perspective, they're scary, then when thrown they get all over him, and consume him in a burst of flaming GHEY passion, that most probably will make a freak out of him for life.

molotovs are gay, by which I mean sexy - fucking manarchist

Anarchy may not be the best form of government that there is, but it's better than no government at all.

wait this is a joke right?


Wouldn't a bloc be a more appropriate. I mean, fuck the bak I wished it burned, but did anyone get the message...

Is SHE going to get the memo, or is this once again us in our cult?

This is a civil rights struggle, not an excuse for you to play insurrectionary. You did nothing for this womans life in this action. Again, Im glad the molotov was thrown, but who was it thrown for? You or her?

a civil rights struggle?
Who the fuck struggles for civil rights?

i bet you feel silly


"A gay rights activist group claimed responsibility for the vandalism in an email to FOX 12. The reason for the vandalism, the email said, was that Wells Fargo funds a prison industrial complex where a transgendered woman is serving a sentence in a men's prison. The group said this puts the woman at a higher risk of sexual assault."

Actually its harder to survive in a womans prison when viewed as a potential aggressor than dealing with the 20 people housed near her in the pre trial ward. Well intentioned but not helpful.

Whoever did this is absolutely stupid. Way to make someone you never mets life harder than it already is. Did you ask her consent? Did you? You are raping her name.

Don't you mean raping "him"? Cece is a dude.

Your an ignorant fuck and half aren't you? probably a cop

And I said her name! Not her. Just to clear that up. So what u ment to say was his name. But being a womyn the correct term is her

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