Radical Oakland LGBTQ Activists March on Pride & Smash Banks

  • Posted on: 3 September 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="http://politicalfailblog.com/radical-oakland-lgbtq-activists-march-on-pr... Fail Blog</a>

After learning of Oakland’s paid entry/corporate sponsored gay pride event on Sunday, a group of radical LGBTQ activists decided to take action against the commercialization of their life struggle.

The group gathered at Snow Park at 5PM and marched at 6PM, circling the fenced off area before moving through the financial district leaving broken bank windows & ATMs in their wake. The majority of the 100+ marchers were dressed alike, utilizing the black bloc tactic to better conceal their identities.

The targeted property destruction, seen in the video above, is inspired by the violence perpetrated on a daily basis by capitalism & it’s banks. The main target seemed to be Bank of America, as it sustained substantial damage to it’s front windows and ATMs. All machines were left unusable, sending a firm message to the institution that the people are rising up and fighting back.

No arrests or injuries occurred and marchers dispersed about an hour after the start of the action.</td><td><img title="smashy smash? for me?! Oh, you shouldn't have." src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/greenface.jpg"></td></tr></...

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/puODroOkNho" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


omg how did they organize a successful action without a fb event?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!????!?!?!??!!!!????????

by using facebook for outreach

looks like a bunch of hipsters, and really not even that many. i've seen bigger black blocs in my home town and we didn't video tape them so the state could repress us later.

yes, because these days, like manarchist, hipster is a totally useless and meaningless word thrown around by anyone with a vague cause and total cynicism. If you are not demure in dress or racially categorizable as "definiteively non-white" you are now a hipster (which i hear is bad) according to the unpaid Social Scientists.

No. Hipsters are a well-defined cosmetics-oriented urban subculture. They usually are liberal idiots who are about maintaining their privileges through identity politics and strict countercultural trends (Queer-vegan-trans). But it's really just about cosmetic changes.

I know them because over the past 10 years they took over my city to a point the apartments got more protected, their rents astronomical, so I couldn't stay there anymore. That's called gentrification, and hipsters are its accomplices.

Of course there's always conservatives who'll call just any anarchist a "hippie", while most anarchists have nothing to do with that counterculture. that doesn't mean there are no hippies!

I'm not LGBTQ, but that doesn't make me a dick. Check yo privileges, fools!

Identity politics are the worst enemy of our movement.

well im glad you can tell who is and is not into identity politics by how people dress for a demo on a youtube video. also, thanks straightey for telling us to "check yo privileges, fools!"

I don't need to worry about any of that shit,man. I'm a gendertarian. And I am strictly against cosmetics!!!!!!!!

They hate you because you're young.

This is what that 45 year old cool dad in a belly shirt, short pants, and converse says to himself every day.

If "hipsters" wanna start smashing bank windows, then my hats off to them.
Although I think the widely used definition of hipster is: someone who is not actually passionate or sincere about anything, but just following whatever trends are around, until they are out of style, then following new ones.
So it's hard to think that hipsters would do something cool, but hey, if they wanna do this, more power to them.

I've seen blacker blocs

Actually, I bet you haven't.

Say that after you've spent some time around these people in Oakland... Until then, you're just making prejudgements (Isn't that the where the word prejudice got its name?).

actually there was a facebook event


nope. byebye.

Smashed windows? Smashed ATMs? Yes, those things really help LGBTQ live better lives! Because it's the banks that are homophobic!

it's capitalism that requires a heteronormative worldview in order to function. banks are *kind of* related to capitalism.

Capitalism is quite at odds with heteronormativism. Capitalism allows people of almost any kind to exist as long as they work and finance their lives through money.

Homophobia dates back to at least the early Christians and likely to long before that, well before Capitalism existed (before banks, atms and modern money systems).

Attacking 'sexual irregularities' was used by the 4th century Christian Romans to distract the (anti-state) Christians from remembering the ungodliness of government ("give unto Ceasar") that caused them to balk at Roman rule.

Modern day Republicans use it to distract from their plunder of the public coffers.

Communists are homophobic (see Russia, China, Cuba) too.

... and after that psychedelic little ride through history, I still don't see why we would discourage militants from smashing banks whenever they get together for a march, regardless of the issue. You DO know what website you're on, yes?

So then the comment which alluded to hijacking LGBTQ marches for non-LGBTQ purposes is correct and you approve? After all militants gotta be militant in the one way they know how, like the cosplay folks who show up at every event dressed like Sailor Moon.

If @News is just "the smash ATM" website perhaps it should change it's slogan to "smashing ATMs for fun and no-profit"?

If this site is about "anarchist news" and this discussion is about that news then here it is, being discussed. You want a "smash ATM fan site" instead?

Weird. I thought sexual scientists that could only coherently exist under a capitalist division of labor invented the entire idea of "sexual orientation" to begin with, first by creating "the homosexual" as an identity in order to medicalize same-sex fucking to try to cure it.

What's an "LGBTQ" purpose, by the way?

I think you might be confused and suggest reading something about the history of sexuality. This French guy, Mickey Fooz, wrote a decent one once.

Calling anything that isn't chemistry or physics "science" is insane. Medicine is as removed from science as script kiddies. So called social science is a contradiction in terms.

I'm a going to go blow up randomly at other stuff now. kthxbye

da fuck you talkin bout?

What so we're gonna let the church off the hook now? Fuck that!

Sorry, the roots of homophobia are way more complex than some one-off Marxist BS catchall of "the capitalists and their scientists".

not "militants", not "LBGTQ"
as what normally happens when others attempt to speak to the intentions of others, it is a total or almost total failure with this report back. What does it even mean for something to be a "LGBTQ event" and also anarchist and how does one hijack it?

You know, I'm not one to smash windows...

... But I will say, it's damn hypocritical for banks, like Bank of America to sponsor "Gay Pride" events when they continue to foreclose on the LGBTQ community.

I'd say that makes it an LGBTQ issue, huh?

please, do tell us, what is the "LGBTQ community"?

NO banks are foreclosing the "LGBTQ community", you fucking douche. They've been foreclosing PROLES of all kinds, regardless of their sexual preferences.

And yeah... where's the "LGBTQ community"? Where's any fucking "community" under that prison society, eh?

actually ... what I said was, why discourage the militants from doing anything? Considering how little militancy we actually have? Too bad you did your snarky strafing run and left before anyone could check-mate you by mentioning the stonewall riots. Oh well...

the period of time in which the modern capitalist system developed was also the period of time in which modern constructions of sexuality, gender, the nuclear family structure, and many other things which contribute to what today is considered a "normal" body began to be solidified. when you say that "Capitalism allows people of almost any kind to exist as long as they work and finance their lives through money" what i hear is that capitalism allows people to live their lives in many different ways as long as they relate to and present themselves to the world using the model of a constructed and imposed normality as their ideal. i'm sure you could go back in the history of the human species and find that at any given point there existed some societies in which homosexuality was not a part of their culture, or a very rare part, and some societies in which ideas of gender and sexuality were entirely fluid, both before and after the existence of banks, atms, and modern money systems. this is still the case today. what i choose to fight against are the forces in our world today which work to impose a particular construction of normality which i feel is oppressive and limiting to the way i would like to live my life. by looking at the history of the how those came to exist in their current form, i have found that a particular construction of our relation to sexuality is an integral part of the functioning of those forces. i'm thousands of miles away from oakland, but i suspect that this event was as much against the way sexuality is constructed through mainstream, heterosexual capitalist society as it was against the way sexuality is constructed in mainstream, homosexual capitalist society.

Of course it's a modern construction as you say, "sexuality, gender, the nuclear family structure," are institutions which react to external forces, and modern capitalism just happens to want to concentrate its power into urban complexes. It just so happens that the molecular family ( I prefer this adjective over nuclear or atomic because these terms are confused with the era of energy/weapon associations, rather than the quantitive meaning), so happens that the M-family is more productive in manufacturing for capitalists than the extended family, which by its nature is less controlled or productive because of the diversity of relationships and powers under a single roof, similar to a small clan dynamic. There is a quantity of peoples gathered together which by probability approaches a condition of equilibrium and self-sufficiency. This is not liked by capitalists.


Once, I had this idea about writing "intersectionality" on a baseball bat for situations just like this, only IRL.

Did you get lost on the internet on your way to the objectivist dating site?

also, if you consider russia, china, and cuba to be "communist" than you might need to deepen your analysis a little bit before the trolls here even start to bother with you

capitalism requires no such thing. it requires money to be invested and return with surplus value. that's it. gender and sexual norms that were useful at earlier periods have changed and continue to mutate and be discarded. commodifying queerness is huge business and i'm pretty sure that was supposed to be the point of this bashback/anti-pride type of stuff. so i guess really they should have glamdalized HRC again or something?

What do you suggest?

yeah, lets split hairs over which property to destroy depending on which of our identities is being oppressed ...

Dreamy. <3 Love y'all!


hmmm..... A bunch of @'s are scared to wear black and march in NYC with a facebook event, there was a facebook event for this, and they obviously were not scared. Also the group was no where close to the numbers we will have on S17!

Are you really that fucking obtuse? Nobody in NY is "scared" of shit. They just see this as another waste of time where they'll be bloc'ed up and forced to walk on the sidewalk because shit that Occupy organizers tends to turn out that way, and publishing at all on Facebook makes that even more likely. Not to mention the questionable group that put out the call.


the death pop *POP!*

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let me make love to you, 8ball

Some about the way he types with his face gets me all worked up.. You could literally smelt tungsten in my vagina right now.

Something* Spelling Jesus, why have you forsaken me? I was so proud of that one, too :C

thays njust teh fuickin wayu i asm take oit ore fuclkin lerave iut,.,.8ball

when is smashing bank windows ever the wrong answer?

Come on guys, since when has rioting ever helped the cause of queer liberation?


^So. Much. Win.

lol. was that fool carrying a stroller?

Prole stroller



Can I get a playlist?

We have to all organize somehow and aware other to get ready to take action...Facebook and this site is just that thing that can help push that, use it to you're advantage...plus it's called stop being such a paranoid pussy and get off you're ass and doing something, stop with the whole bull shit talking hard behind a computer screen and act. Like they say acctions speak louder then word...prove yourself. Prove that you are who you say you are, prove that you mean what you speak, prove to us all or just shut up and get out of this conversation and don't be involved with whats going on damn. Facebook or not, we need somehow to message a massive of people or whomever and let them know whats going on, we need some way to spread our message as quck as possible and for whatever else reason. So shut up already with the whole he's a cop, thats a cop, she's a cop, this is a cop, who gives a shit what you think IT'S WHAT YOU KNOW AND CAN PROVE, if you believe so that someone is simply that then leave the conversation and don't associate with it and don't be involved with them, by the way for all you know that person can be the biggest and realest mother fucking revolutionary you can meet out there that has an idea to change this miserable place we live in, not everyone is who you think they are most of the time...fuck!

true shit dude. ppl on here act so paranoid & fake as a person & about things as well that involves action & such that it makes me laugh so hard. they are all talk and shit & like you said when it comes down to taking action they back out cause they fear those in power or just a cop themself trying to protect those in power or whatever who knows, either way its annoying and rediculous to me.

I know and can prove that Facebook is a cop


What Facebook page is it?

We "prove ourselves" with non-spectacular action all the time, it's just that we don't always post about it on facebook. Believe it or not, spectacular marches aren't the only kind of action one can take. But as someone who thinks that their tumblr election news aggregation is a vital revolutionary act, I guess that you wouldn't get that.

no, i wouldnt get that

Dude, if S17 is gonna be like Burning Man me and my rainbow family crew are SO there. I just want to know: Where can I reserve tickets on facebook? And will the DJS be hard-tek or drum n bass?

... actually not funny, the video, if u watched it, is a art project tht replicates wall st and surrounding area, (including zucottii) and then they light wall st and BoA on fire

lol the more active you are, the more you will be on the radar of authorities. Lets face it, there's no hiding from the state's surveillance only taking precautions of common sense. The state will eventually realize you are a supporter of militant struggles when you become active in organizing militantly. This means more than breaking a window. You will face repression if you build for revolution. You will be seen as a potential violent suspect by the state. You will be threatened with jail, and prisons. There is no hiding from this. Attempts at avoiding this by being closet Anarchists, and being unable to speak your mind out of fear is just a reflection of the comfort you still hold in society. A comfort you aren't willing to give up. stop hiding in the shadows, fuck your comfort zones. this doesn't mean hurp durp post every activity on your FB, it means stop being afraid to public support things. Stop assuming being a revolutionary, and being left alone by the state aren't mutually exclusive.

again with this "afraid" shit. sometimes anarchists think for themselves instead of just blindly showing up to every march with a hammer. also, militancy isn't measured by how much one talks about militancy on the internet. there are a lot of approaches between "post everything on your FB" and "complete silence closet anarchist" that i think you're missing.

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