Rail Sabotage in Solidarity with Northwest Anarchists

  • Posted on: 17 September 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>On September 17th, under cover of night, we sabotaged a railway track north of New York City. Wearing standard work gloves, we took a piece of thick gauge copper wire and tied it from one track to another, disrupting a signal relay. This temporarily renders the track unusable.

We did this in solidarity with our Anarchist comrades in the Northwest, particularly Matt Duran. The courage all of you have shown continues to inspire us.

Now is the time to attack.

- Anarchists against linear movement</td><td><img title="Lines suck" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/destroylinear.jpg"></td></t...



oh so brave

against linear movement? then why'd you attack train? trains are cyclical. idiot primmies.


euclidean grids dawwg.


You know other people have industrialization, or progress, or capitalism, or whatever you wanna call it, other than just primmies who no longer exist right?

*have = hate
fucking typos

Railoads ARE lines, like power lines, like highways. They don't go in circles, like you do in your socially-imposed bubble, or cubicle. But stay in there... we don't need cowards like you for the insurrection.

circular cowards

"we don't need cowards like you for the insurrection." = we don't need heathens like you for the missionary trip.

social/class war= christian fellowship

anarchy/communism= heaven.

handing out zines, smashing windows= door to door bible sales.

Get over your dogmatic idea of revolution you fucking zealot.

woa... Just who the fuck called those brave comrades "idiot primmies" for sabotaging railroads? It wasn't me, but you, I suppose. You are the reactionary dumbfuck here, after all!

Diversity of tactics, mothafucka!

do solidarity actions have to be illegal? if not, i pooped today in solidarity! we will never be stopped!

either illegal or hilarious or extremely annoying to yuppies.
... or you can raise money.

Yeah, like shitting on the floor or tables of a yuppie cafe could be solidarity. Then smearing the words of whatever you wanted to communicate, like 'free all prisoners', or 'solidarity with all who keep their mouths shut', or even 'die yuppie scum!'.

Didja shallowed too, shithead?

Do something worthy with your life, little man. Like what these comrades did, as an instance.

This shows that it's time for grand juries and cops to stop fucking with us or else. Our underground fighters are no joke.

You guys are HARD CORE. Lets attack a government subsidized commuter railway which serves the people, because we are super badass soldiers.

Serves the people . . . by getting them to work . . . where they serve other people . . . . and make money . . . . that they spend at the cafe . . . served by people . . . .

mad props to everyone in new york. the fact that anything happens in that city is a testament to the realness of the anarchists there. - @ from PNW

Very elegant, thank-you.

Better then commenting on an internet site, If everyone did this every weekend we would do some damage to the capitalist system.

no you're wrong about that. bet it makes you feel important, though!

"Open revolt not Clandestine action."
-B. Traven

"Clandestine revolt not open action."

- Ann R. Key

"As if the two are mutually exclusive"


"There is no limits for my social hatchett! Divide everything! MwaHaahaahahHa!"

- Capital

Such stuff can be only really efficient if MORE people get into doing it, instead of one or two isolated actions. NYC anarchs you did your part, still!

Widespread disruption of the infrastructure is among the stuff that Power fears the most deeply.

"Widespread disruption of the infrastructure is among the stuff that Power fears the most deeply"

-Derrick and Lierre (fighting the REAL fight)

First off, fuck you.

There is no second.

DC piratte radio station WSQT has produced this inspirational reading of the communique over music, preceded by background information in the case:


Remove (dot)s and replace with periods after cutting and pasting to get a valid location for the file

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