Rainbow Disaster Collective claims credit for Hurricane Sandy

  • Posted on: 31 October 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Today the Rainbow Disaster Collective unleashed Hurricane Sandy in solidarity with true queers everywhere. Outraged at the commodification of 'gayness' and the reduction of our fight to one for marriage equality, we came together to remind ourselves and the world that our queer bonds of love are so strong we can make storms. In fucking each other, we brought the ocean forth in insurrection, pounding into each other as the waves pounded against New York City. Sympathetic meteorologists showed their solidarity with the RDC by assigning the hurricane a gender-neutral name, thus further magnifying hir power. However, we know deep in our hearts that this is not enough. We demand a world where we can all name ourselves. To those who deride the radical ecstasy that brought forth this storm, saying that too much unnecessary damage was caused, we say that we will accept nothing less than total liberation and must shatter all buildings whose foundations are trapped in the heteronormative shackles of society.</td><td><img title="Gaystopo" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2011/rainbowvscar.jpg"></td></tr...



inside jokes for the anarchist scene ... that's not how you build a social movement

who cares?

The coolest thing about natural phenomena are that they arent political. Lets keep it that way

you must be joking.... this aint natural phenomena.

It is natural phenomena. Much in the way that a grizzly bear tearing your head off after you wake it up with an airsoft gun would be natural phenomena.

Phenomenon is the singular; phenomena is the plural.

i'm going to choke you to death.

Bring it.



That's the point... it wasn't natural.



This shit is for real, brosis!

All thanks to technology, we now live in a very strange nightmare society.

damnit dudebro, i had a good comment urging people to do bath salts...somehow that wasn't appropriate? i get it though. solidarity with the sporadic censors

i am really glad we are finally bringing j edgar hoover into the 21st century!!!

Well done-another pointless and trivial parody of real issues.

"parody of pointless and trivial issues."

wtf is WTFY?

It's not parodying the hurricane. It's parodying 1) the douchebags who keep blaming this stuff on homosexuality (e.g. http://www.advocate.com/politics/2012/10/31/10-disasters-gays-were-blame...), and 2) insurrectionary anarchist writing styles.

Wonder how dead inside you have to be to not find this cute.

i wonder how dead inside you have to be to find this shit cute.

“In more ingenuous times, when the tyrant razed cities for his own greater glory, when the slave chained to the conqueror’s chariot was dragged through the rejoicing streets, when enemies were thrown to the wild beasts in front of the assembled people, the mind did not reel before such unabashed crimes, and the judgment remained unclouded.

But slave camps under the flag of freedom, massacres justified by philanthropy or by a taste for the superhuman, in one sense cripple judgment. On the day when crime dons the apparel of innocence — through a curious transposition peculiar to our times — it is innocence that is called upon to justify itself”

- Albert Camus, L’Homme Revolté


Camus asserts that the ‘most incorrigible vice’ is ‘ignorance which fancies it knows everything and therefore claims for itself the right to kill’

Only someone deeply embedded in a specific marginal internet subculture of the already marginal American anarchist movement could find this cute. And that's not a tiny pocket of life. You have to be dead inside to get on your own impotence.

get off on*

9/11 was an inside joke!

anarchy is an inside joke.

fucking losers.

The title of this piece is a little out of line. I think black folk living in New Orleans would agree with me on this one.

People are dying. Not the appropriate time to joke about natural disasters. It's just bad taste. This insensitive attitude puts every anarchist in a bad light and makes us seem very disconnected from human emotions by disregarding others feelings in a time of tragedy. Bad timing.

Sorry that some of us make you and the other nice anarchists look bad.
People are always dying. It is always a time of tragedy.
No one is reading a-news and thinking "i was thinking about being an anarchist but now i am just real mad."

No one is reading a-news and thinking. Not since at least 2011.


the only thing here has been insensitivity, ignorance, and exploitation of people's feelings since 2011. cry somewhere else.

there's no crying in foetry....

yes, people are always dying. sometimes, however, when people are dying other people say "yay, people are dying!" unless the people dying are cops, politicans or fascists, the people saying are assholes.

No, it's more like "Wonder what these anarchists are about? Oh...hell, moody lot. They can't even stand each other, let alone anybody else."

When your revolution against the state, capitalism and the "existent" fails, what is there to rebel against?

Other anarchists!

Like forty something... Stfu.

People are dying in far greater numbers in other parts of the world. Though it's unlikely you give a shit.
The rev isn't coming any closer cuz you didn't laugh at a joke, bruh.

Can I ask why when mentioning things which affect all poc, (gentrification, etc) we only get to talk about black people? Why is everyone else always ignored? Or is it becoming an umbrella term for all poc? WTF?

^highly evolved ppl. just totally *beyond*^

I'm very curious what city the authors of this live in.

out of touch

is a suburbia somewhere

Some detached place with the luxury of mild weather and an abundance of television which, of course, they only watch ironically.

Hurricane Sandy tossed more newspaper boxes in the streets than all the anarchist in N. American combined. Multiplied by 1000.

One more try, if you want to be disastrous.

But you don't seem to understand, comrade. An anarchist collective sent Sandy to do that. All the newspaper boxes in the street can, in fact, be attributed to anarchists!

I saw that too, but it's being used by authoritarians, for questionable purpose.

Of course it did an awesome job at disrupting the infrastructure and the markets and shit... but just the government has the means to do that now, unless we all get our shit together and really sabotage a lot o' stuff all over the place, inciting a lot of proles to do the same with us.

Satire at its best! When ideologies fetish chaos theory and queer primmies reveal their religious uber-natural idolotry.

Is this some bizarre, not-so-anarchist communiqué written by one of Janet Napolitano's circle of Queer fascists?

Coz you know, DHS apparantly already had the power to create/modify/manipulate hurricanes:

"Hurricane Aerosol and Micro-physics Program (HAMP)"


I know this is beyond insane. Call it "nutjob conspiracy theory", but the facts are there... There's been a real US government program of using geoengineering aerosols to create hurricanes like this one!

Gosh.... we really are into Brave New World.

but what about FEEEEEMA? what about Alex Jabroney?

You guys burnt an entire queens neighborhood to the ground, yet didn't even strategically flood the NY stock exchange? Smells like anent-provoctuer using HAARP to demean the name of the struggle.

That's because the NYC stock exchange will be the new White House after the collapse. You'll have Mr. Goldman Sachs sitting as World President for life!

the NYC stock exchange is practically, like, an empty building filled with computers. Everyone trades from home/elsewhere now... feel free 2 Work that into your metaphor...

wow, and here i was wondering why there wasn't some idiotic bullshit about anarchist witches or some such nonsense claiming responsibility for the hurricane. cool, welcome to olympia 4 years ago, dumbass.

How even the very same kind of stupid communique involving claims of witchcraft was posted here following the student strike in Quebec, at the times the movement was going kaput...

What's with this tendency to pipe-dreaming when things seem desperate for some of us? Just feckin' do something creative for the people around, or just smash and destroy!

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